21 Mayıs 2022

Coupling – with Wife’s Friend Ch. 03

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Coupling with Wife’s Sister in law – 3

Friends the build up is slow like foreplay but climax is explosive

I arrived home whistling a tune. It had been a good day for me and Vimi was away and I was thinking of my beer lying in the fridge. I punched in the code on the key pad to enter my house and was greeted by the aroma of food cooking. There are only four people who knew the code of the key pad. Vimi and my daughter were together in Mumbai and I had talked to them about an hour ago. Both were expected back after two days so unless it was a big surprise by Vimi the only other person who knew the code was Pooja. Pooja or Poo as I always called her was Vimi’s brother’s wife.

“Hello Poo” I shouted from the gate. Hi Veeju she said coming out from the kitchen from where the lovely aroma of cottage cheese being marinated and cooked was coming. Pooja’s husband Ram had expired a year ago in a road accident. Pooja lived in Chandigarh and whenever she had time she walked into our house which was not quite far away from her house and she always had a free run in our house.

Poo is on the wrong side of forty and is extremely beautiful. Little beads of perspiration on her forehead, wearing a white top and blue jeans and no footwear she came out wiping her forehead. Her hand had white sauce on it and unknowingly trying to remove the perspiration from her forehead she spread the white sauce on to her forehead. Poo had not realised it and came up to me. We shook hands and pecked each other on the cheek. As Poo withdrew her hands from my hand she noticed the white sauce on my hands.

“Sorry Veeju go wash your hands” she said.

“Don’t worry Poo but take a look at yourself in the mirror” I told her. I led Poo to the bathroom and she gasped when she saw the white sauce on her forehead.

“The tastiest sauce ever Poo” I took a dig. As she moved forward to wash her hands because of the close confines her breasts brushed my shoulder. Poo blushed but did not yield space.

As I tried to back up my shoulder pressed her breasts more and she blushed more. Her blushing was quite visible in the mirror.

“Hey Veeju” Poo said “Do something about it soon” and with one hand pointed to her forehead. Accidentally (in hindsight may be it was planned out) her second hand was pointing towards my Dicky Bird which was trying to escape its confines. Her eyes travelled down and when she saw her second hand pointing in the direction of Mr. Bird she blushed a deeper red.

I was washing my hand and said “Don’t worry Poo” I picked up a hand towel. “Very sorry to waste the sauce, no other alternative”. I wiped the sauce from her forehead and then kept the hand towel on my shoulder. Poo washed her face with water and plucked the hand towel from my shoulder, dried her face and once again placed the hand towel on my shoulder cleaned it with the hand towel. With a twinkle in her eyes she walked out of the bathroom.

“Your beer is cold Veeju” said Poo, “please give me a glass also she said”. This was not the first time she was having beer. Many times earlier when Vimi was at home all three of us had beer but it was the first time she was having it all alone with me. “I am making some finger food which we can enjoy with the beer”

“Vimi is not at home Poo” I called out to her. “She will be back day after only”

“I know Veeju, Vimi called me up in the evening and asked me to visit you and see that you are properly fed and you do not drink a lot and also to ensure that you have your milk” said Poo as she walked out of the kitchen and as if suggestively her top two shirt buttons were undone.

Now let me describe myself to you. I am happily married to Vimi and have a daughter. I am in my late 50’s and my sex life with Vimi had become more or less non-existent with casino oyna Vimi after her Men O Pause. Before that we had quite a regular sex life where at times I was the initiator and at time Vimi. I have a big time feet fetish and Vimi had always fulfilled my desire for the fetish

Pooja as I have told you earlier was Vimi’s brothers wife. She was fair coloured height approx. 5.3, sharp features, feet size 5 ( I can vouch for that as Vimi Poo and I had purchased shoes and slippers together.) Bust size was 36B (after this experience I can vouch for that also) and still firm. Feet were like heaven. Vimi already had informed me that Pooja also had had menopause immediately after death of my co-brother. Now back to my experience…..

I looked up as Poo walked out of the kitchen and my eyes lingered at her cleavage. I looked up at her face and Poo knowingly winked and her eyes fell down to my crotch which was swelling rapidly. My eyes lingered down and her sweet navel was slightly visible. As if following my gaze Poo put her hands up and now her full navel was visible. My eyes went down to her feet and I started salivating. With control I did not allow the saliva to come out of my mouth. I had very mixed feelings. I was sex starved for many years but had never thought of sex with Poo inspite of the fact that I always watched her beautiful feet and her navel whenever it was visible.

