25 Mayıs 2022

Hook Up Championship

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Just a silly little idea I had. I wondered under what circumstances a man could keep up with a woman in a contest for number of sexual conquests in a single day considering that a woman would have an obvious advantage. I know it has a ridiculous premise but really, doesn’t most porn? I mean really, how many pizza delivery guys get laid by sticking their dick up through a hole in the pizza they deliver to some bored housewife? How many guys actually bet their wife’s three holes to their poker buddies to pay off a bet? Not many I’d imagine. So I hope you have fun with my silly story and, as always, I hope it gets you hot, or at least makes you laugh.

My wife Jenny and I walked into the hotel bar to start our contest. Jenny, being a 5’8″ vision of beauty with long dark hair, a firm and lovely set of 34D breasts, and a bubble but that was the object of many a fantasy, naturally assumed that she would win this little contest hands down. From the look of things she certainly was off to a good start. Despite her wedding rings and walking in with her husband she was generating an awful lot of attention from the men in the bar.

We separated slightly and ordered drinks. As soon as she left my side she was surrounded by her many admirers. With many a glance in my direction, her potential suitors tried to get her undivided attention but she was being a social butterfly. A glance or smile at one man, a gentle touch on the arm of another, she drew them in with consummate skill. I was sitting back enjoying the entertainment when our friends Lisa and John joined us. Lisa came to me, John joined Jenny. Jenny shook her head at the antics of my wife.

“I can’t believe you guys are going through with this idiotic contest,” Lisa said to me. “Are you sure this won’t affect your marriage?”

“We’ve been through this,” I replied. “Hell, you were there for most of the discussions. You were judging the original contest that we tied.”

“But James,” she said, “that was just talk, telling stories of your sexual history. To actually try to see how many sexual partners each of you can get in one night? It’s just too much. John and I love you guys. We don’t want to see you divorce.”

“We won’t.” I stated flatly. “I know she has told you and I will tell you again so that maybe you will believe us. With our sexual history it is a statistical anomaly that neither of us has cheated. It still surprises me that it took us ten years to even discuss our sexual antics before we met or suggest that it might be fun to open our marriage to include others in our bed.

“Jenny and I love each other unconditionally. We both can easily differentiate between making love and fucking. Neither of us is even slightly jealous of the attention we get from others. It tends to be a real turn-on for us. A kind of…everyone wants her but it’ll be my dick she’s sucking later, not yours kind of thing. I have never considered a person who is having sex with multiple partners a bad thing. If she fucks a hundred men tonight I won’t think she’s a slut and leave her. I’ll be proud of her and want to be number 101.”

“And you’re sure she feels the same way,” she said doubtfully.

“Absolutely positive,” I replied with a smile. “When she hears my number from tonight it will turn her on.”

I noticed my wife going to the elevator, heading upstairs to her side of the adjoining rooms we had hired for the night. She was trailed by John and eight guys who looked as if they couldn’t believe their luck. The sway of her ass as she walked and the knowledge of what she was going to do with those eight men in that room had me adjusting my semi-hard cock in my jeans.

Noticing this Lisa said, “You weren’t kidding.” There was stark disbelief in her voice. “This is turning you on.”

“You bet!” I said to her and then turned to the crowd that had been watching my wife pick up guys for an orgy. With a booming voice I said, “That was my wife, ladies and gentlemen. We have a contest going on that maybe you can help me win.”

The music had stopped and I was now the center of attention for every nearby person. People seemed to realize that there was something quite interesting going on. As they waited for what I might say next I remembered how this all started.

I had just bought a new Harley when I met Jenny twelve years ago. She had just bought a new car. Money was tight with two payments on top of rent and other bills and it inhibited our fun at times. We dated for a couple weeks and fell in love pretty quickly. Moving in together was the logical step for us. Our sex life was phenomenal. Anything, sex related, that two consenting adults could try with each other was tried and perfected. We had similar interests and a shared outlook on life.

The one thing about our relationship that caused issues between us was that we were both a little too competitive and unwilling to back down when challenged. This character flaw that we shared surfaced at interesting and unusual times casino siteleri and often was the only reason we ever argued or fought.

