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Computer History Snoop Ch. 2

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Computer History Snoop Chapter 2

by aliveinpr

My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Please read and enjoy this fictional writing.

Gloria’s story continued from Chapter 1

I was so wet from squirting in the kitchen, I had to take a shower and then change my soaked panties. I kept thinking of Jason’s statement, ‘I’ll bring some friends over and show your husband how black cocks can ruin white pussy’. I came again, I was going to have soaked panties all day. I called Marie back and asked her if she was able to get Jason on the phone. Marie said, “Oh, yeah, He’s looking forward to setting you up with a gang bang. He want’s your husband to see your holes after they fuck you, they will be gaping open and oozing all their cum.”

My fingers were busy in my pussy as I waited for the computer to boot. I wanted a story that would leave George with an erection when he came to bed. I began to write, I described in detail the feelings I had from a big black cock entering my canal and how intense my orgasms were, and that the orgasms seemed to be non-stop. How I was fucked over and over in my ass, pussy and mouth causing me to squirt. How the sheets were soaked with our mixed cum. I wrote how my black lover could recover quickly for our all day fucking. I even mentioned that a female friend videoed the entire day. I was sure George would assume it was Marie with the video camera since she is my best friend. I reread and edited my story several times before submitting it for publication.

I showered and again, naked under my satin robe to greet George when he came in the door. I was horny and wanted to be fucked, fucked hard with his nice cock. When George entered, I wrapped my arms around him and ground my open lips to his as we kissed like newlyweds. I made sure I ground my pussy mound against his cock in a circular motion. It didn’t take long for his cock to grow as I felt him pushing back against me. George didn’t seem to care about dinner as he led me to the bedroom. He left a trail of clothes in the path to our bed and he removed my robe as I was falling backward on the bed with my legs spread wide.

George lapped at my wet pussy and looked up to my eyes. His expression showed that he was disappointed there was no additional ‘moisture’ from another man. He kept sucking my juices as he inserted two fingers stimulating my ‘G spot’. My legs began to shake and my back arched as he was building my orgasm. Soon, I began to squirt my juices into his mouth. I heard George moan, a pleasure moan as his tongue worked hard on my clit.

George fucked me twice filling me with cum, more than usual. As we laid on the bed allowing our bodies to cool and relax, I told George that I should start dinner. He picked up the phone by the bed and ordered a pizza as he said, “We are just going to stay here until the pizza arrives. I want to see the cum oozing from your pussy.”

As George’s fingers were playing at my cum filled pussy, the door bell rang and we both jumped from the bed. I grabbed my robe, but George pulled it away and said, “You will answer the door naked. It will be hot to see a strangers eyes feasting on your beautiful body.” I wasn’t sure if I wanted to expose myself to a stranger, but thought of the adult book store. I might not have been able to see the strangers, but they obviously saw my body through the ‘glory’ holes. What a surprise, I opened the door and there was a young black man with our pizza. His eyes explored my naked body. I noticed a bulge in his pants and then took my time getting his money. I bent over exposing my ass and pussy picking up the money from the coffee table, then slowly walked back to the door. My husband then stood behind me pawing my breasts for the poor man’s eyes. I’m sure he could also see the cum on the inside of my thighs. I hoped my smile was an invitation to him to return again in the future. His eyes went to George’s eyes and he gave a nod and big grin, then turned and left. I got the idea that George was giving the young man the okay to return some time.

I set the pizza on the table as George took my hand and pulled me to the couch. He spread my legs and his super hard cock was thrust into my vaginal canal. As George was pumping my pussy, he asked “Do you think he has a big cock?” I said, “I saw a big bulge in his pants. I think he’s as big as you.” George fucked his cock harder and then released more cum into my womb. George said, “That was a turn on to see his eyes on your naked freshly fucked pussy. Maybe if I wasn’t here, he would fuck you right here in the living room.” Now my pussy was freely flowing with my vaginal juices as I visioned his black cock entering me. We only ate one slice each before returning to the bedroom. After another session with him filling me, George was now exhausted as I ran my hand up and down his cock and he worked two fingers deep into my pussy. Soon we were smiling and asleep.

