25 Mayıs 2022

Crazy Cheating Jennifer Pt. 04

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“Yeah! Let’s take it to the bedroom, Jen!”, agreed Ryan as he smiled at me. I couldn’t believe that I was still rock hard. I had never had such an awesome, mind blowing orgasm. We helped each other up off of the living room floor.

Jennifer unbutton and pulled off my Polo shirt. Now I was completely naked, just like Ryan. My throbbing seven inches grazed her bare belly. She giggled and asked, “Aren’t you glad you drove me home?”. I nodded and ran my hands over her perky tits.

Ryan and I held her on each side as she wiggled out of her jeans. All that was left were the blue, cum stained panties that I had returned to her earlier. She kept them on as the three of us hurried to the bedroom. We didn’t want to end up on the floor again and were leaving nothing to chance.

Jennifer threw herself on the bed ass first, stretched out, and spread her legs. Her firm, sweet 20 year old body looked so inviting. Mesmerized, I started to crawl onto the bed. “No Aaron! Not yet! Stand there with Ryan!”, she said as she pulled her panties to the side revealing her thin lips. For the first time, I saw her beautiful, shaved pussy.

Her juices glistened in the light as she played with her clit. The dirty, cum stained panties looked so hot on her. The fact that she was keeping them on drove me crazy.

The nipple rings gingled as she roughly worked her clit. This was torcher. I heard my phone ringing in the living room but blocked it out of my head. Jennifer stuck two fingers into her sopping pussy as her other hand furiously rubbed her clit. She was really getting into herself. “Aaron, you’re going to give me Ryan’s cum!”, panted Jennifer.

I was puzzled and knew I looked like I didn’t have a clue. “Get on your knees Aaron, damn you!!”, yelled Jennifer. Without allowing myself to think, I turned to Ryan and dropped to my knees. “Suck my husband’s cock, you fucking pervert!”, she screamed.

I’d never had a dick in my mouth. I wasn’t gay. Part of me wanted to protest but I didn’t want this to end. Also, I reasoned, it was only fair that I return the favor. I opened my mouth and slowly took Ryan’s tip into my mouth.

I closed my eyes as my mouth took in as much as I could. This guy was huge and thick. I estimated that he was over 8 inches, at least an inch longer than me. My mouth could only take about 4 inches, so I grabbed his shaft with my right hand. I started moving my mouth back a forth on his cock while I squeezed and stroked the thick shaft.

Ryan put his hands on my head. Slowly but surely my level of confidence grew. I started rubbing my throbbing cock with my other hand. “Ohhh dude..”, moaned Ryan. Unlike what I had done to him earlier, his thrusts were gentle.

“Fuck! That’s so fucking hot!”, screamed Jennifer. I opened my eyes and looked at her out of the corner of my left eye. My head was level with the bed.

The view of her open legs was perfect. She was now working three fingers in and out of her pussy. The bottom of her panties, that she had pulled to the side earlier, were hugging her left ass cheek. “Do you like my friend, baby?”, she asked Ryan.

“Ahh.. Jen, I, I yeah! I think he’s cool!”, moaned Ryan. By now I was getting used to his cock in my mouth. I was comfortably able to take in about 5 or 6 inches. I stopped jacking my dick and used my left hand to cup his balls while my right hand continued to work his shaft.

I was surprised at how much I was enjoying sucking dick. He moaned with each thrust as my mouth struggled to gobble as much as possible. I looked up at him and he gave me a grateful smile. The cocky, surfer boy look made me feel a bit subservient and that turned me on even more.

My cell phone casino siteleri rang again and Jennifer said, “You should get that. It’s probably your wife”. Her fingers were now moving in and out of her pussy at a faster pace. She had broken out in a sweat. “What would she say if she saw you now?”, she asked in between moans.

That made me think of Katie for a split second and I felt a little guilty. But not guilty enough to stop. Ryan looked down at me and laughed. “It’s not nice to cheat on your wife, dude!”, he said as he quickened his pace and worked his cock in and out of my mouth. He was moving faster and I started to gently massage his balls. “Oh fuck! I’m close!”, he moaned.

I glanced at Jennifer as she abruptly sat up and stopped fingering herself. “Blow your load in his mouth, baby!”, yelled Jennifer. I was hoping she’d join us but she didn’t move off of the bed. Ryan started thrusting very fast. I looked up to see his face contorted with pleasure.

“Don’t swallow, just keep his cum in your mouth Aaron!”, screamed Jennifer. The crazy look on her face actually scared me. Ryan started pulling my hair as his thrusts became more violent.

