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Author’s Note: I’ve called the seniors’ retirement community in this story simply The Home, a name that I didn’t want to use because of its connotations of involuntary confinement of the mentally unfortunate. But I was afraid that if I called it by any appropriate name that might occur to me – The Oaks, Sunshine Acres, Leisure Lodge, etc. – I’d run the risk of picking a name really in use by some reputable institution, and by so doing offend some very fine people. People with good lawyers. So, The Home it is. And I like the story title that came from it.


It hadn’t been easy, but Liza had managed to get Will, her aging father, to move from his in-town apartment to the pleasantly rural seniors’ community where he now lived. Will had resisted the move for months. At age 76, Will’s health was still very good, and his mind reasonably clear and sharp, but Liza was becoming concerned about him nonetheless. He was having moments of absentmindedness, and was now prone to the kind of minor mishaps that result in superficial cuts, bruises, and burns.

It had been a stressful move, with Will figuratively dragging his heels every step of the way and protesting loudly that he wasn’t ready to be treated like an old man.

“I’ll show ’em, Liza!” he told his daughter on the day he moved into The Home. “I’ll show ’em I’m not the useless old fart they think I am.”

“You do that, Daddy,” she’d answered with a smile. “You show ’em!”

Now, four months later, her father was doing just that, and Liza had new reasons to be concerned about him. She was now getting regular calls from The Home with complaints about Will’s misbehavior. Apparently her father’s way of proving he was still young at heart was to make sexual advances on any females at The Home who couldn’t move faster than he could. The targets of his very public mischief included both other residents and members of The Home’s staff. Nurses and cleaning staff women under the age of 40 were at special risk.

Will usually approached his victims from the rear, and his attacks usually consisted of nothing more than a slap and squeeze of a rump cheek or a momentary grab of a handful of a breast from the side. But he was also known to occasionally spend a night in the room of one of the more accommodating female residents. Thanks to the miracle of modern drugs which enabled Will to achieve a reasonably firm and lasting erection, he was an ongoing threat (or godsend) to anyone with a still-functioning pussy.

He quickly picked up the nickname of Dom William, the DOM part being simply the short form of Dirty Old Man. To the staff, he was now simply The Dom. It was not a term of respect or affection.

The Home’s staff just didn’t know what to do about Liza’s father. Their problem was complicated by the fact that some of the female residents loved the unexpected and long-absent attention they were getting from the horny newcomer. Those ladies made it clear that they didn’t want the staff interfering with Will’s rampages. For every woman who complained that Will had groped her ass at the Sunday brunch buffet, there were others who made a point of putting their generous bottoms within his reach at every opportunity. And in these economically difficult times, The Home didn’t want to throw out any resident whose bills got paid on time.

The male residents of The Home, who were far outnumbered by the women, reacted to Will’s behavior with either priggish disdain (“The man has no manners at all!”), or mild amusement (“I get a kick out of watching him fool around that way.”), or undisguised envy (“How can I get some of what he’s getting?”). The female residents took sides on the matter too, depending on their own views of Will’s behavior, and even those who didn’t like what Will was doing took a sort of guilty pleasure in watching The Dom at work. He certainly knew a thing or two about low-level sexual assault techniques.

Rumors began flying wildly around The Home about Will’s capabilities in the bedroom. His ability to give a soul-shattering orgasm to a woman who hadn’t had one in decades (or ever!) was one of them. The prodigious size of his erection was another. Of course none of those who were passing such rumors around were among those who had actually been in a position to assess their accuracy. The ladies who had fallen under Will’s seductive spell, the ones who had reputedly shared their beds with him, weren’t talking. And they weren’t complaining.

The Administrator of The Home, John Offenbach (Jack to everyone, and JackOff to some behind his back), knew that some action was required on his part in this matter, and soon. Who knows what the Board of Directors might do to him if word got to them about this mess? If the damned government inspectors looked into it, Jack might be job hunting the very next day. The Media would have a field day over it, and the Public Relations issues he’d be forced to deal with would be nightmarish. And lawsuits lodged by the families of Will’s ‘victims’ weren’t out of the question either.

