27 Mayıs 2022

Hot Tub Trio Ch. 09

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I have posted the majority of this tale in the “Group Sex category. I don’t wish to cause confusion but this chapter is almost entirely MM sex. For that reason I have posted in under “Gay Male” although there is just a touch of MMFF group sex at the end.

Once again my thanks to LarryInSeattle for his help editing. As always any errors that remain are mine alone.

Helpful feedback is always welcome.


The sun clears the treetops and its warmth tickles the water from my body. It is going to be hot. I don’t want to stiffen up sitting here re-living events that feel as if they happened to someone else.

If I sit here any longer I’ll be stiff and depressed. I order myself to get up but the light dancing across the ocean is hypnotic. I smile remembering our pirouettes in Ann’s tiny bathroom as we shaved each other’s bodies, everything but the hair on our heads and my armpits. The look of outrage on the face of Ann’s roommate when she found us naked in front of the TV flashes through my mind and I laugh out loud. No one is around and even if they were I don’t care. I’m past worrying that people may think I’m a loon.

I had not lied, technically, when I told Amy that Ann and I had never had a threesome. I never said we hadn’t fuck in front of a third person. That is a different matter all together.

I jog the rest of the trail, stopping at each station, my mind and body on autopilot. The fitness trail ends at the beach in front of the resort. The poolside bar is closed indicating that it’s not yet 10:00 am. From the angle of the sun and the sparsely populated pool chairs, it is probably not even 9:00 am yet.

I drop my dry bag on a chair, push my shoes off with my toes and wade into the pool. When the water reaches my waist, I dive under. I swim to the ledge below the higher pool. I sit and let the water cascade over my shoulders and the back of my head. I’m stalling. I hope to see Amy and Chad pad their way around the pool, heading to their own room. I’m too impatient to stall for long.

I wander over to the pool locker room, strip and shower quickly using the effective, if not high end, body scrub dispensed from equally effective, if not high end, dispensers that dot the wall. I’m vaguely disappointed that I don’t spot Kei poking around. He is surfing or just not working today. He is one of the islands endlessly supply of dudes who are on the downhill end of their thirties but content to work just enough to surf.

Kei spends more time than is needed tidying up the shower room, at least when I’m the only one in it. Though signs entreat everyone to shower before entering the pool there is hardly ever anyone in here. Coming up from the beach, everyone rinses off under one of the showers that punctuate the sidewalk leading to the pool. Those in the pool simply return to their rooms. I’ve never seen anyone shower before entering the pool.

The shower room and Kei are repeat players in my fantasy life. Alas, the fantasy will remain fantasy. The risk of getting walked in on is too high. I would never risk fucking around with him at the resort. I don’t need the extra guilt of feeling I got him fired.

Someone like Kei can always find work. He’s had a couple decades to network, sitting atop his board, killing time and waiting for the next off the Richter wave. Not everyone saddling a board is a surf bum, some own bars or businesses or just need their yards mowed. Most are happy to lend a hand when a fellow surf addict is getting worked by life. Even so, I don’t want to cause the guy any trouble. Besides I could be totally wrong about his checking me out – but I don’t really believe so.

Towels are NOT to be taken away from the pool area, according to yet another sign plastered to the wall. I do. I don’t see what the big deal is. I bring them back in the afternoon when I come back down. I tuck a towel around my waist and swing by the pool chair to pick up my stuff. I pass Kei. Son of a bitch. I consider turning around, pretending I forgot to shampoo and get back in the shower.

Maybe I’ll even say something to him. Something like, “Forgot to wash my hair.” I’ll wag my head in faux disgust as I say it.

It’s not a bad idea. It’s not a bad idea because it is so patently ridiculous. He’d have to be too fried to find his way to work in order to buy a weak ass excuse like that. He’d have to know I was coming on to him. But I would still have plenty of room for righteous indignation if I was wrong and he got pissy about it.

I wait too long. He comes walking back through the covered walkway with a coil of green garden hose over his shoulder. I pick up my stuff. Nod. He nods and I make my way toward the stairs.

When I open the door, Amy and Chad are milling around the living room, looking for scattered pieces of clothing.

Amy has her top on but no bottoms, which I find distracting. Chad is still nude, also distracting.

“Where you been?” Amy chirps. “I’ve never been walked out on by someone when I was at casino siteleri their place.”

I set the dry bag on the counter. As I enter the living room, I pull my towel away and pretend to dry my hair.

