21 Mayıs 2022

Hot Tub Fuck Machine

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My wife and I have talked about adding men to our love making for a couple 0f years; it is her greatest fantasy, a submissive gangbang. But her parameters have always been rather restrictive. It has to be at home, all men, her being taken and made to submit. It can’t be close friends, but shouldn’t be complete strangers.

Anyways, this summer we put up an 8′ tall privacy fence and built a gazebo with sitting area and a fire pit, and put in a hot tub. This seems irrelevant, but it actually set up the perfect opportunity to make my wife’s fantasy of come true. I was in a golf tournament with some guys for charity and this fit all the parameters my wife had. I told my wife Amanda that we would be back around 4 and she should have food ready for me to barbeque and that we would probably have a few cocktails and hit the hit tub.

I should note that my wife is quite submissive and more of a 50s wife. She is a great cook and a stay at home wife, even though we have no kids yet. She is also very submissive in the bedroom and loves to please and try new things. So although she acts like June Cleaver in public, she fuck’s like a porn star.

Anyways, on that perfect Saturday, I had my best golf game ever, and we were in the clubhouse having a beer when I decided to attempt my plan. My boss Walter had left already but two new younger guys Aiden and Conner were all up for a party. So I said, “Guys, I have a proposition for you two.”

Aiden looked at me and said, “And what would that be?”

“Well my wife desperately wants to be gangbanged, but is scared to let it happen.” Both guys had the deer in the headlights look. “Anyways, my idea is to go back to my place, have a barbeque, end up in the hot tub and see what happens.”

Conner finally broke the awkward silence, “You want us to fuck your wife?”


“You are serious?” Aiden asked.

“Deadly. The key is she has to be dominated and made to think she has no choice. So here is the plan: once we are in the hot tub, one of you will be beside her and I will be on the other side. Your job is to simply start fingering her and she will think it is me. She is very submissive and will not disobey me. I will eventually get up to go to the bathroom and she will realize it is you and then we will let the cards fall where they may. The key is to get her comfortable with you during the evening. Flirt with her, compliment her, and make sure to give the odd sensual yet seemingly accidental touch. So boys,” I paused as I looked them eye to eye, “are you game?”

“Fuck yeah” Aiden said.

“Count me in too,” said Conner.

We finished our beers quickly and headed to my place. We arrived home a little after 4:30. As expected, my wife had a salad made, cold beer ready, and the steaks marinated.

For the next couple of hours both guys flirted with my wife. My wife clearly enjoyed the attention; although I was pretty sure she had no idea of my scheme. A few beers, a great meal and a drunken game of horseshoes later, and I suggested we all go for a dip in the hot tub. The boys eagerly agreed and we changed into our suits and got in the tub.

My wife was reluctant at first, but I simply told her, “This isn’t up for discussion. Get your two piece on.”

She gave me the slightest look of disobedience, but it quickly faded and she went upstairs to change. I followed her into the bedroom and as she got undressed I went up behind her and slid my cock into her pussy. I fucked her cunt for a couple of minutes and then pulled out and grabbed my swim trunks. She sighed, clearly frustrated I had pulled out, but grabbed her sexy two piece pink suite that barely kept her firm breasts covered and put it on.

I went back outside and Aiden and Conner were already in the hot tub. I turned on the stereo and joined them in the hot tub. My wife followed a minute later and although nervous, I could ell she liked the clear stares she was getting from the two younger men. She got in the tub between me and Aiden.

For the next fifteen minutes we talked about the golf match, work and each other’s plans for the rest of the summer. I then gave Aiden the nod. A few seconds later my wife looked at me with a subservient smirk on her face. I smiled back, letting her think it was me who currently had a finger inside her. It was fun to watch her try to act nonchalant. I asked her, “So honey, casino siteleri what did you do while we were out golfing?”

She gave me a slight glare as she said, trying to ignore the finger inside her, “Laundry, read for a while, talked to your mom, nothing really exciting.”

“Anything exciting happening now?” I teased.

She blushed but didn’t say anything as I stood up and got out of the tub. The look on her face as she realized it was not me who was fingering her was one of complete bewilderment. She looked at me and then at Aiden, finally coming to the realization it was the young blonde co-worker of mine who had his finger in her. I said, “You three get to know each other better, I have to go to the washroom.”

Amanda clearly wanted to say something as she pleaded with her eyes for help, but I just gave her a wink and went into the house. I quickly went the washroom and returned as quickly as I could. I was impressed, the boys worked fast. My beautiful wife was sucking Conner’s cock while Aiden was sucking on her now uncovered breasts.

I reached over and slowly turned the music down on the stereo which caused her to stop sucking on Conner’s cock and look up at me startled. I smiled at her and said, “Keep sucking, honey.” She gave a small smile and took Conner’s cock back in her mouth.

I returned to the hot tub and watched as Aiden, slid off his trunks to reveal a impressive seven and a half inch cock. He then grabbed my wife and said, “Stand up and bend over.”

