28 Mayıs 2022

Getting my Drain Cleaned Ch. 01

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* This is a fantasy of mine and involves some forced sex and is written in a looser style than you may be accustomed to. I only mention that for those who may not be interested in male – male action and were expecting the next great novel. Let’s get started..

There’s nothing worse than coming home and finding water in your basement from a clogged sewer drain. Apparently, tree roots have cracked the pipe underground and they snake their way through the pipe so if I neglect to have it maintained and snaked out every year, this could happen. Well, I neglected to have it done and now my feet are wet as I call a plumber to come over late on a Saturday night to have things unclogged. It’s my own fault.

I live alone and have for over a year since my wife left me. She had discovered things on our computer; nasty things, dirty things, things between myself and a couple of online male “friends”. Needless to say, I now live alone and it’s been quite a while since I’ve had sex with another human, male or female. It’s mostly been just me, down here in the basement, naked; doing things to myself that I wished someone else would do to me. Dirty, nasty things. Maybe someday I’ll figure out what I want out of a relationship, but until then I’ve become quite accustomed to pleasuring myself.

After a night of partying with some former office friends, I came home and my first thought was to head down to my basement to the area where all of my pleasure has come from the last few years. Even while I was married I almost preferred pleasuring myself because my wife was so prim and proper. I couldn’t even get her to do doggie-style sex with me, not to mention anal sex or anything else that I wanted to try. I’ve always liked enemas and I wanted to fuck her in the ass and then piss in her ass after shooting a load of hot cum up there. No way could I even broach that subject, she rarely even let me fuck her missionary-style with the lights out, there’s no way she’d ever go for anything like that.

I’ve done a lot of work on the basement over the last few years, putting in a huge walk-in shower with multiple shower heads and a hand-held hose. That hose has become the thing I look forward to almost more than food. Several nights a week you can find me downstairs in my “fuck-room” naked, and either spanking myself with various paddles from the game room, or hanging upside down from rings and hooks on the ceiling and trying to suck the tip of my own cock. This usually ends in a climax of the shower hose spraying warm water up my ass giving myself an enema and shooting my own cum into my mouth. I’ll fill myself to overflowing with the hose and then jam a buttplug in my ass and walk around down there, bending over, rolling on the ground, spanking my ass and stomach when it’s filled with so much water that I almost explode, both from the pressure of the water and from my cock wanting to shoot another load of hot cum across the room. My whole basement has a nice tile floor and two drains so I don’t have to worry about the mess, unless the tree roots clog the sewer pipe and it fills with a couple of inches of water.

As I’m talking to A-1 Rooter’s answering service, I get the feeling that they’re really not too happy to have to call someone away on a Saturday evening to come over to my house and clean out my basement drains. I know it’s not going to be cheap either, so I’m not real happy with the situation myself. Finally, their receptionist says that she’ll send someone out right away but it might cost me a bit more than usual. I’m not sure what that means but I say that’s ok and then thank her and hang up the phone. I get out of my office clothes and put on some stretchy workout shorts and a t-shirt and head down to the basement to try to clean things up a bit and wait for the plumber to get there. I’m preparing myself for the worst, payment-wise.

About 45 minutes after I had hung up the phone the front doorbell finally rings and it’s the A-1 Rooter guy, dressed in sort of a tight, zippered jumpsuit with a logo on the front. I’m wondering if they wear those so they don’t end up showing the classic “plumber’s crack” thing when they bend over under someone’s sink. He’s probably in his mid-50’s. I can tell that he’s a big man, noticing his belly pressing against his jumpsuit, and he’s got big, hairy arms. I wonder if he’s got hair all over. That’s always been a fantasy of mine, to be taken by a big, burly, hairy, strong, guy.

