27 Ekim 2021

Fridagirl, as you have never known her

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Fridagirl, as you have never known her
I have always wanted to tell it like it is for a girl to be open and honest with men. Since my awakening at puberty, the feelings and sexual urges I went through everyday, as with all girls, is frightening. I have always wanted to be grabbed and used before morning classes. masturbation gives temporary relief to our bodies continual assault with sex hormones driving us wild with the need for cock, to feel and smell a man using you and know the thing moving in and out of you is real.
So I have put this little story together with a lot of feeling from a female perspective, I wish I could say it is pure female fantasy, but I cannot, the feeling were real as real as masturbating knowing a stranger might discover you, daring myself to be caught, daring myself to be fucked, then most deliciously, cast aside like a used condom full of semen.
This is how I like my sex, rough and ready and I am sure as I write you will excuse the grammatical errors I make with my pussy soaked fingers, as I think about you thinking about me.

All comments after the story are what makes it worth it and I thank you in advance, love Frida.

My story: In the beginning

I wanted so bad to look all grown up, I would slip into my older sisters halter top dress, which was a size too big to wear, but here in my room I could imagine myself wearing it outside and men looking at me in that way that men do when they want you bad so bad.

The daytime heat was oppressive, lying here on my couch, in bobby socks and cut-off denim skirt, bare breasted, oh how I wish I had bigger boobs to tantalise men to touch me, my eyes and ears filled with the porn movie I am watching, my fingers down my skirt and panties, fingering until it hurts.
I know what it is I want, but the men I see are scared of the consequences of being caught with me, so instead just watch as I show and entice, I want a fuck, to be fucked, seeded and impregnated as a final solution, being pregnant and carrying another life form inside me, proves I did it, but for now, until then, its my fingers that feel the inside of my wet, warm, sweet and sticky cunt, as I pull them out, hold them high to look at and plunge them into my mouth and imagine a man sucking them clean.

I lay around daily, half naked and masturbate in front of my open window, willing men to look in and see me, some do and wonder if they are looking at a boy or a girl. They see my naked upper torso, as I thrust my hard nipple at them from afar, they see the denim skirt and are momentarily excited that they are looking at a girl, even more so when I deliberately lift my leg onto the railing to give their eyes access to my ‘V’, possibly noting my hand and arm moving rhythmically as I rock my boat and try to cum in public view.

This was my daily routine since my puberty, watching porn and masturbating, thinking about how great it would be to go out and pick any man I wanted, instead of lying on my old leather couch in my room, with my hand down my denim skirt, watching porn and rubbing my pussy.

I sometimes wonder if mother nature herself has been kind to me. I know there are many years yet to come where my body will catch up to make my honey trap complete. I stand tall for a girl my age, 5 10″, a tad on the skinny, with a small curvaceous arse, for slapping and nipples like little bostancı escort stone pebbles, which show through my tops, albeit deliberately, they will suffice until the breast meat or fat follows as I get older.

I would think about the swing park, it had been years since I used to hang out there, there I knew they liked to see me and many times I was tempted just to swing, going higher and higher with my legs open, knowing the park benches directly in front of the swings, where certain old men sat and watched me, letting them see me and me smiling back, just to let them know I was doing it for them.

I think that’s what kept them at bay, they were scared I was jail bait, one touch and they could be away for a long stretch, not that I would say anything to anyone, no, it was the other women who were there with their own c***dren, tut-tutting always watching and reporting.

There was one old guy, there was something about him I connected with, he did look as if he might not be back, sitting coughing and wheezing, but he came, regular as clockwork and he was always happy to see me, it was as if it was me he came to see, we had that connection, it was as if he knew why I was in the park and on the swings, he knew and sensed my urges and when I opened my thighs as the swing soared towards his view, if the women were not looking at us, I let him see me as my reward to him and I hoped when he touched himself at night, he thought about me and only me, we connected like that, long before the internet made it easier, how I wanted to sit on his face and let him drink my youthful nectar, fresh from my cunt.

In the end, as years passed, I went to another senior high school and the sex for real started, we could not avoid it. If you wanted to be anyone or get into anything, you had to open your mouth and your legs and sometimes both of them together. I was fifteen and all the girls in that school had been deflowered by that age, we just accepted it as initiation into adulthood, it was our passport that got us into parties, where drank beer and as you walked around, people were just screwing everywhere.

There was this one party that centres around my story, I was as horny as hell and d**gged on a pill that made me more than vampish, I was feeling aggressive, and really open to anything, as I sashayed around this huge Gothic cathedral house, stinking of chlorinated semen and seeing girl being fucked against walls and touching guys bare asses as they humped into tiny pussies just awakening to their purpose in life.

I was looking for a toilet, I was fighting the urge to squat and piss in front of everyone, but I did find a packed corridor of drunken and d**gged youth and fought my way past the throng of noise, and hands groping me until I pushed in a door, held closed by a copulating couple.

It was Maggie and George and they resumed their fucking as I squatted on the pan and peed like a racehorse, knickers down and long legs open, trying to focus on George’s cute butt as he hammered into Maggie’s little girlish bald cunt. The light bulb cast a deep reddish hue over everything but I saw George staring at me as I urinated, above Maggie’s wailing, I got up deliberately letting him see I too was shaven, what a nice thing to experience, fucking one tight pussy and seeing another from a girl he always fancied.

