21 Mayıs 2022

Hands-On Learning

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All characters over 18 years old. All characters over 18 years old. AND FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO STILL WISH TO COMPLAIN:

All characters over 18 years old.


As the clock neared 3:30 at Hobson High School, the students were on the edge of their seats while Victoria read a history textbook.

At least that’s what her students who had their eyes off the clock thought. Behind the textbook was a magazine featuring a host of naked freshly legal boys, so cute with their big cocks and cute little asses.

One page even featured Thomas, his arms behind his head with his cock pointing straight out from his hairless crotch. Victoria could feel the wetness building between her legs and her nipples getting stiff, imagining her hung grandson sliding his big and manly dick into her pussy. While his father thrusted into her ass of course.


The school bell sounded to which the students let up a cheer and began to put on their backpacks.

“Remember everyone!” Victoria shouted over the clamor, “have your parents sign the permission slips I gave to you this morning and I’ll see you all on Monday!”

After the last one filed out, Victoria gave a sigh and sat on her desk. She was glad to teach such a fulfilling and beautiful subject. In her time as a student, boys and girls were given the class separately, with no knowledge of how to pleasure one another or how the other gender’s body worked and what it needed.

Not anymore at least. Now they learn the greatness of sex together.

A knock came at the door.

“Hey grandma,” Ethan said with a wide smile, his boner pushing against his jeans as he took her wearing a well-fitting white blouse, tight blue skirt and high white heels, “are we going home now?”

“We could,” she said, unbuttoning two buttons of her blouse which only intensified the strain on the three remaining buttons, “or we could have some private time together…”

In a flash, he had yanked off his pants and was soon railing her pussy on top of her desk.


The next morning, Victoria wore a leopard print shirt with showed off her curvaceous frame with a black tight skirt and black heels as she collected the permission slips, happy to see everyone brought them in.

She also noticed that many boys noticed her outfit and practically sense their mouths watering. After she collected them all, she sat on top of her desk and looked around.

“Okay everyone, you are all about to enter the beautiful world of sex. Now I want you all to three things for me.”

“W-what’s t-that M-Ms. Re-Reynolds?” asked David Foster, a naturally shy boy with a chronic stutter asked, his eyes locked on Victoria’s smooth and crossed legs.

Victoria smiled and subtly adjusted her boobs, attracting even more blatant stares from the boys. It was often she imagined being in the room alone with them, letting them all fuck her in every hole before shooting their fresh and creamy loads of man juice all over her body.

“Okay first,” Victoria said, “I know most of your parents have probably told you about sex before and where babies come from…”

All the students nodded. “… I want you to forget it. Forget all of it.”

Evan Patterson raised his hand. “Even about only having relations with one person?”

Victoria pointed to him. “Especially that! But that brings me to my second point. At absolutely no point in this room are the words monogamy and immoral to be used in this room.”

The bahis firmaları class nodded and Victoria smiled.

“What’s the last thing?” Ellen Pilgrim asked.

Victoria looked over the class and saw their eager stares.

“I want you all to take off all your clothes and lay them on your desks.”

The students exchanged nervous looks and Victoria could understand the issue. In a world so blinded to the great value of sex and nudity, even the innocent children had to suffer.

So she decided to make the first move. Standing up, the class turned to Victoria and watched as she hooked her fingers underneath her top and pulled it clean off.

The room was filled with silence, the boys all smiling and or gasping as they took in the firm and full breasts, capped with the thick and erect nipples.

David looked astonished at the beautiful sight and Victoria walked over with a seductive smile, leaning over his desk and letting them hover over his head.

“Now I want this to be a fun and hands-on lesson,” Victoria said, watching David salivate as the two juicy mammaries were just inches from his face, “but I certainly will not be the only one nude in here.”

The boys wasted no time stripping down, the eager cocks varying on levels of hardness. Victoria got wet, seeing the hard stiff cocks stiff and wet. God, they were gorgeous, almost as if they were just sprouting for the first time.

