25 Mayıs 2022

Golf Gets Nastier Ch. 02

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As I waddled after Stan clinching my butt cheeks against the constant pressure of the golf balls Ted had forced up my ass and that I feared would pop free. I had no doubt that Ted would follow through on his threat to make me wish I had never played golf if I failed to contain the three golf balls inside my butt. Since Stan had taken my pants I was also fearing that some other golfer would spot me in my once pretty but now cum and urine stained panty.

It was with trembling unease that I watched the golf buggy that seemed to be shadowing us. Neither Jim, Stan nor Ted seemed to notice the man watching our group play until he sped up to catch us. When they turned towards the buggy it was obvious that they knew the man driving it and my heart sank when I noticed the ‘Course Marshall’ sign.

“Morning boys,” the man cried out congenially. My three tormentors acknowledged his greeting while I tried to hide my pantied butt behind Stan’s golf cart.

“You guys seem to be traveling a bit slow this morning,” the Marshall stated matter-of-factly.

The three men nodded their agreement with the Marshall’s statement with Stan adding, “Yeah sorry Harry, but the Pro saddled us with this dip shit,” and Stan indicated me with a dismissive flick of his chin, “little prick was supposed to know how to golf but barely even makes it as a caddy.”

The Marshall cast a whithering critical eye over me as I quaked with uncertainty. Shaking his head in obvious disdain he drawled, “Look you fellas got the ladies comp up your cunts and they’re busting my balls.”

All three men shook their heads in weary understanding of the poor Marshall’s predicament before turning on me. While all four men glowered at me with displeasure the Marshall ventured, “Perhaps I should take this pathetic excuse off your hands for a couple of holes and let you get on with it.”

Stan chuckled with mock appreciation, “That’d be mighty helpful of you Harry.”

Jim and Ted nodded their approval as the Course Marshall Harry swung his golf buggy around to stop beside me. Looking me up and down dispassionately Harry snarled, “how’d you ever get on my golf course dressed like that boy?”

When I could only look back dumbly gesturing meekly towards the other three Marshall Harry grunted, “Just get in boy.”

While I climbed gingerly into the buggy I heard Stan chortle, “Take good care of our pussy Harry.” And I felt my face redden with shame as the other two joined in laughing cruelly. Unconcerned Harry gunned the buggy making me uncomfortably aware of my golf balls to send us speeding down the fairway.

Harry didn’t speak as he drove and I snuck a nervous peek back at Stan, Ted and Jim wondering what was to become of me now. Course Marshall Harry was if anything, bigger and fatter than the other three men and I could smell his unwashed scent even in the moving buggy. I shrunk away trying not to let his substantial body touch mine. Marshall Harry didn’t seem to notice or care.

At first I was afraid that Course Marshall Harry was taking me back to the club house where I would be subjected to all kinds of fresh ridicule and shame. To my relief he was instead heading to what appeared to be maintenance sheds. Perhaps he was going to help me out and I could escape the golf course without any further torment.

I was still trying to convince myself that Marshall Harry would be my saviour when he pulled his buggy into a dark dank shed that smelt of grease and diesel. Without a word Course Marshall Harry struggled to get his bulk out of the buggy and sauntered off into the dim lit back of the shed. I could hear him rustling around in the shadows as I became increasingly nervous about his intentions.

My eyes were starting to adjust to the lack of light when I realised Harry returning. I was trying to ask him what was happening when I noticed the rope in his hand. I licked my lips and swallowed hard as I watched the man move closer.

When Course Marshall Harry pressed his hulking form into the side of the buggy I was too scared to shift away. He was so close I could feel the heat of his breath on my face as he quietly murmured, “Nice panty’s sonny.” When I didn’t respond Harry snickered evilly, “I like panty boys.”

A tremor of fear coursed through me as Harry dropped the rope on the seat beside me. I became very aware of the golf balls pressing against my anus and a hint of moisture between my tightly clinched thighs. “Oh god, oh god, oh god,” I chanted in my mind as I felt the man’s fingers pulling at my shirt. I went limp as he pulled it up and over my head my body trembling in the casino siteleri cool dank air.