I woke and as George was getting a shower, I put the rest of the pizza in the refrigerator and started the coffee. George came to breakfast humming. He took a sip of coffee, looked up at me and said, “That was a real turn on to see a black man looking at your naked body. Did that turn you on?” I smiled and said, “Yes, at first I wasn’t sure, but you seemed to like me exposing myself to him.” George got up and poured himself another cup of coffee and I noticed he was erect, his cock pushing hard against his slacks. I asked George, “Do you think that he might come back to rape me after you leave for work?” George said, “Not sure, I think he gets flashed at times, I don’t think he would be back today.” As George was saying that, he was grinning as if he wanted the guy to come back. The ‘today’ George said stuck in my mind, so maybe tomorrow.

Secretly, I wanted him to come back too. I could feel my juices begin to run as I thought about a young black cock fucking me. Maybe just before George gets home from work so he could discover my pussy full of fresh cum. I kissed and sent George off to work and then called Marie.

“You wouldn’t believe it Marie. Last night we ordered pizza and George had me get the pizza at the door, naked and with cum running down my legs. To top it off, the guy was black.” Marie said, “That’s hot. Now you see, George wants to see you fucked by other men. It’s not just a fantasy.” I told Marie that I did submit my latest story and it should be published in another day. Marie said, “Our plans for Saturday are going to be around noon. My husband, Bill, will come with me. I had him read your stories, I showed him the DVD with you and Jason, and like I said before, Bill would like to fuck you too. He wants to add a little vanilla to your chocolate gang bang.” We laughed and I said, “I’m sure George will add some vanilla too.”

George came home, and again I was wearing my satin robe. George smiled and asked, “So did your pizza man visit you today?” I looked at him and gave a pouty kind of look and said, “No, he didn’t. If he did, I’m sure you would like to hear the details.” George’s eyes were glazed over as he said, “Hell, yes. I want to know the details.” I smiled at George and said, “Well, he didn’t today. Just keep that thought as we eat the casino oyna rest of the pizza.”

We finished dinner and as I was cleaning up what little mess we left, George went into the den and turned on the computer. I heard a few comments uttered as he said, “Oh, yeah, that’s hot. Get it in her.” When George went to the bathroom, I snuck into the den and looked at the video he was watching. It was a white woman getting a pizza from a black delivery boy. Wow, I see what his comment was about, she was really fucked with a monster black cock as her husband was spying on her from another room. I knew he was going to order more pizza’s in the future.

I went to the living room and watched the evening news and then to bed as George was still on the computer. George slid into bed just as I was beginning to doze. I woke as his fingers began working in my pussy. He spread my legs and forced his cock deep into me. He was a wild man as he fucked me hard and deep. His cock pulsed as he was filling me with his cum and then we both laid quiet and fell asleep still fused together.

As we were having breakfast, I told George, “We haven’t had Marie and Bill over for some time. Maybe we should plan a BBQ get together this Saturday.” Bill smiled and said, “That’s a good idea, I will pick up some things on the way home. Maybe some brats, burgers and chicken.” I told George, “I’ll pick up some wine and beer today.” George then said, “Yeah, lots of beer. Oh, maybe you can find a good DVD for us to watch.” With that suggestion, I envisioned he was expecting Marie and Bill joining him to enjoy the Saturday entertainment of me with Jason and friends. I was sure George had read my recent story.

George left for work and I rushed to the computer and the ‘History’ confirmed that George had read my latest story of my infidelity with Jason. He knew from the story that Jason was planning a gang bang by his black friends. Yes, I was sure he wanted to see the DVD Marie made. I wanted that too, I have cheated and he needs to know the truth.

I was as giddy as a school girl getting ready for her first date. I told Marie that my love life has returned with the stories I have been publishing and I needed to continue writing. Marie asked, “For now, it turns George on, but what if it gets old and you fall into the same old rut?” I said, “Then I will have to change my story themes. Maybe, make DVD porn for the internet. Let’s go shopping, I’ve got ideas.”

I picked up Marie and we went shopping. I picked up a very translucent summer dress, very, very short and low cut with a halter strap that tied in back of the neck. Once untied, it would be around my ankles. I purchased a few similar dresses to add to my wardrobe. Marie then said that she would pick matching panties and bra for the outfit and I told her, “No, I want every man’s cock to be hard when they see the preview of what they will be fucking. I want George, Bill and the rest of the men to know I am ready for their pleasure.” We picked up enough wine and beer to help relax everyone. I was hoping that Jason and his friends did not drink too much, I didn’t want them to pass out. I wanted their cocks hard all day.

