27 Ekim 2021

Evening the Score – Chapter 9

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Evening the Score – Chapter 9
The next week was interesting, to say the least. We were both at our jobs, seeing each other evenings. I checked her phone and laptop when she got home, as she prepared dinner, ensuring there was nothing funny going on. So far, everything was on the up and up. I also checked the GPS location of her phone, and the GPS trackers I placed in her car and purse throughout the day, every day. Again, she was where she was supposed to be, and her phone’s location was always on. After she confessed to the gang bang in our house and bed, I installed mini video cameras throughout the house, inside and out. When I left the house, they were armed to notify me with video when any movement was detected. And so far, they’ve never been activated. I guess she’s living up to our agreement. And, since the party, she hasn’t mentioned one word about her desire to fuck other men. As far as I could tell, she’d stopped cold turkey. My phone and laptop, however, remained locked to her. Before all this, she had complete access to both. No longer. Not until we were even. And even then, we’ll see.

One evening, a Wednesday, I think, Jess came home to a darkened house. My car was in the garage, so she knew I was home, and I was. There were also two cars parked in the street. But I’m not sure she noticed those.

As she made her way though the house, she turned the lights on. She heard a slight noise emanating from our bedroom, and she came in to check. There, she found me, Donna, and Meg from the party the prior weekend.

“What the hell is going on?”, Jess demanded.

“These two ladies and I are fucking!”, I said. “What do you think we’re doing?” It was a stupid question, since it was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri pretty obvious what was going on.

“Here? In our bed? What the fuck!”, Jess screamed.

Calmly, I said, “Yes, in our bed, just like you’ve done. You didn’t have any complaints about those 10 black cocks gang banging you in this very bed while I was out of town last year, did you? I figured it was ok.”

Donna and Meg looked at Jess, and said, “Ooh, you just got burned.” A juvenile remark, but effective, nonetheless.

Jess looked at me with disgust. “So, that makes 27 left?, she asked.

“No!”, I said. “I still have 29 left to go.”

“How do you figure?”, she asked, peeved.

“Because, these are two cunts, no offense, ladies, that I’ve fucked before. They don’t count. Only new cunts count. I can fuck these two all I want, and they won’t count toward our total.” I said this in a manner to make sure Jess understood.

“But, I don’t understand.”, said Jess.

“Look, simply,”, I began. “Per our agreement, you were fucked and bred by 30 cocks, hundreds of times. Should I count each cunt I fuck and breed? Or should I count each fuck. You decide.”

Jess looked pissed. This was not going her way at all, and not ending anytime soon.

“I guess counting cunts makes sense. It’ll make this end sooner, I think.” Her comment shed more light into her dalliances than she knew. I had assumed hundreds of fucks and breedings. Now I’m beginning to think it may be more, thousands, perhaps.

“As long as we’re on the same page.”, I said.

And with that, I returned my attention back to the two lovelies sharing my bed. My marriage bed. Previously soiled by my wife.

Later that week, Friday, I’m güvenilir casino sure, Jess once again came home to a darkened house. I heard her say, “Shit!”, as she entered, and once again, all the lights were off. This time, she headed straight to the bedroom, only to find me, and two gorgeous 30-something black women having sex. When she arrived at the doorway, and saw what we were doing, her eyes opened as wide as saucers.

“What the fuck is going on here?, she demanded.

“I’m fucking these two women.”, I retorted. “Meet Gale, and Julie. And yes, they count as two new cunts. And, for your information, their cunts are full of my sperm. I’m just about to begin working their asses. Would you like to watch? Or maybe join us? They’re both bi, and I’m pretty sure they would enjoy showing you the ropes.” I knew this would annoy Jess, and it was clearly visible that it had. “You know I’m not into that!”, Jess retorted. I had contacted our hosts for the previous weekend’s swinger party, and asked if they knew of any bi black women that would enjoy some play time with a white male, and, to my surprise, they responded with two, and they both accepted. And, as was becoming routine, I fucked and bred all their holes, raw, in as many positions we could think of. Damn! These women were nasty, and I was intoxicated with the contrast of their very dark skin, against my pale whiteness.

Jess looked at me with disgust, and wandered on. She went to another bedroom, and took a shower. Several minutes later, she arrived back at the doorjamb, in her robe, folded her arms, and watched. I, we, just continued our fun, trying not to pay any attention to Jess. This went on for some time.

I fucked casino firmalari them one at a time, on my back, with the other grinding her cunt and ass on my mouth hard, then switching places. I fucked them side-by-side, and over-under, alternating my cock into each of their holes, cunt to ass, ass to cunt, it didn’t matter. It all felt so fucking good.

Once their holes were full of my seed, I sat back and watched, as these two began scissoring their cunts and asses together, sharing my cum between their holes. Fuck! That was hot to watch. I was so hard again, I came along side, and shoved my cock into both their mouths. It wasn’t long before I shot my last load for the evening, which was immediately shared between the two with a deep, french kiss.

When Gale and Julie finally had their fill, showered, and left, Jess confronted me and said, “Really? Black women?”. I couldn’t respond faster. “You disapprove of interracial sex? You? Who was gang banged by ten well hung black males, one of which was 14” long, on this very bed? And took each of them and their cum in her every hole? You have the audacity to complain to me about fucking and breeding only two black women?”

Jess looked at me in disbelief. Not disbelief in what she saw, or what I said, but disbelief in what she had said. OF course she was being hypocritical. Based on what she had confessed to me, there is nothing that she can legitimately complain about.

So with that, she left to make dinner, leaving me to clean up.

I showered, cleaned up our bedroom, ate the dinner she made, the we both went to sleep, but not until after Jess came to me, horny as hell, and fucked the hell out of my cock. I didn’t know I had any more left to give, but give I did. I filled her pussy, and demanded and filled her ass too. She sucked me clean, to the balls, then we called it a night. What I hadn’t mentioned to her was that I never cleaned the cum, cunt and ass juices from Gale and Julie off my cock. Evil, I know.

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