I let him in and tell him to leave his rubber boots on because of the water on the basement floor. I left the door unlocked which I don’t usually do but I figured that it was safe with mister jumpsuit there. casino siteleri We head down the steps to the flooded basement and he’s following me with a little shop vac, a tool bag, and a motorized snake for the drain. As we’re walking down the hallway in the basement, I turned around to say something and I saw him looking down at my ass, or I thought that’s what he was doing. Maybe he was just looking down at the floor and started to look up and that’s where his eyes ended up being when I turned around. I start to get a funny feeling about this visit.

He set his snake and bag on the washing machine and his shop vac on the floor and started assessing the situation. He asked if I knew where the floor drain was and I had to get down on my hands and knees in the 2″ of water on the floor and show him where the floor drain was. It’s under the utility sink next to the washing machine. As I’m under there on my hands and knees I start to wonder about the “extra payment” that the woman on the phone talked about. My cock starts stirring as I back up, still on my hands and knees, to get back out from under the utility sink. I started crawling backwards with my legs now all wet and my t-shirt is riding up and my back and the top of my butt crack are exposed; just like the classic plumber’s crack that I was wondering about. Maybe I should also have had a jumpsuit on.

As I’m backing up, I bumped into his shop vac hose inlet (the hose is still wrapped in a coil inside of the vacuum at this point) and it jammed right in-between my cheeks and against my asshole! I don’t remember it being that close when I got under there. I sort of jumped! My head’s still under the sink and he doesn’t do anything to move the shop vac, he just watched me pushing back on it with the hose inlet jammed against my asshole. I keep pushing the vacuum backwards as I shuffled out of that awkward spot. The shop vac stopped moving because it hit the furnace and didn’t move any more, even though I kept jamming it against my ass. I can’t lie, my cock was getting harder just thinking about what I could / would do with that little shop vac if he wasn’t there. I kept jamming it backwards, pushing the hose hard plastic hose inlet tighter and tighter in-between my cheeks and against my asshole. I can’t lie, I was getting very horny doing that with him standing there watching me in this uncomfortable position. Almost like I was putting on a show for him, like I wanted him to think of me as a bumbling, helpless sex toy. My mind was quickly going down the drain into the gutter.

I finally had to reach behind me and move the shop vac out of the way so I could get up from my hands and knees. As I did that, the water that was on my lower legs started running down my legs and now they’re all wet and shiny. The A-1 Rooter guy didn’t say anything for a few seconds and then finally asked if I would mind taking his wrench and opening up the drain under there since I’m already wet?

I said, “Heck yeah, I don’t mind getting wet. If you’ll give me a break on the price I’ll do anything.”

He said, “I think we’re going to be able to work out something on the price.”

I was getting a feeling that there would be more than money involved on this project. After a night of drinking with my friends I was ready for anything. I was as horny as I’d ever been thinking of all sorts of dirty scenarios down there with hairy mister jumpsuit. I’m positive that his crotch was poking out more than it did when I let him in the front door. Maybe he was having the same thoughts going through his mind as I did.

As I was wrenching on the drain to open it so he could snake it out, again on my hands and knees under the sink, he got the shop vac set up and started sucking up the water in the laundry/furnace room. It was LOUD with the shop vac going and I could hear the sucking sounds getting louder as he got closer to where I was, bent under the sink. All of a sudden I felt something rubbing in-between my cheeks and against my ass! The hose from the shop vac was rubbing on my cheeks as he moved it back and forth sucking up the water. Did he know that the hose was rubbing on my ass? That ribbed hose was rubbing back and forth between my cheeks and oh boy, that felt great. I’ve always had a super sensitive asshole. It’s an easy orgasm for me to have someone rubbing or licking my asshole as someone else is working on my cock head. Sometimes it’s almost too sensitive and I find myself rubbing my hole on things in public or at the office or in hotel rooms when I have to travel for work.

