21 Mayıs 2022

Couple Seeking Master

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Disclaimer: this is a fictional writing. Do not contact me to apply for this position. It does not exist!


Couple Seeking Master

Happily married white couple seeking long term control relationship from a clever Master with significant experience and a keen ability to be discrete.

I am a 22 year old petite woman who does some light modeling for department stores ads. I enjoy a quiet life as a housewife, gourmet cooking, organic vegetable gardening and yoga. I also enjoy taking our massif, Rambo, for walks.

My 31 year old husband is a very successful attorney with a nationally known company. He travels for work on occasion and when he has free time, he enjoys athletic activities such as hiking or tennis.

My husband is strong and intelligent and not the kind of person you might expect to allow this kind of invasion of a marriage. He firmly believes that the unexpected heightens our sensitivities and is therefore a stimulant to our neurotransmitter. I support my husband completely, even when I can not always comprehend the genius logic.

We are looking for someone to control all aspects of our lives, down to what we eat, drink, wear, and do. If we connect with you, you will decide if, when, and how we have sex and if orgasm is permitted, ever. You will make clear to us your expectations and put in place necessary barriers to enforce your wishes. casino oyna You will initiate a program of strict discipline, training us to always execute your desires above our own. You will decide what role you will play at every level. For example, if you decide one day we will have a threesome, while the next day you take me behind closed doors, we will act in accordance to your wishes. You will be given a key to our home so you can come and go freely. You call all the shots. If you decide to enter our bedroom for an encounter at three AM, while my husband sleeps beside us, we will oblige completely. If you chose to surprise me while I’m in the shower, you can demand oral satisfaction while forcing unsolicited orgasms from me with the shower head sprayer. My husband or I will never dispute the nature of your desire nor the timing of your will. All of this will be up to you.

We completely understand that elements of fear, denial, intimidation and suffering may be necessary from time to time, but we anticipate the counterbalance as well; mercy, grace, and sentiment. These well-rounded episodes will manifest our character, endurance, and intellect.

We have had two other masters since our marriage began three years ago. The first was short-lived, far to cruel and we had to part ways. The second became close, like family. He was wonderful in his influence over us. Though we were taken slot oyna aback by his preference for savage Sci-Fi scene re-creation, we were also impressed in his ability to require my body to lay eggs. My husband was however, offered a job transfer to this city and after a considerable settlement was agreed upon, our master eventually gave him permission to accept the promotion.

Currently, my husband and I are very eager to start a family. Our most recent master would not permit it. After all, my body was for HIS pleasure, not for my own desires. He also maintained that a pregnancy would contort and permanently disfigure my tone, youthful body. Though I promised a strict regime of diet and exercise, he forbid me from bringing it up again and I was chastised harshly for my selfishness. I struggled to concede to my master’s wishes, turning my back towards my dreams of motherhood, but some primal instinct continued yearning to feel life growing inside my ripe, fertile womb.

So again, we are looking for permission from a new master. If you become our master, you will decide if and when we have children, and how many. You will receive sole authority to chose their names and, if you so wish, will make major decisions for them such as schools, activities and so fourth. The children will be raised by my husband and myself and will be our financial responsibility. The children will call canlı casino siteleri my husband “dad”, but only you control who their genetic makeup comes from. If you want to be their biological father, or if you want it to be my husband, or if you introduce a completely foreign sperm into my womb, this is entirely your decision. You need not consult us at any level, nor share the truth about their origins if you do not wish.

Along with absolute authority over our lives and bodies, you will be given a generous monthly stipend for your diligent and thorough work and perfect wisdom. Additionally, you will receive an unlimited spending account for any toy, costume, paraphernalia, or prop you require. Housing at our residence is an option we strongly hope you will consider.

We desire an imaginative master who will be fully invested in getting to know us and skillfully using what is gleaned to manipulate our continued submission for your ultimate pleasure and rule. Above all should be the complete comprehension of the psychology of control, as well as the element of surprise with creativity.

We are warm, welcoming, non-judgemental people, accommodating and hospitable. We will take you into our loving arms and treat you like family.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please email me about yourself, your thoughts and preferences. Be sure to include some details about your experience history. We deeply thank you for your consideration.


Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Your comments and rating are greatly appreciated. Also, please check out my first story “Pet Seeking Owner”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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