27 Mayıs 2022

Culture School Ch. 06

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Chapter: Family Night

As I started back towards the main hall, my twat was still pulsing and Daddy’s cum was running down my leg in torrents. I barely got past the copse before I had to slip my finger inside my pussy for some quick relief. One wasn’t enough! In went two, then three! My other hand found my clit and I soon started rubbing and jacking.

I was so horny! Daddy had filled me twice, but it wasn’t enough. I was frigging myself furiously when I spotted the fence along the path where I first touched both Mom and Dad. My thoughts took me over the top with a shaking orgasm. I was barely able to stay on my feet, but I still wanted more, so I leaned over the fence without slowing my fingers a whit.

As my temperature continued to rise, I diddled and watched the shadowy figures leaving the maze towards the topiaries. I knew there was going to be some fucking in the menagerie tonight. And, I wished I had time to join in. Instead, I thought back to the two cockings that Dad had just given me and dreamed of the next time. Tomorrow, I hoped.

The mere thought of Dad’s cock was overwhelming. I could feel the stretching his cock had given me, the deep throbbing returned and the rapid pounding took me over the top again. It seemed so real! It was like greased-lighting, my fluids were the grease and the furious stoking was the lightening. I came again with a thunderous scream. Thankfully, the storm didn’t end.

Without missing a bolt, the lightening continued in my thoughts and between my thighs. I was jacking my clit and with one hand started to reach for my breast when my blouse was lifted and two hands encircled my mounds. Startled, I jerked my head around to see the gamekeeper with a big smile on his face. “You sure have a sweet pussy girl. Do you want to share with my big cock?”

I couldn’t even react before he slammed his long thin tool deep into my cunt, setting off another thunderous orgasm. When I got my senses back, he was pounding me to yet another cum. Every time he thrust balls deep I was cumming. If only he would continue forever.

But, alas, he had different ideas. He pulled fully out and pushing me to my knees, said; “Now I want to feel how sweet your lips are while I flood your belly with my seed.” I was feeling totally empty and without hesitation, I gave him the pleasure he wanted. Actually, I believe I wanted it even more. I took his full load, mostly down my throat, but he thoughtfully pulled back to let me savor several mouthfuls of his offering. He tasted much like the other cocks that I had been sucking, except he was a little gamier.

When I was no longer able to pull a spurt out of him, he pulled out of my mouth and said, “You’re welcome to come back anytime to share your hot, wet pussy with me lassie. I know it’ll be often.” I thought, “For sure”, as I lay in a heap licking my lips while still flicking my clit.

He then walked off toward the copse and I slowly rose on quivering legs to head off to the menagerie. I hoped that I would find Amy soon.

As I approached the menagerie, I saw Amy sitting on a bench gazing at the Great Dane topiary; her skirt was hiked up exposing her hand frantically frigging herself. Her other hand was busy nipping her nipples and circling her breasts. I approached silently and leaned down to kiss her lips as I said, “Oh darling Amy, you truly are my sister. You have given me such a wondrous present. How shall I ever repay you?”

“Start with your tongue”, she said. And she twisted her body around, lying full out and exposed on the bench. I wasted no time; turning myself in an opposing position and burying my tongue into her soaking loveliness. She was wasting no time either, wrapping her legs around my head to pull me into her hot flooding pussy.

I heard her start humming as her lips surrounded my clit and her hands pressed my own pussy to her face. Within seconds we were both humping tongue, kissing quim and cum licking each other clean. It was such a much-needed release for me.

Pushing me off, she twisted around so we were cuddling and caressing as she said, “Now tell me what you have been doing all afternoon.” She leaned into me and started suckling my breasts while one of her hands finding my quim. I was starting to melt again, but contained myself enough to relate the threesome that Mom, Daddy and I had enjoyed.

Finishing my tale, I asked, “What are you watching in the fantasy grotto?”

“It’s Alice having a breeding fantasy with Grand-dad. She’s been so disruptive that Mistress Whipple has reassigned her to the Agricultural program and requires her to get pregnant. Granddad never fails, so he is her lover tonight. And she’ll get another Duggan Master every night until she’s preggers. Of course she can change her fantasy as often as she wants. We can watch her choice for this evening.”

We watched as her fantasy lover draped its body over her in dogging fashion giving her a blistering probing from behind. They were both howling with pleasure and casino siteleri I wondered if I would ever get to have my own fantasy like Alice. It was so strange I wandered if I would even be able to do it.