I turned around to see what was going on with the hose and he had his jumpsuit unzipped almost to his waist and he slot oyna didn’t have a t-shirt on! His hairy, sweaty chest was hanging out there and he had a big gold medallion hanging around his neck. He looked like the classic mob boss or a guy you’d see in a cheesy porno movie. His big stomach was jiggling as he moved the wand back and forth on the wet floor and that medallion was slapping against his stomach and chest. Sweat was running down his chest, between his oddly-hard nipples. I can’t tell if he knew that the bend in the hose was rubbing right in-between my ass cheeks or not. He looked over at me and smiled with sort of a gleam in his eyes. I think I’m getting close to working off the extra payment.

As I’m bent down under the sink, my stretchy shorts were tight against my butt cheeks and I realized that my cock head was sticking out of the left leg hole! I knew that mister jumpsuit had to have noticed my cock head poking out of my shorts and he could see that it was hard. It was sticking out as straight as a board, further pulling my leg hole open. I finally got the drain cover off and immediately the remaining water starts sucking down the hole and I wondered why there was even a cover on that thing in the first place. He shut off the vacuum and got down on his hands and knees next to me, pushing against me, almost crushing me against the wall. He had his whole hairy chest exposed by this time. Because it was so hot down there he had slipped out of the top half of his jump suit. His sleeves were tied around his waist and his sweaty, hairy torso was pushing up against me, pulling my t-shirt up even further exposing my smooth, hairless, sweaty back.

He said, “That looks great, look how fast it’s going into that hole.”

All I could think of to say was, “Yeah, it’s really going in that hole; so fast and powerful..”

As I was wondering what to do next, he started to back up and I heard some ruffling sounds as he was slipping totally out of his jumpsuit and he was now totally naked! He was just a big, hairy body and a big, gold medallion. Then, I felt his hands on my hips!! He was now behind me pulling down my stretchy shorts exposing my naked, sweaty ass cheeks! He pulled my t-shirt up over my head and I couldn’t see a thing, not that I could before with my head jammed underneath the utility sink anyway.

My cock sprang out of my leg hole and he said, “let’s see what we can do about that extra payment.”

He started spanking me as I was jammed underneath the utility sink on my hands and knees.

“OUCH!”, I said, knowing that a good spanking does only one thing, it makes me ten times as horny as I was before I got the spanking.

He was saying all sorts of dirty, nasty things about me and what he was going to do to me for calling him in on a Saturday night!

He said, “I’m going to spank and lick and suck and ream out that dirty little ass of yours.”

He continued, “When I get done with you, you’ll wish you had never worn those little shorts and teased me so much. Your tight, dirty, little hole is going to get used and abused like it’s never been used and abused before.”

He started pulling my ass cheeks apart as hard as he could, spreading them way far apart and spitting on and in my winking little rosebud. His tongue was jamming in and out of my asshole and his powerful, hairy hands were pushing my cheeks apart as far and as hard as he could. I could tell that my poor, little winker was totally exposed and I was really feeling dirty and nasty as he kept spitting on it and was now twisting one of his fat, hairy fingers up inside of me! Now, two of his fat, hairy fingers were working their way up my ass!

“YOW! HEY!”, I said, not really knowing what to say at this point with this total stranger spitting on and finger-fucking my asshole.

Thirty minutes ago I was just letting him in the front door and now he has a couple of his fat, hairy fingers jammed up my ass! My mind was reeling thinking about what might happen next. I didn’t have to wait long as I felt his hairy belly against my ass and felt his fat, little cock poking around behind me, sliding up and down between my crack. He was getting ready to fuck his fat, hairy cock into my smooth, sweaty ass! Does he do this to all of his customers?!

I said, “It’s about time! I’ve been thinking about this since I let you in the door, you dirty, old man. Jam that thing in there and let me have it real good and real hard! Slam-fuck my ass like there’s no tomorrow. Fuck me like I can’t pay my bill and you’re taking it out on my poor little asshole. I want to feel your fat cock bottoming out in me and your sweaty, hairy, fat stomach canlı casino siteleri and chest slapping against my butt cheeks every time you slam your hairy cock into my tight hole! I want to feel and hear your big, sweaty, hairy balls slapping into me when you slam-fuck my ass! Come on, fuck me, fuck me hard! Use me as your dirty, nasty sex toy. Do anything that you want to me, just don’t stop fucking my tight hole!”

