28 Mayıs 2022

Friday Night Fun

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It was a balmy Friday night at Boston Middlesex College. As usual for a Friday night, no one really was up to doing anything too strenuous. Classes had just ended for the week, and even for the teachers, it was time for a break.

Two juniors were just getting out of their classes, their back packs were slung with books, that for the next few days would not see the light of day (perhaps a bare bulb on Sunday evening)

“Why?” Asked Chad Belview, “Are thongs so lame around here on the weekends. I mean you and I have been at this place for three years now, and the weekends just seem to suck worse and worse with each year.”

“Well.” Said Ryan Collins with a shrug, “We could just go ahead and have a party to liven up the weekend, would that make you feel better?”

“Don’t we need a permit or something like that?”

“Not if we have less than twenty people.”

“Ah, sounds very promising, whom do you want to invite?”

“Don’t know; lets just see what we can do when it comes to livening things up. I know of several people who want to come, but they really aren’t my type of people, you know.”

“Yes, so is word of mouth out?”

“No, lets just see what happens. We can always turn out people if it gets to be too crowded. Now onto the pleasanter aspects about this party; I’ll go ahead and get the room all straightened out, while you take care of the refreshments.”

“What about cash?”

Ryan pointed to a small metal box. “Use the key to get in. There’s about $400.”

“Listen…” Chad looked visibly nervous, “I don’t want to go ahead and take all of your cash.”

“Its all right, I’ll go ahead and get more. Do you want to charge a head count or what?”

“If you want to, but I think that it’ll be much more interesting if we don’t?”

Now it was Ryan’s turn to look shocked. “What on earth do you mean?”

“Think of it buddy, what if we charge for drinks and then wait to see what happens.” He said with a wink.

Ryan broke out into a huge grin. “I like the way that you think.” The two friends dispersed. It was about 6:45 when Chad returned from the grocery store. He had two heavy bags in his hand, and there were at least four others in the back of the truck.

Ryan held open the door for him into the dorm, and then followed him into the room.

They quickly stocked their two fridges with as much beer as possible and hid a few more others in the cooler. They stuck a bag from the pharmacy in one of Chad’s desk drawers, for emergencies only

Just as they straightened up, there came a knock at their door. “Just a minute.” Chad hollered out, and he quickly ran over to Ryan’s four disk CD player. He quickly selected a few of the better CDs to play and slid them into the machine.

Soft music slunk through the speakers, and Ryan went to get the door. Two lower class girls were there, Connie, and Brenda. Ryan knew them from his physics class, but little else.

“Hey Chad, hey Ry, are we late?”

“Not at all, the party’s only just started. Please, would you care to have a seat?” Chad gestured to the Couch with a hand and went into the fridge. “Bottle or cup?”

Connie spoke casino siteleri first; she had long brown hair and was wearing the tightest black dress that either man had seen. “Bottle please.”

Chad snapped off the cap, and placed it into the trash, leaning over the bar to hand it over to her. “There you go.”

“I hope that you won’t mind, but I invited a few other people over.” Connie admitted, carefully sipping her drink.

“No not at all, we just need to be careful when it comes time for fire inspection.”

“Ah.” Brenda nodded. “I understand.”

“So how many more people did you invite?” Ryan asked, hesitatingly, not sure that he was going to like the answer.

“Oh just a few.” Connie said, as she drained the first bottle and motioned for another.

“Ok, sure, not a problem. By the way girls, there’s a buck surcharge on all of the beers, just incase we need to go and get more.”

Connie fished a $20 out of her pocket book, “I understand no problem, and there you go.” She handed it to Chad, who immediately pocketed it.

“I’m bored.” Brenda stated a few moments later, “are you sure that this wasn’t just a come on to get us over here. There’s really going to be a few more people?”

“So far as I know, we didn’t invite that many;” Chad stated, but I seriously doubt that they would blow us off.” In fact almost as soon as he said that there came a knock at the door. “See what I mean?” Chad went ahead and opened the door, and there, with about fifteen of his friends was All-Star fullback Leonard Sakx.

Sakx weighed a good four hundred pounds 95% of which was muscle. “Are we fashionably late?” He flashed a huge smile, of perfectly white teeth. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a Dinner jacket. “Lets get this party rolling, Girls…” Sakx snapped his fingers and suddenly twelve women or so streamed into the room.

Chad thought that there was some way that Sakx might have snuck a few others in behind him, but didn’t want to accuse the burly football player of anything, so he just let it slide.

Soon the party was in full swing, beers were flowing, almost as fast as Ryan and Chad could keep up with them. They’d placed a little jar at the corner of Ryan’s Desk for “tips”

Suddenly one of the girls, who had gotten, very, very drunk decided that it was time that she had a little action. “All right”, she yelled, “who wants to fuck me!” She instantly pulled off her shirt, and unclasped her bra, letting them fall to the floor.”

“I’ll do it baby!” A football player, by the name of Mercer slid up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. His thumbs teasing the belt clasp of her jeans an instant before he unbuckled them and they slid down her legs. She kicked them off and stood in just her panties for a moment until someone decided that she’d been wearing those for too long and unceremoniously, slides them off of her as well. Her red pubic hair is trimmed into a delicate triangle, and there is a birthmark on her right thigh.

Someone scoops her feet out from underneath her and slides her onto the table. She lands with a bump, but is too drunk to really know what is going on.

Suddenly three slot oyna of the football players line up along with Mercer, one at her head, two at her left and right sides respectively and one at her sweet center.