I heard myself whimper with distress as Course Marshall Harry’s hands roamed freely over my chest caressing my nipples. “Oh yes,” Harry purred in my ear, “I do love a soft compliant panty boy to play with.” My mewing distress seemed to encourage the man as his fingers clamped possessively onto my nipples.

Using his grip on my nipples Harry pulled me from the buggy. Looming over me in the darkened shed holding on tightly to my nipples Harry nuzzled my neck breathing lustily, “Tell Harry how much you want to please him boy.”

Harry’s fingers squeezed and twisted making my response a long drawn out cry of anguish. “Yeah, that’s what Harry wants to hear,” the hulking brute gurgled happily.

Without warning Harry pushed me back against the buggy reaching for his rope. Deftly Harry looped the rope about my wrists tying it off tightly with practiced ease. Tugging on the rope he pulled me away from the buggy and deeper into the depths of the shed. As I quivered uncontrollably with fear Harry stopped and tossed the other end of the rope into the air.

I didn’t realise what he was up to until the rope end dropped back down and Harry started pulling on it. With a squawk of concern I felt my arms being drawn into the air until I was forced to stand on my tip toes. Humming to himself Harry quickly tied off the other end of the rope to leave me dangling there in the semi-dark.

Still humming Harry shuffled slowly towards my hanging body. Standing before me he just looked at me breathing hard. The darkened shed made it impossible to see his eyes but I could feel the intensity there. Harry’s warm fetid breath washed over me, I could smell the sourness of it and shivered.

I was so unnerved that when the man reached out to caress my side with his large fat hand that I whimpered and losing control felt the three golf balls pop from my ass into my panties. Harry ignored my distress and if he was aware of the golf balls bulging out the backside of my panty he ignored them too.

Humming quietly to himself Harry continued to caress my body. First just my upper body but slowly relentlessly his hands moved down. Without any obvious concern about the source of the wetness Harry massaged my cock and balls through my soiled panty. His humming didn’t change when his fingers discovered the balls before pushing them around and into the crack of my ass.

Harry pressed first one against my anus massaging it into my hole while stroking my cock through my moist panty. I was stunned to feel my cock engorging and thrust my hips into Harry’s hand when the golf ball finally popped back inside me. Hanging there I could only moan while the man stroked me harder feeling him work another ball into my ass.

When Harry forced the third ball back inside me I orgasmed. The pain and shame seemed to make my orgasm more powerful and it felt like I was going to shoot cum through the material of my panty. After the first spurt of cum erupted from me Harry squeezed my cock painfully tight stopping my orgasm.

I cried out my body thrashing wildly with need wanting to cum. But Harry held tight pulling my hanging body into his fat mass gurgling passionately, “Does my panty boy want to cum?” Harry flexed his fingers accentuating his painful grip on my cock as I thrust my body into his desperately trying to continue orgasming.

“Yeah,” Harry breathed hotly in my ear, “yeah, panty boy show your Daddy how much you wanna cum.”

His words made no sense to me and I was incapable of a coherent response as I tried desperately to cum. Panting Harry pumped my cock forcing another jet of cum to erupt with glorious pain from me. Tossing my head back I screamed soundlessly while stars flashed across my vision. I had never experienced such a powerful orgasm and Harry’s grip was ensuring that it wasn’t finished yet.

“That’s it panty boy,” Harry snarled, pressing his face into my neck, “cum for Daddy. Cum hard for me boy. Let Daddy feel you cum.”

I became vaguely aware that the large fat man forcing my body to orgasm at his will was now sucking viciously on my neck as his hand pumped more cum from my cock. The sensations ripping through my body as I hung there at his mercy felt impossibly fantastic. I heard my guttural cry of release echo around the shed as Harry’s hand milked more cum from my poor tortured cock.

With one more jolting spasm my body went limp in his grip. It felt like Harry was trying to suck the life out of me while his hand massaged the hot goo filling my panties slot oyna around my cock and balls. Spent though I was, my body would still twitch spasmodically in the large fat man’s grip as I felt the world slip away.