When her car and my Harley were paid off we decided to alternate new vehicles to give us both more money to play. She bought a new Corvette and I kept my old Harley and even older truck. Now, ten years married she wanted to change the rules and trade in her ‘vette on a Mercedes, but it was my turn for a new vehicle. Her contention was that I loved both my old truck, and my Harley, which was true. But she also assumed that since I was happy with my vehicles and that I had two, she should be able to trade in the car she wasn’t happy with and get one she could love. I disagreed.

John and Lisa were over the night it all blew up. Many drinks had been consumed and none of us were feeling any pain. We decided to have a contest, and the winner would get the new vehicle. John and Lisa would judge. None of us remember how the conversation turned to our sexual past but that’s where it ended up. We decided that the person with the wildest past would win. I would tell a story and she would top it with one of her own. We traded stories back and forth to an astonished John and Lisa, each one getting wilder and wilder culminating in the astonishing fact that we had both attended the same orgy. There had been over twenty-five people there and we had no idea if we had even slept together, the whole evening of debauchery was a little fuzzy for both of us, but after comparing notes we realized we were telling the same tale. We had met and started dating a couple months later never realizing that we had briefly met the night of the orgy. John and Lisa had given up at that point and declared a tie, much to our chagrin.

Jenny and I had amazing sex that night rehashing our old exploits in bed together, sharing more details and having an all-night fuck fest. The next day after John and Lisa had gone home, and before we fully recovered from our hangovers, we talked and eventually fought about the vehicles again. I admit that it got a little out of hand. Neither of us would back down and our sex history got dragged into it with both of us insisting that we had won despite the judging.

Jenny finally said, “At least I know I was better at picking up a quick score.”

“Bullshit!” was my reply. “I could, and still can, pick up a one night stand just as fast as you. Probably faster,” I sneered.

“O.K.” she said almost snarling, “New contest. We go to a hotel, rent rooms, and head down to the bar. Whichever of us scores the most in one night is the winner.”

We locked eyes and moved towards each other, crashing together in a tangle of ripping clothes and slamming bodies. We didn’t make love that night; we fucked like animals on the kitchen floor. My shirt was hanging from my neck and one arm. I had ripped her sweatpants open at the crotch, too impatient to pull them down. I jammed my cock into her with a violence we had never experienced and she thrust against me just as hard. Her cunt was a warm, wet, slippery mess as her passion crashed over us both. Thrusting, groaning, scratching and biting we attacked each other until with a deafening scream she came as I flooded her with the largest orgasm of my life.

When our passion was spent we both had scratches and bruises from head to toe and were physically spent. Then we started to laugh. I don’t think either of us had realized just how hot it was to think of the other fucking someone else but it was obvious that the idea appealed to us both. When we recovered we talked it over and decided that the contest was a great idea, it was a great way to open up our marriage to a whole new world of fun, and that the winner got the new vehicle and ultimate bragging rights. We asked a disbelieving John and Lisa to be judges again.

I said to the astonished crowd at the bar, “The contest rules are simple. Whichever of us has sex with the most people tonight is the winner. She just left with eight guys and our friend John, the impartial observer. His wife Lisa is my observer. They will keep count and will declare a winner tomorrow night, right here, at the scene of the crime. A completed sex act is defined as when our partner has an orgasm.”

I took off my shirt, displaying my very toned upper body. I work out daily and it shows. Flexing my biceps and tightening my abs, showing off the “V” leading down into my pants I asked the crowd, “Are there any fine ladies here tonight interested in a no strings orgasm? I promise that I always deliver.”

Lisa started laughing and spoke up. “He isn’t kidding. I slept with him before I married John and he is fantastic in bed.”

I turned to her in surprise, “I thought you wanted to keep that quiet.”

“You need the help” she said smiling, “and it’s true.”

An attractive blond in her late 40’s stepped forward. “I’m in,” she said. “It’s been a while since I fucked a younger man.” She ran her hands over my chest then down my slot oyna stomach before grabbing my bulge and said, “It looks like you have the equipment to do the job.”

With much giggling, three girls in their early twenties stepped forward and then to my surprise a man.

