21 Mayıs 2022

Glory Hole Friday

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After a long week at work, when I got out finally at 6pm on Friday, I was so horny that I stopped by at the ABS on my way home to check out the scene. There were a fair number of cars parked outside, so I figured that this would be a good end to the week. The ABS usually had a crowd, but these were usually older men trolling around and I hoped this would not be one of those days.

I bought a card which was good for 30 minutes and went inside to the booths. The ABS had 10 standard sized booths and two large ones, all which had glory holes. I picked the smaller one, which was adjacent to two other booths, so it had two glory holes. That way I could have a choice if it came to that.

Entering the booth, I took off my pants and sat watching the video on the screen waiting for someone to come into the booth next to mine. During my earlier visits, I had sucked cock, but today I wanted to do a lot more. Soon the door opened at the next booth and I saw a guy checking me out thru the glory hole. I guess he liked what he saw, as he put his finger thru the hole, which indicated that he wanted to suck my cock. My cock was ready, and I pulled down my underwear to give him a view of my shaved uncut cock. He placed his open mouth against the glory hole and I stood up and guided my cock to his mouth. His tongue licked my cock as I gently eased my cock inside his eager mouth. Once inside, he started sucking it with a ferocity which equaled mine as I thrust my hard cock deep in his throat. I continued fucking his mouth until I was close to cumming, so I pulled out and stood back allowing my erection to subside a bit.

I casino siteleri then indicated that I wanted his cock. I knelt at the glory hole watching as he stood up and unzipped his jeans. I saw he was about 40 years old, with a reasonable body and was wearing red underwear which outlined a rather nice cock. He approached the glory hole in his underwear, and pushed it against the glory hole. I inhaled the scent of his cock and ran my tongue over the outline as it hardened. I took it in my mouth thru the underwear and soon there was a wet mark outlining his cock. He stepped back and pushed his underwear down, and his cock sprang out. It was gorgeous. About 7″ cut, with a nice pink head, with a nice set of balls and totally shaved. Just what I wanted. He inserted his cock thru the glory hole and I quickly took it in my mouth. The taste and thickness overwhelmed me and I started sucking on it.

As I was sucking him I became aware of someone watching me through the other glory hole. I liked the idea of being watched, so I spread my legs giving him a view not only of me sucking the cock but also of my ass. After a bit, I saw a cock being pushed thru the other glory hole as well. The cock was thin but long and I had this desire to have it in my ass. The booth was small enough for me to push my ass towards his cock while sucking the cock in front of me. I positioned myself and felt his cock on my ass. I felt his fingers rub lube on my ass and knew he was getting ready to fuck my ass bareback. I loved bareback sex…the feel of a raw cock in my ass, which eventually spurts cum deep inside me was something I enjoyed. slot oyna However, I did not do it often, but tonight I wanted it.

I felt his cockhead on my asshole so I pushed back and it penetrated me just a little. He pushed in and with a rush it slid inside of me impaling me against his long manhood. I sucked the cock in front of me as my ass got fucked in long steady strides. The sensation of being filled at both ends was amazing, but I knew it could not last as I could feel the cock in my mouth getting ready to cum. I sucked harder, wanting cum in my mouth and I was not disappointed. With a loud grunt, he pushed the cock deeper down my throat and he came in hot jets of thick cum which spurted down my eager throat. I swallowed as much as I could, but a little dribbled down my chin and fell to the floor. As he was cumming, I felt the cock in my ass reach its climax and I was soon dripping cum from my ass as well. Both cocks slid out of me, and I was soon alone in the booth with cum all around me…in my mouth, in my ass and on the floor.

But I wanted more. I waited and before long there was another man in the booth next to mine. He was a young black guy, slim and wearing baggy sweat pants. He looked at me thru the glory hole and asked, “Would you like to rim my black ass?” Without waiting for my response, we pulled his sweat pants down, exposing a smooth round ass with a puckered little asshole and pushed it against the glory hole. I placed my mouth on the glory hole and tentatively stuck my tongue out until it brushed against his ass. I could feel him spreading his ass wide so that I could reach his tender spot canlı casino siteleri and soon my tongue was licking and probing his delicious hole. This was the first time I was rimming a black ass, and if it were possible, I preferred it to sucking a black cock. However I was not to be denied a black cock that night. After being rimmed, he turned around and fed me his black veined cock. It must have been at least 8″ and was perfect for my hungry mouth. I lapped it up and it was not long before I had another mouthful of cum to swallow.

By this time I had a couple of men in the other booth watch me rim and suck the back guy. Once he was done, the door of my booth opened and this big hairy guy motioned me to follow him into one of the larger booths. I put on my clothes and followed him into the booth, which had a large couch in it. In the booth was this big hairy guy and also two other guys, who probably were known to him as well. The booth was big enough for all of us, and before long they had taken their clothes off and were standing naked. The big guy pushed me on my knees and shoved his cock at my face. Unlike his size, his cock was small, and I had no problem taking it in my mouth. As I started sucking on his cock, one of his buddies pushed my legs apart and placed his cock on my asshole. My ass was still slick with cum and lube so his cock slid easily into me. I heard the door open and now I had an audience who all wanted to participate.

I was not sure how many guys fucked my ass or how much cum I swallowed that night. But by the time I was done, my ass was sore and my mouth stretched as it had not been ever before. I probably got fucked by about eight guys and swallowed cum from at least a dozen men. However, in all this, I was not sucked or jacked off. But despite that, I had one of the most enjoyable Friday nights of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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