“Now ladies,” she said, seeing the girls blushing with the cocks so close to them, “just try it. I promise it will be fun.”

One girl, Marcia Faversham stood and removed her white and red dress and instantly moved her arms to cover herself. Lucas Green, behind her, got stiffer and Victoria smiled at his reaction.

Before long, everyone in the room was naked, subtly taking in each other’s bodies. The only thing Victoria continued to wear were her heels as she walked through the aisles.

“Ok,” she said, “I need two volunteers. A boy and a girl. Who’s up?”

No one moved, looking to one another. Victoria then realized she would have to take matters into her own hands.

“David! Ellen! Front of the class!”

The two walked nervously to Victoria’s desk and she walked back to them, placing a hand on each of their shoulders.

“Now children,” she said, “I know you all are nervous. But the human body is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a beautiful and exciting gift that only gets better as time goes on.”

The students seemed to begin to accept and some moved their hands from their special areas. Victoria then moved behind David and slid her hands up and down his legs.

“Who can tell me the most basic difference between a boy and a girl?” Victoria asked over David’s shoulder, sensing he loved the sensation of her breath against his ear.

“Boys are stupid!” sneered Judy McMillan, “Girls are so much smarter!”

“ARE NOT!” yelled Evan, one of the smartest kids in the class.

Victoria clapped her hands, getting everyone’s attention. “Evan is right, Judy. The most basic difference is this…”

David gasped as Victoria took hold of his cock and began to rub her thumb on its head. David groaned and gripped the desk to avoid the falling down, his hot teacher stroking the cock that had been jacked off so many times to her yearbook photo.

“When a boy is David’s age, this usually serves no purpose besides pissing.”

“That’s a bad word!” Ellen gasped, getting a sharp glare from Victoria.

“No word is kaçak iddaa bad here except the ones I forbade before we began. Now, as you can see, the average dick contains the glans or head, the shaft, foreskin and scrotum. As he gets older, hair will begin to develop around this area. Also, at his age now, having a more constant state of semi-erection will set in and the scrotum or balls will begin to develop sperm. More commonly known today as cum.”

David panted as Victoria released him, moving over to Ellen.

“This here children,” she began, rubbing Ellen’s pussy lips, “is the pussy. All girls and only girls have them.” She saw many of the boys getting harder and she moved in for the kill.

She then sank her middle and ring finger into Ellen’s cunt, the little girl’s eyes going wide as she stifled her scream.

“Come closer,” she told her class, who quickly complied as she removed her fingers. After Ellen was instructed to get on the desk, Victoria identified and explaining the clit to them, getting ooohs and ahhhs all around.

“You see,” Victoria said, “this clit is somewhat small now. What gets it larger is foreplay. The same works for the cocks of boys and men.”

“What’s f-fo-foreplay?” David asked.

Victoria smiled again and told Ellen to move closer. “Now Ellen, I want you to reach down and take David’s cock.”

She did so and David moaned again. “Now stroke it. Back and forth…”

Ellen complied again, watching the foreskin slide up and down the hard dick. “Now David, I want to take your middle finger and enter it into Ellen’s pussy.”

Ellen immediately moaned and gripped her partner’s shoulder as he slid his finger in to the knuckle and began to slide it slowly in and out. It didn’t take Ellen long to cum, her juices skittering out onto David’s hand.

“Now what you all just saw was a climax also known as an orgasm.” Victoria stated, seeing that David was still fully erect.

“This is another and even more effective way to get a boy aroused.”

Picking up David, she set him on her desk and leaned over him, letting her hard tits dangle in his face. She then seductively moved down and licked his cock from his balls to his head, gaining gasps from her captive audience.

Sliding her mouth down to his base, she began to suck him off, making him groan in great pleasure. Due to his size, Victoria knew he wouldn’t last and she soon felt him swell inside her mouth.

“M-Ms. Vic-Victoria! Gah! It’s buzzing!!” David cried, instinctively grabbing a fistful of her hair.