“Pretty aren’t they” Poo asked and my eyes locked with her eyes and saw the twinkle in them once again. Now my mouth was going dry. I did not know what to do. “I will be back after a bath just ensure that the beer is out. I have kept a few more bottles in the refrigerator so remind me to take them out after one hour. And today is lovely beer night, night of giving and taking, night of sharing and night of enjoying. You start as I might take a few minutes”. Poo walked into our room and I saw that the sway of her back had increased ever so slightly or was it just my change in feelings towards her.

“Poo wait a minute, let me take out my change of clothes” as I walked into my room. Poo was not to be seen but her bra which she might have just taken off after her top was visible. My hand picked it up and I my eyes went to its label. 36B I read.

I picked up my shorts and sleeveless vest and walked out. I went to the other bathroom and changed. I walked into the kitchen got out two bottles of beer (we all loved to drink beer straight from the bottle), came to the living room area, opened my bottle and took a swig. I lit a cigarette and relaxed myself. My brain was in overdrive and was trying to relive the navel and feet sequence. As I smoked, I closed my eyes. Suddenly the cigarette was taken out of my hand and as I looked up, Poo plonked besides me on the sofa and put her pretty feet up on the table. My eyes fixed on them. She was wearing a boxer short which was much above her knees and starting from much below her navel. Her sexy navel was visible. She was wearing a bloused top with two of her button undone. As I gazed down her top I realised she was not wearing any bra.

“I told you they are pretty” Poo said. She picked up the bottle of beer from which I was drinking and took a swig and another after that.

“I did not know you smoked Poo” I said.

” Awww when Ram was around I used to smoke on the sly because Ram never liked it but today I want to just enjoy in my own style” she said handing back the cigarette to me. “Are they not beautiful”

“What” I asked quite flustered now.

“My feet” Poo said “I have seen you gazing at my feet a number of time and I am a big time foot lover”. “Yours are the most gorgeous feet I have ever seen said Poo to me.

I was shocked once again. “You are also a foot lover?” I asked.

She picked up my bottle of beer slot oyna and took another swig. A few drops of beer fell on her feet as she passed the bottle to me. I immediately took a towel.

“Lick it off” Poo said huskily almost under her breath.

Instead I wiped the beer of with my hand and pressed her feet.

“Lick it off I had said” huskily Poo said as she poured a few more drops of beer onto her first and second toe. Poo’s pink pussy glistening wet was visible as she raised her feet and my Bird twitched at the thought of sucking her toes. I bent forward towards her toe and I licked the drops of beer off. Her husky feety aroma had entered the beer and I almost came

“Now, both hands on the floor, Vijoo. No touching yourself while I do this!”

Dominatrix I thought

I did as she instructed, itching to stroke my Dicky. Slowly, she walked her toes up my chin to my lips. She had strong thighs and could probably hold this position for hours, I thought to myself. I could smell the divine aroma of her foot. The texture of her skin upon me was incredible; beyond what I had imagined.

Poo suddenly moved her toes so that they landed upon my forehead, pressing her wrinkled sole down my mouth and nose. The sensation was exquisite! The sole of Poo’s foot was more stimulating to me than any handjob, blowjob or titfuck that I had ever enjoyed with Vimi. I extended my tongue and licked the heel of her naked foot, making her sigh gently. She slowly slipped her foot down my face until my nose nestled between her big toe and second toe. She pinched my nose with her toes and giggled, playfully.

I loved this! I tasted that wrinkled, pink sole with my tongue. “You like that?” Poo asked me, pressing her bare foot harder over his mouth, making a verbal response impossible.

I sighed in response, kissing her toes as they hovered over my mouth.

Suddenly, she parted my lips and pushed her toes way inside my mouth.

“Now you can use your big strong hands to suck my foot,” she said. “Get up on your knees for me.”

Not letting her toes fall from his mouth, I got onto my knees and began to suck and lick her toes. My Dicky Bird now painfully hard, was pointing straight at Poo. Her gaze was on my bulging tent and as she bent down to touch my lips her third button fell open and her breast were clearly visible. Unfazed Poo flicked my saliva of my lips with her finger and sucked it. She lighted a fresh cigarette and opened another bottle of beer. “Sit down in that chair,” Poo told me and I obeyed, my heart racing.

She placed the cold bottle on the tent above the precum mark of my Dicky and said “Take a swig” I took two or three swigs of the beer which cooled my throat and a few drops fell on my chest.

