27 Mayıs 2022

Fun with Her Little – By Him

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Author’s Note: This is part of our ongoing adventures, and our eighth story. It references events and characters from our previously published stories. You can read it alone, but we would love for you to check out our other work. Enjoy!


In Mandy’s sorority, they partnered the girls with someone from the grade above them to “advise” them their freshman year. They called them a “big” and the freshman was a “little.” Mandy’s little was Heather, a woman I was carrying from the living room to her room. We had been at a party earlier, and she had a few too many drinks throughout the evening. This wasn’t an irregular occurrence. Heather was a tiny woman and she couldn’t hold her alcohol.

Heather had moved into the apartment with Jessica, Liz, and Mandy at the start of the school year. Heather was a junior, Liz, Mandy, and I were seniors, although Mandy had finished her first degree and was wrapping up the second. Jessica had gone straight from undergrad to grad school. After a string of really shitty relationships Heather had decided to be single for a while. She had studied abroad and come back with a new lease on life. She had also gotten what she called “the best fuck of her life” during the trip abroad. That wasn’t hard to imagine, as her descriptions of all of her previous guys had been as pretty bad in bed.

Mandy and I helped her pull the covers up and a small blue vibrator fell out from between the sheets. “Oh no!” Heather drunkenly exclaimed. Then she looked up at me, “you aren’t supposed to see that!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s ok,” Mandy told her. “I have vibrators too. It’s no big deal.”

“Yeah,” I said, picking up the vibrator. “And we use hers all the time.” I handed her toy back. “And you should enjoy yourself and use this tonight.”

She made a satisfied sounding “mmm” as she took her toy back, then said “I’m going to use it, but you have to leave.”

“You mean you don’t want us to watch?” I joked.

Mandy shot me a look. Not a look to say she was mad, more of a “quit picking on my drunk little” look.

We put Heather to bed then left the room. Before the door closed I heard her toy start buzzing. Heather had always intrigued me in an odd sort of way. I wasn’t attracted to her in a way where I would have ever dated her had I been single, but I did find her very physically attractive, and thought of her as a close friend. The only women I thought of as closer friends were Mandy and Chelsea.

Heather is a very cute woman. She’s petite, she couldn’t have been much more than 100 pounds at the time. She’s slightly shorter than Mandy, so 5’3″ or 5’4″. She’s very pale, with brown hair that goes just past her shoulder blades. She had a very pretty face and gorgeous brown eyes.

Heather also had a freakishly large tongue. Mandy and I could both touch the tip of our tongue to the tip of our nose, but not the way Heather could. She could stick her tongue out and cover her entire chin with it. She also could do all kinds of fun tricks beyond just rolling it. On several occasions she would get drunk and show off those tricks at parties, making many of the guys there, myself included, very interested in feeling that tongue on their cock.

However it wasn’t just her looks or tongue dancing skills that made me find her attractive. The real reason I found her so intriguing is the way she had always flirted. I met Heather the same night I met Mandy. On the night I met them Heather had been drunk and I carried her to her dorm with Mandy walking with us. When we got her to her bed, she told me I was lucky to have met Mandy, then she said something along the lines of, “I would totally let you fuck me if you she hadn’t gotten you first.”

That had always stuck in my head. When we first started talking about a threesome, I thought it would be with Heather. Now, three years later Heather was somehow the only woman in the apartment I hadn’t slept with. Mandy and I had been in a few threesomes with Jessica when she had been single (she now had a boyfriend who was clueless about the threesomes, and who as I write this is her husband) and we had swapped a few times with Mike and Liz.

Mandy and I had talked about a threesome with Heather. Mandy had been hesitant because Heather had never really had a good head on her shoulders when it came to guys, but that had changed. Mandy also worried Heather had a crush on me before, but we were past that too. Mandy had told me several times she found Heather incredibly sexy, and had said before that if Heather ever got into a healthier headspace about relationships she would love to spend a night with her. Now that Heather was in that better space, I decided to bring it up again.

“You know,” I started as we walked into Mandy’s room, “if Heather didn’t get so drunk after only two drinks we could invite her in here one night.”

“I knew you were thinking that,” Mandy joked, tossing a pillow at me. I caught it and put it back on the bed as I watched her take her shirt off. My cock twitched as I watched her reach behind casino siteleri her back to unclasp her bra. Even after three years of fucking almost every night I still always got hard every time I watched Mandy undress.

