21 Mayıs 2022

Dad is an Exhibitionist Ch. 05

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Summer was slow to arrive in New York. It had been a long, wet spring. New Yorkers complained about the gloom but it was more suited to his mood following the loss of his only real friend. New York became a lonely place to him.

Dave continued dancing at the Wonder Bar and occasionally supplemented his income by accepting an invitation from one of the bar clients. The men were always polite and respectful, but the sex lacked passion on his part. He learned to gently push them away from any talk of permanency. Especially on the subject of his being kept.

However, on most evenings, lying in his bed alone, he would begin stroking his swelling cock and as he jacked it, his mind would go to a pond hidden in dark woods. As his passion rose he could feel the lips of a stranger begin to suck him. The man-god’s mouth slid up and down the shaft of his cock until, from deep inside him, there burst a pulsating flow that shot spasms of hot cum from his inflamed prick onto his stomach. He would lay there as his breath subsided before wiping himself clean. Then he could sleep.

One morning after returning from a workout at a local gym a letter from his mother in Atlanta had arrived. Typically, her communication consisted of chiding him for quitting school and pleading that he return from New York, which she considered the world’s most dangerous place. Dave did his best to avoid telephone contact as she could become quite strident on the subjects of terrorism, crime, and violence, all of which placed him in immediate peril, she was convinced.

He had to lie about his income source and she thought he had found a career in marketing. Dave chuckled realizing that what he was telling her wasn’t that far from the truth.

Aside from her usual nags and gripes, this letter contained an interesting bit of information. His father and Marilyn had separated and filed for divorce. Typical of his mother, this information was accompanied by no dates or other information; only the rejoinder that she had known it wouldn’t work all along. The divorce could have been six months ago or last week for all she told. The young man’s stomach still jumped with the news.

The young man tried to remain in touch with his dad, but the process was too painful, so he disengaged from communicating. His father was never good at staying in touch. And now that he was married again, Dave felt like an intruder if he thought of calling or writing him.

Hearing of his father’s divorce left him hoping that he might hear from him. That evening at work he felt happier strutting around the stage than he had felt in months. He had winked invitingly at several men in the audience, inciting two invitations to go out afterward. One was casino siteleri from an older man he had seen before. He went.

“So you’re originally from Atlanta,” George commented over drinks in the man’s apartment.

“Yeah,” I replied, “and Texas” pausing, “sort of.”

He generally didn’t enjoy conversation with tricks and usually tried to keep it to a minimal. However George was a repeat client whose company he did enjoy, plus the man was always flush with cash.

Distinguished by grey in his temples, the man had remained in reasonably good physical condition for his age. Dave had no idea what George did, but there was an air of intrigue about him. “Maybe he’s a mobster,” he had thought when they first met. That would be an adventure.

Setting down his drink, George looked at Dave and said, “Why don’t you slip out of that shirt you’re wearing. I enjoy looking at your chest”.

Removing his shirt he watched as George began rubbing his crotch. What he really enjoyed about George was the air of kinky sensuality the man had. He enjoyed playing games with Dave, and it always livened up the evening.

Shirtless, he stood waiting for the man’s next request, sounding as an order. “Next your shoes and socks,” followed. He promptly complied. George always wanted him to give a little strip show at the beginning of their evening. This was something that Dave enjoyed as well, the tempting of an older man, and always the hint of more pleasure to come.

Dave began slowly rubbing his chest, spending time on his nipples. He slowly moved his hips, gyrating while the man watched him, his eyes lustily following every movement.

“Damn I love the way you do that, kid. You have a way of getting my big prick hard as a rock” the man said. While giving his crotch another squeeze, he added, “That’s a special talent of yours, you know.”

Dave’s own cock was beginning to swell when he reached down to his trousers to begin slowly, ever so slowly, pulling the zipper down. His hand reached inside once there was an opening. Squeezing his crotch and slowly turning away from George, he began slowly shaking his rear.

George responded by directing a kiss towards his butt. “You slay me kid, that ass of yours is a beauty,” he said.

Encouraged by the approval, he began rolling his ass as he undid his belt. Before removing it, he reached back with both hands and rubbed each of his cheeks, simulating spreading them and saying softly, “George, do you want to see my ass hole?”

“Oh yeah baby, I want to see it, I’ll lick it, and fuck it. I’ll fuck that pussy of yours until you can’t walk.”

