21 Mayıs 2022

High Society Pt. 03

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In this chapter 18 year old stud, Taylor fucks his Principals 70 year old black wife for the weekend with his tireless twelve inch cock.

Every women the eighteen year old high school senior fucked, cheated on their rich husbands. All led High Society lifestyles. A big part of that lifestyle was cheating on their spouse.

From tennis pros, to personal trainers, to golf pros and to their sons or daughters friends and boyfriends, these trysts are what filled their daily lives. As the money was flowing in these rich, married women were on their backs getting pounded by a young stud.

The night before, Taylor was going to be with the seventy eight year old stunner, Virginia Wechsler, he was fucking a fifty three year old mother of one of his High Schools friends.

As he fucked his friends mom, all he kept thinking about was the size of the seventy eight year olds pussy and that he was going to be fucking her all week while her husband was overseas on business.

While he and the Jewish stunner were in his car in the parking lot of the country club things got real hot between them. Starting with soft kisses, as he ran his hands over her crossed, stocking-covered legs he continued to tell her how sexy she was and that she had an amazing body.

Although she was approaching her eighties she looked decades younger, and could easily pass for a woman in her mid- fifties. An incredible body, weighing one fifteen pounds with an insane, eye-catching 34-G-23-33 measurements had his monster, twelve-inch cock at full attention.

As they kissed, the eighteen year old turned her on in ways she hadn’t felt in years. He played with her in his car for over three hours, kissing her while running his skilled hands over her nylons, to finger fucking her pussy.

In this sexy time she had more orgasms then she ever had in her life. As he was finger-fucking her he could not get over the size of her pussy-lips. They were by far the longest pair her had ever felt. The thought of those long lips clinging to his massive cock had him eager to fuck her.

As his fingers circled her scorching cunt, he kept thinking that she might not have the problem all women had with his massive girth and that he just might be able to slide, instead of force himself into her. The few pussys he had where a woman could take him entirely were his best fucks.

One woman in particular was the stunning, black wife of his High School Principal, Mr. Thomas. At seventy years old, Mrs. Loraine Thomas was a striking woman.

Standing five foot nine inches tall with an incredible 48DDD-23-40 body and weighing one hundred and thirty five pounds she had a body that turned heads.

The black stunner attended a lot of school functions and always dressed stylishly. She was always seen wearing a sheer blouse with a noticeable lacy, white bra that was so sheer her wide, inch-long nipples were visibly seen through the thin fabric.

A pencil skirt that emphasized her remarkable ass, and always a pair of high heel pumps to add excitement to her wonderfully tapered, long legs. The black stunner had the sexiest, eye-catching legs that were always encased in tan or nude stockings.

This was a look that always caught the wandering eye of the huge cock Senior, as he imagined fucking her senseless. Whenever she crossed his path her heart began to race, as she took-in his model-like Adonis looks, and his incredible physique.

A few months back she was one of the judges on the panel of seniors special projects. She was absolutely impressed with his project to promote technology to minorities in the inner-city.

She was not only impressed with his business-model but, also the maturity in which he commanded the judge’s attention, making eye contact with each one as he spoke.

She was also spellbound with attention to his physical appearance. Tall and model gorgeous, her mind would sinfully drift from his presentation to them being in her bed.

After all ten presentations were given, it was unanimous that, Taylor had the best business-model. After her husband announced the winner there was a reception that followed in the schools library.

During the reception, Taylor and the sexy Principals wife made lots of eye contact. As she talked with parents and students she would look-over and see the handsome eighteen year old scanning her body in the most deliberate way.

The way he was looking her over sent a rush of warmth over her body. When her eyes caught his, he nodded his head as he shot her a sly, knowing grin.

As his eyes ran up and down her body, she, in-turn was hypnotized by his model-like looks. As he deliberately looked over the older, black stunner his mind was on one thing, that he wanted to sink his twelve inch cock into her black pussy. As they made eye contact she would smile back at him, in a way that let him know she knew what was on his mind and that she was having the same sinful-thoughts.

The ebony goddess wasn’t naïve, as she knew casino siteleri her body commanded attention, especially her large breasts and her full-wide ass. Having many affairs throughout her forty year marriage added to her picking-up on these cues.