When I eventually became aware of my body again Course Marshall Harry was tracing my lips gently with a moist finger. Hanging limply by the rope before him I stared vacantly at the hulking man vaguely aware of his fingers fishing about in my cum soaked panties. When Harry held a cum coated finger beneath my nose I could smell the heady scent of my recent orgasm. Too numb to react I didn’t move when Harry’s wet finger began stroking my lip again covering them with my ejaculate.

While my tongue flicked hesitantly out to taste my cum on my lips Harry’s hand was fishing about in my panties again. His hand caressed cum over my cock and balls, then stroked my tortured cock gently. I moaned as my cock responded to his attentions, hardening. Skillfully Harry brought my body back to life. While he stroked my goo covered cock with one hand the fingers of his other hand pumped against the golf balls in my ass. It wasn’t long before I was grunting with every pump of his fingers while trying to thrust myself into his stroking hand.

Course Marshall Harry worked my body, drawing out its need for orgasmic pleasure, turning it into a hunger that was consuming my senses. “Who’s your Daddy?” Harry inquired earnestly.

When I could only moan in response Harry’s hand tightened around my erection threateningly, “Who’s your Daddy boy?” Harry’s tone was becoming more demanding and his fingers flexed ominously.

In a long draining moan I was barely able to cry out, “You’re my Daddy Sir.”

Harry growled, “Fucking right I’m your Daddy boy, fucking right.” Harry’s hands and fingers were working my cock and ass in unison forcing my body closer to another orgasm. My body rocked back and forth under Harry’s control while I dangled helplessly from the rope.

“Who wants to be Daddy’s cum slut?” Harry sneered into my torture twisted face. When I could only moan an incoherent response Harry crushed my cock with his grip while lifting me with his other hand on my ass sneering threateningly, “Come on boy beg your Daddy to cum.”

With my body twitching uncontrollably I managed to whimper, “Oh god Daddy please let me cum.”

Mocking me Harry sang out, “Come on boy beg your Daddy like you mean it.”

Gasping for control I started pleadingly, “Please Daddy…” when Harry’s tight grip on my cock started pumping me painfully taking my breath away.

Snarling with devilish pleasure Harry hissed at me, “Beg Daddy boy.” I could only moan as Harry’s fingers pumped my cock and his other hand smacked my ass loudly. When I yelped in shock at the sudden pain Harry barked, “Come on bitch beg.” And slapped my ass again.

Completely lost with my need to cum mixed with excruciating pain radiating from my cock I heard myself whine, “Please Daddy. Please let me cum.” Again Harry’s hand slapped harshly into my ass forcing me to cry out as I continued to plead, “Please Daddy, please. Please let me cum.” Laughing now Harry’s hand struck my ass rapidly forcing my plea to cum to end a whimper.

Despite Harry’s death grip on my cock his pumping action worked and I was shooting spurt after spurt of cum into my already soaked panties. So intense was the orgasm that my world went black and I was only vaguely aware that Course Marshall Harry was still slapping my butt harshly.

While I hung there in a semicatonic state Harry fetched more golf balls from somewhere. With my head hanging limply between my shoulders I was vaguely aware that Harry had pulled my panties dawn and was adding more cum coated golf balls to the load already stuffed into my ass. I wasn’t counting but the pressure on my bowels was becoming noticeable drawing me back to the uncomfortable reality of my situation.

At some point Harry stopped forcing golf balls up my poor ass and after pulling my panties tightly back into place went to untie the rope holding me suspended in the shed. As the rope holding me up slackened I sank gratefully to my knees. I could feel the golf balls shifting around inside as I knelt there unsteadily. Harry retied the rope off with arms still suspended over my head helplessly.

I watched Harry’s feet shuffle towards me in a daze. Standing before me I stared at the man’s feet resigned to whatever he had in store for me next. I could hear the rustling of clothing and watched as Harry’s pants and underwear dropped down his legs to bunch about his ankles. Unceremoniously Harry pulled canlı casino siteleri my drooping head up by the hair ignoring my whimper of distress.

