27 Mayıs 2022

Her Fantasy Come True Ch. 03

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I was kicking back on the couch one Saturday afternoon, watching TV. Karen had left to run errands while I caught a game or two. I had hardly settled into my seat when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, I was a bit surprised to see Mike standing there. We hadn’t planned to get together. “Mike–hey, what brings you here?”

“I wasn’t too far away and thought I’d stop in and see if you and Karen wanted to hang out.”

“Well, Karen’s not here right now. She’s out shopping and stuff. I was just hanging out and watching the game. You wanna kick back a while? I’m not sure when Karen will be back, though.”

“Sure, that’s cool. I’ve got no plans.” Mike followed me in and we both sat on the couch to watch football. I figured when Karen got back she’d appreciate the surprise and maybe we could make an afternoon of it.

It wasn’t very long when I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, that Mike started very casually rubbing himself. I looked over with my eyes without turning my head to see if I saw what I thought I saw. Yep, he was slowly rubbing his cock through his shorts. His shorts were the nylon type, and it was easy to see the shape of his cock underneath them. I think I’d snuck a peak just a bit too long, as I think Mike saw I was checking him out. I looked back to the game as though nothing happened.

I was wondering what Mike was doing and curiosity was too much to ignore, so I kept taking quick glances. Now Mike had reached up his shorts leg and pulled his cock out through the leg and was playing with it directly now–no material getting in the way. I knew Mike was aware I was checking him out, so it was time to acknowledge it. “I’ll bet you’re bummed Karen’s not around to take care of that,” I said.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I’m out of luck, does it?” Mike replied. I realized that Mike came over looking for some release and had been hoping to get together with both of us but decided that any help would work for him.

“You looking for some help?” I asked.

“Whatever you can give,” he replied. I figured I’d give Mike a helping hand and reached over and took hold of his cock. He readily moved his hand away. I started stroking his shaft, particularly near the head. His half-erect tool was already responding. Each pulse of his heartbeat bahis firmaları throbbed in his cock, causing it to surge bigger and bigger and start to point skyward.

He really had a nice tool. It was good-sized, about six and a-half or seven inches and decently thick, but not too thick to easily get your mouth around. I was stroking him up and down, using my fingers to teach the underneath side of his cock. Mike kept shifting to get his cock in a better position for me. “I can’t really get to it very well,” I said. Needing no more encouragement, Mike lifted his butt off the couch and pulled off his shorts, giving free access to his cock and balls.

I slid off the couch and knelt between his knees facing him. With one hand, I grabbed his shaft and continued my soft caresses while the other hand stroked his balls lightly down the middle, tracing the seam of his ball sack and teasing his perineum. With my other hand I started pumping his shaft more vigorously. As any pre-come appeared, I used it as lube for his shaft. Mike seemed to be enjoying it, but he wasn’t rock hard.

I leaned forward and pushed his shaft toward his stomach to expose the underneath side. I stuck out my tongue and gave him a long, soft stroke from the base toward the tip. “Oh, yeah,” Mike moaned as he felt my tongue caress his tool. When my tongue got to the sensitive area below the head, he twitched. I released my tongue just short of the head and returned back to the base for a repeat. As I did so, Mike bucked his hips forward to press his cock harder into my tongue. I responded by pressing my tongue harder into his shaft.

When I got to the head, I decided to lick the pre-come off. No sooner than I had put my lips over the head and licked on it than Mike pushed his hips forward and pushed his cock into my mouth. I sucked on his shaft like I was trying to slurp out of a straw while stroking my tongue up and down his shaft. Mike moaned his pleasure and started short thrusting into my mouth. I reached under his ass with both hands, each one grabbing a cheek and used them to help push his cock in my mouth. Sucking a cock turned out to be basically what I’d fantasized it would be–maybe a little better. The soft, velvety skin felt nicer in my mouth than I had imagined. It was a strange mix of a hard shaft and kaçak iddaa soft skin that was exciting. I found myself enjoying sucking a cock as much as I liked licking pussy.

