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Friends , Lovers Ch. 03-04

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Chapter 3

Vivian stood at the stove, gently stirring the marinara sauce and silently fuming. Of course he didn’t call her on the cellular phone, which he knew she always carried. NO, chicken-shit Ethan had his secretary leave a message on the machine at home saying that he wouldn’t be home until tomorrow night. She wasn’t sure if he was testing her fidelity or encouraging her to test the waters with Willem, but either way she wasn’t too happy that Ethan had put her in this position.

“Smells delicious.” Willem joined her at the stove. “I’d almost forgotten what you can do with a jar of sauce.” He teased.

She jabbed at him with her elbow, which he easily sidestepped. “Hey, I used real meat!”

“Now there’s an improvement from college.” He said laughingly.

To hell with Ethan. He had all but told her last night to have sex with Willem. But for tonight she wasn’t going to worry about it anymore. Vivian was going to take this time with her best friend and just enjoy it. And whatever might happen along the way happened.

Vivian scooped a bit of sauce onto her spoon and blew on it a bit to make sure it wasn’t too hot. “Here, want a taste?” She offered, holding the spoon out to Willem.

He bent toward it before hesitating. “Are you testing this on me?”

“Sure. If you don’t die then it must be okay.” Vivian put the spoon against his lips. “Don’t be such a baby. Just try it. I haven’t poisoned anyone in weeks.”

Eyes twinkling merrily, Willem closed his lips around the spoon. He had a very nice mouth, very kissable. “Second best thing I’ve tasted today.”

“You are too smooth. No wonder the women can’t resist you.” Vivian laughed, waving him off. “Would you mind making the salad? The vegetables are all in the crisper drawer in the fridge.”

Willem pulled out the vegetables and put them on the counter next to the cutting board. “Is Ethan going to make it home for dinner?”

She pulled a bag of pasta out of the cabinet next to him. “Sure. Tomorrow night.”

“So it’s just the two of us tonight?” He asked with a mysterious half smile on his face.

Viv looked up at him. “You’re math skills are astounding.”

“You can’t imagine how good I am at biology.” Willem rebutted, waving the cucumber at her.

“Yes I can if you wield other things as well as that cucumber.” She said with a wink before returning to the stove top to check the water.

They fell into a familiar routine, having shared many dinners together in college when they lived next door to each other. Strangely enough, there had not been the kind of sexual tension between them then as there was tonight. Or had she really been that unaware. Vivian’s brain was starting to hurt from all this second guessing.

“Wine?” He asked, standing directly behind her at the stove.

Damn he smelled good tonight. “Uhm, sure…the bottle opener is up there.” Vivian pointed to the cabinet over the stove and she could feel the delicious press of Willem’s body as he reached past her for it.

He dropped a kiss on that little point where the ear meets the jaw the wooden spoon she was stirring the sauce with slipped out of her hand. “Thanks.”

Viv gulped. No, she definitely would’ve remembered if he had done something like that in college. Okay, if Willem wanted to turn up the heat she could handle it. But two could play at that game. She slipped her hand up to her blouse and undid another button, ensuring that there was an ample amount of cleavage displayed before joining him at the table. She lightly ran her hand down his back, lingering briefly at his waistband. “Better be careful…I may get you drunk and take advantage of you.”

Willem poured a glass of cabernet sauvignon and handed it to her, the back of his hand brushing against her breast. “That would be awful.”

“Just terrible.” Viv took a sip from her glass, her eyes never leaving his. She slid a bit closer to him and would have said more when the timer started blaring loudly in the kitchen. “Pasta’s done.” She explained apologetically, setting her glass down and returning to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner.

‘How in the hell had this never happened before?’ She wondered to herself as she strained the pasta. There were so many sparks flying between them it was amazing the house hadn’t burned down. Maybe it made a difference now that it was out in the open, or that Ethan had essentially given her the green light to go ahead and explore whatever was between her and Willem, but it was like the candy store was open and she could eat whatever she wanted. It was heady and thrilling and she wasn’t sure what she wanted to try first. But she knew she wanted to taste a little bit of everything.

While Vivian finished putting dinner together Willem set the table and lit the candles that she always kept strewn about the house. A saxophone wailed softly from the stereo, adding to the atmosphere. “Nice. Very subtle.” She commented after putting the food on the table and taking her seat across from him.

