27 Mayıs 2022


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It was a very melancholy time for me when I’d moved into my new house. My wife had died about a year prior and so I moved back west to be closer to my children who lived with their mother, my first wife. I was able to afford a small, pleasant house complete with a little bit of yard and a pool and hot tub in the back. It was all that I needed since my kids would still only be visiting me sporadically as they head off to college. My job was mostly a part-time affair since my second wife left me a decent sized estate when she passed away. It was strange to be on my own again after 6 years of marriage, but I’d been on my own plenty before. It’d retired after 22 years at sea as a Master of a commercial tankship, so being alone was nothing new. The good news for me was that at 45 years old, I still looked ok. Six-foot, 195 and the skin care regiment that my late wife insisted upon left me looking 10 years younger.

I’d moved in, met a few of the neighbors, joined the local gym and settled into the life of a bachelor once again. My next door neighbors to the east I’d not met yet. I’d waved to them a couple times as we passed, but I’d not seen them out in front of their house and gone and introduced myself yet. Today, though, I was out in the front of my house mowing the lawn when their car pulled into their driveway. I figured now was as good as a time as any, so I turned off the mower and headed over to say hello.

My neighbors were two black men and they were unloading their groceries from their car when I walked up and said “Hello! I’m your new neighbor, Chris. I moved in just next door and haven’t had a chance until now to say hello.”. We shook hands and they introduced themselves as George and Mike. George is close to my height and weight and had deep ebony skin. Mike was just a few inches shorter and probably weighed only 150 pounds and had a sort of “feminine” way about him. We talked for a few seconds and then I volunteered to help carry their groceries into their house.

As I dropped off their things, I looked at my watch and said “Well, I need to finish my lawn and clean up before kick-off, so you all have a great day!” George said that they were planning on having their regular friends over for the football games and I’d be welcome to join them. I replied that I’d really appreciate that and I’d be back after a while.

I headed home, finished my lawn and got cleaned up. When I returned to my neighbors, there were 4 other people there watching the game, all males. I was introduced around and offered a drink as I found a place to sit. I’m pretty crap with names, so I just tried to remember the host’s names more than anyone else’s. We all chatted during the game and I really was enjoying myself after being on my own for a while.

When half-time of the first game arrived, George yelled “HALF-TIME!” and I heard Mike cheer loudly from the kitchen. Mike came walking out, took George by the hand and lead him up the stairs. I got up to use the restroom and when I returned, I was the only one in the room. I looked around and didn’t see anyone, so I looked out the front door to see if there were still cars out front. There were, so I got another beer from the fridge and sat down. Eventually, everyone came back in pairs and I began to wonder just what the hell had happened. I asked the guy on the couch next to me where everyone had gone he said “Oh, it’s half-time.” I said, yes, I know, but where did you all go? His name was Bill and he looked at me and said “Well, we all watch football together each weekend and at half-time, we have a tradition called “Half-time Hummers”.

I didn’t know what to say, so I said “Ah… Got ‘cha” and turned my attention back to the game. As I sat there, I realized that I was with 6 gay guys and they had each paired up and gone into the other rooms for blowjobs. I really didn’t know what to do at that point, so I went and got another beer. And then another and another until half-time of the second game came along. “Half-time!” was yelled and once again people started to disappear by twos. Before Mike could head upstairs, I made my excuses to leave and he was kind enough to ask me back the following week. I told him I’d be happy to and went home.

On Monday, I got home from work at about 3pm, took off my clothes and put on my robe to head out to the hot tub for a soak. I’d never once worn a swimming suit in my hot tub because I figured that my back yard was secluded enough that no one would see me. About 15 minutes into a relaxing soak, I heard someone at my back gate saying “Knock-Knock!” I looked over and there was my neighbor Mike waving at me. I told him to come on in and he opened the gate and come over to the hot tub. My robe was hanging on the hook, but I’d have had to get out of the tub to put it on, so I just sat there and tried to act natural knowing that the bubbles would hide most of me. Mike walked over to the edge of the tub and said “Did we frighten you away yesterday? I hope we didn’t make you feel uncomfortable.”

