28 Mayıs 2022

Forbidden Fruit

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I was twenty-eight when I first met James. Not Jim but James. He was 33 years and a beautiful man; dark wavy hair, deep blue eyes and strong chiselled features. Sort of a GQ model type.

I on the other hand was thin, silver-haired (as I had been since I was seventeen) and very unsure of my self in the ways of the world. I had only had a few dates with girls while growing up and most had been virtual disasters. As I grew older, the situation didn’t improve since I felt more and more isolated from the opposite sex.

I am an accountant by training and at that time worked for a large corporation in my home city. I never seemed to have the interest or nerve to strike out into the larger more exciting world.

It was our fiscal year end and James came into our offices as the team leader from the CA firm doing our audit; they planned for a minimum two weeks of work and perhaps longer since the business was very complex. Since I was the senior accountant, I would be working closely with James on a daily basis. As he entered my office on that first day, my breath felt like it had completely left my body – he was gorgeous! As we shook hands he smiled a charming grin at me and made sure that I had his first name right (I had called him Jim in the introduction).

The audit proceeded pretty well without problems for the first week while James familiarized himself with our business. Since we had three subsidiaries in other provinces, I knew there would be some travel involved for the auditors but was astounded when James walked into my office on day eight of the audit to inform me that the president had authorized he and I to do a road tour of the various plants. I, with my extensive experience within the company, was the logical choice I suppose but it still caught me off guard. James dropped casino oyna a folder of tickets on my desk and told me in the great tenor voice of his that we were scheduled to depart the next day at 11:00 am. He would pick me up and drive me to the airport.

Both the drive the next morning was a little awkward since I was intrigued and not a little attracted to James. However, we managed to fill the flight time with somewhat banal conversion.

At our first destination, we took a cab to the airport and checked in. As I was unpacking my bags – we would be there for three days – I heard a tapping on the door to the adjoining suite. I opened the door to see a grinning James asking me if I was ready to head out for an early dinner since we had an early morning the next day. After the initial shock that he was that close, I said “Sure – just give me a few moments to get changed.

After changing from my business suit into a pair of casual slacks and a soft velour shirt for comfort as well as warmth, I knocked on the door to tell James I would meet him downstairs ion the lobby in five minutes. He opened the door wearing only one of the hotels fluffy white bath sheets having just finished his shower. He invited me in to wait in

his room until he got dressed. As he walked back into the bathroom, he dropped the towel on the floor. His butt was toned and firm and set my imagination soaring – did he do that on purpose or was he just so comfortable in himself that he didn’t even give it a second thought? I seemed to slip into somewhat of a trance until James returned to the suite’s living room where I was waiting and We left together for dinner at a great Italian restaurant James was familiar with; guess with all his traveling, he soon learned where the good food was to be had.

We finished slot oyna off three bottles of Chianti with our dinner and I feeling more than a little buzzed. I didn’t see how we were going to get anything done tomorrow at the plant. However James didn’t seem the least bit worried.

We headed back to the hotel (mostly with James helping me and laughing at the silliest jokes all the way). When we took the elevator to our floor, we went to James’ door rather than mine and as we entered I could see my bags and clothes hung in his closet. When I looked over at James, he just smiled and said “I took the liberty and a large tip to the bellhop to move your things. We must be fiscally responsible, mustn’t we?” He obviously knew that I was attracted to him since he took my face in his hands and kissed me ever so gently on the lips. Without even thinking about it, my own hands wrapped around him and I pulled him against me. I could feel his hardening cock rubbing against mine and I moaned softly as I returned his kisses, which grew in intensity quickly.

I still don’t know to this day how we ended up naked on his king-sized bed or how we had assumed a 69 position but it was to be. The feel of his hard cock – I think about 8″ long and a nice handful compared to my slim 7 ½ ” – sliding between my lips as he sucked me in deeply was mind blowing (no pun intended). I laved the head of his cock and tasted my first pre cum! What had I been waiting for all my years?? It was intense and loving all at the same time.

My cock slipped out of James’ mouth long enough for him to moisten his fingers, which then slipped effortlessly into my ass. As he continued to suck me, his finger (first one then two and finally three were fucking me where I had only dreamed possible.) James then pulled away from me and asked canlı casino siteleri me in a husky voice to lie on my back and pull my legs up to my chest. He then bent down and I felt his hot tongue – the one that had shortly before invaded my mouth in a fervent kiss – start to rim my puckered anal ring until he could push hard enough to slide his tongue past my opening and into my ass. It felt like he was buried to the hilt as I pushed back against his tongue moaning “Oh God …please fuck me! Don’t stop!”

James pulled out and while smiling while he looked deep into my eyes, lifted my legs over his shoulder. I could feel his cock head pressing against me and I wanted him inside me so badly I pressed back against him while relaxing my muscles. Suddenly, the head of his cock slipped inside me and the first wave of pain struck me. This wasn’t the way I thought it would be! James just stopped pressing into me and told me to relax until I was ready. As I nodded, he slid another inch or so into me and, taking his time, was soon

buried all the way inside me. The silkiness of the hard cock inside me as I squeezed with my strong anal muscles was unbelievable.

I begged him to fuck me all the way and harder but he took his time wanting me to derive all the pleasure out of this my first experience. Soon he acquiesced and started to pull almost all the way out and then drive deep to the bottom. Since my legs were over his shoulders, I was able to meet him on each downward stroke and pull him ever deeper into me.

Suddenly, I felt him expand inside me and I cried out “Cum inside me, Please! Oh God, I am going to cummmmmmmmmm”. James let lose with a huge load of sweet thick cum deep inside me; so much so that it leaked out around the seal on his still hard cock onto the bed sheets.

For the rest of that road tour we stayed together in the same room and continued our adventures every ight.

Needless to say, we received a clean bill of financial health from the auditors that year – the best ever!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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