27 Mayıs 2022


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The scent of sex wafted through my nostrils as I unzipped Glenn’s jeans, the musky smell growing as I fished out his cock. Matted pubic hair, damp with the juices of his recent escapade, was further proof. He’d fucked his wife, or some other whore, before getting in touch with me. With his good looks, beautiful cock and insatiable libido he had a stable of willing mouths and holes at the ready. I had to admit I was jealous of his other conquests, often wishing I was his only lover.

Not that I was exactly chaste myself. No, I took cock whenever and from whoever I could. 90 minutes before I got Glenn’s text I was on my back, in the bed of a pick-up truck behind my favorite ABS, getting my ass pounded by a construction worker I picked up in the booths. His stubby, six inch, uncut cock dumping a load inside me in less then 2 minutes, with plenty of time leftover to finish his lunch break. Which left me with nothing to do except head back in and suck some more anonymous gloryhole cock.

I had swallowed my third load when Glenn’s text came through.

“You free?”

“I am now,” I replied.


Ten minutes later I pulled onto my driveway. As I made my way up the driveway I saw Glenn’s car pull in behind. My place was ideal for meeting, even though I lived in a somewhat busy area, my long driveway and secluded property made it safe from passersby. There casino siteleri were no chances anyone driving by would be able to see much further than halfway up my driveway. A very ideal situation for myself and the many married men whom I hosted. Often while chatting online that very question always followed the usual “can you host?”

I stepped from my car and made my way to the front door, Glenn meeting me at the steps. He grabbed my ass, giving it a playful squeeze, as I walked up to the door. Stepping inside, Glenn closed and locked the door behind us and I assumed my position on my knees.

With Glenn’s cock free I could admire its beauty. Flaccid, it still hung seven inches, his thick shaft almost three inches around, obscured his perfectly round balls. His sex matted pubic hair in a neat, trimmed wide “V” shape, the only hair to be found on his well sculpted body. I took hold of his soft member and brought my mouth to it. The familiar taste of Glenn’s seed, mixed with the juice of his recent lover, met my tongue as I licked around head of his growing cock.

My tongue swirled around the perfectly bell shaped head as I took him further in my mouth. My mouth watered as my lips closed around his shaft, slowly taking in more of his length. His cock coming to full attention as the head reached the back of my mouth, I worked past my gag reflex to take him down my throat. slot oyna My nose pressed into his pubes, my jaw straining to accommodate his girth. Glenn let out a soft moan as I held his cock in my mouth, letting my jaw and throat relax.

I bobbed my head up and down on his shaft, working up even more saliva. His cock slid easily in and out of my mouth. I wrapped my fingers around his girth, starting a slow stroke as I worked my tongue over and around his cock head. Sucking on the head, feeling the spongey hardness on my tongue. Breaking from the head, I started to lick my way down the underside of his shaft, down to his hairless balls. As I continued stroking I gave his sac some much need attention, swirling my tongue over them, sucking on one before moving to the other.

Licking my way back up his rod my tongue was greeted with thick drop of pre-cum drooling from his piss slit. I eagerly lapped up the sticky sweet goo, coaxing more out with each stroke. After a healthy serving of his pre-cum, I went to work in earnest, forming a tight “O” with my lips and a good bit of suction. I bobbed up and down, throating him in intervals, moaning around his cock as I buried him in the back of my throat.

Glenn’s hands rested on my head, my deep bobs eliciting moans of encouragement. My hands reaching up to his taut ass to aid in my sucking, pulling his muscled globes in to meet my canlı casino siteleri hungry bobs. Sloppy sucking sounds mixed with my moans, his spit slick cock slid easily in and out. Glenn held my head firm and began to thrust in, taking over control of the rhythm. He was getting close. I did my part by increasing the pressure on his cock, tightening my mouth around his dick.

Muffled yelps escaped from me as he picked up his pace. The head of his cock pounding the back of my throat. Glenn’s heavy, lust filled moans increased with his furious fucking as he held my head tighter. I braced myself, he was a heavy cummer and he was about to blow. With a final thrust in, my head held firmly, buried in his crotch, Glenn bucked and shot his load.

I gagged as two thick ropes shot down my throat before he eased out some, allowing the rest to fill my mouth and coat my tongue. I swallowed his thick seed, savoring the texture and semi bitter taste on my tongue, the feel of it sliding down my throat. I continued sucking, milking the remaining cum from his softening cock. I let his limp cock drop from my mouth. I looked up at him, my mouth open to show him the last mouthful of cum left on my tongue.

With a mischievous smile I swallowed the cum. “Mmmmmm… thank you,” I said, looking up at him.

Glenn never said a word as he pulled up his pants. Other than our first meeting when we exchanged our names, he never spoke. There really was no need to, we both knew what we were there for and that was fine by me. I sat on the floor, stretching out my cramped legs as he walked out my door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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