“Didn’t walk out. I went for my morning swim and run. Left a note.” My cloaked head nods toward the table and the note pinned by a burly looking koa wood salt grinder. “You guys taking off?”

It is Chad that answers.

“Yeah. I want to get cleaned up and we have seriously depleted your towel supply bubba. Plus, I’m starving.”

I limit my reply to a nod as I let the towel drape across my shoulders. I’m not sure how I want to proceed. I’m not even sure I care how this proceeds. A nod is sufficient at this point.

Amy locates her bikini bottom. I watch her wiggle her fantastic ass into the skimpy bit of fabric. Chad returns from the bedroom, board shorts in place.

“It feels like we’re leaving half our shit,” Amy says as her eyes sweep the room. She looks at me, smiles. The smile seems genuine. “Oh well, I’m sure we’ll see you around, just dump it in a corner and I can grab it later.”

I nod my agreement. She surprises me by rising up on her toes to kiss my cheek. She surprises me more when she lightly grabs my dick.

“Don’t forget condoms. You might need them.”

Chad contents himself with a “later dude” which does not irritate me as much as it normally would.

When the door closes, I drop my towel on the table. I end up eating my egg and toast standing over the sink. I finish off the OJ, not bothering to dirty a glass, consider making coffee and decide not to.

I brush my teeth, look at my computer and decide there is no realistic hope of salvaging anything from my Asia bet. I could check my email. I could surf the net for news or for porn. None of the those options sound interesting enough to be worth the time it would take to open the laptop and log on.

I grab the dry bag off the counter and walk out onto the patio. I’m still naked. I pull out my shoes and slap the soles together over the railing, knocking the sand off them and drawing the attention of the early pool goers. Good. I drop my shoes and turn the dry bag inside out, shaking the sand out of it. I drape the bag upside down over an arm of one of the chairs. Grimacing at the clingy chill of my wet trunks, I pull them on, shove the key card for the room into the Velcro pocket, hug the mound of pool towels to my chest and head back down to the pool.

Kei is behind the over grown kiosk that houses the pool toys for rent, beach shoes and sunscreen for sale and the towels for the pool. I dump my double armful of towels in the canvas hamper that sits there, already reeking of sunbaked chlorine.

“You know you aren’t suppose to remove the towels from the pool area sir.”

I think Kei is smiling.

“Yeah, I know. I’m a bad boy. There not all mine though.”

“Oh, you had a par-tay, aye, a little PnP.”

I nodded. “Something like that.”

“You were out early this morning, cuz.”

“Couldn’t sleep.” What a lame conversation. “Must have been the weather. Water’s all uneasy, murky, colder than normal.

Kei nodded. “Great waves on the other side of the island, not here, not today anyway, choppy shit with bad breaks. No good. You surf?”

“No, I respect the sport too much to embarrass it.”

Kei shook his head. “No cuz, that’s all backwards. Wrong attitude. You need a real surfer to show you the way, not some paddlepuss instructor the resort hired.”

“Maybe. See ya.”

“No.” Kei is openly smiling now. “At least not yet you haven’t but I have seen you.”

He turns to the back of the kiosk, where it joins the pool maintenance building and walks through a door marked EMPLOYEES ONLY. He holds it ajar, peering through the crack. His eyes beckon me.

I would not risk getting him fired on my own initiative. If he wants to risk getting canned that is his deal. The only question is do I want to deal with the hassle of getting busted on top of everything else? I had gotten to eat plenty of pussy last night but as far as cock was concerned I had settled for an amuse-bouche. I’ll risk it.

There is no door to the kiosk, just a gap where you can duck under the counter. I duck under and Kei opens the door for me. I enter. He closes the door and locks it.

For the last sixteen hours or so I have been tangled with two very hot people and had yet to get off. I am in no mood for subtle.

Kei sports the usual floral print shirt over khaki shorts and sandals that make up the typical resort worker uniform. I move in front of him and reach for his shorts. No belt. I unbutton the shorts and carefully pull the zipper down. His shorts fall to the floor. All this is done as I keep my eyes on his.

I drop down over my heels. Kei is not wearing underwear. Despite the Asian stereotype he is not small. Maybe it is an illusion related to his small frame but to my eye he looks pretty damn big and he’s uncut. Bingo. He is slot oyna getting hard before my eyes.