“I casino siteleri don’t know what you mean.” He said innocently. “We’re just two friends having a nice, relaxing dinner together.”

She nodded, picking up a bread stick from the basket and playing with it idly. “Just a nice, relaxing—” Vivian put the breadstick up to her mouth and flicked her tongue over the tip. “—friendly, dinner.” His eyes dilated slightly when her lips closed around the bread stick.

Willem sipped from his glass of wine and watched her closely. “So, tell me about your fantasies.”

“Pardon me?” She asked, her eyes widening in surprise.

“The list that you and Ethan made.” He explained with a playful smile. “I have to admit I’m intrigued, aside from how we all stand to benefit because of it.”

“Well, it’s really not a big deal.” Vivian said, spooning some salad into a bowl. “We were talking one night about all the stuff we wanted to try. Sex on an elevator, on the beach, a blow job in his office, Kama Sutra stuff, fun with food…”

“Fun with food?” A fork full of spaghetti hung about an inch from him mouth when he stopped to stare at her.

“It wasn’t me and a carrot, Hunney.” Grinning, Vivian reached out and guided his hand to his mouth. “The food was an accessory. Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, peanut butter,” She giggled as a particularly wicked memory flitted across her consciousness. “And we topped it all with a maraschino cherry.”

“Sounds sticky.”

“Oh yeah. It was sticky. Good sticky.” Vivian speared a cherry tomato and brought it to her mouth, rolling it thoughtfully against her lower lip. “What about you? What are your fantasies?”

“I haven’t had the opportunity or the willing partner that you have.” Willem pointed out as he poured some dressing onto his salad.

“Well, maybe there’s something we could do while you’re here.” Vivian slid out of her shoe and slid her toe past the bottom of his pant leg. “It’s only fair since you’re going to help one of my fantasies come true.”

He winked at Vivian, her fairly obvious technique not lost on him. “So, this is more your fantasy than Ethan’s?” Willem leaned forward and traced his index finger over the back of her hand, sending a fine little bit of frisson up her arm.

“Well, he was rather enthusiastic about it last night.” She defended, her toes venturing a little higher up his pant leg.

“Don’t you think most men would rather be in a threesome with two women?” He asked, leaning a bit closer. “Don’t get me wrong, Viv, I’m not complaining. But I have to admit it would be much more exciting watching you eat another woman out than giving Ethan a blow job.”

“Why is it that men find woman on woman sex hot but women have very little interest in seeing two men together?”

“Because we have broader and more refined tastes?”

Vivian tossed her head back and laughed. “Yeah. Right.”

“You know, it could be a bit awkward, both of us touching you and trying not to touch each other. But women don’t have to worry about that whole ‘macho’ thing. You’re more demonstrative, less hung up on perceptions.” He put his elbow on the table and leaned toward her. “All I’m asking is are you willing to fulfill Ethan’s fantasy as well?

“I hadn’t really—”

“Come on, haven’t you had a little curiosity about what it would be like with another woman?” His fingers inched up her arm to gently caress the tender flesh at her elbow. “To see what a nipple would feel like in your mouth, how a hard clit feels when your tongue wraps around it.”

A small moan escaped Vivian. “Probably more so than you imagining what it would feel like to lick a cock from the base up, swirling your tongue slowly over that thick head before sucking it into your mouth.”

“Probably.” Willem agreed, his voice sounding a bit strained.

“So?” Vivian prompted, taking another sip of her wine. “Your fantasies?”

“Places mostly.” He told her, tearing his breadstick in half. “Around the house, in my garden, maybe something a little public. If we could have managed it at the gallery today, that would have been exciting.”

“Oh, that’d be public alright.” Vivian chuckled, vividly recalling the feel of his hard on against her ass when he was standing behind her in the gallery. “How about something a little less likely to get us arrested.”

He stared at her intently for a long moment as if weighing what he was about to say. “I’d like to have a woman strip for me and, you know, perform for me.”

A wicked little smile danced on her face. “Perform like dance or perform like—” She waved her hand vaguely at the implied ‘other’ performance.

“Yes.” Willem nodded. “Like that. Pleasure herself for me.”

Now this was a fantasy she could easily fulfill. She tossed her napkin on the table next to her half eaten meal and stood up, crooking her finger at him as she backed into the living room. Vivian took his hand and led him to the couch, gently pushing him back onto the cushions. Putting her hands on the slot oyna back of the couch on either side of his head she leaned forward to plant a brief, tantalizing kiss at the corner of his mouth. “Showtime.” She whispered into his ear before sliding away from him.