“Not casino siteleri at all. It’s just that I was getting a little drunk and I haven’t had sex since my wife died, so I was just feeling a little lonely and headed home. I was having a lot of fun and I like your friends.”

“Good. They liked you too and everyone wondered where you went,” said Mike. “I just told them that you had to get home and you’d see them all next week. Can you come again next week?”

I told him I’d be there for kick off of the first game at the latest.

He turned to look at my house and said “I never knew the people who lived here before you. They kept to themselves, mostly. Can I get the fifty-cent tour while I’m here?”

“I’d love to show you around, but, ummm, I’m kind of naked right now. “

“Oh,” Mike said. “Well, here, I get you your robe” and he picked up my robe off the rack and held it out so I could step into it, rather like a man would hold a woman’s coat to help her get it on.

Fresh out of excuses, I stood up and climbed out of the tub. Mike was right in front of me and the when the water level was at about my knees, he pulled the robe down and said “Nice tattoo! ” He then bent down toward my waist to inspect the work I’d had done in Singapore years before. It is a tattoo of an anchor, very well done, with the name “GLORIA” written across the top. It’s just below my waist line to the right of my groin, so my late wife was the only one to ever see it.

He reached out and touched it and asked “Who’s Gloria?”

“That would be my late wife, Michael,” and I grabbed my robe and put it on.

“When did you get it done?”

I told him “I had it done in about 5 years ago, right after I’d gotten married. Got it in Singapore from the only tattoo artist I’ve ever seen that didn’t have a tattoo himself.”

“Ah, I see. I also see you shave your pubic hair, but not your legs. Why not?”

I looked at him and thought that was a rather odd question, but I told him that I started shaving my pubes at the age of 29 because I had to when I got my vasectomy. I’d done it ever since because I like the way it looks and feels and my late wife really liked it. I didn’t shave my legs because I didn’t think it would look right when I wore shorts, but I must say I’d thought about shaving my legs more than once.

I lead him into the house and showed him around. The fifty-cent tour took about fifty seconds and I showed him to the door. “See you Sunday!” he said as he left.

Sunday rolled around and walked over to Mike and George’s house just about the time the first game was kicking off. I brought a bottle of wine with me and some nibbles I’d put together and as I was walking up the drive, Bill and another man were walking as well. We said hello and I was introduced to Phil. Bill and Phil was something I thought I could remember and we headed to the door. Bill even looked a little bit like Derek Jeter, but the nose was all wrong. He was about 6 foot and 210 and he obviously took good care of himself. George let us in and I found Mike in the kitchen. “Wasn’t Bill with someone else last week?” I asked Mike.

“Bill is kind of a player. He brings someone new almost every week,” Mike told me.

Interesting enough, I thought and went into the main room to watch some football. The other couple from the week before was there as well, a pair of black guys named Leroy and Tom. I said sat down and drank my beer while we all enjoyed the game and chatted.

Half-time was fast approaching and George stood up and said “Since Chris is new and all by himself, we have a new rule this week: One couple has to stay in tv room with him and keep him company during half time.”

I told him that it was unnecessary, but it was a kind thought, but I was overruled. Half-time came and George and Mike drew the short straws and remained with me while the others went for Half-time Hummers.

I must admit that it was a little strange sitting there with two guys knowing that the other guys were getting or giving blow jobs just down the hall. Truth be told, it was turning me on. Mike turned the volume to mute on the tv and turned to me and asked “So, Chris. You’re not gay are you?”

I replied that I was not.

“Not even a little?”

I asked how someone could be “just a little gay?”

“You know, just a little curious about gay sex.”

I was sitting on one end of the couch and Mike was on the other with George between us. George reached over and put his arm around Mike and said “Now don’t go freaking him out, Mike.”

I wasn’t freaked and I said so. Had I thought about gay sex? Sure. I had a cousin who was a policeman in San Diego who was gay. When he came to visit with his boyfriend once, my first wife and I were grilling him for information about his lifestyle and sex. One of the things I remember was when he was talking about anal sex and how unbelievable it was. I remember his boy friend telling us that my cousin gave the best slot oyna head ever.

“So you have thought about it.” Mike said.