It amused me that the older customers always referred to his anus in feminine terms, probably because slot oyna most of them were married and that’s what they were accustomed to. Many of them, like George, continued to wear their wedding rings while his was with them. And also like George, many maintained a pied a terre on Manhattan while their families were out in Greenwich or Scarsdale or another prosperous suburb. This was fine with him as it provided a comfortable place for them to go. Dave didn’t like having someone over to his apartment.

Slipping his belt from the loops Dave folded it in half before turning and popping his cheek with the leather strap. “Oh,” he said, “that hurt.” Keeping his back to the man on the couch, he allowed his trousers to slip down his legs, letting them linger at his feet a while before stepping from them. For some reason, this seemed to drive George wild.

For Dave, wearing tight white Jockey shorts evoked sensual memories of his dad. He pulled the leg openings up into his ass crack. With cheeks exposed, he slowly backed toward the couch noticing that George had unzipped his own pants and held his cock in his hands.

“Leave the underwear on, boy,” George spoke in a gruff whisper. Despite the sophistication of his suits and this apartment, George struck Dave as someone who, at least once in his life, had worked with his hands, not unlike my father.

“I like it when you wear the white ones, reminds me of what I used to buy my sons when they were younger.” Then he added as he opened his trousers further, “Why don’t you get down here and suck on this rod, you naughty boy.”

That was his clue and he whispered “Yes, Daddy,” lowering himself between George’s legs.

“There, that’s a good boy,” the man said while placing his hands on each side of Dave’s head while the young man’s mouth slid down over the fat cock.

“You suck a good cock, son, you’re the best one yet,” George continued. Any reply was mumbled from a mouth filled with the man’s rod.

Dave sucked for a while as George leaned back to his couch and whispered comments. These covered a variety of instructions and predictions of what the man would do to “his boy.” Coming up for air, Dave always replied, “Yes Daddy, I want you Daddy, make me feel good Daddy.”

Eventually he was across George’s lap, his underwear pulled down, while the man spanked each cheek. It was a light spanking; just enough to leave a small red spot and cause a slight sting.

Spanking was something that never appealed to him until meeting George. This game with the older man seemed to fit their encounters and excited Dave even more.

Reaching down he stripped off the young man’s underwear and told him to stand up. Pulling down his own trousers, his canlı casino siteleri cock was exposed, rising upward from his lap. He wore a cock ring. He retrieved a tube of lube from the drawer of the small table next to the couch. Patting his thighs, George said, “Come on son, Daddy wants you to sit in his lap now” while spreading the lube over his member.

Spreading his legs, Dave lowered himself backward toward the man’s lap. Pausing, he could feel the head of George’s cock slip between his ass cheeks and begin pressing against his hole. “Ah Daddy,” he said, “It feels so good to have you back inside me.”

Dave stroked his rod as he rose and fell from with the thrust of George’s hips. His cock was deep within him, filling his insides with the warmth of sex. His anus had relaxed to envelope the hard prick.

George continuing muttering comments and commands, all directed toward the son riding his cock.

After a while he lifted himself slightly, giving room for George to thrust with more force. The verbal commands increased. “God damnit son, I told you to suck your Daddy’s cock, now I have to fuck that pussy of yours to teach you a lesson.”

Dave’s replies were kept short, always playing the role of a reluctant son. It worked well for George as his thrusts became stronger and the groans louder. With his cum shot, the man emitted a loud sound with a roar accompanied by “Take it boy, take your Daddy’s cum.” In a short time his cock slipped from my hole and George gasped before leaning backward and closing his eyes.

Dave knew that his part had arrived. Turning, while continuing to stroke his cock, he stepped up on the couch, his legs spread with a foot on either side of George. Leading over the man’s face, the young man began the familiar ritual. “Do you like it Daddy; do you like having your son cum all over your face?”

Dave stroked and continued speaking in that manner until he felt, from within him, the upward surge of cum. “Take it Daddy, take it” he cried as shots of white liquid began to hit the man’s face. George opened his mouth and cried excitedly when squirts found the mouth. Then, after Dave had finished, he forced his cock into the man’s mouth requesting a final sucking. “Please Daddy, taste my cock again,” he would say.

Later, at the door as Dave began to leave, George slipped a folded stack of bills into the young man’s trousers. Dave knew that the bills would total to $700. “Not bad,” he thought to himself, “for a couple of hours of work.” The men shook hands and Dave walked to the building elevator.

Once in the street approaching a subway entrance, Dave recalled the evening and comments made between them. He liked calling George, “Daddy,” though it was only a game between them. But it was a game that always left emptiness in the young man. With increasing frequency, he felt a growing shame from his activities. Still, he knew he would continue to go back for more.

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