I love feeling a cock get hard in my mouth so I waste no time. I lean forward and use my right hand to guide his cock to my mouth. I take him whole, burying my nose in the dark thatch of his pubes and inhaling the musky smell of a man. I move my hand to his balls and mull them with my hand while my mouth mulls his cock.

I pull back slowly. He is not hard yet. I let his dick fall from my mouth then, bending forward, I draw my tongue up the underside of his cock from scrotum to head. By the time my tongue is teasing his piss slit his cock is nearly rigid. I let it slide along my cheek and begin to flick his nuts with my tongue. His dick pulses in the cradle between my nose and cheek.

I lean back and cradle his meat in my hand, eyeing it. I pull his foreskin back and expose the crown. I dart forward and circle the head of his cock with my tongue. I let my tongue rest on the V of his crown and pull the foreskin over his cockhead and my tongue. I swirl my tongue around between his cock and foreskin. Unlike last night, there is no potentially jealous woman making me feel like I should stop. So I don’t.

He’s completely hard now and I slide my mouth back over his cock, deep throating it, loving the feel of it pulsing against the back of my throat. I make a dozen or so quick thrusts with my mouth, pulling on his foreskin with my lips before pushing my head forward and bouncing his magnificent hard cock off my tonsils.

When I feel his hands on my head, I slow up. I’m anxious but not that anxious. I slip his dick out of my mouth and draw my lips up and down the side of his shaft. I press his cock against his belly and suck one of his balls into my mouth, then the other.

I consider turning him around, having him spread his hands high on the wall and arch his back so I can spread him with my hands and fuck his ass with my tongue. If I do, I’ll want to fuck him with my cock and I’m not ready to do that yet. I would love to fuck Kei in the ass but since I first saw them I have wanted to fuck Chad’s ass while his pert gorgeous little fiancé watches. Or fuck his pert gorgeous little fiancé’s ass while her hot stud fiancé watches. I’m flexible that way.

If they don’t come back over tonight I’ll track down Kei in the morning and unload in his ass or his mouth, or all over my chest and belly if that is what he prefers. I’m flexible that way as well.

If I’m not going to fuck him with my tongue or my cock then I’d better get down to sucking him off.

I let his balls slip out my mouth, grab his ass with both hands, raise my head and lower my mouth over his cock. I gobble him with long full fast strokes, pressing my tongue hard against the underside of his cock as I withdraw.

At first Kei is passive, content to let me do all the work. As his excitement builds, he pushes his hips forward to meet my plunging mouth. I am content to swap roles, to let him take charge. I am a passive orifice now, a mouth, a hole to be fucked. Only my body is passive. My brain is on fire. I want this. I want Kei to fuck my mouth, gag me with his cock and fill my mouth and throat with hot jizz. I find myself hoping he hasn’t been with anyone for a while. I want a big load not a brief little fizzle.

I have too much experience for even Kei’s healthy cock to make me gag but as he continues to use my mouth as a cunt it fills with spit. I let it flow out of my mouth and over my chin. If my friend Rick were videoing this (like I would let anyone video me), streamers of spit would stretch from my chin, reaching for the growing pool between my knees and Kei’s feet. At some point the strand would snap, part would fall to the ground, part would bungee cord back toward my chin.

Kei grabs my head and pushes deep into my mouth. I feel his body stiffen and suddenly I want him to cum on my face but his hands grip my head. Before I can pull away my mouth fill with the indescribable taste of hot cum. I pull back so that the head of his cock is just inside my mouth, relishing the feel of his cum hitting the roof of my mouth and tongue. I don’t swallow. I hold his load in my mouth, as his hips shake under my hands.

When he stills, I slowly withdraw my mouth and let his cock slip free. When I’m sure I have his attention I open my mouth, letting him see his load pool over my tongue. I let a little leak out of the corner of my mouth before I swallow. I wipe it off my chin and lick my finger as he watches.

I lower my head and scoop his softening cock back into my mouth, sucking gently, knowing how sensitive he’ll be. I keep my lips pressed tight around his shaft as I slide my mouth back, milking every drop. I take his dick in my hand, ease the foreskin back and clean the crown with soft laps of my tongue.

Satisfied, mostly anyway, I stand up and step closer, letting his wet cock rub against my leg. I tilt my head, offering but not forcing. He accepts the offer and we kiss. Kissing a guy canlı casino siteleri is different, more forceful but not necessarily violent. The feel of another man’s stubble against your lips adds another level of excitement, at least for men like me it does. I let his tongue enter my mouth, let him taste what is left of his load on my tongue and teeth. He tastes like spearmint gum.