My wife obeyed and Conner repositioned himself on the edge of the tub so Amanda would have an easy time sucking his cock as she got fucked by another. Aiden then went behind my wife and looked at me briefly. I nodded my approval, and he slid his cock inside my wife.

Amanda moaned as the cock filled her and began moaning as Aiden began to move in and out of her. Amanda, who had been somewhat nervous while sucking Conner earlier, lost all inhibitions and took Conner’s rod back in her mouth and began a much more aggressive blow job. My dick was stiff as I watched my wife take on two cocks at once. Conner was now holding onto my wife’s hips and fucking her faster, all seven and a half inches penetrating my now animated wife.

She took Conner’s cock out of her mouth and said, “Fuck yes, harder, deeper, please fuck me deeper.” Conner grabbed my wife’s hair and pulled her back onto his cock as Aiden moved one leg of his onto the side of the tub and then pounded into her deeper and faster.

Aiden said, “That’s a good littler fuck toy, take my all my cock.”

Each stroke shook my wife, who had to take Conner’s cock out of her mouth to deal with the extreme pounding. A couple of minutes of this hardcore fucking at this odd angle and my wife came with a scream that my neighbours definitely heard. Aiden followed as he pulled out, grabbed my wife and sprayed an excessive load of his cum on my wife’s face. Amanda attempted to catch it all and grabbed the cum on her cheek and put it in her mouth, the whole time looking directly at me with a devious smile on her face.

The look was broken as Conner entered the tub, sat down, grabbed my wife and had her sit on his smaller six inch dick. “My turn to feel that pussy wrapped around my cock!” he said. It took some work, but soon my wife had his cock inside her and was slowly moving up and down. Her back was to Conner, so Aiden, who had sat beside me, could watch her every facial expression, and every bounce of her breasts. It was hot to watch her determination, as keeping his dick inside her is more difficult in the hot tub. Her eyes were closed almost the whole time, but her red cheeks, her never ending smile and her soft moans, gave away her joy. This went on for almost ten minutes, Amanda clearly close to another orgasm, but it was not coming, before Conner pushed her forward onto me and slid back into her from behind.

I kissed her quickly and asked, “So enjoying yourself?”

“Fuck yes,” she moaned as Conner began to fuck her fast. I looked up and saw the facial expressions of a guy close and said, “Slut, swallow another load.” She quickly turned around, her just fucked pussy in my face, as she engulfed Conner’s rod and sucked it desperate to retrieve his cum. Not even a minute of this sucking was needed, before Conner shot his load down my wife’s throat.

As she finished swallowing his slot oyna cum and cleaning the rest of her pussy juice off his cock, I slid my cock into her well fucked pussy. Like the others, I fucked her hard and fast. Watching my wife’s debauchery was too much though and I only lasted a couple minutes before spraying her pussy walls with my cum. I instructed, “Amanda, be a good slave and go make us some margaritas.”

She got out of the hot tub, all three men watching closely as she wrapped herself in a towel and sauntered away.

I got out too and said, “Guys grab a towel, let’s go and sit by the fire.” The guys grabbed towels and we went by the fire. A few minute Amanda came out with our margaritas and sat down with us.

I instructed her to remove her towel and fold it up so she could kneel down next to me, to which she replied, “Yes sir.”

I quickly texted my best friend Mike and told him to get his ass over here a.s.a.p.

One thing about Amanda is that she is like the energizer bunny. She can just keep going and going. Amanda shot down 4 margaritas in less than forty minutes, liquid courage, and was quickly buzzed and horny again. Showing an exhibitionist side she had not shown before, she reached under my towel and started stroking my cock.

Aiden said, “Hey, hey, that is not fair.”

Amanda looked at him and asked, “Well what are you going to do about it?”

Aiden stood up, his towel dropping to the ground and said, “Suck my cock now.”

After looking at me for approval, Amanda moved to him and took his entire half erect cock in her mouth. Conner got rid of his towel as well and moved to my wife.

I asked Amanda a rhetorical question, “Are you ready to be air tight baby?” She moaned in compliance as I lay on the ground and said, “Straddle me honey.”

She took the cock out of her mouth and obeyed straddling my cock and easily taking all eight inches of it inside her. Aiden moved around and shoved his prick back into my wife’s mouth. I then said, “Conner, there is one hole left.”

Conner took my suggestion and went behind my wife. I held my wife up by her breasts to steady her as Conner slowly penetrated her ass. Now Amanda had had my cock in her ass rather regularly, but she had never had two cocks in her at once and instantly she got incredibly animated. She came within a minute of the ass fucking, as my cock just rested deep in her. My horny bride kept bouncing back to take each stroke of Conner’s cock deeper in her, while furiously sucking on Aiden’s seven inch plus rod. I marvelled at my sexy slutty wife as another orgasm shook her body. We would have had the police show up from her screams if they weren’t muffled by the cock she was feverously sucking.

This sexy triple sandwich kept going on for a few minutes until Conner grunted and said, “I’m cumming.” He pulled out and sprayed his cum all over my wife’s ass.

My wife sighed as her ass was empty and said to Aiden, like a little school girl, “Please fuck my ass.”

