21 Mayıs 2022

From the Shower to…

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Anal Fingering

I went to the gym the day that Eric wanted to coordinate that we be there. I went for a swim, but didn’t see Eric yet. After 15 minutes of laps back and forth, I got out and changed into basketball shorts and a t-shirt. On my way to the weight room, I heard Eric call my name. I saw him come up to me, dressed in a short sleeved white button-down shirt and black slacks. He said he would go swimming while I worked out in the weight room.

I did my usual 20-30 minute routine then walked to the pool to see if he was there. I didn’t see him so I went upstairs to my locker. He was there, taking off his swimsuit. I took off my clothes, and we headed to the shower.

Again, he took the shower across from mine so I could see him soap himself up and vice versa. From here, I noticed that his balls weren’t as close in size than I thought. He had one that was significantly larger than the other.

After the shower, we went into the steam room. It was crowded so I left after a couple minutes to go to the jacuzzi. I went in and sat down, letting the jets relax my muscles. I still, but Eric did little laps back and forth. Occasionally he would stand in front of me and reach behind him to feel my dick and balls. Then he would go back and forth across the jacuzzi. When he sat down next to me, I reached over and stroked his dick and balls. He did the same with me. He moved to the other wall to do stretches, and I let my dick get soft so I could get out. I grabbed my towel and headed upstairs to the jacuzzi. I went in and noticed it was empty. I sat down, and Eric came in a couple minutes later. Eric lay along the far wall, doing stretches like he was the last time I saw him. I wanted to try to touch him, but another man walked in. We sat in silence, and when I was finished, I went out to the showers.

Eric came out of the steam room and walked toward my shower stall. He rubbed my dick while I was soaping up my arms. When he heard someone coming he moved across to the other shower and started taking casino oyna his. About 2 or 3 times he looked down the way to see if anyone was there and came over to stroke me to hardness. I turned away when I thought I was close to cumming. I was also able to reach over while he was close to me and stroke him as well. When he finished his shower, he came over to see if I was going to the jacuzzi again. I said I was going to get ready to leave, and he did the same.

As we were getting dressed (I got a lock to leave my stuff in a locker upstairs across from his), I glanced over to watch him get dressed. I got a little excited to watch him cover up his dick and balls in white briefs, then his briefs in dress slacks. He put his shirt on and buttoned it down, and put on black socks and dress shoes. Through all of this I’m getting dressed and deciding what to leave in my locker. When I got organized, and he was ready to leave too.

Outside, he wanted to go out for a drink or get something to eat. I didn’t want to feel like more than acquaintances. However, he asked if I wanted to get in his car. I was reluctant, but I figured I’d be able to explain myself and straighten him out. He put his stuff in the car, we got in, and he drove to the end of the parking lot.

I told him I want to keep our encounters coincidal and not coordinating when we would be going to the gym next or going out for drinks. I didn’t want to turn encounters into a relationship and bring on conflicting emotions and questioning my sexuality. I did, however, want a massage.

‘Are you any good at massages? I’ve been sore for the past few days and think I need one.’

‘I’m ok. I could try if you need one’

‘You said you live in the area?’

‘Yeah. My aunt lives closeby too, and she’s out of town so we could go there.’

‘That should be fine.’

And with that, he drove a few miles to a house. We talked about the explorations of my sexuality, and experimenting with what I like or what slot oyna happened between us in the jacuzzi. We also shared how much we’ve done sexually with other men. My being inexperienced with men or women, I told him right away not to read more into what we were going to do than just massages. Also, on the way, he put his hand on my thigh and started rubbing it. That made my dick hard so he started stroking that a little bit too.

We got to the house and went inside. He led me to the bedroom and said he left some lotion in the car. So I stood by the bed and waited. When he got back, his shirt was untucked and unbuttoned. I could see his chest hair through the space between his shirt. He handed me the lotion and finished undressing. He took off his shoes and socks, and his pants and briefs. Just watching him strip got me hard. He started walking over to me, and I took off my shirt. Then he undid my pants and pulled them and my boxers down. I grabbed his dick and gave it a few strokes before deciding what to do next.

‘How about I give you a massage first so I can show you where I’m sore.’


He setup a towel on the bed so no lotion would get on it and lay face down. I looked at him from head to toe. He had a patch of hair around the bottom of each shoulder blade and a bigger patch of hair on the small of his back. His butt didn’t have any hair on it at all, and about an inch if his ballsac was visible between his legs.

I squirted lotion on my hands, sat down at his side, and started rubbing his neck. I put pressure on both sides of his neck and the sides of his spinal cord, only rubbing down. Then I traced the sides of my fingers along the tops of his shoulders along the collarbone. While I was doing his upper back and neck, his hand reached down and started stroking my dick. I was already hard and told him to stop after a few minutes because I would cum. Then I started in the middle of his back and pushed my hands out along those muscles. I moved lower to his canlı casino siteleri shoulder blades and made big circles around them with my hands. I watched the hair on his shoulder blades stick to his body and point in the direction of my strokes.

I eventually moved down to his butt. I started at the small of his back, applying lotion so it wouldn’t feel rough to massage where he has hair there. I rubbed my palms across the top of his pelvis out to his sides. I told him that was where I was sore, and that’s where he should focus on when he massages me. After rubbbing those muscles, I moved down to his butt. I squeezed his cheeks together a couple times and pushed them upwards. I made circles around each cheek with both hands together. I moved to the backs of his thighs. I used both hands on each thigh and went along the sides up to his butt. He spread his legs so I would be able to go all the way up. I went up and down for a little bit and rubbed his balls. I went down to his calves and massaged them too, the same way I massaged his thighs.

When I was done, we switched places, and I laid on my back. I told him to do the same things I did to him, but it didn’t work too well. His strokes were too wide, spanning multiple muscle groups at a time. I tried to tell him to go section by section, but it was ok. I felt a little bit relaxed at the end.

When he was done, I sat up and we started stroking each others’ dicks. He said he was close to cumming so we went to the bathroom. We kept stroking each other, facing the toilet. He came first, still stroking me as he shot. I took a little while longer, but eventually came too. He flushed the toilet and turned on the shower. He took his shower first, and I waited for him to finish. I took my shower, he handed me a towel, and we got dressed and left.

On the way back to the gym I told him that I was glad to be able to experience this with someone else and understand that I’m not as into guys than I thought I was.

This was further apparant from the second time that we exchanged massages, about a week later. The massage from him was better, but when he started kisssing my back, it felt weird to me. I told him that I don’t think we should do this again, and he complied.

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