21 Mayıs 2022

Fill Bill

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Why is it that all straight men are such a sucker for young girls in Catholic School girl outfits? Such was the case when I met Saka for the first time. My intent was to corner Madame Sang in her private parlor of her favorite restaurant; however, I fear that Madame Sang’s spies knew that I was coming.

I entered the Midori restaurant, and as I looked up to Madame Sang’s private room, I noticed Saka approaching me from the top of the stairs. Saka was a pretty Japanese girl with long, straight black hair. She had on a cute Catholic School girl outfit with white knee high stockings. She had an icy stare that hinted of danger. Madame Sang had sent Saka to test me before he inevitable meeting.

I knew that Saka was subterfuge, but I am a man, and I had to have the forbidden fruit. Saka approached me with her dead stare and grabbed my hand. She led me up the staircase to a sliding paper door. She slid the door open, and there stood Madame Sang in her white kimono. She was extravagant. Her jet black hair was piled in a bun and her face was powdered white with piercing brown China Doll eyes and glistening red lipstick.

“Hello, Bill.”

“Hello, Madame Sang.”

Saka slid the door shut behind me, and I was alone in the room with the two beautiful Japanese women.

“Have you met Saka, Bill.”

“Not formally.”

As I looked to Saka for some sort of introduction, she looked at me with a stern look and pulled a 6 or 7 foot chain from a nearby shelf. Saka began swinging the chain around and around coming closer towards me. My beef was with Sang, not Saka, but this young woman was an agent of the evil Emperess.

She walked slowly around the room as I dodged he chain. Madame Sang stood still as her body guard followed me slowly around the room.

“What did you come here for, Bill?”

“You know I came or you, Sang.”

“Aww. Still mad are we?”

“Yes. Still mad. I came to give you what you deserve.”

“Oh, Bill. I think you coming here is indeed a mistake, for it is going to be you who gets what is deserved.”

As I watched Saka swinging the chain, I cased the room for a weapon, but I had come unarmed. I went to grab a nearby chair, and as I did, Saka swung the chain at the chair shattering it into small pieces. I turned to look at Sang, and I exclaimed, “Leave her out of this. I came to finish my business with you, not her.”

As I said this, I felt casino siteleri the sharp sting of the chain hit my back knocking me to my knees. My shirt was shredded. I quickly stood up and looked back at Saka. She swung the chain towards me and it threw me towards a wooden pillar in the room. The chain wrapped around the pillar surrounding my neck. I was choking as the Saka pulled the chain around my neck. I was stuck between her and the pillar. She walked slowly towards my face as I struggled for breath. As she yanked the chain, she slowly ran her tongue across my lips and smiled for the first time.

With her leg, she slid a wooden chair next to the pillar as I struggled to release the chain from around my neck. Saka then tied off her end of the chain around the pillar and pressed my body down onto the chair. As I struggled to breathe, Saka straddled my body and she sat in my lap facing toward me. As I looked into her eyes, she began to kiss me passionately and grinding herself into me. I looked down to see her beautiful legs hanging from both sides of the chair as she humped me. I placed my hands on her ass and began accepting the bittersweet slavery. My return kisses began to excite her, and she began biting my neck as she continued to kiss me. She whispered to me to remove my pants, which I did. My cock was rock hard. Saka ripped my shirt off.

As I sat there naked and breathing heavy, Saka stood in the seat of the chair forcing me to spread my legs open. As I sat staring directly into the lap of her mini-dress, I became engorged with desire with the thought of her forcing her sweetness upon me while Madame Sang watched on. Saka slowly ran her hands up the length of her legs nderneath her skirt. I looked into her eyes as she rubbed herself. I can only imagine the moisture on her fingers.

“Are you ready?” Sang asked from a distance.

“Yes,” I said.

“I wasn’t asking you, Bill.”

“Yes, master” Saka replied.

“Very well, proceed.”

Saka then reached under her skirt with both hands and pulled out a nice sized black cock which was strapped on to her lean, well-built frame. The cock was inches from my face. I knew what was coming, and I twitched back and forth fighting the inevitable. Saka poked at my closed mouth as she laughed aloud. She never said a word to me; she only forced her strap-on in my face. She slapped me across the face with the shiny black dildo and slot oyna laughed. I began to sweat profusely, my entire body becoming endrenched in sweat.

From behind me, I heard Madame Sang command, “Suck it.”

