21 Mayıs 2022

Heather in Leather

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Dan walked into his video rental store and headed to the back section. As he moved past the curtain, he saw a good looking woman was also looking for some porn. It wasn’t very often that he saw females in here, and he felt slightly uncomfortable.

Starting on the opposite end of the XXX video shelves, Dan sifted through the hundreds of titles. He looked for new releases, something featuring hot chicks in cool clothes. He tried to remember which movies he had already seen, to avoid the frustration of the re-rent.

Eventually, he worked his way down the aisles, and stood in front of one of is favorites, Evil Angel’s stuff. As he was reviewing the back of one box, the woman moved closer, checking out the same section.

The unspoken code of porn rental etiquette, was similar to that of a public restroom, you only look at your own stuff.

Still, it was a hard code to keep to. People are naturally curious about that which turns someone else on. Dan picked out something new by Joey Silvera, part of the Big-Ass Shemale series. This fetish was something that Dan was recently turned on by.

“That’s a really good video,” the woman next to him said.

Dan looked over, embarrassed that someone else knew that he was turned on by Shemales. “Oh yeah?” was all could respond with.

“The entire series is pretty cool,” she said.

Dan noticed she had another video in the series in her hand. casino siteleri What are the odds of that? Dan thought. It seemed odd to see a woman interested in this kind of movie.

She was very attractive. Tall, with long black hair, her tan skin and features made her look Brazilian. She wore blue jeans and a black sweater, but they could not hide her athletic, curvaceous body. When she was looking at the shelf, Dan took a quick look at her large breasts, and round ass.

“Do you see anything you like?” she asked.

He thought she was talking about the movie selections, but then realized she had caught him checking her out. He flushed, embarrassed. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” she said smiling. “Normally, I never talk to anyone back here. It’s usually a bunch of creepy, horny old men. Gross. But you seem like a normal kind of guy.”

“I’m not so sure. Do “normal” guys get turned on by Shemale porn?” Dan said, feeling much more comfortable.

“Good point,” she laughed at his joke. “My name is Heather.”

She was holding out her hand, and Dan reached out and shook it. Firm grip, he noted. “Nice to meet you. I’m Dan.”

Who would have thought that you could meet a girl in the XXX room of a video rental store? They had exchanged phone numbers that day, and had planned a date for Friday night.

When Friday night arrived, Dan called Heather and they chose to meet at the slot oyna local bar in their neighborhood. The place was busy, but not packed. Dan looked for a table, and saw that Heather was already here, and she was sitting at a booth way in the back of the place.

“Hi Heather,” he said, sliding into the booth. “Have you been here long?”

“Nope, I just got here.” She pointed to her full drink, for proof.

“I’m going to get a Beer. Can I get you anything?”

“Do you want to do a shot?” she asked.

“I would love to. What’s you drink of choice?”


Dan did a double take. “That’s weird. That’s what I drink.”

“I guess we have something else in common.” Heather smiled mysteriously, like she had a secret.

The night passed quickly. Easy conversation, games of pool, choosing music for the jukebox, cigarettes and drinks filled the hours they spent together. They had only just met, but they were very comfortable with each other. As they got to know each other, it was amazing how compatible they were. And as the night went on, the two flirted more and more. Some of it was sexual innuendo, and some was physical. When they were playing pool, Heather moved behind Dan as he was bent over the table for a shot, and squeezed his ass. Dan missed the shot, but didn’t care.
There was a chemistry building.

Last call had been made, and the house lights were turned up. canlı casino siteleri “Ready to go?” Dan asked.

“I’m ready to leave here, but not ready to go home.”

“Who said anything about you going home? Let’s go back to my place.”

The best thing about a local bar, is being able to drink as much as you want, because the walk home was only 200 steps. Dan and Heather got outside, and felt the chill in the air. As if they were mirroring each other, they reached into their coats, pulled out their black, leather gloves, and put them on. They smiled, and Heather said, “Compatibility.”

“Same brain,” Dan replied.

They walked to Dan’s Apartment, one black, leather gloved hand holding another black, leather gloved hand.

Dan unlocked his door, and the two stepped inside. As the door closed behind them, Heather moved close, and they kissed. It started out softly, but turned passionate and intense. Dan was pushed back against the door, and Heather intensity excited him. Tongues explored the mouth of the other, while hands explored the body.

His arms wrapped around her, moved over her back, her shoulders, and her arms. Heather’s gloved hands started by holding Dan’s face as she kissed him. They moved down his body, and found a home on his ass.

Small moans escaped the two, as emotions and arousal ran high. When they broke apart, and came up for air, they were both flushed and breathing heavily. They looked at each other and smiled. “Wow,” Dan said.

“I’ve been dying to do that all night,” Heather said.

“Compatible.” That had become their catch phrase.

“Same brain,” Heather finished.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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