28 Mayıs 2022

Coupling Coworkers Ch. 18

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Double Penetration

Other than the blowjob that Sara gave me when she got home from her weekend working for Keith, she was out of commission until Wednesday. In fact, her ass was out of work until that Friday. However, Missy’s was still in overdrive and Donna was over a couple of times that week also.

That weekend, Sara and I went out and just enjoyed each other’s company and had a wonderful weekend of making love to one another. On Monday, she was off to LA for a week’s worth of porn work.

Every night, she called and recapped her day. Of course, I made sure to have Missy listen to the conversation also so that we would both be turned on. Otherwise, I would have been jacking off after each phone call.

In five days, she would be doing seven scenes and then return home until Friday evening. While the stories of the porn scenes were hot, the real action seemed to be at night. Her stories of partying with Alicia were hotter than anything she reported about the porn work.

On Thursday, she told me that she had seen my sister Crystal, who was a sophomore at USC. Sara had arranged for Crystal to come back home on Keith’s plane on Friday when Sara returned home.

“She’s got a surprise for you,” Sara informed me, but when I pressed for more information, she told me nothing.

I had no idea what Sara meant by this, nor what Crystal wanted to tell me. Also was not surprised that Crystal had told Sara first. Since our parents were killed in car wreck when Crystal was 15, she turned to Sara to help since Sara’s parents had been killed when she was young.

The two of them had always shared that bond. Even when Crystal went off to USC, she often called Sara at least every other day and at least once per day, whereas I usually talked to her about once per week on average.

I was able to put out of my mind what the surprise was on Friday at work. I gave it no more thought until Sara called me and said they had landed and that Keith’s driver was bringing them home.

When they got home, I had prepared dinner.

“So what’s this big surprise,” I asked Crystal as I gave her a big brother’s hug.

“Later,” was her only reply. However, I saw her and Sara share a smile as well as a sense of nervousness about my reaction to whatever the news was. I assumed it was something about school.

During dinner, Crystal told us about her studies and other things about campus life during her sophomore year. She had remained a great student even as she struggled through the loss of our parent. The money they left us was partially paying her to tuition and room and board to USC, but she had also earned several scholarships. Her first year at USC resulted in perfect A’s both semesters. This year seemed to be going the same way.

We finished dinner and retired to the living room.

“Okay, now for the surprise,” Crystal said as nerves caused her voice to shake. “This is from last week. And Sara had nothing to do with it, honest.

“It is something I loved, and I plan on doing more of it,” she continued. I noticed she was standing next to Sara, and moving closer to her, as she spoke.

She reached into her side bag on the floor and pulled out what looked like a DVD. She went to TV and player and put the disc in.

“I guess the best way to tell you is to just watch,” she said as she pressed play.

The screen went black, before an introduction screen popped with the name ‘POV Pervert” and some low-budget artistry. The picture went live, as if it was being recorded live. Some guy was explaining something about this girl he had met in the park and that she was coming over to the apartment.

Soon, a knock at the door and when it opened, my intuitions that I had developed since the intro screen were proven correct. My sister walked the door.

She introduced herself as Crystal Raye, and she wore a violet top and low-rise jeans with a white thong exposed over the top of the jeans.

This was a porn scene.

My first reaction was to ask Sharon how long she knew and why she would allow this, but I quickly stopped when I realized if I got mad at Crystal for doing porn, I would be exposed as a major hypocrite because I loved the fact my wife was illegal bahis now active in the adult movie business.

The realization still had not set in about everything that was going to be happening on the screen as Crystal was on the screen explaining the clothes and stuff she had brought.

In fact, even as she took off her top and jeans, it was still as if she was in one of the skimpy thong swimsuit she would wear in the summer. The tattoo on her lower back looked new, but I was not surprised by it because she had always talked about wanting to get one there. However, I did not say anything because I was still in a little bit of a daze about what was happening.

It was not until, her tits were exposed on screen and she was sucking this dude’s large cock that it fully sank in that I was watching my little sister have sex.

Sure, she was tall and had a model’s body and guys were always fawning over her in high school, but I had never seen my little sister as a sex object, at least, until now. There she was, all five-foot-eight 115 pounds of her showing off on camera. I had to admit to myself that my lister was hot.

My eyes for some reason were transfixed on her tits. I had never actually seen them. I could not believe that I actually thought they looked very nice. When her tits were not on display, the camera focused on her mouth with the cock in it. It would have not been any different from any of the other blowjobs I had seen in a porn movie, except for the fact it was my sister’s mouth.