Looking down at me over his large fat gut Harry smiled. Harry’s smile made my blood run cold and I felt a numbness creeping over me again. With neither shock nor surprise I noticed Course Marshall Harry’s erection with a clear drop of precum hanging off it poking out from beneath his heavy gut.

With his pants about his ankles Harry shuffled forward until he could brush his dick across my forehead leaving a slick trail of his fluid behind. Harry’s hand in my hair held my face firmly, compliantly before him. I could smell the man’s thick scent as he brushed his cock back and forth across my face until he was brushing it over my lips. Harry’s hairy sweaty gut enveloped my face as he pressed his cock against my lips.

Silently Course Marshall Harry relentlessly pressed forward forcing his cock past my lips, my teeth and into the depths of my mouth. Harry’s large cock filled my mouth as I struggled to breath within the folds of his fat sweaty gut. While I struggled weakly Harry started rocking his hips back and forth pumping his cock deeper each time he rocked forward.

Harry ignored my gagging on his cock as his pace increased. Just when I was certain that the cock pounding the back of my throat was going to make me puke Harry pulled away. A long string of saliva trailed from my gasping lips to the tip of Harry’s slick cock. The hand in my hair forced my head back again so that I was staring up into the glazed expression on Harry’s face. I couldn’t stop my body from shivering as he looked at me vacant lust filled eyes.

When Harry smiled I froze. With an evil smirk Harry began brushing his spit slick dick over my upturned face. Resting his dick on my lips Harry grabbed my nose squeezing, forcing me to open my mouth to breathe. With my mouth open beneath him Harry started stroking his cock while staring directly into my eyes.

When Harry let go of my nose I kept my mouth compliantly open for him. Harry smiled like he enjoyed my willing submission while he continued to stroke himself. My body began to tremble with anticipation of what was surely about to happen as I watched Harry’s eyes glaze over again. With a sudden gasp Harry cried out and shot a jet of hot cum gushing over my face.

While I marvelled at the amount of cum on my face Harry’s cock spurted again. Harry’s cum shot over my face and into my hair dribbling down into my eyes blinding me. While I squeezed my eyes shut he spurted again. Hot cum filled my mouth and shot up my nose. Before I could gag or swallow more gooey cum was splatting onto my face and flowing into my mouth.

Without warning Harry’s hand was in my hair and forcing my mouth onto his cock. “Suck slut,” I heard him holler above me as I struggled with his cock pounding into my throat. It felt like Harry’s cum was everywhere. It was all I could taste, feel and smell. His fat sweaty gut smeared cum over my face while his cock spurted more into my mouth.

When Harry finally pulled away I was panting cum filled breathes as tears streamed from my cum filled eyes. I barely noticed that Harry had moved away as I coughed and sputtered on his cum. While I was distracted he approached me from behind and before I could react he was wrapping some kind of opaque plastic over my eyes plunging my cum fuzzy world into darkness.

Without being able to see I couldn’t be certain but I was pretty sure Course Marshall Harry went back to his buggy and drove off leaving me on my knees hanging from a rope. In the cum filled darkness I could feel the golf balls in my bowels as I struggled to control my breathing. All I could taste, all I could smell, all I could feel dribbling down my face was Harry’s cum.

I was sniffing back a cummy tear when I heard the noise. Footsteps. Somebody had entered the shed. I froze, not daring to breath as I listened intently the steps got nearer. A million thoughts and possibilities were bouncing around in my head as steps started circling me, none of them good.

My body was trembling violently by the time the unknown person stopped in front of me. They stood there for a while letting the tension build. I may have whimpered when I distinctly heard a zipper opening. I know I mewed with distress when what could only be the tip of a cock pressed against my lips. My mewing grew as the cock was pressed past my lips and into my mouth.

I continued to mew around the cock as it filled my mouth and the some one started pumping deeper and deeper into my throat. Blind folded, on my knees hanging by a rope I resigned myself to allowing this unknown man to fuck my face. While he thrust himself into my mouth again and again all I could think was, “Is he the first or the last.”

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