I moved around the bed as Mandy freed her perfect 34C cup breasts. I moved behind her and reached around cupping and softly squeezing them.

“Oh you think you are going to get to fuck me while thinking about fucking my little?” she asked.

“You want to fuck her too,” I said as I nuzzled my face against her neck.

“That’s true,” she admitted. I already knew she did, we had discussed Heather plenty of times.

“She has asked me about it,” she said. That was news to me. I spun Mandy around and put her on the bed.

“She knows about our other threesomes, and she has asked if we would ever let her do it with us.”

I kissed Mandy’s neck. “So what did you tell her?” I asked as I slid down her body and took one of her nipples into my mouth.

“I haven’t told her yes, but I haven’t told her no either,” she said as I moved down and kissed her navel.

“It sounds like you want to actually do it,” I said as I pulled her panties off. They clung a bit to her lips, which were already wet. Mandy had spent the summer with dark purple hair, but was now back to her normal blonde as she was preparing to interview for jobs. However she still had a small triangle of dyed purple pubic hair just above her slit.

“I’ve always found her attractive, and now she’s a lot more comfortable with her sexuality and I think she could handle i–ooh!”

Mandy cooed as I pressed my tongue against the hood of her clit. I held her thighs and spread them apart as I circled her clit and then pushed my tongue in between her lips tasting her sweet cunt. I kept rubbing her clit with my thumb, before moving my tongue back to it and sliding my middle and index finger into her.

She held my head as I worked her with my tongue and hand. It didn’t take very long to bring her to an orgasm. Her abs tightened as she pulled her head and shoulders up, doing a sort of orgasmic crunch. She let out a high pitch squeak then fell back limp onto her pillows.

I gave her body a few soft kisses as I moved up, eventually kissing on her neck.

“Don’t you think it would be fun to have Heather down there to do that for you?”

Mandy laughed. “You are so bad.”

“That doesn’t answer my question,” I said as I gently nibbled on her earlobe.

Mandy giggled and said, “Yeah, I’d like to have Heather go down on me.”

I kissed on her neck and asked, “So are we going to make that happen?”

“Well I am,” she said. “I haven’t decided if I’m going to let you be there.”

I grabbed her sides and started tickling her. She squealed out as I did then tried to tell me to stop while laughing. After she managed to gasp out the word “stop” a few times I did.

“What do you mean I don’t get to be there?”

I knew she was teasing, but I was going to play her game if it meant that this happened.

“She’s never been with a woman before, maybe I want to keep her first time to myself.”

“Oh yeah,” I said tickling her again. “Well maybe I should have a night alone with her too if you get one.”

Mandy tried to tickle me back so I grabbed her wrists and pinned them behind her head to the pillows.

“Would you like that?” she asked. She put her tongue against her two front teeth, grinning at me. “You want us to trade places? Instead of her using her toy in there thinking about us, I’d be in here using my toy imagining how you are fucking her in there.”

I knew she was joking, trying to tease me. “It sounds like that is what you want. Should I go in there now and take her toy away and put my cock in her instead?”

I let her hands slide free and she gently pushed me on my back. She got over me and hastily pulled my pants off. She gripped my cock and pointed it up and impaled herself upon it. Her eyes fluttered shut as she took me into her and her mouth fell open a bit. She let out a small groan as she settled down on me, with my entire shaft inside of her. She positioned her legs around me, straddling me and started to grind against me.

“She can’t take care of you like I can.” she said.

“I don’t love her the way I love you,” I said.

Mandy fell down onto me. “I love you too,” she whispered. “Which is why I will let you fuck Heather with me.”

I was really turned on, and I let out a moan.

“Oh you’re close? Already that turned on?” She stuck her tongue in my ear then whispered, “cum in me baby.”

I grabbed her hips and gave a few quick thrusts before doing what she told me to. I kept pumping my cock into her as I filled her with my cum. She was smiling down at me, her face inches from mine.

She kissed me then whispered, “I love feeling you finish in me baby.”

“I love finishing in you baby,” I whispered back.

She wiggled her hips and worked my cock out of her before falling on her side and pressing her ass against me. slot oyna I wrapped my arms around her spooning her and we fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning hard as a rock. I kissed on her shoulder to see if she was awake. She turned her face up and whispered good morning. I kissed her cheek and started to rub my cock against her tight slit.