I refused. Saka’s cock pressed against my lips. As I tossed and turned, Saka grew weary of my fight. She placed her left foor on the shaft of my extremely hard cock and began to press it downward toward the chair. She pressed my cock harder into the chair, and it became excruciating as the tip of her high heel shoes pressed my cock into the chair. I could feel the pain intensely. Saka grabbed my hair and pulled it violently as I let out a scream. As I let out my scream, Saka placed the strap-on deep into my throat. I had no choice but to accept her phallus. With both hands, she began pulling my hair and rocking my head back and forth onto her cock.

Her foot eased off of my cock as she got what she wanted. I tried to fight her, but she had full control of me. With the chain around my neck and the cock in my mouth, I found it very difficult to breathe. I began to turn red and sweat dripped all over me. When I reached the realization that I should actively participate, Saka unwound the chain from the pillar and threw me to the floor. There I sat on all fours, a sweaty tool who could hardly breathe. Saka quickly stood behind me and clutched my shoulders with both hands.

At that moment, I realized what was to come next. Saka wasted no time penetrating me. Thank God my body was wet with sweat. It provided a slight amount of lubrication around my ass, and all of my saliva on Saka’s cock helped it enter me without excruciating pain. As the dildo filled my ass, I felt my bowels expand. It wasn’t as painful as I thought it was going to be. It was more humiliating than anything.

I was so tired from fighting that I had no energy to fight her thrusts. Saka began fucking my ass at will. In and out, in and out. It was filling me up and stealing my breath with every pump. Saka fucked me and fucked me and fucked me. My ass began to enjoy Saka’s cock and almost involuntarily, I began to press myself backwards over and over again onto her cock. Could I really be enjoying this? The pleasure was building.

Saka slammed into me. I could feel her fingernails digging into my shoulders. I looked back at her into ther eyes. Her eyes were dead brown. She did not smile, but I did. As I turned away from canlı casino siteleri her, I fucked her cock with my ass. Harder and harder I slammed into her. She had to clutch me harder to keep from falling down.

Once I opened my eyes, Madame Sang stood in front of me. I was amazed at her beauty as she stood over me. Her kimono dropped to the floor, and there she stood, naked to the world except for a thick, black, shiny strap-on dildo. She walked towards my face, and I knew that I was in ecstacy. No words were spoken as I knew my role. I opened my mouth wide as Madame Sang walked towards me. She entered my mouth and I began to suck with reckless abandon. I was being seriously fucked.

“Suck it, Bill. Do you like sucking my cock?”

“Yes.” I knew she had me.

“I guess you are getting what you deserved, huh, Bill?”

“Yes, Madame Sang.”

“Say it.”

“I’m getting what I deserve, Madame Sang.”

“What’s that? What are getting?”

“I’m getting fucked in my ass and my mouth, Madame Sang.”

“Do you like it, slut?”

“Yes, oh god, yes!!!!”

Saka took my ass faster, and Madame Sang guided my head towards her cock faster and faster. I looked up into her eyes and she mine. I knew that she owned me, owned my ass, all of me. I was getting what I deserved.

“Fuck me. Oh, yes!!!!! Fuck me.”

“Oh we’re going to fuck you. We’re going to have our way with you.”

I was being pumped in front and from behind. Suddenly, I felt my as fill with a warm burst of liquid. As I realized that Saka’s dildo was releasing inside of me, the shock made my eyes open wide and gaze into Madame Sang’s eyes. For the first time she smiled. She took the cock from my mouth and held it next to my mouth.

“Open, slut.”

I opened my mouth as wide as I could. A silky white liquid began oozing out of Madame Sang’s shiny black cock. I licked the head as her juice shot into my mouth and all over my face. She held my head at bay by clutching my hair tightly.

“Yes,” she moaned. “Open up and take my cum. I’m cumming in your mouth.”

I sucked her cum and I felt it burn as it traced the inside of my esophagus. As I continued to deep throat her cock, Saka stood before me with her cock and continued to shoot cum all over my face. I was such a slut. I was drinking Madame Sang’s cum, and my ass dripped of Saka’s cum. The two ladies laughed as they threw me to the floor. I lay there in a pool of their cum in amazement of what had just happened.

Saka removed her harness, and as she walked out of the room, Madame Sang said,

“Saka, come back anytime–anytime you want to FILL BILL.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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