21 Mayıs 2022

Cougar Moms’ Cheerleading Squad Ch. 03

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It was common on a Sunday for Josh Vega to awaken at around seven. He had never been one of these teens who felt the need to stay in bed to lunchtime. However, he was a typical eighteen year old guy in that when he awoke he had a raging hard-on, his huge dick as hard as an iron rod. What was unusual, both for Josh and for High School Seniors in general was both what had woken him up and how the erection was being dealt with as beside him, crushed into his single bed, was his naked Mom Julia. They were lying together, his muscular arm draped over her shoulder gently resting on a Milf titty, a firm thigh resting against the back of her legs almost sliding between them. And whilst one of her hands was stretched out and hanging over the bed, the other was behind her, two fingers running under his cock and stiffening him up.

“Ooooh,” he moaned in pleasure.

“Morning sexy,” purred Julia Vega.

She half-turned her head so that with a little effort he could kiss her lips. He did so, grinning as he moved his head away and squeezing a titty so she giggled. His knee pressed between her legs, forcing them apart and he slid between them, massaging her sexy lower thighs. “Morning Mom,” he grinned back.

The Milf turned round so that she was facing him, her beautiful olive face just inches from him. He could smell her breath, it was sweet and fragrant, warm on his nose and lips as well. Damn, she was so beautiful and sexy and she was his. Her lips upturned in a smile, the lip-gloss smeared and cracked, it needed to be reapplied, not that it mattered to him, her mouth was as attractive as the rest of her. He moved a hand up to play with a nipple, turning it in his fingers and making it as erect as the dick she was still stroking.

“That was some night,” she purred.

“Yes,” agreed her son. It had been; he wasn’t sure whether she was talking about what had been first, watching his friend Parker Williams fuck his Mom, Hannah, in the ass. Or what had happened after they’d dropped off the Williams and come home – rampant and hot screwing which had left them in his bed, his Mom’s cheerleader uniform strewn on the floor. Or both.

“You were a stud,” Julia said happily, “Four times… that was incredible. And you’re still hard.”

Josh grinned back, “It wasn’t a solo effort.”

“No,” she laughed, ” It wasn’t.” She licked her lips, sensually, “You said it was Parker’s first time, he hadn’t fucked his Mom before.”

“I’m surprised she hadn’t told you,” he knew how close the cheerleading Moms were.

“She’d hinted that she wanted to take it steadily, not go too fast,” his Mom smiled.

“I think Parker wanted to go faster,” he replied, “It seems his plan worked.”

“It did,” his Mom grinned, her eyes sparkling sexily, “I was sure she was going to fuck him by the time we were in the burger bar; she just had that ‘I’m so horny and need it bad’ look…”

“So did you,” interrupted her son and tweaked a hard nipple playfully.

Julia giggled, “Well… you know I usually need it bad from my big dicked son.” She smiled and slid her fingers round his member, holding it and gently rocking it up and down. “But as I was saying, I couldn’t believe she let him fuck her in the butt. It was hot though, seeing it pump in and out and seeing those cheeks spread.”

“I got a memento, remember,” Josh leaned over his Mom far enough to get his cell from the beside cabinet. He brought it back and scrolled through pictures, his Mom topless, his Mom bottomless, her shaved slit, the same slit opened and with cum dribbling down over the lips, until he got to the one he wanted.

He pressed on it and showed his Mom. Her smile widened as she looked at it. “God, baby, that is so hot.” She jerked at his dick as she salivated over the photo off her friend, Hannah, her cheerleader skirt over her waist, her hands on her butt holding apart her hole that was leaking Parker’s spunk. She was still smiling as Josh closed down the photo and placed the cellphone back on his cabinet.

“I bet he enjoyed it,” she continued.

“Stuffing his cock up a tight Milf butt, I’m sure he hated every minute of it,” her son grinned back in agreement.

“So what about you Josh? Would you enjoy it?” his Mom smiled deeply and widely, her hand gripping hard at his cock.

He felt his large manhood throb like it was going to explode and his mouth felt dry. He tried to retain his composure and appear casual, “I’m eighteen Mom, of course I’d like anal.”

His Mom giggled, “It’s not an age thing. I’m forty-two and I love anal.” She paused looking at him wantonly, her lips playing round her lips so sensually that it didn’t matter than the lip-gloss was cracking and fading. Josh was sure she had more to say and he waited for her to continue. He was right as after a few seconds she carried on, “I love huge thick pricks going up my tight little pooper and fucking it hard until I cum. I love my small little chute being stretched wide and large cocks going where casino oyna they’re not supposed to.”