Jack looked into his computer files on the residents’ families, and casino oyna located the information on Will’s family. Liza was listed as The Home’s contact person in situations like this. The file said that she was 45 and unmarried. He wondered if perhaps she was still a virgin. To Jack, virgins were a personal challenge. He believed that it was his mission in life to correct any such aberrations of nature, and virgins past the age of about 21 were a dangerous threat to his world order. He believed that there was something psychologically unwholesome, physically unhealthy, and just plain weird about a girl who kept her legs closed tightly together past her teens. Fortunately for them, he was there to ease their pain (although in the short term some pain might have to be endured). He did them the ultimate favor by easing their legs apart and fucking some Common Sense into them.

He’d often fantasized about having a government job that required him to travel about the country, solving that very problem for girls on their 21st birthday. Their mothers and older sisters would be oh so grateful to him for his dedication, and that would usually mean tending to their carnal needs as well before he moved on to his next assignment.

To say that Jack was a womanizer would be to seriously understate the case. The man lived to screw pussy, and his life was a continuing search for the next one lucky enough to receive the blessings of his eveready manhood. He was 51 now and, sexually speaking, was enjoying a very well-serviced bachelorhood.

His job, and the convenience of living in the Administrator’s Residence on The Home’s grounds, allowed him to keep his cock in fighting trim, with very little effort required on his part to find suitable docking stations for it. The younger staff members couldn’t (or felt that they shouldn’t) resist the aura of power and prestige that Jack exuded, and there were always the young and appreciative female members of the residents’ families. He was Cock of The Home, the resident rooster, and Will was a definitely unwelcome second rooster who had to be stopped.

Jack’s authoritarian management style did not sit well with the residents and staff of The Home. Most of the residents didn’t like him, and most of the staff people feared him. He demanded prim and proper behavior from the residents, while practicing a hedonistic and profligate lifestyle himself. Jack firmly believed that sex was not for the elderly, and fortunately he wasn’t elderly yet.

He gave Liza a call. She agreed to meet with him at his office on an afternoon in the coming week. He’d met her only once, several months ago and only briefly at that time, on the day she’d signed the contracts for her father’s admissiion to The Home. He really couldn’t remember much of anything about her, which meant that she hadn’t shown the usual eagerness to spreadeagle herself on his big office desk. Maybe she’d been on her period that day, he thought. Maybe she was a lesbian. Ugh.

* * * * *

Something happened to Liza at her meeting with Jack that caught her totally by surprise. It started to happen the moment that Jack’s secretary Rose ushered Liza into her boss’ private office. Liza felt almost immediate and powerful sexual attraction for the handsome man she now remembered having met months before.

Her erogenous rush couldn’t be satisfactorily explained by the fact that sex was going to be on the agenda of their discussion. Liza’s sudden and intense sexual desire for Jack was more likely due to the combination of his imposing physique, his intoxicating male fragrance, and the natural take-charge attitude he displayed as he invited Liza and Rose to sit in the comfortable armchairs in front of his desk. His very big desk. The man’s desk was goddam huge, thought Liza with a naughty thrill, facing her handsome host across an impressive expanse of highly polished mahogany which felt surprisingly warm to her touch.

Jack was pleased at how Liza was dressed today. She’d chosen to wear a nearly transparent silk blouse, and a skirt which clung snugly to her curves and gave teasing hints of what delights might lie hidden at the tops of her retro seamed stockings. He intended to do some treasure hunting up there later.

Rose, who at age 54 had been an employee of The Home for a lot longer than her boss had, knew enough to move her chair a few feet away so that she sat unobtrusively off to one side. She was not going to engage in the conversation. Rose had been asked by Jack to take notes of the meeting, a security precaution he thought prudent considering the delicate legal issues at stake in this matter. Unbeknownst to Rose, he’d also secretly activated a small voice recorder in one of his desk drawers, one more way of protecting himself and The Home against the possibility of facing false charges later on. Jack was mildly paranoid in matters of security, particularly of his own.

Jack looked hungrily at Liza’s nicely proportioned breasts, lovingly cradled in lacy bra cups that poked proudly at her blouse. He could almost taste her nipples already. He wished that Rose wasn’t there, but it slot oyna was a bit late now to tell her that his hidden recorder had made her presence unnecessary. His attention was entirely on the lovely and very sexy woman across the desk from himself. She’d be a very good fuck, he was sure.