Amy and I continued to hold and caress each other as Alice and her lover put on an enticing, if oblivious, show for us. At the height of their passion, they seemed to lock together and I knew he was pumping her full of hot baby-making seed. If only, I thought as I soaked Amy’s hand with my own spending.

Alice collapsed onto her stomach as I imagined the huge cock still pulsing hot cum into her quim. They stayed in the same position as Amy and I started to lick and clean each other of our orgasmic juices. Just as we finished, the prostrate lovers began struggling to separate, resulting in a sudden uncoupling. A long, slim pointy cock slid out with a plop, followed by more glistening cum than I had ever seen before. “Yes! I had to have my own fantasy!”

I had erupted again watching their climatic ending and Amy obliged by lowering her head between my legs to lick and clean me. She strayed from my quim to my still hard and erect clit giving it another loving suck. I watched Alice’s lover move off down the path toward the maze and enter back where he had come from earlier.

I didn’t want Amy’s ministrations to end, but she rose and said, “We need to hurry on down to the cottages. Mom and Dad are waiting for us.”

We hurried off, talking as we walked along. “Can I visit the menagerie for a fantasy of my own?” I asked. I could see her smiling face as she replied, “Yes, but not until your pregnant? And, that’s why we’re going to both share Daddy with Mom tonight.”

I liked the idea of getting pregnant and didn’t mind fucking Dad again tonight, but I also wanted to try having more cocks stuff me; maybe several times. When I asked Amy about this, she went into a full explanation that we could only get pregnant from a ‘Duggan’ man and by tradition, our first mate has to be our father.

“So, you don’t want any Duggan cocks touching your love hole yet. Don’t worry though. You can screw any non-Duggan man (the mere mortal species) or any other species at any time because they can’t get you preggers. And of course when you’re carrying, even our brothers and cousins are safe.

As we walked up to the cottage door, I was creaming steadily and my clit was harder than ever. I could hardly wait and I knew this school was going to at least fulfill my deepest desires. I tweaked my nips and flicked my click as Amy opened the door.

Although I was expecting to have sex tonight, I was taken aback with the scene before us. There was Mom bobbing her head on Dad’s big cock and a young blonde woman underneath gobbling his balls. Beside them was another woman trying to swallow an equally impressive pussy pleaser. Then, I saw two highly excited young men wielding video cameras trying to catch all the action.

When Mom saw us, she passed Dad’s shiny cock to the blonde and rose to come greet us. She was beautiful; butt-naked with her face glistening with saliva and Dad’s fresh juices. She kissed me first, swirling her tongue through my lips and giving me a taste. It was a long hot wet kiss that nearly melted me.

By the time she turned from me to my sister, Amy had already stripped bare-naked and moved into Mom’s arms for her share of loving. When they broke their embrace, Mom said, “I knew from watching your adventures this week that you were ready to join the family. I can see how excited you are, so let’s introduce everyone and then we can all share each other for the night.”

Taking my hand, she led me over to the strange couple, which I then recognized as Mr. and Mrs. Evans. I recognized a second blonde sucking-off Daddy was their daughter, Claire, who had entered school the same day that I did. “Jennie, this is our sister Clerise and her husband, Lord Lovsit from Scotland. He’s your Uncle Simon. You probably already know your sister Claire who is entertaining our father. The twins with the cameras are our cousins Gower & Gowen.”

Amy butted in, “You’ll really enjoy what they will do for you.” Her comment confirmed why she was not included in the introductions. She already knew them, in the biblical sense, and many more ways.

Both women continued swallowing what appeared to be two-large swords as Mom took off my clothes and knelt before me to press her face into my snatch. After a few minutes, she pulled me down to the floor to leave me fully spread and exposed for my audience. “She’s ready for you now Dar. Slip her your big cock full of baby juice and give us all another sister.”

I couldn’t believe the size of daddy’s cock as he slowly pulled out of Claire’s moth. How did she accommodate all of him? I became transfixed as he turned towards me and with her saliva dripping and gleaming on a cock swollen even larger than I had seen before; he knelt between my legs and took aim at my now throbbing pussy. This was my father, Daddy, Dar preparing slot oyna to fuck me for the first time; so he thought.