Aiden was more than happy to comply and went behind her and began to push his 7 plus inch cock in her ass. Instantly my wife moaned and pushed back trying to take more up her butt. Soon most of his cock filled her tight ass and she continued bucking back on it, moving up and down an inch or two on my cock in her cunt as well. It was then that my wife really began to get animated, “Oh yes, fuck my ass, shove it deep in me.”

His went on for a minute or two and one more orgasm for my wife, until Mike’s voice said, “Holy shit.”

My wife looked up and surprised everyone when she said, “Mike get over here and let me taste that cock of yours.”

Mike looked at me on the ground and I said, face fuck my little slut like she told you to.”

Mike shrugged and slid off his shorts and underwear and walked over to my pretty wife. I got to see my wife’s surprise look as she saw Mike’s massive pecker. It was over nine inches long and stupidly thick

She smiled and said, “Fuck Mike, where have you been hiding that?”

Mike smiled back and said, “You sure you can handle this?”

as her mouth dropped in awe.

She purred back, “Can you handle me. Now give me that cock.”

Mike walked in front of my wife and I got to watch from below as my wife attempted to suck off my best friend. She tried to take as much as she could. I marvelled at her canlı casino siteleri eagerness as she was desperate to please him. Amanda got off just as much from the fucking as she did from the pleasing.

To make the gangbang more complete, I began to buck up from below which made her give a surprised pleasure scream and soon she was literally bucking up and down on two hard cocks as she sucked of another. I heard Aiden grunt and he pulled out spraying his cum onto her already cum stained ass.

As he moved away, my usually shy wife demanded “Mike, get that big hard cock and fuck my ass now.”

Mike went behind my wife and began to push his thick cock into my wife’s ass. My wife had a brief look of pain on her face as her ass was widened to take the biggest cock she had ever had up her ass. She leaned onto me, giving an odd whimper, as he slowly pushed deeper into her. Finally, the pain began to fade away I assumed, as she moved up again and said, “Don’t just sit there, fuck my ass.”

Mike looked surprised but did as requested and began to pump his massive python into my wife’s well fucked ass. My wife came again and again from the double drilling and when Conner placed his cock back to her lips, she eagerly attempted to get him stiff again.

Mike grunted, “Fuck, your wife has a tight ass.” He then pulled out, moved to my wife’s face, as Conner backed away, and began jacking off. In a few seconds hot cum soaked my wife’s face. Amanda tried to catch as much as she could with her tongue and pulled his cock to her and so she could take it back in her mouth. As she sucked the cock that just banged her ass, Conner re-entered her ass, fucking her there for a second time.

The next half hour included many orgasms for my wife and included Conner cumming all over my wife’s hair, Aiden plugging her ass one more time before shooting a final load on her face and Mike hammering Amanda’s ass for a crazy half hour until he shot his cum inside her ass. All the while my cock was lodged in the woman I love. As all three men sat down exhausted from the marathon gang bang, I gently laid my wife on the ground and fucked her pussy slow. The boys watched as I made love to my cum drenched wife.

Finally I filled my wife with my love seed and collapsed on her and asked her, “So how was your first gangbang.”

“Amazing,” she moaned and then said walking over to the boys, “It’s not over yet is it?” She then looked at the boys, with my cum dripping down her leg, and asked, “Can anyone get it up one more time for me?”

She then knelt in front of Aiden and began sucking his cock again. She reached and began stroking Conner’s cock at the same time. She quit sucking off Aiden and said, “Guys my pussy needs a good deep, hard fucking. I want four more loads of sperm all over body. I want to be covered in your cum. Can you boys do that for me?”

She then laid back on the grass, spread open her legs and began rubbing her clit. Aiden walked over and dove his head into my wife’s pussy, licking up the remainder of my sperm. This surprised me but got my wife off as she moaned in ecstasy. After another orgasm from his tongue, he slid his cock into her and fucked her hard. Conner than straddled my wife’s face and face fucked her with his cock. It was an incredibly hot scene. Watching my wife’s face be used like a cunt was a great turn on and I was stiff again.

Aiden grunted, pulled out and sprayed his last remaining cum all over my wife’s belly. Mike then replaced Aiden and shoved his massive rod into my wife. A shocked moan was muffled by Conner’s cock as Mike hammered away at my wife, thrusting his full cock into my bride’s eager cunt. My wife came again and again before Conner pulled out and shot his last load all over her face.

Mike then lifted my wife’s legs up, pushed them towards her chest and penetrated her at an angle that filled her completely. She screamed as he filled her to the hilt and really banged the shit out of her. “Oh yes, keep fucking me, yessssss,” she screamed as another orgasm exploded through her.

Mike pulled out and sprayed his last load all over my wife’s firm breasts. I then slid into my wife and fucked her one more time. The others began getting dressed as I continued fucking her. I was still pounding my wife, under the stars, after all three men had left. Getting close I pounded faster and shot one final load inside my obedient bride.

After I recovered, I helped her up and we went to the shower.

Since then, gangbangs have become a somewhat regular occurrence at our house. I think I have created a monster.

The end

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