He said, ” Oh, you might be sorry you said that, but as long as you say so.. RRRRRRRR!”

SLAM! In his fat cock went right up my ass, spreading my sweaty cheeks apart and bottoming out way up in my colon.

WOW was that thing wide! My poor little hole felt like a cucumber was up there. Good thing he didn’t have a 12″ cock I was thinking to myself the way he was slamming it up my ass. His sweaty, hairy, fat stomach was pressing down on my ass and back as he held his cock in me to the hilt. My head was pressed up against the wall under the utility sink. My little hole was stretched so much that I think I could feel every hair on his fat, pudgy, little cock rubbing against the tight, sensitive walls of my anal canal. He slowly pulled it out again so just the tip of his cock head was resting in-between my tight cheeks, then, he RAMMED it up my ass again as far as he could, again bottoming out inside my abused little puckered hole. He was enjoying this out-slow-and-in-fast-and-hard method as he laughed every time he rammed his fat bulldog cock up my ass. His medallion slapped against my back every time he rammed his cock in me.

Another few minutes of this treatment and then he JAMMED his pug-nosed cock up my tender hole again and started pushing me down onto the dirty, wet floor! He was laying on my back; his sweaty, hairy, fat stomach and chest were pressing me against the floor as he pumped into me like a machine. I thought to myself, wow, this guy seemed like he could go forever. I couldn’t even clench up my asshole anymore because it was so stretched out.

After what seemed like five or ten minutes of that fast, hard fucking he plopped his cock out of my poor little ass and backed out of that position under the utility sink and then pulled me by my legs back out of there!

“Hey, what are you doing?”, was all that I could say as he pulled me out from under the sink and flipped me over onto my back.

He pulled my t-shirt and shorts off. Then he grabbed my legs and held them together and used some velcro straps from his bag to tie my legs together at my ankles and again at my knees! Then he pulled them up in the air and tied my ankles to one of the joists in the ceiling so my lower body was up off of the floor but my shoulders were still resting on the floor. I was totally helpless.

He said, “Ok, you asked for this.” He started hammering his stub-nosed cock up my ass, just standing there with my dangling body at the perfect height for his pounding. I couldn’t believe how much this turned me on being helpless and being raped like this! He saw that my cock needed attention so he bent down and started sucking on my cock head, just sucking it into his mouth and out again, like a lollipop.

It wasn’t long before I unloaded into his mouth! “AHHHH, I’m cumming!!”, I yelled! I feel spurt after spurt of hot cum shooting into his closed mouth, just like I wa cumming into a glass.

He kept plunging his cock into my asshole the whole time, somehow not cumming himself with the way my asshole was contracting around his dick.

He then pulled out of my ass and bent over me and said, “Open your mouth.”

He then spit my own hot cum back into my mouth and told me to swallow it! This really made me feel nasty. It tasted so good, I love the taste of my cum. Then he straddled his fat, hairy legs around my awkwardly-hanging torso and sat back on my cock, pressing it into his dirty, hairy asshole! My fresh cum was all the lubrication that he needed to let my cock slide into his hairy asshole.

He rode my cock in this position until I was rock hard again and I shot another load deep in his hairy ass. His own dirty cock, the one that was just fucking deep into my dirty ass for the last fifteen minutes, was now in my mouth! It’s like a crazy Twister game the way we were all contorted.

I sucked off all of my ass juices from his cock and before long he was shooting his own hot cum into my mouth. I literally couldn’t believe how much there was. I’ve only seen that much cum in porno videos! It was all I can do to swallow this mouthful of hot, thick cream before he started fucking my throat. His softening cock head was hitting the back of my throat and his fat, hairy stomach was pressing into my face, literally burying it in his sweaty fat. He was talking about how we were just getting started..

Then I heard the front door open and I heard someone say, “Gooch, is it ok to come in yet?”

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