“Can anyone join this party?” he said hopefully.

“I hadn’t considered it but come along if you’re willing,” I said surprising even myself as my competitiveness took over. I would do anything to win. “I don’t catch, but I might be persuaded to pitch.”

“Oh my God that’s so hot,” said another woman stepping forward. “I’m coming along to see that.”

I put my hand up to stop her. “If you come up to the room you have to participate.”

“I’m not just coming up,” she said laughing and pulling out her cell phone, “I’m calling all of my friends to join us. I hope you can deliver.”

“Room 325,” Lisa told the gathering crowd.

As we headed upstairs I figured I was off to a good start. Our little crowd reached the room and stepped in. Lisa pulled out a notebook and started asking for and writing down first names as I stripped and walked to the bed. I heard several gasps from the women as my hardening 7″ very fat cock came into view and several whistles when I turned around flexing my ass. This was going to be fun.

“Who’s first?” I asked opening a condom and rolling it on.

Two thirty-something’s stepped forward and stripped saying, “We have played together before.”

One of them was skinny with barely a-cup tits. She had red hair and freckles with a red landing strip covering a pale pink pussy. Her friend was a chubby brunette with soft pillowy breasts and a big round ass. I reached for Red as I lay back on the bed and pulled her fire crotch onto my face as her friend mounted my hard cock. I groaned into the delicious pussy on my face as she slid up and down on my cock until it was fully seated in her warmth. As I licked and sucked Red, sliding the occasional finger in her, searching for her G-spot I felt her friend begin to fuck me in earnest. She was rocking back and forth, sliding up and down, and making the hottest little noises as she rode me. They began kissing each other as I played with and sucked on the succulent cunt riding my mouth. With a shudder the brunette came on my cock and dismounted but kept kissing Red as I felt my condom removed and another one put on. Red came all over my mouth and Lisa handed me a warm washcloth for my face.

“That’s two,” she said making notes as two more women stepped forward. The room was full of naked people now and I heard the door open and close several times crowding the room even more. A girl who was barely 21 climbed onto my still hard wood tossing her head with a moan and flinging her blonde hair back. The second woman to my surprise was in her late 60’s with pure silver hair. She looked elegant as she undressed and still very fit despite her age.

“I haven’t had my pussy eaten since my husband died ten years ago,” she said with a smile as she lowered herself to my tongue. “And never by a guy as hot as you. That’s my granddaughter by the way.”

“That’s so hot,” I said as I began to lick her slowly. The whole scene had me turned on beyond belief and I was determined to give this elegant older woman the best orgasm of her life as her granddaughter rode me fiercely. The younger girl must have been extremely turned on by the situation because she came in less than 5 minutes. As I ate her grandmother, licking her labia and sucking her engorged clit into my mouth I felt another condom change and another rider climb on my cock. I couldn’t see who it was past the pussy on my face but they were extremely tight.

When the woman finally climaxed with a groan she climbed off my face with a shudder and a whispered, “Thanks.”

It was then I noticed who was riding my cock. It was the young man from the bar. No wonder it was so tight. He gave me a nervous look and I smiled in return as I beckoned the next woman closer. It was the cell phone woman and she looked pretty good. There were some stretch marks and a little extra around her middle but she had huge boobs and extremely long pussy lips I couldn’t wait to start sucking on. The guy riding me was jerking himself off as he slid up and down my hard cock, groaning and shaking. It was obvious he was getting close.

As she settled onto my waiting face she said, “That was my daughter and mother you just fucked.”

The situation was overwhelming and her words sent me over the edge. I came hard, filling the condom with my seed as the guy riding me groaned and came all over my stomach. I sucked those oversized pussy lips into my mouth and pinched her clit as I worked her over. I ate her for about ten minutes as she moaned atop me and then she started licking the guys cum off my stomach. That was enough to send her over the edge and she came as I felt my cock start to harden again. She climbed off and I jumped up heading for a quick rinse in the canlı casino siteleri shower.

As I rinsed the cum off my body a very fat black woman with short, dyed blonde hair climbed into the shower with me, bent over and began sucking my dick while fingering her pussy.