He didn’t realize that what he thought was his afternoon liaison with Amy was in reality with me. Were we really twins and he just couldn’t tell us apart? It didn’t matter now. I just wanted to feel him pounding inside me again. Mom leaned over and with her left hand spread my pussy lips and dad started to slide his long hot tool into me.

The first touch sent a quiver through me and by the time he was 6 inches in, I was cumming. As I writhed and moaned under him, he continued to press deeper and I came again; deeper and I came again and deeper again. When he bottomed-out, I threw my legs around his waist and tried to pull him further into my throbbing cunt.

I saw him smile as he pulled back a little and rapidly thrust back into me. “Yes Shannon, she is going to love sharing our family life. I know I’ll love fucking her as much as fucking you.”

Mom responded, “Why would you think otherwise? She’s a Duggan and we’ve seen how she loves eating pussy and sucking cocks. Like the rest of us Duggan women, she’ll never get enough.” Then Mommy leaned down and gave me a long and deep, sensuous kiss. Daddy kept thrusting ever faster and deeper at a pussy blistering speed until he finally knocked Mom out of the way.

His cock was doing strange this to my pussy, hardening and jerking, swelling until every cell of my being felt like bursting. And growing, God how it was growing – longer and harder until he finally broke new territory. He had pushed into my womb giving me the biggest climax in the world. When I opened my eyes, Mommy was sitting beside me, a smile in her eyes that told how pleased she was for me. I glanced down and saw her hand flashing through her fiery bush and her engorged clit protruding, begging to be sucked.

Mom rolled over towards me, moving to press her womanhood to my lips. Just as I took her into my mouth, Dad’s cock expanded again, jerked and giving a final thrust erupted into my womb with his burning hot ejaculate.

My climax was bigger than my biggest yet! My pussy was now a cunt! Cocking was really fucking! And Daddy’s cock was now mine!

“No! Don’t stop. Don’t take your cock away”, I screamed as Dad pulled his still hard tool from me. Mom pulled away, too. But not until she flushed a yummy, honey tasting coating of cum over face and lips. I was lucky to react quickly enough to get some in my mouth to savor as I watched Daddy walking over towards the other bodies writhing on the floor nearby. I had completely forgotten about the rest of my family until then.

There was moaning and groaning coming from my sisters and Amy was screaming “Fuck me again Uncle Simon. Fuck me again.” Apparently, he had other intentions as he rose with a monster cock still hard and leaking cum down his vertical shaft. I saw Dad’s huge cock still waving straight out in front of him as he passed Uncle Simon. Lord Lovsit was truly a Scot, both hands holding his cock like he was ready to throw his caber. His eyes were devouring me as he walked over and lay down by my side. Mom was quickly up right, knee walking over to straddle his head before lowering her cum glistening bush over him.

A long slow groan escaped her lips before she said, “Take your turn dear. You’ll love it.”

I look down at his crotch where both hands were still holding it upright. Mom could have leaned forward and kissed the bulbous crown without even bending over. It looked wonderful and she was offering it to me. I also looked across and saw my dad’s arse bouncing grandly. He had already started fucking Claire. ‘MY COCK was gone’!

Mom saw my hesitation and as if reading my mind, said, “Don’t worry dear. He can’t get you pregnant. He’s not a ‘Duggan’. He’s only your uncle by marriage, likewise your cousins.” I almost sprang to my feet and straddled his upright held member. Grabbing his cock, I bushed it through my pussy lips wetting it with Daddy’s cum. I couldn’t close my fingers around it and knew I would need the lubrication. Mom was smiling again and staring as I started working the lemon sized cock head into my cunt. With an audible plop, it finally passed my first barrier and I screamed, “Damn it’s big! Oh, so big, so good”. Mom leaned forward again and I felt her licking my clit as another eruption from my cunt poured out of my steaming pussy. I knew why my Mom was smiling. She must have enjoyed this cock before and she was pleased to see what it was doing for me.

Mom was frenziedly riding Uncle Simon’s tongue as I struggled to work this giant cum shooter into where it rightfully belonged. Fistful by fistful, I slowly pushed down until I felt his hands move from the root and make way for my final decent to heaven. One last push and I had it all, from his root to his crown, from my labia into my womb. I had now gone from the biggest orgasm in the world to something that was totally out of this world.