When the guy laid down on the floor and Crystal got over him, he zoomed the camera on her perfectly groomed pussy. Like her tits, it was the first time I had ever actually seen it. In fact, my first glimpse of my sister’s shaved pussy was at the same time I saw her lower it onto a hard cock.

Even though it was my sister, my body began to betray me as I felt my cock begin to stiffen as she bounced up and down on the cock. Even though it was my sister, I had to admit she was good.

I continued to watch the scene. The guy getting to fuck my sister was controlling the only camera and he alternated between penetration close-ups and long shots of my sister’s entire body as she rode his cock.

After several minutes of this, they changed positions. Crystal got onto her hands and knees at the side of the bed and he entered from behind, making sure the camera was able to get a close-up of the original penetration from behind. Again, as he pumped her from behind, he alternated between close-ups and long shots of my sister’s entire back side, making sure to get a close-ups of her face enjoying the pounding he was giving her.

Finally, he was ready to cum. Crystal jumped off the bed and onto her knees, with his cock at her eye level. As stroked his cock to orgasm, she opened her mouth, almost took his entire load in her mouth, and then swallowed the entire amount. A few seconds later, the screen went blank.

“So….you were quiet,” Crystal said, nervous about my reaction. “What’d you think?”

“Look at his lap,” Sara said before I could answer and pointing out the obvious erection I was ashamed of having. “I think he got really turned on watching his little sister get fucked like the whore his wife is.”

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far,” I said trying to save myself from this incredibly awkward situation.

However, before I could get much further with my thought, Sara was over to the couch and unbuckling my pants.

“Crystal’s here,” I said trying to stop her from freeing my cock.

“You’ve just watched her get fucked and you’re afraid of her seeing your cock,” Sara said pulling my hands away and successfully pulling out my cock. “Besides, you’ve seen her pussy so she should get to see your cock. We’re all family here.”

Sara quickly took me into her mouth and began to blow me. When I looked up, I saw that Crystal had taken a seat. She had one hand between her legs and the other under shirt. Her eyes were focused entirely on Sara and my cock in her mouth.

“Get over here slut and help me,” Sara said to my sister.

Within a second, Crystal was on her knees helping my wife suck my cock. I simply closed my eyes, illegal bahis siteleri enjoyed the sensation of two tongues on my cock, and tried to forget that one of those tongues belonged to my kid sister.

The double oral sensations abruptly stopped and when I opened my eyes, I saw my wife and sister engaged in a deep, passionate kiss. They began to alternate their kissing with undressing each other. Reflexively, I was stroking my cock as I watch these two gorgeous women undress and kiss, then undress more and kiss some more. By this point, animal lust was replacing the numbness I had originally felt as I watched my sister on the television and then with her mouth around my cock.

“Why don’t you let your brother taste that sweet pussy of yours that you let me taste the other night,” Sara said after they were both naked.

As Sara began kissing my cock, Crystal stood on the couch, moved to over my head and lowered her pussy onto my face. Instinctively, I opened my mouth and let the lips of her pussy cover the lips on my mouth. My tongue quickly went to work as her hips moved her pussy back and forth on my face.

When I looked up, all I could see was her navel ring and underneath of her tits with hard nipples pointing straight out. With this vantage point, I just let my instincts go and tried to pretend it was just another pussy on my face. I was helped with this thought by the sensation of my wife sucking my cock as I licked the pussy I tried to convince myself was not my sister’s. However, that attempt proved to be futile.

“Oooohhh yeeaaahhhhh, you’re right Sara, he does now how to lick a pussy really good,” Crystal said, snapping out of my attempted trance and forcing me to make eye contact with her as she looked down. “Lick your little sister’s pussy, lick it, yeaahhhhh, lick it…Make me cum….You’re making me cuuuummmm…”

“No, not yet,” I heard Sara say before Crystal came. “I want you to cum on his cock.”

Before I could grasp what was happening, Crystal was now facing me, sitting on my lap, my cock buried in her pussy and my wife encouraging her to fuck her brother’s cock.

She rode me with a skill that I had never expected my sister to have. Of course, as far as I actually knew, she had been a virgin up until now. I realized my naiveté during movie she showed me and her skill at riding my cock proved she was a pro.

It took about five minutes before a massive orgasm ravished her body. I simply held on as she violently shook through the orgasm. As she came down from it, she collapsed onto my chest, my sister’s face inches from mine. Without a thought as to who it was, I am sure she thought the same, our mouths came together and then our tongues as we passionately kissed through the remaining part of her orgasm.

“Okay, you two break it up,” Sara ordered, which was appropriate because she seemed to be calling the action. “I need to some action too. Jeff, fuck your sister from behind on the floor while she eats me.”