This back-and-forth eye contact continued for half an hour until she found herself standing beside him at the refreshment table. Before going over to him she purposely undid the two top buttons on her blouse. The only ones in the room that picked up on this calculated move was the astute eighteen year old, Taylor and the PTA President Steffi Miles.

“Congratulations, Taylor,” she said as the Principals wife stood right beside him. “What a fantastic business-model and spectacular presentation,” she complimented, ” and for such a valuable and much-needed cause.”

Facing each other her heart began to beat a little faster as she took in his handsome Adonis-like looks. Although she had many lovers before her husband and numerous affairs throughout their marriage, she had never been with a white male, and certainly never one as young as, Taylor.

“Thanks, Mrs. Thomas,” he said as his eyes ran across her body slowly and intentionally, from her high heel pumps up her stocking covered legs to her huge breasts.

This was not lost on her and as his eyes scanned her body, it instantly came alive. She immediately felt her fat, long nipples thrust through the sheer bra and blouse, as she watched his eyes drift to her deep cleavage.

As a sly grin appeared he said in a deep voice, “Nice Mrs. Thomas,” as he took in the sight of her big nipples popping through the material of her bra and sheer-white blouse.

It was as if his penetrating eyes on her breasts were commanding her nipples to come alive. She felt her breathing get heavier and could feel her breast starting to heave.

He was such a powerful presence and his confidence was intoxicating. Also, eyeing at her body purposely, without any regard for her husband in the room was making her nipples ache.

Leaning in, he whispered in a soft self-assured voice, “You know, it was really hard focusing on my presentation, Mrs. Thomas, thanks to you.

“Me,” she said, looking at him curiously.

“Yeah you,” he said as he deliberately scanned her body. Looking her in the eye he said, ” do you want to know why, Mrs. Thomas?”

Tingling, and eager to hear his response, she whispered back, “I’m curious to hear why I was causing you problems focusing, Taylor?”

For a few seconds he scanned her body, even turning his head to the side to deliberately scan-over her ass.

“Cuz all I kept thinking about was your amazing body and how bad I want to fuck you.”

Stunned but, also excited she uttered, “Excuse…,” before he cut her off.

“If your interested in what I could do to your smokin body, Mrs. Thomas, I know you can find my number.”

The look of surprise was on her face, but it slowly turned to a soft grin.

“Really,” she said in a deep, throaty voice, which surprised herself.

“Like I said call me,” he said with confidence, then added, ” but not unless you and I could fuck you all weekend.”

With that he turned then looked back and said, ” By the way, that was really a nice move, the way you undid the buttons of your blouse before coming over to me,” he said with a smug look before walking away.

He walked away leaving the seventy year old black stunner standing in utter surprise but, with a rush of excitement she had never felt, flowing over her.

Watching the exchange from across the room was the PTA president, Steffi Miles.

The week before found the forty eight year old PTA President wearing a pair of cream colored high heel pumps and a pair of nude thigh high stockings attached to a white garter belt kneeling on a futon by her pool while getting fucked from behind by the huge-cocked stud.

Her daughter was with her husband attending a college tour for the weekend. From Friday night to Monday morning it was non-stop fucking.

The black wife still had the look of surprise on her face as she watched the teenage Adonis walk away.

Walking over to her the PTA President said in a soft voice, as she looked back towards, Taylor, “So, I see you met our ‘Boy-Wonder’,” she said to the Principals, stunning, black wife.

Breaking from her stunned expression she replied, “Boy Wonder?”

The PTA President leaned in and said, “Yes. Taylor is ‘Enormous.”

Knowing exactly what she was referring to had the black stunner tingling at the thought that he wanted to fuck her.

“Really,” she said, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh yes,” she said with a proud smug, spreading her hands far apart, “Gigantic.”

It caused the black Principals wife to grin perceptively.

“Oh. I see,” she said in acknowledgement, as she looked at how far her hands were spread apart.

Being curious to know all the details, she led the PTA President out of the library and into slot oyna her husbands office.