He grinned and slid his hand down to his Mom’s cunt. The shaven slot was wet with lust. His Mom grinned and said, “You’re not getting the hint, that’s the wrong hole to what I want.”

Josh had got the hint, he wasn’t dumb, but he wanted to make absolutely sure, so he asked straight out, “You want me to fuck your ass?”

“Are you asking?” she smiled, her eyes dancing.

“I’m asking,” his cock was so hard it hurt.

“Well ask me,” his Mom gave a teasing smile, which said she wasn’t going to say ‘no’.

“Can I fuck your ass please Mom? Can I bang it with my huge, thick dick and nail it raw? Can I?”

Julia pulled back the covers and stepped out of bed. Even as he looked at her wonderful naked Milf body he was wondering if he’d misread the runes. However, she quickly confirmed that he hadn’t. “If we’re going to do this regularly I’m going to have to get some anal lube, but for now let’s use some butter.” She walked over to the door, her sexy ass, that he was shortly to penetrate, wiggling sexily as she put her hand on the handle she turned her head to look at him, “Are you coming?”

“I will be,” grinned Josh and got out of bed. Their clothes still littered the floor, but the only dressing he did was slide into a pair of flip-flops and follow her downstairs, almost as naked as the day he was born and with his dick a lot harder.

Julia was already unwrapping a slab of butter. Josh realized she must have thought of this last night as she’d left it all night on the counter, leaving it melted and soft. She took a gloopy chunk in her hand and rubbed it between her palms, “We shouldn’t use this often, lube is much better and butter can lead to yeast infections, but it won’t harm us a couple of times.”

Josh’s cock was so hard that he was more than willing to take the risk if it meant plunging his rock hard member between his Mom’s sweet cheeks. He nodded, “I’m okay.” He stood still as his Mom continued to rub the butter between her hand, turning it into a gooey, yellow mess. Only when she was satisfied it was melted did she get to her knees and begin to smear it over his huge member.

It wasn’t the first time his Mom had handled his cock, but it was the first time she had been so thorough, her palms finding every inch and soaking it in the yellow butter, leaving it dripping and smelling like it was a piece of hot toast. The scent wafted to his nose, a carnal promise to keep him hard; and the touch of his Mom kept him hard as she slid over him. And as he looked down at her naked body, crouching beneath him, preparing him he thought of what it would be like to thrust his huge schlong up her tight shithole; it was a pleasant thought and it made him throb like he was electrified.

“That’s you lubed up Josh,” his Mom smiled as she stood up, her gaze falling down to his huge member covered in a yellowy mush. “Now I want you in my ass.”

She swiveled round and lay face down over the kitchen table, her naked butt pointing at him. Josh moved behind her, his dick hard. His Mom moaned as it rubbed at her cheeks, “Stick your finger into my butt, Josh, open Mommy’s butthole open.”

“Yeah,” Josh leaned and stuck his finger in the butter, twisting it round and smearing the digit with fatty oil. It felt weird to have a finger covered in butter, like it needed to be cleaned or sucked off. It felt even weirder as he pressed it into his Mom’s sphincter, opening the puckered hole and pushing down, the soft anal tunnels gripping at his finger as he worked it in.

“Ohhhh, urrrrhhh, ohhhh,” Julia shuddered, wiggling her ass and pushing it upwards, partnering with Josh’s probes to open her hole. “That’s good, baby, you need to open it for your big dick.”

“You want me to put a second one in?” Josh asked. He didn’t wait for the answer, but pushed two fingers into the butter, he wouldn’t be spreading that on his sandwich not now that one of the fingers he was stuffing into it had just been up his Mom’s asshole. He pressed in again, the first finger pushing past the sphincter and the second following it in the warm, soft hole.

“Ohhhh, yes, oooohhh,” Julia Vega moaned loudly as her son’s finger went down her asshole, spreading it open. “Ooooohhh, yes, Josh, that’s it.”

“Are you ready?” Josh pulled out his fingers and took hold of his dick, “I’m going to fuck you now” He pulled at her cheek, exposing the hole and pushed his dick in.

The first couple of inches slipped in easily, lubed up by the butter and helped by fingering of her hole. His Mom gasped and shuddered, her naked body rubbing at the kitchen table as her arms spread out like she was being crucified. The next few inches were harder, Josh having to shove and lever, gripping his Mom’s waist for support as he forced the dick through her tight walls. It didn’t seem to matter to Julia, she still moaned and cried ecstatically, shivering in pleasure as he went down. Her slot oyna ass seemed to grip as his cock, squeezing it like a giant hand. He held her tighter and pushed down the last few inches, forcing his dick down through a wall that was like wet cement. His Mom shook and squeaked, “Ohhhh, ohhhh, yes baby, yes baby, give me that big thick dick.”