At the stereo she put a CD of Latin music into the player and started to sway to the seductive rhythm of the samba. Turning back to face Willem, she slowly started to unbutton her blouse, her hips rolling to the beat. She shrugged the silky fabric off her shoulders and let the cream colored fabric drift to the floor, exposing the lacy ecru bra beneath.

A quick flick of the wrist had her skirt unzipped and she slowly shimmied out of it, adding it to the pile of clothing behind her. Vivian cupped her breasts in her hands, circling her erect nipple with her thumbs. The press of the lace against her sensitive areola only added to the building tension between her thighs. Slowly she slid her hands down her abdomen and between her legs, rubbing the scrap of her matching lace thong against her wet snatch.

“Take your bra off, please.” He requested in a gruff voice.

Vivian held the bra over her breasts with one hand while deftly reaching back and unhooking the clasps. Slowly she sauntered over to where he sat on the couch, pleased to see a healthy swelling in his lap. Leaning forward, her lips sought out his again, her tongue easily sliding into his mouth and against his tongue.

Willem’s hands were warm against her skin, caressing his way up and tugging the bra out of her grip. His fingers slid under her arm and curled around her aching breasts, eliciting a small moan from her. With her thigh she gently rubbed against the bulge in his pants and encountered his impressively rigid length. He attempted to pull her into his embrace, but Vivian freed herself and moved to the couch opposite him.

With a wicked smile, Vivian reclined into the cushions and hitched her foot up on the back of the couch. Willem’s gaze focused on the patch of fabric between her legs. Her hands ventured back between her legs, one hand leisurely pulling the fabric of the thong aside while the other eased between her wet pussy lips. His hand stroked his length through his slacks as she circled her clit, never quite making contact with it.

“Touch it, Viv.”

“No. Uh-uh.” She shook her head and held her finger poised over the button. “I’ll touch mine when you touch yours.”

It took him a second to process her request in his desire fogged brain. Slowly he smiled and stood up to remove his clothes. Willem took his sweet time unbuttoning his shirt, his eyes locked with hers the entire time. Vivian was about ready to get up and rip it off of him when he slid out of it and laid it neatly over the back of the couch. He turned his attention back to her, his hands hesitating at the button fastening at the top. “Now, you’re sure about this? I wouldn’t want you to—”

“Don’t make me get rough with you.” She threatened playfully, levering herself up on her elbows and giving him what she hoped was a menacing look. Just how menacing a nearly naked woman a good foot shorter than Willem could possibly be she wasn’t sure, but she wanted a look at the goods, too.

Willem chuckled and unzipped his trousers, again removing them with agonizing slowness. He rested them on the back of the couch as well and stood before her in plaid boxers, his cock very obviously straining against the thin fabric.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Vivian asked, anxious to see if he lived up to his years of boasting about exceptional length.

He nodded his head toward her. “You’re still wearing your panties.”

Bracing herself on her feet, she pushed her ass off the couch, offering him an enticing view while she quickly removed the lace thong. She dropped her bottom back onto the couch and tugged them over her feet, tossing them at Willem when she had finished. “Done!”

He rubbed the damp fabric between his thumb and forefinger, bringing it a bit closer so that he could breathe in her scent. Winking, he caught his thumbs in the elastic waistband of his boxers and slid them off as well. Vivian had to admit as she watched him straighten, his cock boldly straining upward, that it had not been bragging but big, beautiful fact.

Vivian grinned broadly, her tongue darting out over her lower lip. “Hunney, maybe you ought to consider renting that out as advertising space.”

Willem chuckled and some of the tension eased out of both of them. He slid his hand slowly down the length of his cock and she groaned as she imagined the feel of his silky skin beneath her fingers. “Touch yourself for me, Viv.”

Watching the way his hand curved around his thick shaft she had to admit she would’ve done just about anything he told her to. She settled back into the cushions and slid her hand back between her thighs, parting the moist folds and gently gliding over her clit. That first touch was always fairly electric, but with Willem watching her it was damned near canlı casino siteleri orgasmic tonight. It wasn’t going to take much to cum tonight, but she wanted to give him a ‘show.’ “Tell me what you want.”