I ataşehir escort bayan flushed and started to pull my knickers up when Georgie asked, ‘Give us a hand Frida’. I went to then and felt around for his balls, cupped them and licked his ear, and tickled his butt hole with my long nails, I felt his immediate response, as Maggie’s little pussy was inseminated and Georgie and I kissed passionately on the mouth.

I looked into his red eyes and asked him if he was finished, massaging his balls as he slipped out of Maggie, he was, and I pulled my finger from his ass and went across to wash my hands.

I never heard them leave or the other guy come in to see me with my knickers around my one ankle. He came in behind me as I straightened up to feel him press against my naked buttocks, he was hard and felt big. I had no intention of fighting him off, I was there for the taking and I turned to face him, mouth open and tongue ready, as my hand felt his curves under his bulging pants.

My fingers were about to choke it, before releasing it to pleasure myself, when a girls voice called on him fro the other side of the door.

he slipped from my grasp and opened the door, and I could feel her eyes traverse my long body, paying particular attention to my fallen underwear, she just smiled, that smile of he is mine and walked off into the darkness of the other rooms, leaving me to pull my panties back on and go find a quick fuck, I could still feel George’s balls in my hand.

I went back out and was immediately surround by three drunken boys and we dance or simply swayed to the music, as one boy found my exposed nipple and started to suck on it, while the coloured boy pressed into my buttocks, that was when I saw that girl again, her hand on his cock as she wanked him as he watched me being used.

I reached behind and found the coloured boys hand, as my eyes and his were locked on each other, and I pulled my toy behind me to go find somewhere to have sex.

I saw a disapproving look flash between him and his blond girlfriend as he tucked his erection back into his pants, I brushed past both as I dragged him outside and into the grounds, I wanted to do it here in the open, be one with nature and turned and started to kiss my black boy, my hand down his pants feeling the joys of a large cock.

It was dark as we warmed to each other and I whispered I was on the pill, as his pants fell to his ankles and I turned to let him in from behind. I saw the light as he opened the car door, and both of them got into the car, then stop as I was in full view, bent forward with the black boy really getting after it.

They watched as I pushed back into this boy, it was violent, as it had all the elements of what really turned me on, a good fuck and voyeurs, when the interior light came back on, I saw she was humping him as he watched us, her naked back was to me, as my lover could not see them, only we saw each other and I waved to him, to acknowledge his fucking, and he me, to acknowledge my being fucked, I made sure he saw my orgasm, as I cried and howled like a wolf doing so at a full moon, at least he knew I was alive and could show liked being pleasured.

Weeks later as I walked around one night looking for a party and sex, I thought how men liked to spread the scent, like a dog advertising their willingness göztepe escort bayan t fuck a bitch in heat, that’s right, we go looking for them to be fertilised. I tried to be different, I too spread my scent, I know how to put it about, I know how to fuck and tonight I want a few of them, maybe together, like at the party back then when groups of guys congregate to bring a woman down and take her for the sheer pleasure of using her.

I can feel my pussy tighten as if gripping onto a cock determined to slip from me, and my hips give an involuntary thrust forward, making my gait look more sexual. I hear a whistle and look but it was for someone else, and I take a turn into a dangerous area known for its attacks on unaccompanied women and girls, what would they say if they saw I was practically naked, would they be as violent when they threw me down and spread my legs to see there were no panties to rip off and stuff into my mouth, or would they be disgusted because it was going to be easy and angry because now they knew I came looking for it?

Suddenly there he was, the guy from the party, the guy who watched me being fucked, ‘Where are you going’, he asked?

He was holding a beer, so I reached for it and took a deep swig, ‘I’m looking for a fuck’, I answered brazenly, ‘maybe two or three’, I continued and took another deep drink from the bottle.

He had that look in his face that told me he liked my outrageousness, and when he reached to take his bottle back I resisted, determined to test is resolve, I was not going to be his little Blondie fuck, so I lifted my dress high enough to show my pussy and slipped the bottle neck inside and worked it up and down as our eyes stayed locked and my pussy could feel the pressure as the beer foamed inside my tightly sealed cunt with my violent shaking.

When I pulled it free, it popped like champagne and foam poured from its spout and my pussy, I laughed as did he, when I handed him the bottle he licked it clean and I dropped to my knees to suck him dry, but he picked me up, ‘Not here, I want to fuck you elsewhere’.

We arrived at his, I seemed to recognise it, but it escaped me, not that I cared I was about to have sex and pushed into his apartment and fell onto the floor and started to eat each other.

Round one was over and we rested, and I compared out naked bodies. ‘On a scale of one to ten, was it a good fuck’, I asked him and not content with his answer which I knew was a ten, I had to know how was I compared to Blondie, how did our pussies compare?

We shagged until a fell asleep naked in his arms. It was a mixture of strong sunlight, the smell of coffee and the fact he had left for work leaving my lying on his carpeted floor, that was one thing, but the biggest surprise was the old man offering the coffee to me, his grandfather, who after all these years finally got to meet the little girl who showed her pussy to him in the swing park.

I lay back and let him touch my naked body, thrilling in his pleasure as he felt my willing wetness between my legs, pushing his fingers into my holes, and telling me how much he ached to fuck me back then, I liked hearing that and told him I thought about it too, but for those busybody women.

I finished my coffee and got up and asked him to lie down, I undressed him and went down on him, taking my time to explore those parts long forgotten about with a female pointed tongue. I got him hard and fucked him and when his grandson came home. he found us together, and it is here I wish to end a small part of my journey I have taken pleasure to tell you.

Love Fridagirl

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