Chad saw what was going to happen, and didn’t want to be involved in a row, however he didn’t want to be responsible for someone getting an STD or worse. “Guys, stick these on.”

The jocks looked at him as if he were nuts as he threw them several foil wrapped packages. The jocks tore into those quickly, and sheathed their cocks in latex. They then turned back to what they were doing; One of the boys went right up into the Girls cunt, while another went to her mouth, she stuck out her tongue and started to lap slightly around the tip of the cock that had just presented itself at her mouth.

Another one of the girls, seeing the outlay of action that was right there in front of her, had decided that she was unable to contain her excitement any longer and had decided that it would be a good time to shuck off her own shorts and panties.

Now, Donna, or Donnie as she was called, was on the rather chunky side, but that didn’t stop some of the guys from hooting and hollering at her as she began her strip tease. She clasped the hem of her shirt and slid it up, exposing her fleshy underbelly. Her breasts swung out pendulous like.

The males were on her like flies to fatten calves on a hot summer day. Their cocks already hard and at the ready; someone helped her to the floor, making it possible so that she could take several cocks at once. She had one in her mouth, one in each hand and a fourth up her wet vagina

Two other women; Hanna and Frieda had gotten bored with the gang-bang action had had slowly stripped themselves down and were now slowly and seductively kissing each other, their tongues dancing across one another. Frieda’s hands wove in and out of Hanna’s hair as she tried to bring the lusty 21 year-old closer to her embrace. Hanna had gone a little lower and had managed to put 3/5ths of her fingers up Frieda’s sopping wet cunt, and she was now moving it back and forth, making the ebony haired Frieda twitch with every movement. “More, more, please, oh God more!”

Chad and Ryan looked at each other, both had managed to find little honeys, but had not as of that moment, engaged in sexual acts. They pressed a button in the underside of their bar, and automatically, a 8mm sprung into action, hidden discreetly behind a picture of Chad’s father.

Kellie Ronald’s clasped tightly onto Chad, she was wearing a black tee shirt and white stretchy-type pants. “Chad, Honey this is making me hot…” She gently licked his ear, and brought it in closer to nuzzle at.

“I know baby me too.”

“Do you want to…”

Chad nodded his head, but there was a problem. “Kellie I can’t leave, this is, after all, my party.”

“Who said anything about leaving?”

Chad looked at her, as if she had sprouted three heads, but she took no notice and instead ducked behind the bar. She went down and started to unzip Chad’s pants, Gently stroking him, over and over until at last…

“Oh, god I’m going to cum…” Chad hissed, his head canlı casino siteleri thrown back in orgasmic bliss.

“Wait a second, love…” Kellie slid out of her pants, she wore nothing underneath, as Chad had suspected when he first laid eyes on her, and had briefly noticed her inner lips outlined in her pants. In moments, she was naked from the waist down. She quickly positioned Chad between her legs. “Come on love.”

“But, I don’t have a raincoat on.” Hissed Chad.

“It’s all right, I’m on the pill. Come on and cum inside me.”

That was all it took, and in moments Chad was pumping away at Kellie’s Cunt. All the while Ryan was in the backroom making sure that the video camera was in working order.

Suddenly someone groaned and an arc of sperm erupted from an unknown cock, landing smack dab in the front of the floor.

“All right!” Several of the sports players congratulated whomever it was, by now everything had gotten all comfy and cozy, and none of the football players had managed to keep their uniforms on.

It was, as Chad and Ryan had hoped, becoming one big orgy. Several minutes had passed, and most of the beers had been drunk, many of the guests were either passed out or well on their way to becoming that way.

Chad managed to lay Kellie out on the floor and was doing it to her missionary style, while Ryan was looking at all of the passed out bodies, save for the two lesbian chicks that were still going at it. They were completely oblivious to the gangbang that had occurred with the football players and their friends.

Finally, after several hours of frenetic fucking, where Chad had managed to come in all of Kellie’s orifices – except for her anal cherry—she would have none of that, thank you. They managed to stumble out of Chad’s room Kellie naked save for one of Chad’s oversized Tee shirts.

“Oh baby.” Kellie whispered into Chad’s ear, “I can’t believe that it was so good, I mean you managed to suck on my clit like you were swallowing a lifesaver, I mean baby. Ooh!”

Ryan smiled at his friend and His friend. “So.” He patted Chad upon the shoulder, “I assumed that each one of you had a good time.”

“Honestly, Ry…” Kellie whispered into his ear, making him wonder if Chad had slipped him something. “…This man gives oral like nobodies business. I mean I lost count of how many times I came, I finally had to beat him off with a stick.”

“So. Are we having a permeate guest for the remainder of the year?”

“I think so Ryan. I think so.” Chad and Kellie retired back into Chad’s, now their room, and slept, while Ryan went around with a garbage bag. At approximately 2 Am, he finally managed to get everything cleaned up, including the football gang bangers, whom he managed to escort out the door.

Yet, he decided to keep the two lesbians who even after five hours, showed no aspects of wanting to stop (he had no idea how or even why this was, but he wasn’t complaining). He just switched tapes in the Recorder, and went to bed.

All in all, he thought as he snuggled into his own bed, his hand creeping down towards his hard cock, and giving it a wank every once and a while. It had been a very productive night.

As he shut his eyes and drifted off to sleep, he could hear the two lesbians still going at it, and as he started to dream, he wondered how much that tape was going to fetch on E-bay.

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