Josh pushed and heaved harder, thrusting his cock down his Mom’s ass. He could feel his balls slapping and smacking at her butt as his full length penetrated her. The anal tunnel grabbed his dick, stimulating it and warming it like he was thrusting into melting rubber, the walls molded outwards as he pounded in. “Shit Mom, your ass is hot. This is great.”

“Oooohh, aaarrhhh, yes Josh, fuck me, fuck Mommy’s butthole, fuck me so hard. I’m going to cum, baby, I’m going to cum.” Julia shuddered and shrieked, her body flushing red as the assgasm rushed through her.

The young man pounded harder. Ramming his thick schlong into her poophole he knew what heaven felt like. It was tight and warm and firm, and it shuddered as he fucked it, the two cheeks wobbling at his cock as he plunged beneath them and into his Mommy’s hole. With each thrust he could feel his Mom convulsing and hear her grunts and cries of pleasure. Josh went faster, slamming as vigorously as he could, making the kitchen table squeak and shake as his Mom bounced on top of it, she too screaming and shuddering, “Oooooohhh, aaaarrrhhh. oh my God baby, that’s it, fuck Mommy’s asshole. Fill her butt with your meat. All the way baby, all the way.”

Like most High School Senior’s Josh had spent years imagining what it would be like to fuck some hot woman anally, never dreaming it would be his Mom. Now it was happening it was even better than what he had thought or hoped; thrusting deep into his Mom’s tight hole it was all he could do to stop himself exploding. Only the urge to give his Mom the best anal screwing she’d ever had kept him from letting go as he counted sheep or examined the cracks on the kitchen tiles, anything to prolong his fucking.

“Aaaarrhhh, aaaaarhhh, aiiieeeee!” his Mom screamed again as she came, her entire body quaking as the orgasm spread out through her. Her naked body pounded at the table, her titties squashed beneath the body and the wooden lacquer surface. Her hands gripped and ungripped, “AAAArrrghhh, baby, aaaarrghhh. Fuck me. Oh my God fuck my ass.”

Her shrieks and shudders were too much for him and he let go, grunting and moaning in pleasure as his cum pumped out of his dick and into her asshole. Despite the fact that he’d already fucked her four times last night there was still plenty of it, the benefits of being eighteen and horny. It flooded her hole like an abandoned mine and a cloudburst, filling the tunnel with his hot, sticky spunk. It dripped from her hole as he withdrew, tendrils of silver sliding from her open hole and down the crack between her ass cheeks.

“Oh yes,” Julia lay a cheek on the table and closed her eyes. “Oh yes,” she moaned again, “That was great. Did you like it?”

“Yes,” grinned Josh, “More than liked it.”

“Okay, you can take a picture for your friends,” his Mom said in a voice that spoke of her bliss, “Show them you literally scored some Mom ass.”


Rory snatched up the phone before his Mom, Megan Carter, had a chance to stop him. He gave her a cheeky smile as he answered it, “Oh hi Mrs Knight, how are you?” At least he was polite his Mom thought, he was well brought up. Megan couldn’t hear what Gina was saying, but her son nodded and grinned down at her as he listened, before replying to her friend, “Mom can’t come to the phone right now, she’s got her mouth full.” There was a very brief pause and then he laughed, “That’s right Mrs Knight, that’s exactly what’s in it.” He gave his Mom a thumbs up, before saying into the phone, “If you don’t mind waiting a few moments, she’s almost finished.”

He placed the handset on the table and placed his hands on the back of his Mom’s head. “Oh yeah, suck it Mommy, suck it good,” he groaned. Megan sped up, thrusting her mouth down as far as she could, slurping and sucking at his huge prong. He groaned and closed his eyes, luxuriating in the feel of her warm and wet mouth on his schlong sucking it good.

It was more than a few moments, but still not long before he jerked and Megan could feel the spurt of his cum against the back of her throat. The salty seed filled her mouth and she drank it down, swallowing her son’s sperm like it was the tastiest snack she’d ever received. Rory groaned with pleasure, his eyes rolling in his head, as the last of his gooey spunk shot into his Mom’s mouth. He withdrew his cock, big even when flaccid and drips of cum and saliva fell from it over his Mom’s naked tits. “Shit Mom, that was hot.” He reached down and pulled up his soccer shorts.