“Mmm,” she moaned. “You want a really good morning.”

She lifted her leg, giving me better access to enter her. She let out a soft sigh as her lips spread around my shaft taking me in. I gently fucked her while holding her to me. Her hand slipped in between her legs and she started to rub her clit. We stayed in that position, spooning, fucking, letting out soft breaths. I was on the verge of cumming the entire time, holding back my orgasm, still incredibly turned on from the previous night.

It didn’t take very long for her to cum. She clenched her legs together and groaned out a deep sound of relief. As soon as she did I stopped holding back and finished inside of her again. We laid there together for several minutes, my dick still inside her as it softened. Eventually I slid out of her and asked if she wanted breakfast.

I put on a t-shirt and sweatpants and made us some food. I came back into her room and sat on the bed next to her while we ate.

“So was last night just dirty talk?” I asked.

She shrugged. “I was serious if you were.”

“Well then, let’s do this. I’m going to leave it up to you to make it happen though.”

Mandy started laughing. “No,” she said jokingly. “I totally was expecting you to approach Heather about it without me.”

“Don’t make fun of me, I made you breakfast.” I joked.

She leaned over and gave me a kiss and said she’d take care of it. A few weeks went by and we didn’t talk about it. I figured Heather either said no, or was taking a while to decide.

We were hanging out at their apartment watching TV on a Friday when it happened. Mandy, Heather, and Jessica were all texting someone about “sorority drama.” Suddenly Jessica hopped up and said she was ready for bed. Her boyfriend, asking no questions, followed her in. Whenever Mandy was suddenly “ready for bed” like that it meant she was ready for sex, so I figured that was what was happening. I was wrong.

As soon as the door to Jessica’s room closed Mandy grabbed my hand and her and we went to her room, with Heather tiptoeing behind us.

As the door closed Heather said, “I can’t believe we’re finally doing this.”

I already had a good idea what was happening, but now I knew for sure.

Heather sat on the foot of the bed and asked, “So how does this start?”

“Well,” I said sitting next to her, “Have you ever kissed a woman?”

“I haven’t,” she said as Mandy sat on the other side of her.

“Well let’s start there,” I said as I turned her face toward my girlfriend.

Heather giggled as Mandy moved in to kiss her. “Are you nervous?” Mandy asked. Heather nodded and Mandy said, “Don’t be.”

Mandy leaned in to Heather and their lips met. Mandy gave her a soft kiss before opening her lips and using her tongue to encourage Heather to open hers. Heather timidly stuck her tongue out just a small bit and Mandy hungrily met it with hers. As soon as Mandy made the more aggressive move all of Heather’s inhibitions melted away. The two girls were passionately making out in front of me.

Both of them were wearing pajama pants and spaghetti strap tops. Neither of them were wearing bras and their nipples were visibly excited, poking against the fabric of the shirts. When Mandy’s hand moved up and started to caress one of Heather’s small A-cup breasts Heather immediately grabbed Mandy’s full C cup and gave it a hard squeeze.

I started to kiss on Heather’s neck and slipped the straps of her shirt down over her shoulders. She broke away from the kiss with Mandy and kissed me. The hesitation she had earlier was gone as she shoved her tongue into my mouth.

When we first met, if you had told me Mandy and I would eventually have a threesome and asked me to guess who it would be with I would have guessed Heather. Now, after having been with Chelsea, Jessica, and Nicole, and swapping with Mike and Liz, it was finally going to happen.

I pushed Heather onto her back and slipped her top down exposing two small, hard, pink nipples. I pinched one of them while continuing to kiss her. I wanted this woman, and bad. I had for years. Again, it’s not that I was interested in her romantically, but she was fun, cute, and always flirting with both Mandy and me. I was laying on my side with my torso turned so my face was over hers. As we kept making out I felt Mandy’s hands taking off my belt then unzipping my jeans.

My girlfriend started to suck my cock while I made out with her little sorority sister. I reached a hand down to run my fingers through Mandy’s hair. My other arm was wrapped around Heather, cradling her as our tongues swirled together. Heather has a soft body. It’s difficult to describe, but when you hold canlı casino siteleri her she seems to just melt in your arms. And when you hug or squeeze her, her body just seems softer than a normal person, like a cat almost. I know that description is odd, but the point is she is fun to hold and squeeze.