His eyes were locked with hers and his hand continued to stroke up and down his rigid length. “I want to see you cum, to start with.”

“To start with?” Vivian matched the length of his strokes, sliding two fingers in and out of her dripping pussy.

Willem moved a step closer. “Before the night is over I want to touch you…to taste you…to feel you wrapped around me.”

“Oh my.” She gulped, biting on her lower lip and struggling not to cum quite yet.

He was standing next to her now. She could see the pre-cum glistening at the tip of his shaft and longed to lash her tongue over it, to taste his salty essence. Willem settled in next to her on the couch, his free hand gently caressed up her arm and over to cup her breast. “Mmmmmmm…that’s nice.” His palm worked her stiff nipple to aching awareness.

“You’re telling me ‘that’s nice!’” She agreed, arching up into his hand.

“That’s it. Imagine that your hands are my hands.” He urged, transfixed by her movements.

“No.” She ground out painfully. “I can’t.”

Willem cocked his head to one side uncertainly. “Why can’t you?”

“If I do I’ll cum.” As if the warm press of his thigh against hers wasn’t already doing a number on her concentration.

“Isn’t that the whole point of this?” He asked laughingly.

“But I want this to be special for you.”

“Vivian my dear,” Willem tenderly touched her jaw. “You don’t think finally having sex with you won’t be incredibly special to me?”

She dropped in quick kiss against his palm. “What was I thinking?”

“So, you’ll cum for me now? Let me watch?”

She nodded, very pleased to be accommodating. Her fingers went back to work in earnest and it wasn’t long before Vivian was there at the brink. She reached for his free hand and placed it over hers, allowing him to feel her heat, her moisture and she tensed and came all over her own fingers. Her legs convulsed shut, holding him prisoner against her slick folds.

When the tremors subsided his fingers worked past hers and gently slid into her, reaching deeper in than she ever could with her petite fingers. Willem followed his probing touch his crafty tongue, alternately licking and sucking her to a frenzied state. Knowing exactly when she was ready to cum again he easily curled two of his long fingers into her G-spot and set off a second orgasm that made the first look like child’s play. Damn but he knew how to please a woman well!

“Good thing we didn’t figure this out in college.” Vivian murmured, reaching down and pulling him up for a deep, lingering kiss. “Otherwise we never would’ve passed macroeconomics.”

Vivian could feel him smile against her lips. “We barely did as it was.”

She felt his cock throb insistently against her thigh, making its presence known. “I don’t know about you, but I think it’s about time I supply your demand.” Vivian eased her hand around his thick meat and slowly slid down his straining length.

Willem moaned deep in his throat and moved to better accommodate her eager hands. She easily maneuvered her body around and was on the floor before him, her tongue slowly gliding over his erect cock. Teasingly she swirled her tongue over the purple head before finally taking him into her mouth as deep as she could. Vivian was one of those rare women that enjoyed giving oral sex as much as receiving it. And when she enjoyed something she took great pride in doing it well.

Willem weaved his fingers into her hair, pulling her closer, pumping his swollen rod into her. He started to mutter incoherently in Dutch…well, maybe it wouldn’t be so incoherent had she bothered to learn any of the Dutch he had tried to teach her, but she had no idea if he was urging her on having a heart attack. Hoping that she was right and it was the former, Vivian sucked just a little harder, a little deeper, a little faster until she at least felt him let lose and her mouth filled with jets of hot salty sperm.

Contentedly, she swallowed the mouthful of his cum and cleaned his cock thoroughly with little cat-like laps of her tongue. “You almost flooded the market there, Hun.” She teased, grinning as she licked her lips.

Willem pulled her up onto his lap, his finger swiping at a thread of cum on her face that she had missed. He offered her his finger and she sucked the digit into her mouth, her eyes locked with his blue ones as she savored the one last taste of him. They shared one more searing kiss before he pulled her head against his shoulder until his heart stopped thudding erratically. “MMMmmmmm…I think you have far exceeded consumer demands.” Willem teased, his hand idly smoothing her hair.

Vivian giggled. “We’ll have to see how things go tomorrow when presented to a larger market.”

“I don’t think you’ll have any problems satisfying their demand.” He assured her.

Chapter 4

Ethan returned home late the following afternoon and was surprised to find Vivian working in her home office. He came in and dropped a kiss on her cheek. “Where’s Willem?”

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