21 Mayıs 2022

High School: Confusion

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High School: Confusion


All throughout high school, I was the kid that always couldn’t wait to get the fuck out of here. Westbrook high school was a nightmare, in my mind. It was filled with rude guys, bitchy girls, and teachers that didn’t seem to understand for a second what it felt like to be a teenager. It sucks.

Being a gay teenager is probably harder than people would think when you go to a school where there seems to be nobody else like you. Sure, there are a few guys that are gay, but they are just awful. First, there’s Kevin Turkel. He is one of the trashiest guys I’ve ever met. He would be one of those gay guys who would post pictures of themselves on facebook, barely wearing any clothes, so that the 2,000 random gay guys he friend requested could jerk off to what they could never attain. The next was Chuck Cuilla. He was a nice guy, I guess. He was just so girly! He talks like one, acts like, the whole package. Don’t get me wrong, I like a nice cock, but it needs to have a guy attached to it. The only other guy I know of is Rick. Rick was probably my obsession for most of ninth and tenth grade. I was in love with him. Eleventh grade came around, and we finally hooked up. Well, hooked up and then some. We just stopped talking after that. And then there’s me, Troy Verrity. 18 years old, just like everybody else in the senior class by this point.

Despite hating high school the first years of my attendance, I’ve come to realize that this last month is the last time I’ll have to see any of these people. It’s made me realize that I am going to miss some. It’s also made me realize this is not only my last chance, but everyone’s last chance, to say or do what they always wanted to do to anyone they wanted to do it with. At the top of my list was to seduce one of the many straight guys here, or even just one guy that I never knew was gay. I’m tired of jerking off most nights, and fantasizing on my illegal bahis short romance with Rick. I want something new and exciting in my life.


Probably one of the most dreadful sounds a teenager can hear in the morning is the incessant buzz the alarm clock makes at 7 AM. Mostly because it indicates where you’re about to go. These days, school is mostly pointless. I’ve already been accepted into a university, and I basically just go with the motions at school now.

First period Economics. I mostly just sit there and hear the sound out of my radically bald teacher. It’s a strange sight to see a bald head with a face full of facial hair. The wonders of the male body. While on the topic, there is also another wonder in my classroom: Paul Wagner. The epitome of a douchebag, but goddamnit was he hot. He was small, about 5’6, which I liked. Standing at nearly 6’0, I like being the tall one in the relationship. He had dirty blonde hair, and always dressed and smelled so sexy. He was just such a fucking douche! He knew he was hot shit, and took advantage of the things he could get out of it. He always liked how he was “the oldest one in the grade” having a very early November birthday. The bell rang without me even hearing it, and I only knew the period was over by the sight of Paul gathering his papers to get to his next class.

Lucky for me, second period Psychology was conveniently in the same room. So I adjusted my seat to where I was assigned and waited for the class to filter in. The remainder of the day was mostly a blur, I would walk like a zombie from classroom to classroom, seeing friends, teachers and other gorgeous guys in the process.

Seventh period was one of my favorites in the day. I had band, which was alright, but it had another gorgeous guy in the room. Shawn Gaffney, a senior, was flawless. He had a real “punk” attitude, like he didn’t give a shit about anything. He had short blonde illegal bahis siteleri hair, sometimes flipped to the front, and green eyes that make me melt. His small slender body fit perfectly into himself. He just turned 18 a few days ago, and he was already planning his birthday party for the weekend. He was one of those guys that always liked to play gay, and whenever he would do it with me, I would just writhe inside of my jeans.

Today, we are just going over some easy chromatic scales. We just had our spring concert, so we’re only messing around with some music in class now, having a break before our teacher begins preparing the under-classmen for their performance at our graduation. Shawn was on the stage, collecting a bunch of an assortment of wires use in the bass guitar he plays. I wandered in there to catch up with him.

“What’s going on, fucker,” I call to him when I walk in.

He turns his beautiful his face to me and says, “What’s up, Pussy”.

God he’s beautiful.

“Oh, nothing just messing around, the usual,” I answered. I really wanted him to be the first in a long time of guys to mess around with.

As if a god had heard my thoughts, Shawn replies, “How about messing around with me,” in a suggestive tone. Typical Shawn, always playing gay. I really hated it, because it would always give me false hope. Today, though, I saw it as an opening. I approached him, my face and body only about a foot away from him.

“Okay,” I stated very simply, and reached for his cock through his jeans with my hand. He backed away, looking both shocked and disgusted at the same time.

“What are you doing?” he spat.

“Listen, once this month is over, I’ll be out of here and you’ll never see me again. The playing gay thing is getting old, and I’m ready to start being real gay with you,”

“I’m not gay,” he retorted.

“Gay, straight or bi, a mouth is a mouth,” I replied canlı bahis siteleri as I dropped to my knees in front of his crotch. I fumbled with the button and slowly unzipped the fly. Shawn didn’t seem to protest. I pulled down his jeans, and began rubbing his soft cock through his plaid boxers. I could feel it starting to harden when I used my other hand to fondle his balls. To my surprise, he reached to his waist and threw his shirt up over his head and onto the floor. I slowly lowered his boxers, until they reached his ankles, and his now hard cock sprang up in my face. He grabbed it by the base and was poking at my lips, urging from them to open. I knew he wasn’t straight.

I got on my feet and grabbed his head and passionately kissed him. Our tounges dancing with each other, I could feel my own cock starting to become erect. I let my hand fall to his waist, and began stroking his beautiful cock. To my great surprise, I felt his hands undoing my own jeans. I smiled as he open the fly and pulled them down. He quickly removed my shirt as well. I returned to my knees and put his cock in my mouth. I gently began sucking on it, then going faster. He began to moan, quite loud, and I withdrew.

“Shutup, we’re still in school,” I hissed. Which is when it hit me, I was in a corner of the school auditorium giving head to someone I’ve been fantasizing about for months.

I returned to sucking on his cock, feeling him pushing my head all the way down to the base, gagging me. I cupped his balls in my hand and gently began massaging them. That’s when I felt it. His balls became very sensitive, and his breathing became quick and out of control.

“Fuck, I’m gonna fucking blow it,” he weakly stated, expecting me to withdraw.

I’m a fucking trooper though. He began shooting his white ropes into my mouth, while I sucked it all down. His knees buckled as I sucked all the juices out of his weakening cock. He fell to his knees as his cock became limp.

“That was…was…” he started. The bell rang. I quickly put my jeans and shirt back on and whispered to him:

“You’re welcome.”

High school might not be so bad after all

More to come soon 🙂

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