Dominatrix I thought once again.

Poo lighted a cigarette and inhaled the smoke. She then exhaled the smoke onto my face and boy was it hot. I opened my mouth to suck in the smoke.

“Wait” said Poo. She inhaled again and without exhaling placed her lips over my lips and opened her lips. I inhaled the smoke from her mouth and a stream of her saliva also flowed into my mouth.

“Get your Dick out,” she commanded. “I want to see how excited you are already”.

“I actually call him Dicky Bird” I said as I rolled down my shorts. Off with your vest also Mr. Bird Poo said. She swung her bare feet around to where I sat. Without hesitation, she pressed her toes and the balls of her feet tightly against my exposed Dicky, making me gasp.

“You like that, Vijoo?” Poo asked, taking my dick between the soles of her feet and squeezing it.

“It feels…” I began, my breathing shallow, “so… sooooo.. nice!”

“You like girls bare feet on your Dicky do you?” she continued. I have seen you always drooling on my canlı casino siteleri feet since last so many years.

“Now suck my little toes, foot freak,” she commanded again, parting my lips with her foot once again, driving all five toes into my stretched mouth. I for all I was worth.

“Mmmm,” she purred. “This is the first time I have ever rubbed a dick with my feet. It feels wonderful.”

Poo was fingering herself as she enjoyed the sensation of my mouth around her toes. She stroked and caressed my hard cock with her other bare foot, noticing how my warm pre-cum had leaked out onto my skin. Poo was close to her climax; the feel of my hot Dicky between her feet made her little clit tingle with excitement and I could see the wet moist pussy as her toes tried to catch my tongue and bobbed in and out of my mouth.

“You want to cum for me, Vijoo?” Poo asked.

I nodded. Poo tightened the grip of her toes and began to jerk my Dicky much more violently.

“Then cum for me! Now! I want to feel it on my feet,” Poo demanded, pulling her other foot from my mouth to wrap both feet around Dicky and her thighs pumped me to my climax.

I had watched her pretty feet encompass my throbbing Mr. Dicky which continued to pump back and forth, up and down my pole.

Open-mouthed, I started to cum. Poo jerked every drop off my cum from the tip of my Dicky onto her bare feet. My hot, sticky cum seemed to lube everything up, and so her feet slid back and forth with great ease on the spunky mess I was creating. I watched as my cum glistened in those delicate valleys between her toes. Great puddles of it had collected on the tops of her feet and had run down to her smooth heels.

“Mmmm,” Poo purred, smearing some of my semen up the front of her leg with her toes, “that’s my favourite part.”

Poo straightened her leg and brought it close began to my lips. I sucked my own cum from Poo’s own bare foot, flicking my tongue between her toes, collecting every droplet of cum, never breaking eye contact with Poo and grinning all the while. She offered her other messy foot to me and I greedily sucked her toes and soles clean of my own cum once again.

“Oh wow Poo!” I gasped, a bead of sweat rolling down his forehead. “That was so fucking good!”

Poo had eventually pulled her feet free from my grasp and collapsed on top of my sweating body on the sofa. I did not need much encouragement from her and, before five minutes had passed, we were screwing like animals. Poo loved being fucked while having her toes sucked, and I obliged. We went 69, and I lovingly caressed Poo’s heels and ankles with my strong hands while my tongue probed her tight, sweet young pussy. Poo straddled me, slipping my Dicky into her while she placed both her feet upon my face letting me smell and suck them while Poo rode me.

While we 69ed I was in heaven while I went down on Poo. I was not thinking of anything else. It was just me, her, and how much pleasure she was receiving. I licked her pussy like never before, I felt the moisture build up with every passing second. I sucked her clit, licked her vaginal lips, and pushed my tongue inside her. Eventually I buried my face in her pussy, pressing it between her labia while licking her clit. She smelled so good as well. The aroma drove me insane in a good way.

My chin was buried between her pussy lips as I continued to lick her clit feverously. After another cry of pleasure, I heard what sounded like a low volume pop and hiss for a split second, followed by a warm wet splash on my chin. I felt one burst, then a second, and finally a third. My chin, her pussy, and the sofa sheets were all soaked. Poo screamed in ecstasy as she spasmed violently in my face. Her whole body convulsed with pleasure for what seemed like an endless period of time. As this went on, I tried to lap up and catch every drop of her squirted juice in my mouth.

I love you Vijoo she said, I love you too Poo I replied as I came into her mouth.

Pheww Poo is Hot…….

To be Contd..

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