As I continued my strong suction and my continual tongue rubbing on Mike’s shaft. Mike’s thrusting increased its pace and with each thrust he began moaning and groaning his pleasure. I pushed my head down to the base of his shaft with each of his thrusts, matching his pace and intensity. I knew he was getting close to coming and I was looking forward to giving him that ultimate release. “Oh, yeah, I’m almost there,” he moaned.

I now kept his thrusts short to concentrate my tongue on the most sensitive part of his shaft, hoping to get his payload in my mouth instead of down my throat. “Oh, oh, oh, here I go,” Mike moaned as he shot his first load into my mouth. He continued thrusting into my mouth with each spurt, with my mouth bathing his cock in his own come, giving him a warm, slippery place to thrust his cock. After about seven or eight thrusts, Mike relaxed and collapsed back to the couch.

I began cleaning the come off his cock and swallowing the slippery stuff. I deep-throated him a few times to lick off any remaining come. “Save any for me?” I heard Karen ask rather loudly. Surprised, I pulled off Mike’s cock to see Karen standing nearby, having witnessed at least the happy ending that Mike had gotten.

“Mike came over–he was in the area,” was all I could manage to say. I was caught a little embarrassed that I had been sucking cock without her.

“I had hoped you would be here, ” Mike said, “so I’m glad you’re here now,” he recovered nicely.

“Well, how are you going to take care of me, Mister Softy?” Karen barbed.

“Why don’t you come over here and find out?” Mike replied. With that, Karen came over, stepped up on the couch, hiked up her short skirt, revealing her pantiless pussy. She immediately pushed her pussy into Mike’s face. I had a nice view from the back side, watching as she ground her love box into his mouth, Mike licking and thrusting his tongue into her greedily.

I got hard quickly watching her get pleasure off another man. Almost automatically, I reached up and stuck a finger in her pussy while Mike was sucking her clit. I knew Karen enjoyed having her g-spot kaçak bahis rubbed while getting her clit sucked. Karen moaned in appreciation and began humping Mike’s mouth. I slipped in a second finger and began fucking her pussy with my hand while she ground on his face. By now my cock was rock hard and aching for some pleasure. I stood up and dropped my shorts and underwear to the floor. I then moved forward and pierced her warm, wet pussy with my aching shaft.

Our schedules had kept Karen and I from getting together for the past several days, so I had a lot of tension built up. I wasted no time thrusting and pumping into her with a furious pace. Soon I felt Mike’s fingers stroking the bottom of my cock shaft as I pounded Karen’s pussy. I let up my pace and speed to enjoy the extra stimulation as Mike continued caressing my cock.

I pulled my cock from Karen’s cunt and let it hang free below. Mike immediately wrapped his lips around my tool and began sucking on it. I pushed my cock eagerly into his mouth, but I couldn’t get very much in because of the angle. I had hardly got much head when Karen began to complain about the lack of attention. So, I pulled my cock from Mike’s mouth and planted it back into Karen’s pussy. Karen voiced her pleasure as I resumed fucking her madly. “Lick my pussy, lick my pussy!” Karen demanded of Mike, as I continued my rapid pounding.

I could sense the wave coming over me and knew I would soon be past the point of no return. I grabbed onto Karen’s hips so I could get my cock in as deep as it would go. As I pushed in to the hilt, I felt a shiver of pleasure as the first shot of come blasted deep into Karen’s love tunnel. “Oh, yeah, I’m coming! Damn…uh…uhh…uhh!” Wave after wave of pleasure rolled over me with each thrust and squirt into her now quivering cunt.

Finally, with my knees literally shaking in weakness, I fell out of her pussy and onto the floor. I could see the first glob of white come starting to pour out of her pulsing pussy. “Eat me! Eat me!” Karen ordered Mike. Mike adjusted his position and began willingly lapping at her cunt, scooping my come with his tongue and swallowing it up. “Oh, yeah! That’s it–keep going–I’m gonna–ohhhhh!” was all Karen could say before she fell forward and bucked her hips furiously against Mike’s face as she peaked in wave after wave of an intense orgasm I hadn’t seen in a long time. The three of us now all spent, we collapsed in exhaustion and satisfaction to give ourselves time to recover.

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