“Ok, Steffi out with it. I want to hear Every-single-detail,” the black wife said sternly, as she stood with her hands on her hips, anxiously waiting to hear the details.

For the next twenty minutes the PTA President confessed to having fucked him. As she recounted her experience she could see the wheels turning in the black womans head. She could sense that she wanted to fuck him herself.

” Not only was his cock huge, but he was the most amazing lover I ever had,” she said, which caused the black woman to raise her eyebrows.

“Really?” she said, wanting to hear a lot more.

“Oh yes, really,” she said in a throaty voice.

Her comment about, Taylor being the best lover she ever had let the black stunner know that, Steffi; like herself, had numerous affairs.

“So how did you manage to fuck our boy wonder,” she said in a throaty voice.

Steffi was a bit stunned about the proper wife of the Principal using the word ‘fuck,’ but went on to tell her in detail how she did.

“I heard about, Taylor having a huge cock from overhearing a conversation my daughter and her friends had one night during a sleep over. They were all giggling, as they talked about him being a ‘legend’ in the locker room at school.

“Curiosity had gotten the best of me and the very next day I managed to get his cell number from my daughters phone and called him.”

She went on to say how perceptive, Taylor was when she told him.

“After I told him about my husband and daughter going out of town on a college tour for the weekend he told me to text him when they left and that he’d be over within an hour.”

“I instantly knew that this must have been common for him.”

“So tell me about his ‘enormous cock’ she said in a voice that was eager to find out.

Giggling slightly at hearing the stylish and proper Principles wife use the word cock she told her that he was so huge she could barely get her mouth over his head, because of it being so massive in width.

“Oh my,” the Principals wife said in a stunned voice. “What was like to have something that big inside you?”

“God, he’s so huge that I could barely take more than a few inches of him.”

Hearing this had her body turned-on. The thought of a cock so huge had her actually breathing deep, to the point where she could feel her big nipples getting hard.

Her best sexual experiences were with men of size, but never in her life did she ever have a cock that fit the description of the one, Taylor had between his legs. The thought of fucking something so enormous, from a stud that; according to the PTA President, knew how to fuck, sent shivers up her spine.

The conversation with the PTA President had her mind racing. The thought of the young stud having a huge cock and being an amazing lover had her set on one thing, which was that she had to fuck him.

On the ride home, while her husband was going on and on about the spectacular evening and the student presentations, all she kept thinking about was, Taylor and the experience, Steffi had with him and his giant cock.

She kept hearing the voice of the young stud tell her, how ‘during his presentation he kept thinking about how he wanted to fuck her.’

When her husband remarked on how ‘Special,’ Taylor was, she agreed as she grinned to herself cunningly as she thought to herself how bad she wanted to fuck him.

That night she was restless. She kept replaying him saying in a confident voice, what he could do to her body. All she kept thing about was fucking the teen Adonis. She was consumed with thoughts of fucking him and his reportedly, giant cock. In bed, lying next to her snoring husband of forty years, she devised her plan.

The next day she got his cell phone number from her husbands secretary. It was under the pretext that she wanted to see if he would like to speak at their parish about his business-model.

Three days later, with her husband at a Principal’s conference on education for the week, the eighteen year old stud was between the seventy year old, black stunners long, stocking covered legs, kissing her passionately, as he sliced-through her tight, black pussy with the biggest cock she had ever seen or fucked.

The weekend of non-stop fucking started with her greeting him at the door dressed in a skin-tight black dress complete with gray translucent stockings attached to a black garter belt and a classic pair of black high heel pumps. She wore a lace white, sheer strapless bra that looked sinful against her pitch-black skin.

The chemistry between them was instant, as they passionately kissed in her foyer for an hour. During the hour-long kiss, her deep moans filled the air around them. It was pure lust the likes she never felt before.

His tongue entwined with hers as his hands went up her sides, to the sides of her huge, full breasts than around her back. His touch and the way he kissed canlı casino siteleri made her feel like she was his lover. The way he kissed was so deep and passionate, it made her body tremble to the point where she had numerous mini-orgasms.

She eventually took his hand and led him to the sofa in the living room. The next two hours had them getting acquainted by kissing deep and running their hands over each others bodies.

