21 Ekim 2021

Fucked by Her Boss

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Fucked by Her Boss
My wife Debby and I have been married for almost eighteen months and for her, this is her fourth marriage and my second. She is a beautiful women and very sexy and gets looks from wherever we go which she enjoys although sometimes I wish it wasn’t quite as much. We only dated a short time before we were married as she had been in an abusive relationship with a man who drank heavily and was jealous and watched everything she did.

Our only problem is that Debby has a much stronger libido than I do and to be very honest, she can never get enough sex, which is worrying as she is often left frustrated. To get away from her ex, soon after we married we moved to Florida and straight away Debby loved being in the sun and spent hours in our secluded back yard sunbathing naked. That made her feel horny and often I would come home to find her in our bedroom using some toys on herself.

A couple months after we had arrived, Debby got a job as a secretary working for a very successful attorney and at that time, things started to happen in a very negative way. One of the partners in the company, a man in his late fifties who I shall call Jerry, took a shine to Debby and took her out to lunch a few times and on one of these occasions, he told Deb that he was a very enthusiastic photographer and would happily pay for her to pose for his camera, and pay well. When she told me about it I wasn’t happy at all although when she said he would pay her $400 for three hours modeling, I have to say it did make me have second thoughts. She said that Jerry wanted some topless shots and we could take them at his home which was huge and he had a lot of land for some artistic photos internet casino outside. I eventually agreed as long as I was there for the photo session.

The following Sunday, it was a beautiful hot summer day and Jerry introduced himself to me when we arrived at his place, which was beautiful. Jerry is in his fifties and with a strong muscular frame at well over six feet tall although slightly overweight also. He had pictures of his family all over the walls of his home although on this day, his wife was away and he said his c***dren were away in college. Jerry showed Debby into a bedroom where she put her bikini on and once she had done that and Jerry had his cameras, we all went outside. Jerry had set up a location to take pictures in a very nice setting by a lake which was very secluded although being as it was Jerry’s place, that didn’t make much difference. At first, Jerry took a lot of pictures of my wife wearing her favorite pink bikini and I could see that she really enjoyed posing and showing her body off, in fact she was enjoying it so much, that she took her top off before Jerry had even asked her to.

For the next twenty minutes, Debby posed topless for a lot of pictures and then Jerry asked her to take the panties off also. I started to say that I didn’t think that was a good idea but before I could get the words out, she was pulling them down while Jerry took picture after picture of my wife’s naked ass and pussy! I asked Deb to put her bikini bottoms back on but she just said she was enjoying being naked and posing and it wasn’t going to hurt having some pictures taken of her naked. What made things worse for me was that when Jerry asked Debby to canlı poker oyna lay down on a towel, she did so and promptly opened her legs wide and her pussy was wide open also and soaking wet! From then on Deb had her legs wide apart for every picture and I could see from the large swelling in Jerry’s pants that he was enjoying the show my wife was putting on for him ..

About twenty minutes went by and Debby asked me to go and get some water for her as it was getting really hot. When I started to object, she got quite snippy about it and I didn’t know quite what to do. I didn’t want to leave her naked with another man taking dirty photos of her but she made it quite obvious that I was to go, and, take my time getting back. It didn’t know what to say so did as she told me to and headed back to the house, the whole way thinking about the situation I now found myself in.

Once back at the house, I got some bottles of water from the fridge then headed back to where Debby and Jerry were. My mind was thinking all kinds of things and I was remembering Debby’s words about taking my time getting back. I decided to make my way through some trees to where I would be able to see what was going on on the other side of the lake. When I got there, I could plainly see my wife on her knees with Jerry’s fucking great cock plainly in her mouth. She wasn’t using her hands, Jerry was just fucking her mouth while he held her head tight in his hands. I didn’t know what to say or do, I just watched my wife being used. Several minutes past then Debby stood up and bent over, presenting her body for Jerry which he immediately mounted. There was no foreplay, Jerry just stuck his cock canlı bahis in her and Debby took it all first time. No gently sex, he just started pounding his cock into her and my wife was enjoying every second. I wasn’t thinking straight and wanted to shout something out but then I felt my cock getting rock hard watching my wife being fucked by another man. To say I was confused, would be an understatement as I was shocked mentally by seeing my wife getting fucked, but physically, it turned me on.

The fucking didn’t last long and I walked back to where Jerry had resumed taking pictures of my wife and sat down although I couldn’t help but notice that she had cum dripping out of her open cunt. A few minutes and Debby stood up and said she needed to take a pee and with that, just bent over and let a stream of piss shoot out between her legs right in front of Jerry and I. When she was done, she came over and stood above me with her pussy right in my face. “lick my pussy” she said. And I did.

On the way home we talked about what had happened and Debby opened up to me like she had never done before. She told me about her being m*****ed, and enjoying it, when she was thirteen and she had really gotten into what she called “dirty sex”. She told me she enjoyed being used and abused by men and in her previous marriages, when her husbands had found out or she had been caught cheating, they had left her. She wanted me to understand where she was coming from and wanted me to be understanding and not leave her. Later when we got home, we had the best sex ever as she was still full of Jerry’s cum and believe it or not, it turned me on.

Two weeks later, Debby told me that Jerry wanted another photo shoot and asked if that was okay, and I said yes. She said that a couple of Jerry’s friends were going to be watching and Jerry wanted to do a bondage set of pictures which I didn’t know much about but sure enough, I would find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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