It was time to start bouncing and canlı casino siteleri really enjoy this cock, but that was not to be. After a few futile bounces, I realized his strokes fell short. He grabbed my arse and tried lifting me up and dropping me back down. That was better but still not satisfying. Finally, I positioned myself in a squatting position and gradually rose up until his cock head was nearly ready to pop-out. Then, I relaxed my legs and dropped down in free fall. It worked as we both moaned in ecstasy. Quickly, we found the rhythm. I was coming on every drop and he was groaning on every rise from Mom’s tongue licking our juncture.

Uncle Simon’s groans weren’t from cumming, they were from pleasure and after about twenty minutes I was becoming frustrated and exhausted. His ball sack was proportionate to his cock and I wanted him exploding inside me. Just as I was ready to collapse, he shouted out “Cumming! Cumming! Oooohh, I’m cumming.” I had just begun to lift up when I felt his eruption. It actually propelled me up and off his cock. Another other-worldly experience that this time left me lying on his chest with lava-hot cum splattered all over my body … and mom’s, too.

I wanted to raise up to clean his cock, but Mom beat me to his cum cover pole and caught the last spurts leaking from his huge knob. I was left with only fingers full of his honey sweet spending on my stomach and breasts, tongue licks from her body and a tongue rapidly probing my cunt for the fuck remnants that I couldn’t reach.

Too quickly, three mouths cleaned Uncle Simon and he started to slide his body out from underneath our pile of cum hungry women. Mom pulled away, too. She knelt by my side, then, leaning directly over my head she pursed her lips to let a glob of glimmering white cream form before it slowing start to stretch out and dangle on a string above my now open mouth. The glob kept growing until it looked like a snowball. The cum-string broke at last and her motherly gift splattered all over my face and on my lips and in my mouth.

I finally had a chance to see whose tongue was pleasuring me. It was Aunt Clerise, or was it sister Clerise. Damn, I didn’t care. It felt wonderful and I wanted her to continue. I just rested back on my elbows and watched the beautiful naked bodies maneuvering about. Amy was kneeling before Uncle Simon, bobbing her head once again trying to take the whole of his log like cock down her throat. Claire had one of the cameras trained on them. One of the twins still pointed his camera at Clerise and me, while the other was slowly stoking his cock and looking in my direction.

Mom was already on her hands and knees receiving Dad’s pounding cock, just like I had seen Alice do at the menagerie garden earlier. I wondered if Mom was fanaticizing now. Damn, I had to try that soon.

My camera free cousin started walking towards me, still slowly pulling his long thin tube. He wasn’t as large as either Dad or Uncle Simon, but I could see his pubs were shaved just like the other Masters that I had been sucking off for the past week. He reached down and pulled his mom from between my legs. Was she his mom or my aunt or my sister?

He slipped a foot under one of my legs and rolled me over onto my stomach before grabbing my arse cheeks and lifting me to all fours. I knew what he wanted and it hadn’t been a long wait. He was going to fuck me like a dog. As he knelt down and started to slide his long thin cock into my pussy, my sister, Clerise knelt down before my other cousin. She started licking and slurp on him before taking his cock head into her mouth. I watched it disappear down her throat several times before he handed her his camera. He took one final plunge, then pulled out and aimed his beautiful tool in my direction.

He followed his pointing tool directly to my face. He knelt down and began sliding his still saliva dripping across my cheeks and lips. I licked and tongued him until I caught the knob head between my lips and sucked it into my mouth. “That’s the way cousin.” he said “suck my randy cock while Gower ploughs that hot pussy of yours”.

My two Cousins began fucking me fast, see-sawing their cocks in and out of either end then switching to slamming their cocks into me at the same time. Their rhythm was perfect almost as if they had been trained for this double penetration all their lives.

Gowen came first after about twenty minutes of fucking my face. His cock head swelled up so much it caught in my throat and I would have choked if he hadn’t pulled it out so that he was cumming in my mouth, gobs and gobs of sperm rolling off my tongue and down my throat. About five minutes later Gower came with a loud grunt and burying his cock in my pussy filled me with the third load of the night. I felt him jerk and spit his seed deep into my womb. His cum triggered a massive orgasm and I shuddered and collapsed to the floor.

That’s when my night turned to a blur. I vaguely remembered a merry-go-round of cocks and cunts going up and down. So pleasurable that I never wanted to get off, even if I could, but I couldn’t. I did clearly remember Mom asking, “How did you enjoy your first ‘Family Night’ Jenny?” just before I passed out.

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