I moved my head back so I could wrap both hands around his massive cock. I kept my lips locked around the tip and worked his cock back and forth with my hands. “That’s it! Don’t fucking swallow, Aaron!”, shrieked Jennifer. Her piercing eyes bore into us with an intense looked of desire.

“Fuck yeah!”, moaned Ryan as he tried to thrust. I could feel that his cock wanted to break free of my grip and plunge into my mouth. Obediently, I held on and continued to stroke him while I kept his tip in my mouth. I teased it with my tounge while my lips held on firmly.

“Yeahhh!”, screamed Ryan as I felt the first of his hot, milky seed burst into my mouth. I reflexively swallowed the first bit but caught myself and closed my throat. I continued to breathe through my nose as his cum filled my mouth.

“Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah!”, yelled Ryan as he unloaded and shook with pleasure. His cum filled my mouth and I could feel a little spurt out of both sides of my mouth. I couldn’t believe what I was doing! It didn’t taste bad though. Ryan’s cum was salty and smelled a little like bleach.

Ryan stopped shaking and moaning. “Get over here, Aaron!”, yelled Jennifer. She moved back and opened her legs wider. As I pulled away from Ryan’s cock, a little more cum dribbled out of my mouth. ” No! I want it in my cunt!”, she yelled.

I had thought that she had wanted me to kiss her, but caught on very quickly. I crawled up on the bed and dove in between her legs. “Give me my husband’s cum, now!”, demanded Jennifer.

Using my hand to part her lips, I locked my mouth onto her sweet pussy. She grabbed my head and violently thrust my face into her tight, 20 year old snatch. “Give it to me!”, she demanded.

I used my mouth and tongue to push Ryan’s hot cum into Jennifer. She was soaked and her juices, mixed with the cum in my mouth, tasted absolutely amazing. “Mmm.. I feel you inside of me, baby!”, she said to Ryan. I’ve never been so turned on in my life. My rock hard cock throbbed with desire.

As I unloaded the last of Ryan’s cum, I used my tongue to push it in as deep as possible. Despite my best efforts, a large amount of his hot seed flowed out of my mouth and onto my chin.

I moved on to Jennifer’s clit and started lightly teasing it with my eager tongue. Jennifer grabbed my shoulders and tugged. “Finish me Aaron. I want you to fuck me!”, she said sweetly.

That’s all I needed to hear. I climbed on top of her and easily slid my 7 inches into her wet, waiting pussy. I’d wanted her for slot oyna so long. This was a dream come true “Oh. I’m sorry… Is this OK, baby?”, she asked Ryan with a giggle.

Ryan laughed and came up behind me. “After that blow job Jen, he can fuck you anytime!”, said Ryan. I felt his hands on my hips. He started pushing me in and out if his wife. I didn’t need any help, but his hands on me added to my excitement.

I leaned down and kissed Jennifer. She rewarded me with a deep kiss as she searched for the remnants of Ryan’s cum. Her kegals squeezed my cock as I quickly plowed in and out of her drenched pussy. She pushed back forcefully and wrapped her arms tightly around me.

“Oh yeah! Fuck me!”, moaned Jennifer before she bit into my chest. I felt the skin break but didn’t want to complain. It made me thrust even harder. Ryan’s strong arms literally shuved me deep inside, as far as I could possibly go. This guy was strong! Jennifer squirmed with delight.

Her butt moved beneath me. The panties that were pulled to the side of her pussy shifted and scraped the side off my dick. I reached down to move them out of the way and asked, “Why are you still wearing those?”.

Jennifer giggled. “They’re my fuck panties!”, she said as her legs squeezed me harder. That was good enough for me! I felt myself coming close to the edge and slowed down.

Ryan was relentless. He now had both hands on my ass and kept forcefully pushing me into his wife. Jennifer and I were knocking our pelvic bones together.

I wasn’t surprised to hear my phone ringing again. “Get his phone!”, said Jennifer. I started to protest but Ryan had already let go of me and started towards the living room.

She pulled my face close and softly said, “Talk to your wife or forget about fucking me again, Aaron!”. I started to get off of her but she dug her nails into my biceps and said, “No! Stay inside of me!”.

Ryan handed me the phone and I stopped moving. Jennifer kept thrusting. I closed my eyes when I answered. “Where are you?”, asked Katie. She sounded mad and irritated.

I started to tell her that I was in a meeting with the campaign’s field office manager. All of a sudden, I felt Jennifer’s hand slide down and clamp down on my balls.” Ahhh!”, I screamed.

Hastily, I told Katie that I’d spilled some coffee. Jennifer was silently mouthing, “Fuck me. Fuck me”. I started moving in and out of her. Her tightly wrapped legs urged me on. “We’re just finishing up here!”, I testily told Katie. I couldn’t keep a straight face, let alone a polite speaking voice.