Liza almost immediately forgot entirely that Rose was there. Her attention was riveted on Jack’s deep blue eyes, mesmerizing mouth, and amazing arms and shoulders. She decided that Jack must do some serious working out, perhaps at The Home’s gymnasium.

Jack casually uncrossed his legs, to bring some relief to the uncomfortable position his stiffening penis was in. Liza failed to notice this, but Rose saw it and knew exactly what it meant. Rose had been present at such sexually-charged situations many times since Jack had first occupied this office. The body language being spoken by her boss and his guest reminded her that she was, as always, just a bystander witnessing a mating dance that was well underway and rapidly increasing in tempo. She knew Jack well. She’d seen this dance many times before, and it pissed her off that Jack had never asked her to dance. Rumor had it that it was Rose who had coined the ‘JackOff’ nickname.

Jack and Liza managed to carry on a conversation about the problems her father was causing, and about possible solutions to them. Jack smoothly managed to comment on those issues in ways that could easily be misconstrued as applying to the urges that he and Liza were now experiencing. Rose was impressed with her boss’ seduction skills, as she always was, and she hated knowing that Jack was barely aware of her presence in the room, as he always was. Rose dutifully took notes of it all, or at least those parts of it which were spoken aloud. It was clear to her that the meeting was going to end at whatever point Jack could no longer resist his need to find a private enough place to fuck Liza into submission.

Liza hastened her fate greatly by agreeing quickly to let The Home’s staff take whatever action they deemed necessary in the circumstances, even if that meant bending some rules in order to be able to enforce some others. She certainly didn’t want The Home to ask her father to leave, but she recognized the necessity of having the welfare of all of the residents looked after properly. The meeting seemed to be coming to a satisfactory conclusion, and not a moment too soon for Jack.

Rose was the only one in the room who understood fully what this agreement meant in practical terms. It meant that The Home was going to have to find acceptable outlets for Will’s untamed lusts. The staff would effectively be pimping for one of its residents, and would have to be careful to never give the appearance of doing so. Rose wondered if her own name might be suggested at some point as one of Will’s potential bedmates. She’d heard the rumors about The Dom, and she wouldn’t mind finding out for herself how true they were. Maybe she shouldn’t wait to be asked, she thought. Maybe she could volunteer.

The meeting came to an end. Jack invited Liza to stay long enough to join him for coffee in the Dining Room, and told Rose that he wouldn’t need her for anything else this afternoon. Rose understood perfectly, and privately guessed that Jack and Liza wouldn’t actually make it to the Dining Room without getting sidetracked to one of Jack’s fucksites. Rose shook Liza’s hand, gave Jack an understanding nod, and went home for the day.

Rose was right. Jack didn’t even bother to go directly toward the Dining Room. He guided Liza through an unmarked side door and down an empty corridor which turned a corner before ending in a space big enough to turn a hospital bed in. Sitting incongruously in that clearing was a sofa which which had been removed long ago from the Staff Lounge, but which looked surprisingly dustfree and appeared to have been put regularly to its intended use. They had all the privacy they needed, and the promise of reasonable comfort as well.

Jack took Liza in his arms, disregarding the gasp of surprise that came from Liza’s pretty mouth, and kissed her hungrily. She showed no resistance, and Jack hadn’t anticipated any. Their tongues lashed wildly together. Jack’s strong hands on her buttocks pulled her lower body forcefully against the bulge his fully erect cock made in his slacks, moulding her body to his.

Foreplay was quite unnecessary. Much of the meeting seemed to have served that function, and Jack never saw much point in it anyway. He undressed Liza and himself with the swift and methodical expertise that comes from experience, eased her down on her back on the sofa, mounted her, and proceeded to fuck her with just the right amount of power and dominance that he wanted her to feel. She wasn’t a virgin, and he didn’t know whether that fact should please him or disappoint him.