Yes, of course. I’m sitting here in a house where I know at least two people are getting their cocks sucked in the very next room. Of course I’ve thought about it. I’m thinking about it now.

“Interesting,” Mike said. He turned to George and said “I saw his tattoo the other day. He has an anchor with his wife’s name on it right here” and he pointed to my hip.

“What the hell are you doing looking at his tattoo for?” George asked.

“Oh, relax. I was talking to him and he got up out of his jaccuzzi and I saw it. He also shaves his pubes. But not his legs.”

George looked at him and said “Yea, anything else?” in a way that made me think I might be seeing the beginning of a lover’s quarrel.

“No,” said Mike. “Just the tattoos and the no pubes. ”

I was sitting there in the awkward silence for a few seconds sipping my fourth beer and was starting to feel a little drunk when Mike started in again on me. “So, what do you think of when you think of gay sex?”

I don’t know. I think about what my cousin said about anal feeling amazing. I can say that my wife used to love to play with my asshole when she would suck my cock. She gave amazing head so I was more than willing to let her do what ever she wanted to me when she was sucking me off.

“Oooo, what did she like to do?”

Well, it started out with her fingers just teasing my asshole as she sucked me. Then sometimes she would lick my balls and run her tongue along my ‘taint and then rim me. THAT was fucking awesome, I gotta tell you. Then she started to do all that and then stick a finger or two up my ass and tease my prostate. Of course, this all went over a period of years, not all at once.

“Sure. Don’t want to rush things like this, do we. What else did she do?”

What else? Well, she used her vibrator on me a few times. I liked that. At first, she just put it in and sucked my cock, but then she’d start to fuck me with it and that usually got me off quickly. I laughed a little and told them about the time when I’d just flown in from the ship after a 4 month trip and when we got home, my wife stripped me naked and threw me on the bed and just kept teasing me and teasing me and teasing me with her mouth until I was begging her to let me cum. She told me I could cum if I promised to do what I was told the rest of the night. Of course I agreed and so she finished me off with her mouth. Then she came up for a kiss and pushed the massive load I’d just pumped into her mouth into my mouth while kissing me. I had no choice but to swallow. She thought that was crazy hot and so just about every time I came in her mouth, she’d push it into my mouth. And she REALLY liked me to cum in her mouth after that. I bet 80% of my orgasms went into her mouth and then into mine.

“Did you like that?” Mike asked me.

Well, it’s not offensive tasting or anything and I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with it. I mean, she was getting a good dose of her juices when she’d suck me off after being in her pussy, so why not? Neither of us saw anything wrong with it.

“Interesting,” said Mike.

Well, that’s not the end of that particular story. After that, my wife had me get into the shower to wash the travel off of me and while I was there getting cleaned up, she put changed her clothes, put on her robe and stood at the door talking to me. When I got out, she reminded me that I’d promised to do whatever it is she wanted today. I said I remembered and she told me to get down on my hands and knees by the sink. I went over to the mat on the floor and did as I was told. I heard her moving some things around and running water and then I felt something very cold being smeared up and down my ass crack. I looked down between my legs and there was a razor sitting on the floor. She was going to shave my ass! I asked her just what the hell she was doing and she slapped my ass and yelled “No talking!” We’d never played the dominatrix game before, but I figured it was worth a try and might be fun. So, she shaved my ass and then she had me get up on the bed on my hands and knees. I figured that she was just going to use her vibrator on me, which I really did in enjoy, but I was very wrong. She walked alongside the bed, took off her robe and I about shit. She was wearing a strap-on vibrator! I couldn’t believe it! Annnnnnd, I can’t really believe that I’m telling you two this story. I’ve known you like a week now and here I am telling you the freaky things my wife and I used to do.

“It’s ok! I’m really enjoying this and, by the looks of it, so are you.” Then Mike nodded toward the obvious erection under my jeans.

Sorry, I’ve not had sex in a long time. I’m thinking the crack of dawn looks pretty good anymore.

I sat there drinking my beer watching the half-time guys go through the score in silence for a minute or so.

“Well?” George asked me.

Well, canlı casino siteleri what?

“What happened next for crying out loud! Don’t leave us hanging!”