Megan licked the last of his seed from her lips and smiled, “I enjoy late breakfasts.” She stood up and gestured for the phone. He passed her canlı casino siteleri the handset before indicating he was going to go outside and practice his soccer skills on their voluminous back lawn. Megan smiled at him and nodded to show she picked up his silent message before she turned her attention to her friend, Gina Knight, “Hi, how are you?”

“I’m good,” her friend tittered, “I’m guessing I don’t need to ask how you are, sucking off Rory before lunch…”

“I didn’t want him to hurt himself with his bulge,” his Mom replied with a smile.

“That big is it? Lucky girl.” Gina laughed, “Speaking of lucky girls have you heard Julia got it up the ass from Josh.”

“Heard, seen the picture,” Megan answered with a smile, “Why do you think Rory was so hard?”

Her friend laughed again, “Sons, they go like rock at anything. Tits, pussy, ass…”

“They’re eighteen and horny,” Megan agreed, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Me neither,” Gina replied, “Anyway that’s not why I rung. I was wondering if you’re in tomorrow, that new move we’ve been trying, I haven’t quiet got it right and was wondering if you could help me practice.”

“Sure, that’s a captain’s job; why don’t you come over once the boys are in school and we’ve got the house to ourselves?”

“It’s a date,” said Gina.


“That’s good,” Megan said, “Lift your leg a little higher.”

In front of her Gina nodded and stretched her leg higher, so that it was almost, but not quite at a right angle, to her body. She grimaced as she tried to make the extra few inches and then relaxed and let it drop. “I’m getting better.”

“You’re turning into a real pro,” confirmed her friend and squad captain. “We just need to get those muscles trained and then you’ll be high-kicking like you were born to it.”

The two of them had been practicing all afternoon and this was the last move and the one that Gina was having the most trouble with. Unlike her friend she hadn’t been a cheerleader in school and whilst she was fit and exercised often she didn’t have the suppleness that came from having done the same exercises since she was eighteen. But Megan wasn’t lying about what she said, Gina was improving and was a real asset to the team. The raven haired Milf gave her back another stretch and turned to Megan, “Let me have another go.”

“I’ve got an idea to help,” Megan said and knelt down beside her friend. “Okay stretch your leg.”

Gina began to lift it, wobbling slightly. “Lean on me,” said Megan. As her friend rested an arm on her shoulder Megan’s reached her hands under the raven haired Mom’s thigh. The flesh was smooth and flawless, the texture of a toned muscle under the skin. The squad leader lifted up. Gina giggled and wobbled, pressing on Megan’s shoulder as she worked to keep her balance. But it worked. her leg was lifted higher. It brought up her skirt and Megan could see underneath her friend’s tiny panties just concealing her pussy.

Todd was a lucky guy, thought Megan about her friend’s son, he was getting a chance to plough the sexy hole on a regular basis.

“You want to me to lower now?” Gina asked, looking down and giving a smile that suggested she didn’t know her friend had been looking at her panties.

“Yes,” Megan blushed slightly and let go, quickly moving her eyes to look somewhere else. She’d had lesbian fantasies over the years, but imagining was a far as she’d gone and she didn’t think it appropriate that she allow her gaze to linger to long on Gina; if her friend noticed it’d make them both uncomfortable and that discomfort wouldn’t be good for the squad.

“Shall we do the other leg?” asked Gina, turning round without waiting for an answer.

“Yes, and then I think it’ll be enough for today,” replied Megan. It’d give her time to have a coffee and a chat with Gina afterwards and there talk about their sons hard cocks and what they were doing with them would push away any lingering lesbian desire for her friend.

Gina’s other leg lifted and again Megan slid her hand under it, feeling the smooth, sexy flesh and pressing it up so the skirt lifted and she could see the white cotton of her friend’s panties pushing into her hole. She tried not to look, but it was impossible not too, wondering what the slit was like under the thin material and what it would taste like.

“Can I ask you a question? A personal one,” Gina remained balanced, her leg pointing straight out, one hand resting on Megan’s shoulder.

Forcing her gaze upwards Megan replied, “Of course. We’re friends, we can ask each other anything.”

“Have you ever had lesbian sex? With a woman?”

The question was such a surprise that Megan almost dropped her friend. Gina must have sensed the wobble as she started to lower her leg and Megan let her, moving back and standing up, giving herself a moment to think. In the end the only answer was the truth, “No. I’ve thought about it, but no, never.”

“I thought all cheerleaders experimented?” her friend asked again.

Was there a touch of disappointment in her voice? Megan wasn’t sure. She shook her head, feeling a touch of regret herself, “Only in the movies.” She paused, “What about you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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