27 Mayıs 2022

Cotton Eye Joe Pt. 04

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I stared at them and knew the look on my face matched those of the four other husbands scattered throughout the club as they watched their wives dance with these older men who prowled the bar in search of young wives to seduce and bed.

My buzz wasn’t solely from the alcohol I had consumed, but by Paula and Aaron and the other young couples who had been joined by a third. We were birds of a feather. Cuckoo birds. We shared a common desire, to cuckold or be cuckolded. Her fingernail gently stroking Aaron’s face as she reminded him she was married was more arousing than when she held Rusty’s cock in her hand.

They got up and returned to the dance floor. The band played its last song. The lights came on. They returned to the table she leading him by the hand. She looked excited.

She asked, “Are you okay to drive?”

I told her I was.

She rummaged through her purse and handed me the car keys.

“I’ll see you in the morning.”

He didn’t gloat because he didn’t need to. She gave me a quick peck on the lips and they headed to the exits. I thought about telling her to wait, but didn’t. Looking around I noticed I wasn’t the only married man whose wife had left with another man.

We all waited until the club emptied before we made our walk of shame to our respective cars. I drove to Paula’s house, let myself in, changed into my pajamas, and got in bed. I had the other key to the lock securing my cage and could have freed it, masturbated, and secured my penis in it again, with Paula being none the wiser, nut didn’t.

I luxuriated in the feel of my swollen manhood confined to its leather prison as I pictured them making love, and fell asleep. My sleep was fitful, my dreams vivid, my bladder hyperactive.

I had eaten, showered, dressed, and was looking at the real estate listings when the doorbell rang. I mulled over how I intended to handle Paula. What happened the previous night wasn’t spontaneous, but calculated. She might have thought she was being clever, but that caress revealed her hand. I figured why not play the hurt wife; after all I was her pet.

I opened the door. It was Paula. I stood there blocking her entrance.

She asked, “Are you going to let me in?”

I moved aside. She entered. I closed the door and headed to the kitchen. She followed.

She asked if there was coffee.

I pointed to the pot of coffee.

“You’re not going to get it for me?” she asked sounding a bit nervous.

Being rude wasn’t in my nature and being submissive was. I poured her a cup.

She took a seat at the table.

I served her cup. Always the good husband, the adoring pet, I asked, “Are you hungry?”

She looked more relaxed and confident, “Actually, I am. An omelette would be nice.

I made her an omelette, toast, and poured her a glass of orange juice.

I sat down. She started wolfing down her food.

“I noticed you’re looking at houses. Did you find anything?”

I sat down beside her and told her I found a couple of prospects.

She smelled of booze, smoke, and if my head was between her legs, cum.

She said she needed a shower.

She asked if I wanted to join her.

I declined telling her I needed to get the kitchen done and we were running late.

She asked if I was sure.

I told her I was. She sounded disappointed.

We were out the door thirty minutes later.

She drove. I gave directions as I had the addresses and street map.

We looked at three houses and didn’t see anything coming close to what she wanted. We did like the older neighborhoods the houses were in. She was done, but I begged her to drive around.

“Maybe, we will see something we like.”

“But, it won’t be for sale.”

“Please, Mistress.”

She looked at me and said, “Thirty minutes.”

I spotted it. For sale by owner. Open house today.

“Mistress, stop the car.”

It was a stately two story home. The open house had already ended she pointed out.

“Let’s ring the doorbell anyway.”

She agreed.

We stood on the porch.

“I like the exterior. casino oyna This is a beautiful porch.”

We heard footsteps. An old man opened the door.

“We saw the sign. I know we’re late, but we would to see the house.”

We looked trustworthy. He let us in.

“You’re a young couple, I’d be surprised if this is what you’re looking for, but I’ll give you a tour.”

We asked why he was selling, He said he should have sold it years ago as the house was too big for an old widower, but the memories it held were so sweet.

We started with the main floor. It was old, but newer than many of the houses in the neighborhood.

Paula asked, “When was it built?”

He told us 1932. He and his family had done all right during the Great Depression.

The house had a parlor. He said this was where his wife would entertain. There was a large dining room with a table big enough to seat twelve.

“We had boarders when we first moved in before we had children.”

The kitchen was spacious, but not a place to hang out while one cooked.

He took us to the den then down a hallway to a very large master bedroom. Paula loved it. There were photos of the owner and his wife and later their kids. They were a nice looking couple. She was beautiful even in her later years. There was a photo of a man on the nightstand who wasn’t her husband. There was another of the two of them standing, dressed in their Sunday best, his arm around her waist.