His hand squeezes my cock through my trunks. I enjoy the sensation for a few minutes then pull away, feeling stupid for saving myself for a moment that very well may not come.

“You want me to suck you, cuz?” Kei’s voice lulls in post-orgasmic softness. “I don’t usually bottom but if we had more time maybe.”

I bend at the waist and give his cock one last slow suck before I stand.

“Not today, Kei.” I will never live here long enough to feel comfortable calling someone ‘cuz’.

“But I wouldn’t mind getting together again sometime, not here though. I don’t want to get you in trouble with your boss.”

Kei’s face breaks into a grin. “Yeah this is probably not the smartest thing I’ve done this week.” He shrugs. “You sure I can’t return the favor?”

I give him a long deep kiss. “Soon, maybe real soon.”

I learned long ago that looking suspicious is the easiest way to draw attention. I wait until Kei has his shorts up and fastened then open the door and walk out as if I have every right to be walking out a door marked EMPLOYEES ONLY. No one is around. I duck under the counter grab a clean towel and head for the pool.

It is still early and I have no trouble finding a chair under one of the umbrellas. I stake my claim by tossing a towel on it and then step into the pool. The water’s not cold but it is not yet bath water warm from the sun either. Perfect. The pool is not designed for swimming. I content myself with a few strokes under water and then find my spot on the ledge under the waterfall from the upper pool.

I sit there, trying my best to think of nothing. I mostly succeed. When I find myself wondering why I like to be used in a way that is strikingly similar to the way the asshole in college used me, I duck my head backward under the water and let it wash the thoughts from my head. Water gets into my nose and I fight not to sputter. I suppose waterboarding myself to avoid wondering if I feel I deserve to be punished is pretty fucked up in its own right.

Sage begins to roll the sides of the bar up. That means it is 10:00 am. I wade through the waist deep water and climb out of the pool and make my way to the bar, stopping only to push the water out of my hair.

Sage greets me with a nod. “Coffee?”

I shake my head. “Blood Mary.” He raises an eyebrow but mixes the drink. It is a shitty premix.

“You got any Tabasco?” He reaches under the bar and hands me a bottle without speaking.

I sprinkle a few dashes into the drink and mix it with my finger as I tell him thanks. I start to turn but stop.

“Any rule against getting two drinks at a time?”

He hesitates. “Not if you don’t mind telling me that one is for a friend.”

“Could you make one for my friend, too?”

He nods. He adds the Tabasco himself. “Once the suit types start to wander around you really will need to have a friend,” he tells me with a look of apology in his eye.

“Not a problem. Thanks.”

I drink the first in a couple of gulps, drop the second into the now empty plastic cup and stretch out on the lounge chair. I take a few sips and then set it on the table. I watch the pool begin to fill and drift off.

“Hey sleepyhead can I join you?”

I crack one eye but know before I do exactly how Amy will be smiling. I don’t trust her, not completely. Or perhaps I don’t trust the fact that she is alone.

I rise up on my elbows. She is not actually alone. Chad is at the bar.

“Sure, share the shade. It’s an island rule.”

Her smile doesn’t change. She pulls a chair next to the table and sits. She glances over her shoulder. Chad is still standing at the bar, waiting his turn.

“I want to ask you a favor, Vince.”

I nod, thinking, “Here it comes.”

“I’m freaking out a little. The sex was totally beast but when I think about you and Chad I get all twisted and spazzy inside.”

“Well yeah. Who wouldn’t unless you were looking for a bi boyfriend?”

She frowns. “I wasn’t.” She looks over her shoulder. “I love him though.”

“Then you’ll figure out a way to make it work. Don’t sweat it kid. You’re on vacation.”

“Sure, don’t sweat it,” she sighs. “You didn’t make it work, you and Ann.”

I open my mouth and then close it. I spilled enough guts last night.

Chad turns, looking for Amy, two bottles of beer in his hands. She speaks quickly.

“Please don’t do anything with Chad unless I’m there. Okay? Please?”

“Of course kid. I promise.”

Goddammit. I hate promises. It always seems to me I’m the only one to take promises seriously.

“I didn’t know you were down here. I would have grabbed you a beer,” Chad says as he pulls a chair over. The sun is climbing. There is barely enough shade under the canopy for the three of us. My feet are in the sun. I sit up and straddle the chaise.

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