She pulled off just before his cock erupted firing thick white loads onto her breasts like hot bullets. She then rose both of her knockers to her mouth and licked off the sweet cream of his orgasm, smiling as she saw he was soon fully hard again.

“Alright class,” she said, “I want you all to link up with a partner and do exactly as I did. And boys, when you feel that buzz in your cocks, tell her. But she is not to move off until you stop cumming.”

The room was soon full of slurps and satisfied moaning and groaning. The girls toyed with their clits the way Victoria had taught them. In the meantime, she kept David to herself, stroking him while he sucked her perfect nipples.

Victoria groaned with pleasure, loving the wondrous feeling of his mouth around her nipple while she felt his precum ooze from his dick and down her fingers.

Victoria frantically rubbed herself as she heard the orgasmic sounds around the room, the boys exploding kaçak bahis down the throats of their female counterparts while the girls came onto the floor.

As everyone finished and dressed again, their excitement was bubbling over. Questions were flowing one behind the other.

“Does size really matter?” Justin Harp asked, “I always hear my sister talking about… dick size?”

Victoria shrugged. “Well, to be honest many women do prefer larger cocks. However, I know some men who though rather small, knew how to handle what they did have.”

“Are you small Justin?” Judy giggled.

“Now, now,” Victoria warned, “there will be none of that. Justin, I’m sure that you have a very nice cock. No matter the size, Judy…”

He smiled and nodded as Victoria looked at the clock.

“Now, class is almost over for today…”

The whole class groaned and begged to stay longer. Victoria laughed and raised her hands.

“I know. I know. I wish you could all stay here too. But I’ll tell you what, if you all pass the quiz tomorrow with 90 OR ABOVE, I will…”

Victoria could practically cut her class’ suspension with a knife. “…let you all fuck each other. If, and only if, what happens the rest of this year doesn’t leave this room.”

They all agreed instantly and made their plans while Victoria waited for the bell to ring, eager for the next day to begin.


When Victoria walked in the next morning, she was surprised to find all her class there and ready, all naked with their clothes in neat piles on top of their desks.

“I take it you all are ready,” Victoria chuckled, removing her clothes as well, “Alright everyone. Foreplay.”

Victoria smiled as some girls began sucking off their partners and some boys ate out their partners. Victoria herself was eaten out by Marcia while Evan thrusted his cock into her mouth.

Victoria loved feeling his salty cream gush down her throat but he was always ready. David, fucking hard into Brooklyn Taylor, came so hard that his juices splashed onto his own stomach, which Victoria wasted no time licking clean.

As he fucked Judy hard in missionary on top of two desks, Justin watched as Victoria walked toward them, placing his hands on Judy’s growing tits.

“Is it big Judy?” Victoria asked as the crying girl spread her legs wider.

“Oh shit! It’s so fucking huge Ms. Reynolds!!” Judy cried out. Victoria smiled and kissed Justin passionately, making him cry into her mouth as he gushed his cum into Judy’s waiting womb.

She then laughed internally that the walls of the school were soundproof. She continued to watch as Judy came to grips with the cock she had joked about as Justin had a long orgasm inside of her.

He then took turns fucking them both before Victoria let each boy shove their cock between her tits. By the time the period was over, everyone was exhausted and well fucked out.

“Can we do this again on Monday?” David asked, surprisingly not stuttering as his drooling cock slipped from Victoria’s warm cunt.

“Of course we can,” she responded, kissing his forehead as the bell rang, the class rushing to get dressed. As the students rushed into the throng of transitioning children, Victoria watched as they made plans to get together later. She even saw Ellen kiss David, who smiled from ear to ear.

Going to the back of the room, she moved aside from ornately stacked books and removed a small camera, no larger than a fist. Rewinding it, she saw the fucking of her class from every angle.

“Beautiful,” She said as she slipped it into her purse and walked outside to her car, ready to go home for a long and well-earned day of fucking.


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