“This was Mary Beth’s room.”

“It’s beautiful. I love the furniture. The bathroom is pretty. I love the walk in closet.”

We exited the bedroom and headed upstairs. There were four nice sized bedrooms and two full baths. We headed downstairs but by a different staircase. We ended up in a hallway behind the kitchen. We took a left and entered another bedroom.

“This is my bedroom.”

It was nice, but not as large as the other. It had its own bathroom which was smaller than the other one. The closet wasn’t a walk in, but was still large. I pictured me in this bedroom.

Paula clearly liked what she saw.

We asked him a few questions, wondered why he hadn’t used a realtor, when the shingles, hot water heater, and furnace had been replaced. He pointed out his house was among the first in the neighborhood to get retrofitted with central air.

He could tell we liked the house and suggested he give us a few minutes privacy.

He asked us if we wanted coffee as he would put on a fresh pot.

After he left, Paula put her arms around my waist and pressed her crotch against mine.

“I want it Tobias.”

“I knew you liked it.”

“Like it? I love it. I’m having the most sinful thoughts right now. I bet your cage is feeling snug.”

“It is. Do you think they had a marriage like you want ours to be?”

“It’s pretty obvious they did.”

“It must have been a good marriage because he speaks fondly of her.”

She stepped back and thrust out her chest. Her nipples were erect.

We talked about the house, its pros and cons. We could smell the coffee brewing.

She took me by the hand and led me into the kitchen.

The owner was watching the coffee drip.

Paula announced our presence. He turned and smiled at us.

“John, we love this house. I can see why it’s so hard for you to sell. So many memories. Pet will watch the coffee. I want to see Mary Beth’s room again.”

She extended her hand. He took it. Thirty minutes later they returned.

I poured each of us a cup.

“John, what do you take in your coffee? Pet will get it for you if you tell him where it is.”

John told me where to find the spoons, sugar, and cream.

I prepared their cups before making mine.

Paula took a sip, told John she loved the taste of coffee and his coffee was great. She looked at me and said, “John has accepted my offer.”

John spoke, “I hoped a couple like you would show up. I can tell you appreciate the unique bedroom arrangement my wife and I had.”

None of us spoke for several minutes. John was staring at Paula as though he slot oyna was waiting for her to say something. Paula was staring at me.

“Pet, John agreed to sell the house to me, but he needed proof we are as committed as he and Mary Beth were.”

I looked confused.

“Come with me Pet. John, when Pet returns you may come in.”

We walked to Mary Beth’s bedroom. I started to talk when she told me to be quiet and kiss her. We kissed and disrobed. She unlocked my cage.

“This is your lucky day Pet. You get to fuck me.”

She pulled back the covers and got in bed. I joined her in bed. It wasn’t long before we were having intercourse. I told her how good it felt and that it had been so long. She rubbed her clitoris and within minutes we both came.

We cuddled for a minute. I kissed her. She said what happened was nice. I took a nipple in my mouth. She said, “After we get home you can suck them all night, but right now I need you to get dressed and tell John to come here.”

I wondered what deal she had made, but didn’t question her.

John looked excited. I told him Paula was waiting for him. He moved fast for a man in his seventies.

Ten minutes later Paula’s voice filled the house as she praised John’s tongue. Her language was coarse as she called him her tongue fucker and told him to suck up all the cum in her pussy. She also said he could show me some pointers on pleasing a woman. As she neared orgasm she loudly said, “I bet you’re a better fuck than my husband.”

I listened as she had one hell of an orgasm.

I expected them to be done, but a few minutes later John was balls deep and ducking Paula. Like she predicted he was a better fuck than me. Like Rusty, he possessed a very big cock, but unlike him, he still had his balls.

I finished my cup and poured myself another waiting for them. John reappeared, looking very smug, and told me Paula was waiting for me. I put my cup down and headed to the bedroom. Paula was flat on her back with her legs open wide. Cum oozed from her pussy.

I wasted no time stripping and climbed on the bed.

She put her foot against my chest stopping me. Looking me in the eye she said, “I was right. He is a much better fuck than you. How does that make you feel to know an old man is a better lover than you?”

I answered truthfully that it made me feel bad.

She went from bitch mode to sweetheart as I really did feel like crying.

She moved her foot away and opened her legs. I lay between them and pressed my face against her sex. She stroked my scalp as I licked her telling me I was her pet and she loved me. She encouraged me to take my time, to lick up John’s seed, to make sure I got it all because she was sure I didn’t want an old man to impregnate her, that it would be the ultimate humiliation. As cruel as her words were, they were having the opposite effect one would think. My penis was back in its cage, swollen. I was humping the bed as she fucked my face. When I came I groaned without breaking contact with her pussy.