He put a hand gently over her mouth when she came, guessing correctly that she would be noisy at that moment. He rolled onto his back just as his own orgasm arrived, taking her with him so that she lay upon him as his upthrusting cock jerked and twitched within the snug sheath canlı casino siteleri of her pussy. He let her rest on him as their pounding heartbeats and gasping breaths returned slowly to their more relaxed rhythms, a considerate gesture on his part that he silently congratulated himself for thinking of. Jack mentally carved another notch in the bedpost of his imaginary conquest bed.

Liza wondered for just a moment if she might have inherited a penchant for bizarre sexual behavior from her randy father. If so, she now owed Will a special thank-you. She hadn’t been so well fucked in some time.

* * * * *

Will was summoned to Jack’s office the next morning to have the new groundrules explained to him. Will was handed a list of four names, names provided to Jack by his staff people. Three were the names of female residents known to have welcomed The Dom to their beds, and the fourth was the name of a staff person who had shared The Dom’s own bed at least once. Jack didn’t recognize the staff person’s name, and assumed she was a member of the Housekeeping staff. A lot of personnel turnover went on in that department all the time. All four women had been asked to sign a statement attesting to the fact that their intimacy with Will had been undertaken of their own free will, and that no liability in regard to it lay with The Home. All four had cheerfully signed the statement. Jack thought that the cleaning lady must be damned good at her job, since she apparently felt at no risk of losing it over this affair.

Jack took a deep breath before giving Will permission to continue doing the one thing that Jack very much wanted him to stop doing. Will was told that he could continue to have sex with the women on the list, and with any others that were willing to sign the same release form, on the condition that he would immediately stop engaging in any inappropriate behavior within view of the other residents. Will agreed to this. The men sealed their agreement with a firm handshake, and Jack made a mental note to wash his hands thoroughly at his earliest opportunity.

As soon as Will got back to his room after his meeting with Jack, he took his Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendar down from the wall and made the rounds of the women who would be the charter members of his harem. He felt rather like a polygamist who had the law on his side, a polygamist with no obligation whatsoever to support or provide for any of his wives. Perfect. The women studied the calendar and then signed their names in those day squares that they wished to reserve. He returned to his room and checked to make sure that his supply of erectile-function medication was adequate for the coming weeks. Will was now officially The Home’s Resident Stud.

The men who didn’t approve of what Will had been doing felt better about things, now that the nasty man’s distasteful sins would only be committed behind closed doors and could thus easily be treated as if they were no longer happening. Those who had enjoyed watching him play grabass with the ladies were disappointed, now that the free show was over. Those who had been jealous of him were divided. The more ambitious ones now found hope for similar arrangements of their own, while the less self-confident ones became so depressed that The Home’s staff psychologist was called in to help them deal with their grief.

Liza was getting occasional calls from Jack now, but his calls no longer had anything to do with her father, for which she was thankful. Jack was careful not to tell her much about her father’s new lifestyle at The Home, except to say that Will was no longer doing anything that would upset the other residents. Jack managed to have sex with Liza now and then, but rarely enough so that Liza knew she was just one among the many names in his Little Black Book. They occasionally got together in The Administrator’s residence at The Home, and he once fucked her in the back of The Home’s cargo van, but he preferred returning her to his Lucky Sofa hidden in that little-used back corridor. Liza occasionally wondered how many other women had yielded to Jack’s charms on that sofa, but she never smelled any perfumes or sexual discharges, her own or anyone else’s, on its upholstery. The Housekeeping staff here must be very good and very thorough, she thought. Her father, who knew something of the talents of the cleaning staff himself, would have agreed.

* * * * *

Will’s former misbehavior was no longer a problem for the residents of The Home, and locating bedmates for The Dom had turned out to be unnecessary. The Home’s staff were now availing themselves of Will’s services, something that Rose had foreseen but Jack had not. A number of female staff people were spending a disturbing amount of their offduty time in Will’s bedroom, and Jack was stunned to learn that his secretary was among them. In fact, Rose had signed up to shack up with The Dom for a full week of her annual vacation. And even before that week, Jack caught sight of her on one of her days off headed toward Will’s place with a cheerful ‘I’m about to get laid’ attitude about her. She was dressed in a highly provocative way, in garments obviously purchased from outlets specializing in exotic and fetish clothing and obviously meant to be worn by women half Rose’s age and several dress sizes smaller that she was.

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