Oh, sorry. Anyway, so I’m facing the headboard and so she climbs up in front of me, puts the vibrator in front of my face, grabs the back of my head and starts making me suck on it. Then she really got into it as well, telling me to suck her cock and saying “Yea, you like to suck my cock, don’t you?” and all sorts of things like that. This was a side of my wife I’d never known before so it was an amazing turn-on. I’d just blown my load about 10 minutes prior to that and I was hard as a rock and ready to go again! My head was spinning as I’m allowing my wife to push her cock into my mouth and then pulling it out and telling me to lick it like I like her to lick mine. Then, she got up and moved around behind me and said “Now, I’m going to fuck you like you like to fuck me. Fucking me from behind makes you come every time, so we’re going to see if it has the same effect on me!” I felt her smear some lube on my ass and then she slid her finger in my asshole. I always loved when she did that. She didn’t have terribly large or long fingers, but she knew how to make me squirm with them, that’s for sure. So she starts to pump me with her finger, faster and faster and then she pulls out. I could hear her say “Are you ready? Are you ready to get fucked like you like to fuck me?” At that point, I was so spun-up and horny, I screamed “YES!!” So, she moved the head of her vibrator up to my hole and rubbed it down the crack of my ass teasing me. “No, you’re not ready yet. You need to ask me for it. I want to hear you beg me to fuck you first.” So I start to beg her. “Please baby. Fuck my ass with your cock. Stick your cock in me. I need to feel your cock in my ass.” Then she tells me to spread my cheeks so she can watch it go in and so now I’m face down on the pillow, ass high in the air with both hands reaching around spreading my ass so my wife can fuck me with a strap-on. And let me tell you something: she did. She pushed right in and the feeling was much different than her regular vibrator felt like. I don’t know how to explain it. Maybe because I could feel her hips slamming into my ass as she pushed into me or maybe it was the visual I had in my head of her fucking me that made it incredible. I don’t know. But it was the wildest sex we’d had up until that point.

I sat there for a few seconds and said “She died in a car accident about three weeks after that.”

Silence fell over the room and Bill and Phil returned just in time to save me from the awkwardness. Tom and Leroy came back a few seconds later and the party was back on again. I sat there a few minutes and I really was a bit embarrassed about telling that story. But, then I thought a guy needs friends in life and I don’t have any local friends here and these guys haven’t asked me to leave yet so I’m probably ok.

We continued to watch the football and talk and I kept drinking because I was still pretty nervous about what I’d told Mike and George earlier. The conversation turned back to sex not long after when Mike said “I can’t wait for half time! I missed out this last time!” Bill asked what the three of us who stayed behind talked about they were gone and of course Mike told everyone “Chris told us all about how he thinks about gay sex!”

My face got really red at that point and I was very embarrassed when the other four guys all took an interest in the topic of me and gay sex. If I could have found a corner to hide in, I would have liked nothing more than to do just that.

Mike went on and on telling everyone about how my wife liked to make me eat my own cum and how she really liked fucking me with her vibrators.

Bill looked at me and said “Really? You did that? What else have you done?”

I was very embarrassed at this point, so I tried to make light of it all, but Bill was having none of that.

“You’d probably like it, Chris. You should try it sometime!”

I knew I was doomed at this point and there was no way to change the subject, so I said “Well, I probably would. I just couldn’t do the kissing. I don’t think I could kiss a guy.”

Everyone thought that was pretty funny and Mike said “So, you’d suck a cock and let a guy fuck you in the ass, but you wouldn’t kiss him?”

Yea, that’s about the size of it. I’ve never met a man that I thought was very attractive because I think that the female form is so much hotter. But, yea. I guess I would do all those things. I guess there’s something liberating about having someone use your body for their own pleasure.

I’m not kidding when everyone in the room burst out laughing. “Are you sure you’re not gay? “

I’m positive. I’d go home with a woman 100 times out of 100 before I’d go home with a man, but under the right circumstances, I’d take a cock in my ass. And I’d probably like it.

That’s about the time I realized I was getting drunk and had better stop before things got out of hand. So, I switched to water in an attempt to sober up a bit and settled in to watch some more football. I went home after the second game was over and couldn’t believe all the things I’d said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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