“What’s going on Aaron? Why are you being so rude.”, asked Katie. Jennifer kept pushing up. Her legs rhythmically pulled me into her. I was at the verge of exploding but continued to hold back.

“I’m going to have to call you back!”, I said to Katie. My pace quickened and I had to bite my lip to stop myself from moaning. She kept quizzing me but I did not want to just hang up. She knew that something was up, but had no clue what it was.

Ryan moved beside me. He put his right arm around me and started nibbling on my neck. I looked down and saw that he was hard again. This was too much.

“I have to go!”, I said to Katie. Without saying goodbye, I hung up the phone before throwing it on the floor. In the heat of the moment, I didn’t care. All that mattered was Jennifer’s pussy.

I thrust in and out with renewed vigor and energy. She moaned with pleasure. The mixed juices in between her legs were tantalizingly warm and sticky. “Did you have to be so rude to her?”, moaned Jennifer.

Before I could reply, Ryan moved up from my neck to my mouth and kissed me passionately. “Mmmm..”, I murmured canlı casino siteleri in response to Jennifer. I reached down and started stroking his huge dick. His right arm was still wrapped around me. He reach over and started. playing with my right nipple.

Jennifer looked at me and said, “You need to be nicer to your wife, Aaron!”. Then she reached over and helped me stroke Ryans’s cock as I fucked her.

I broke away from the kiss and looked at Jennifer intently. “Fine. As long as I can fuck you anytime!”, I said. She smiled and winked at me. With her right hand occupied, she used her left to reach around and find my ass. “Ohh!”, I screamed as she stuck her index finger in my ass. The fact that it felt so good surprised me. I moaned as she fingered me vigorously.

My phone started ringing again and I quickly blocked it out of my head. At this point, we were moving in tandem. My 7 inches impaling Jennifer while we stroked Ryan; her hands on his shaft while I tugged the upper half of his huge cock. Her juices were soaking my dick.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to.. Ohh! Fuccck!”, screamed Jennifer as she tipped over the edge. She retrieved both hands and wrapped them around me. Ryan and I leaned in to her face and we all kissed as Jennifer’s pussy juices exploded.

I’d been close to losing it for a while and didn’t need much. I felt my balls contract as I aggressively shot my load into Jennifer. Her pussy muscles squeezed my cock as I pounded in and out. ” Jenniferrr!”, I screamed as I lost control.

My second intense orgasm of the evening drained me physically and emotionally. I literally started shaking. My pelvic bone felt bruised but I thrusted in and out of that sweet pussy until my dick started to go soft.

Jennifer held the strong embrace and she looked at me with what I hoped was affection in her beautiful eyes. I know there was a spark of real electricity. It was broken by Ryan. He stood by the side of the bed, stroking his cock. “Come here, baby”, said Jennifer. She reached out and grabbed his dick, pulling him towards her mouth.

I pulled out and reached down to her pussy. Sweet juices and cum gushed out. Scooping up as much as I could, I spread it onto Ryan’s cock before Jennifer took him in her mouth. I leaned in and laid down on Jennifer so my mouth could reach. Ryan stood at the side of the bed and face fucked her while I licked his salty balls.

Her left hand hugged my back as we pleasured her husband. He started moving back and forth very fast. My tongue licked and slurped his testicles. Then I took one of them in my mouth. “Dude! Yeah! Fuck!”, he yelled as he spurted his hot load into Jennifer’s mouth. She moaned and slurped his cum. I could hear her swallowing. After a minute, he pulled out. She stroked the last few drops onto her face.

Feeling bold, I licked a drop of cum off of her face. She pulled me in for a kiss. We squirreled our tongues around. For the second time that night, I tasted Ryan’s hot cum. We playfully tongue teased for a few minutes.

I rolled off of Jennifer, and onto my back. Ryan laid down on the other side. She wrapped an arm around each of us. I rested my head on her perky breasts. She started stroking my hair.

I closed my eyes with the intention of resting for a few minutes. I had to get home. I don’t recall the last time I’d felt so content.

The ringing of my cell phone woke me up. It had to be Katie. She would be pissed. So what if I was a couple of hours late?

Momentarily disoriented, I sat up and looked down at Jennifer and Ryan. Darkness had fallen. They were sound asleep. Then I noticed the digital clock on the nightstand. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the time. It was 4:04 in the morning.

I swung my legs off the bed and started to get up. Jennifer grabbed my arm. “Be nice to your wife!”, she said.

My cell phone continued to ring.


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