Mandy stopped sucking my cock and Heather squirmed in my arm a bit and giggled again. I looked down and Mandy was taking Heather’s pants off. Heather wasn’t wearing panties, and her bare pussy was exposed as her pants slipped down her legs. Mandy was already topless, and she stood and dropped her pants, revealing that she wasn’t wearing panties either. She had also shaved the purple patch away.

Heather exhaled and said, “Oh wow, this is really about to happen.” I sat up and took my shirt off. “Oh my god you two are both so hot,” Heather said then she started to giggle again.

“Shhhh,” Mandy said while crawling up over Heather. “Just relax, and suck on Chris’ cock while I make you cum.” Mandy gave her a soft kiss. When she started so slide down Heather’s eyes were still closed and she had a blissful expression on her face.

I got up and took my pants off while Mandy started to taste Heather’s sweet sex. Heather was cooing softly. I got above her head and rubbed my cock against her cheek. Her eyes fluttered open and when she saw my cock she murmured “Oh wow,” then started to lick it and wrapped her tiny hand around my shaft. She sucked on the head some, but mostly she licked my balls and up and down my shaft while stroking it with. It felt and looked amazing.

Soon Heather was in too much ecstasy from Mandy to concentrate on playing with me. I leaned down and started to kiss all over her body. Her shirt was still around her midsection, so I slid it to where I had access to her navel and her nipples.

She wasn’t very loud when she came. She arched her back and made a noise like she was trying to catch her breath. Then she squeaked and fell flat on the bed. Mandy slid up and started to kiss on her neck.

“Did you enjoy your first time being pleasured by a woman?” I asked.

“Oh my god,” she exhaled. “That was amazing. I’ve never cum so fast from a guy eating me out.” Then she giggled and added, “I may be a lesbian.”

Mandy laughed. “Well look at that dick and tell me if you want it.”

Heather turned toward me and stared at my erection. “I really do,” she said. She sounded exhausted. Mandy and I both laughed. “I’ve never cum from sex before,” she said.

“Never?” I asked. “What about the guy from Europe who was supposed to be so good?”

“He was really good, but I was really high when we fucked, and I can’t come when I’m high.” she said.

“Well that sounds like another first you need to experience.” Mandy said. “And speaking of getting high, I’m going to do that while Chris fucks you.”

“Do we have condoms?” I asked Mandy as she pulled out a small glass bowl and packed it.

“You don’t need one,” she said. “We both got tested before this.”

“I’ve never had sex without a condom either,” Heather said.

“Well are you ready to feel a bare cock in you?” I asked. She nodded yes and spread her legs for me. “And no guy has made you cum?” I asked again.

“They have, but from oral or fingering me, not from sex.”

“And how many guys have you slept with?” I asked.

“Seven,” she replied. A number that sounded low to me knowing her. “I usually just blow guys,” she said.

“You got that from your big,” I said as Mandy was taking a hit from hit bowl.

I got on top of Heather and slid into her. She was very tight. She opened her eyes and mouth and gasped as I entered her. I started to roll my cock around inside of her pussy and she wrapped her arms around me. I glanced over at Mandy who was grinning like a Cheshire cat as she watched us.

“Are you going to join us?” I asked my girlfriend.

“You should take care of her first, then I’ll join in.”

During that exchange with Mandy, Heather wrapped her legs around me. She arched her back and I wrapped my arms around her. I leaned in to kiss her and she coed as our tongues met. I held her soft, slim body against me. She rocked her hips up and down, pressing her pelvis against me as I fucked her in a circular motion.

Heather kissed me passionately as I explored deep inside of her body. Once I glanced at Mandy to make sure that she was ok with me passionately fucking her little without her. When I did, Mandy was hungrily watching us gently rubbing her clit, so I turned my attention back to Heather.

Fucking Heather was amazing. She was very tight. Sliding in and out of her wet pussy felt wonderful. She has a cute, high pitch voice, and she was moaning and giving occasional squeaks as I rolled around in her. I was getting close and had concentrate on holding back from cumming inside of her.

I was kissing on her neck when her orgasm hit her. For someone who claimed to have never cum from sex, she got off surprisingly quickly. Her back arched up and she squeezed her arms and legs tighter around me. I felt her nails digging into my back. I kept fucking her, moving my hips in circles as she came. She let out a few squeaks, whispered “Oh god!” and then sounded like she was catching her breath.

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