“I just love sucking cock in the shower,” she said before taking my deep in her throat, her hand a blur in her cunt. I pinched her nipples and played with her massive boobs as she slid me in and out of her throat. It was one of the best blowjobs of my life, making it obvious that she really did love doing it.When I ran my hands down her back and over her ass and started fingering her she took her fingers from her pussy and started fingering her ass.

Lisa stepped in and exclaimed, “The count is 6 for you and 9 for her. John just texted me with Jenny’s count.”

“Make that 7,” the black woman said a few minutes later as she pulled my cock out her mouth and came with a shudder on my hand.

I toweled off and grinning like an idiot, headed back into the bedroom for the next round. What I saw waiting on the bed would have restored me to full hardness if the shower interlude had not done so. Three visions of kneeling perfection greeted my eyes. The three original twenty-something’s from the bar were on all fours on the bed, giggling and whispering to each other. Two with black hair, one with brown, all of them with the lean firm bodies of athletes. Three perfect asses and three perfect pussies dripping with moisture on display. They had either been playing together or had lubed up to make things easier for me. It was a scene straight out of a porn movie so I acted accordingly.

My hard cock leading the way I rolled on a condom stepped up behind the girl in the center and slid into her smoothly shaved pussy. She let out a gasp, she must not have heard me coming, and then moaned as I slid all the way out and rammed back in. Her two friends looked over their shoulders at me smiling and then turned back around as I started giving them some attention. Sliding my hands over those lovely asses I worked my way around until I was rubbing two smooth wet holes. Probing with my fingers I continued to thrust into the center girl. All three of them were moaning now and I picked up the pace. I was now pushing two fingers in the pussies my hands were working and on impulse I added thumbs to their asses. The increase in noise coming from them let me know it was a good idea. The scene was so hot that it had my balls churning and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to hold out.

Trying to think of any distraction to lessen my need worked a bit but when the one I was fucking started shaking and calling out, “Yes! Yes! Harder! Fuck meeeeee!” I lost it and came with her, filling my condom with my second load of the night. Her cries and the spastic way my hands were moving at this point set off both of the others and their cries joined ours. We all collapsed on the bed and I couldn’t help myself, I gave each of them a long lick from their clits to their puckered rosebuds causing each of them to shudder before stepping back.

Lisa grinned and gave me another update. “10 to 11 now,” she said. “You’re catching up faster.”

“No more updates” I told her, “I don’t want to feel pressure. I want to focus on what I’m doing.”

“You’re doing great,” Lisa said with a smile. “This is so hot and you are amazing. I never imagined…”

The problem, as I saw it, was that I was starting to get tired and each new orgasm would require more recovery time. I looked around. The room was full of women of all ages in various stages of undress, none of whom I recognized from the bar.

“Where are they all coming from?” I asked Lisa, bewildered.

“You remember the mother, daughter, and grandmother trio?” she asked. When I nodded she went on. “They are swingers. She is down in the bar making calls.”

“There must be fifteen women in here,” I exclaimed. “Tell her to slow down.”

I was instantly surrounded by women encouraging me and rubbing their hands on me.

“You’ve got this.”

“You’re so sexy.”

“You’re gonna’ rock this.”

“When you fucked that guy, it was so fucking hot.”

“I can’t wait to feel this fat cock in me.”

“We’re going make sure you win this.”

Their ministrations had the desired effect. My dick was standing straight up and bobbing. The backed me over to the bed and I returned to my position in the center of the bed on my back, waiting for my next partners. A middle-aged blonde with the bluest eyes I had ever seen mounted my dick, slowly sliding up and down, adjusting to my size. I groaned as I filled her.

Climbing onto my face, a svelte, beautiful black woman said, “Play with my ass while you eat me. I get off much faster that way.”

I went to work on her. My tongue in her pussy, a finger in her puckered asshole as I massaged her ass cheeks with my other hand. She was grinding her cunt all over my face, controlling her own pleasure. The woman riding my cock was going exquisitely slow as she raised and lowered herself, pulling and pinching her nipples with both hands and letting out a little yip sound each time she bottomed out.

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