Crystal and I followed orders as Sara got onto her back on the floor. I entered Crystal from behind as she lowered her face into my wife’s pubic region. My world order was still in shambles as I fucked my sister from behind while she ate my wife’s pussy, but at least Crystal faced away from me as I fucked her, which made it easier for to grasp. However, it was still all instinct that kept my hips thrusting forward.

The action had me ready to cum and Sara saw it in my face.

“Pull out and cum on your little sister’s face. She wants to be a porn slut, so treat her like one.”

I pulled out and Crystal quickly turned around, eagerly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. It took only a dozen or so strokes before I released. My cum squirted onto her forehead, nose, cheek, chin, everywhere but her mouth. I do not know if it was subconscious or what, but not a drop hit her tongue.

By this time, Sara was next to my sister and began to lick my cum off her face. Sara took time out from licking my cum in order to share it with my sister. A few minutes later, Crystal’s face was clean and they had equally shared in tasting and swallowing my seed.

“Let’s go upstairs where it’s more canlı bahis siteleri comfortable,” Sara said. “Jeff, get that cock hard again, I need some relief this time.”

We headed upstairs. Sara and Crystal made out on the bed, as I got hard again. Once hard, I fucked my wife from behind for the next twenty minutes. Crystal was under my wife, but they were face-to-face, which meant that I could pretend to not see who was actually under my wife.

However, my instincts betrayed me again. As I fucked my wife, I knew my sister was under her. The sister that had just shown me her first porn scene, sucked my cock, let me lick her pussy, fucked my lap, kissed me, let me fuck her from behind and drop a huge load on her face. When I replayed the living room scene from before in mind, I felt my cock get harder and my pace quicken.

Within another minute I was unloading my second load of the night deep into my wife’s pussy, which sent her over the edge into orgasm. After my orgasm subsided, I collapsed onto my back. Sara got up and said she needed to pee and make a phone call, leaving my lying naked next to my naked sister.

We laid there in silence for a few minutes before Crystal rolled onto her side in order to face me. I pretended not to notice for another minute or so before I turned and looked at her. She looked almost as nervous as she did during dinner.

“So you’re not mad about me doing porn,” she asked.

“No, no I’m not,” I replied, more unsure about this conversation than Crystal was. “No…well…Sara and I have been swinging for about a year now…and now she has a job as a sex hostess for this really rich guy and she’s been doing porn and shit…Hell, how can I be so enthusiastic about my wife doing porn, but the get upset because my sister wants to do it too.”

“Oh…Sara had nothing to do with it. It was all me.”

“I know, I know. Anyway, you’re an adult and you get to make your own decisions. Besides, I’ve noticed this before tonight, but you’ve got a hot fucking body and if you’re willing to fuck your brother, then I don’t think you’ll have any problems with what the directors will want you to do.”

“Well I do have a confession to make about that,” my little sister said as she grabbed my half-limp cock. “Sara told me all about this cock of yours on the way home this afternoon. I didn’t believe her when she told me you had an eight-and-a-half inch dick, but now that I’ve seen and felt it…Wow!”

“I guess I never knew how sweet of a pussy you had either,” I said as I reached out and began to tickle my kid sister.

We wrestled on the bed for a second before our faces met and we began to kiss. Crystal continued to wrestle as threw her legs over my stomach and pinned my arms down above my head. I offered no resistance.

Crystal must have felt that my cock had revived enough to go back into action. Without moving her upper body, breaking the kiss or letting go of my arms, she expertly rotated her hips down and grabbed my cock with her pussy. With a quick movement, I was back in my sister’s pussy.

For the next forty-five minutes, we fucked in every position imaginable, alternating from pure animalistic lust to passionately lovemaking. She was having several orgasms and seemed to settle into it as if she was just fucking another man. In fact, I was fucking her in the most intimate of positions, missionary, while we kissed when I felt myself ready to cum.

What had begun as a very surreal experience, sex with my little sister, now had every bit of natural feeling as when any man fucks a woman. Because of this, I had no problems as I unloaded my cum, albeit my third orgasm, in her pussy from the missionary position.

As I came for the final time, so did she. I rolled off her and onto my back. Immediately, Crystal put her head onto my shoulder, her arm around my chest and a leg draped over mine as she began to drift off to sleep.

I had no idea where Sara had went as I moved into more of an intimate sleeping position by placing my arm under her, which allowed her to cuddle her naked body into my naked body even tighter.

As I drifted off to sleep, I could not help but wonder when I would get to fuck Crystal again. It was odd, but not as odd as it would have been several hours earlier, that my final waking moment was when I would get fuck my sister again. It was only an indication of how bizarre my sex life had become. I had no complaints, however.

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