As they kissed he ran his skilled hands up her crossed, stocking, covered legs and over her garters. His unhurried touch running up her long, tapered legs had her panting.

Breaking away from their kiss he would kiss along her long, slender neck.

“Such a sexy lady,” he would say near her ear, ” with such an amazing body,” he added as his hands continued to run over her long, crossed legs. “Can’t wait to fuck you all weekend, Mrs. Thomas,” he said in a deep, confident voice.

The thought of being fucked all weekend by this stud had her body on fire.

It was such an unrushed and sexy time that had her thinking how mature he was. All her lovers; young and old always wanted to rush right to penetration. Taylor, was masterfully building her up. Taking his time to turn her on.

This was when she discovered the massive cock, Steffi had talked about. As her hands ran up and down his enormous length her breathing was labored as she imagined what it would look like and what it would feel like in her already soaking pussy.

“God, so huge,” she groaned out loud.

“Big for you, Mrs. Thomas,” he said as he kissed along her neck.

“Let me suck it baby,” she panted as she touched the steel-hard, log-shaped bulge in his pants.

To her amazement the eighteen year old continued touching her long, stocking, covered legs while kissing her neck. He was driving her crazy.

In a confidant voice he said, “We got lots of time, Mrs. Thomas,” he said deeply, as his pursed-lips kissed along her long, exposed neck.

“Oh God,” she murmured as his hands roamed up and down her crossed legs, while running her manicured nails ran over his gigantic bulge.

“Lots of time baby,” he whispered near her ear as his amazingly-skilled touch had her writhing.

She was amazed at his restraint but, more at his confidence to control the action. She would have thought, because of him being eighteen that he would have ripped his pants off instantly when she said she wanted to ‘suck his cock.’

Her astonishment at how good a kisser he was proved out as her pussy continued to cum over and over in these incredible mini-orgasms. He had the ability to raise the heat just by the way he used his lips and tongue as his hands skillfully roamed her body.

After two hours of the most incredible kissing the young stud stood and took her hand, than putting his arm around her waist he walked her towards the bar.

Each time he was at a womans home he looked for the bar, or an area where there was a tall stool. He always enjoyed fucking a woman as she sat on the stool as he stood between her legs.

It was his way of controlling the action as he enjoyed watching their lust-crazed expressions, as he slid his twelve inch cock straight into their scorching, wet cunts. Of course, most facial expressions were of terror and fright.

Along the twenty foot walk to the bar, her high heels would click on the tiled floor. This seemed to trigger a response for them to turn and kiss. They stopped and kissed every few feet. There was so much sexy lust in the air and the need to kiss was intense, especially for her, as she was never so turned-on.

After an hour, they finally reached the bar and resumed their passionate kissing. While their tongues entwined he began the slow and unhurried way of stripping her.

He knew form their time on the couch she was wearing stockings and a garter. Although he couldn’t wait to see her in her stockings, garter and heels, he wanted to take his time stripping her. It was an act that took over an hour. As they kissed, his skilled hands roamed her body, especially her deliciously wide-ass.

Standing behind her, he kissed her exposed neck as his hands ran up and down her body.

“Such a stunner, Mrs. Thomas,” he whispered at her ear.

“Oh God,” she moaned at his unhurried skills.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time, Mrs. Thomas,” he said in a hot breath. ” Seeing this incredible body at school always made me hard,” he said as he kissed her shoulders.”

“Oh fuck.”

“That’s right, Mrs. Thomas. Your body was designed for fucking,” he said in a complementary voice. ” And I’m sure all the guys you fuck go crazy for your sexy body. Don’t they baby?”

“Oh God,” she hissed. “You know me so well.”

As her moans of desire filled the air he ran his hands up to her huge breasts.

” And I’ll bet they all love to suck on these,” he paused, ” I’m feeling 48 triple D. Aren’t I right , Mrs. Thomas?” he said confidently.

“Oh God. You fuck so much,” she groaned as his fingers ran over her inch-long nipples.

Systematically he began stripping her.

“So sexy,” he said as her skin was exposed. “Such an amazing body he continued to praise as he kissed her newly exposed skin.

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