My climax triggered hers. She flooded my face and the sheets. She told me afterwards her orgasm felt different.

I went to the bathroom afterwards, washed my face, attempted to clean the ejaculate off my cage, brought Mistress a towel. She directed me to wipe her dry. She got out of bed and we dressed. I thought about taking off the sheets, but she said, “Leave them for John. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled.”

She kissed me and said, “That was nice. I’m glad you’re not sensitive.”

John was waiting for us. We chatted a few minutes. Paula said she would see him next week. She had her financing already lined up, She then asked him if he was willing to include the furniture in the sale.

I thought he would say no, but he said nothing would make him happier than knowing a couple like us would be putting his furniture to good use. Paula liked to shock and after John and I shook hands she and he exchanged a French kiss. She said to him afterwards, “You’re a great kisser John. I’ll see you later this week.”

We headed back to her temporary house. I asked if canlı casino siteleri she was serious about buying all furniture,

“Absolutely. I feel like we’ve been reborn, starting a new life here, leaving our old lives behind. I’m glad we have a buyer. Let’s hope your job interview goes well.”

It was until later when we were freshly showered and snuggled in bed we discussed the weekend’s adventures. She admitted the visit to the club was something she had planned. As for Aaron, he was her first one night stand. I told her I thought she and he had set me up. She said it just happened, but explained Aaron has decades of experience dealing with couples.

‘Was it good?”

“It was very good.”

“Are you going to see him again?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. Do you want me to?”

I admitted to being torn.

‘That’s understandable.”

I asked about John.

“How did that happen? Was he really that good?”

She answered, “He really is that good. He’s bigger than Rick and Aaron. When we got to his wife’s room I asked him if I needed to sweeten the pot because I really wanted his house. He looked nervous, but drummed up the courage saying he hoped I wouldn’t be offended by what he was going to ask me. He explained he had not been intimate with another woman since his wife’s passing. I thought how sweet. He wants to have intercourse. I asked him what he had in mind. He said he wanted to perform cunnilingus on me. I pointed to the bed and asked here. He said yes, but he had another request. He always ate Mary Beth after she had been with her lovers. I told him I normally don’t have intercourse with my husband, explained you were in chastity, but said I would make an exception. Lucky day for you and a very pleasant experience for me. He is definitely talented.”

“And the intercourse?”

“I honestly didn’t know how it would turn out. I thought he might be small like you, but I was pleasantly surprised. I did it to shock you.”

“You definitely shocked me. I could tell he was hitting the right places. Why do you think men like he and Rusty agree to these marriages?”

She tapped me on the forehead and grabbed my penis with the other squeezing the shaft rather firmly.

“Because it’s all about what’s happening between the ears, not below the waist. There are plenty of small men who would run from our marriage.”

“Are you going to have sex with John again?”

“Absolutely. He made my toes curl more than once.”

She kissed me and reminded me we both had busy days ahead of us.

My interview went well. A few days later I received a call telling me I had been selected for the position. The start date was August. I was looking forward to having a free summer as I had taught every summer since I began teaching. Paula had some good news of her own. John had given us a price for the house and its furnishings which Paula thought was a great bargain. She also told me he fucked her and afterwards, ate her.

I was turned on but also jealous of the septuagenarian.

She knew when I got quiet it was due to that green eyed monster.

“Pet, it’s not attractive when you behave this way.”

I apologized and told her I would do better.

She said, “You better or I’m going to have to spank you.”

We had never once discussed discipline in the nearly two years of our wife led marriage, but she had just introduced it.

I thought she was kidding and made light of it, “You’d have to catch me first.”

“That won’t be hard to do or have you forgotten I’m faster than you?”

I asked, “Are you seriously?”

She said, “I’ve been thinking about it, You have such a cute tush. Thinking about it turning red gets me wet.”

“Was it something you read in your book?”

“It’s in the book, but that’s not why. It’s because of John, He said his wife used to discipline him. He said you looked like you needed it. This sounds cray, but he swears it helps with the jealousy.”

“I agree. That is crazy.”

“We could try it Pet. You might just like it.”

“I don’t know Mistress. It doesn’t sound very appealing.”

She said, “Stop acting like you have a say in the matter, Pet. I’ll decide. It’s getting late. Congratulations.”

I asked if she had spanked John.

She said, “See, you’re curious. Goodnight Pet.”

“Goodnight. Mistress.”

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