Saturday finally arrived and George was all agog with cleaning and getting the grill ready. I was going to get ready the meat for the grill and discovered that the refrigerator was stuffed with enough steaks, chops and chicken to feed an army. “George,” I yelled, “you have enough meat here for the whole neighborhood. What were you thinking when you bought all this meat?” George said, “I like to plan ahead, you never know who might just drop by. A BBQ seem to draw friends.” Yes, he was planning ahead, he was expecting me to have ‘guests’ drop by.

I knew Marie and Bill would soon arrive and I told George that I was going to get my shower and get ready. I said, “I won’t be long, just get them something to drink if I’m not down.” I made sure I was ready, outside (shaved pussy) and inside (enema and douche). Knowing what was going to happen, my vaginal juices were flowing with the anticipation, the idea of several cocks fucking all my holes. Over and over, big black cocks would be pumping cum into me as my husband watched. I knew Marie was bringing her video camera, I also knew Bill was planning to fuck me too. I heard the door bell and my body began to tingle as my vaginal juices were flowing. I dawned the translucent dress and admired the vision all the men would see. My nakedness was slightly masked but it was obvious I wore no bra or panties. I slipped on a pair of 4 inch heels and headed toward the stairs for my appearance.

I started to descend the stairs as George was coming up to meet me. I saw his eyes enlarge as he scanned my body. George then wrapped his arms around me and he asked. “Do you want our guests to see you so naked? What if Bill gets turned on and wants to fuck you? Your dress is so sexy, I want to fuck you right now.” I looked George in the eyes and said, “I don’t like quick fucks, and we don’t have time for a good fuck. I want to know you and Bill are excited. I want your cocks hard as steel rods. I’m tired of being an ‘ignored housewife’. But, if you insist, I’ll put on some panties and a bra.” George had an expression on his face that he now knew positively the stories by ‘Ignored Housewife’ were written by me. George said, “No, no time, besides I like what I see.” We then went down the stairs and I entered the living room to exposed myself to Marie and Bill.

Like a gentleman, Bill rose as I entered, but he froze in place with his eyes as large as Georges when he saw me. His mouth was slightly open with his tongue licking his upper lip. I noticed right away that his cock was hard and pressing against his pants while his eyes scanned what he was later going to fuck. My nipples were hard as they pressed against the thin material and I gave off a sexual aroma as my inner thighs were coated with my juices. I saw Marie smiling as she watched both men ogling my body with their primal desire.

Bill had a beer in his hand when he said, “I think Marie needs a dress like that. Our friends would love to see her parade around in that.” George came into the living room with a beer and pulled me to him. He held me tight with one arm and gave me a very passionate kiss gyrating his crotch against me. Marie went to the kitchen and got a glass of wine for us girls. We sat and chatted as I watched Bill staring at my bare pussy as I had my legs slightly spread for him. George was caressing my thigh and pushing the hem of my short dress up.

After a few minutes of catching up on our past weeks activities, George got up and went to check on the grill. George then asked from the porch, “How many should I count on for the meat? Gloria, are you expecting a few more people? I can put more steaks and chicken breasts on the grill if more are expected.” I knew George was living my last story, hoping for men to arrive for my gang bang. I then loudly replied, “Maybe seven of each, I’m not sure if steak or chicken. We can always put left overs in the frig.”

George returned to the living room and as he began to sit, the door bell rang. George rose and walked toward the door with a big grin. He opened the door and saw Jason and five black men behind him. slot oyna George said, “Hello, Gloria is expecting you, please come in.” Jason shook George’s hand and introduce himself and named his friends as they entered. As Jason and his friends entered, they all ogled my body as I smiled and slowly turned in my translucent dress to display my goods.

I then said, “We all should go to the dining room as George is getting the meat from the grill.” Marie got the salad from the refrigerator while Jason went out to the patio with George. As they removed the meats and wrapped potatoes from the grill, Jason said to George, “I suspect you know why I am here with my friends. I have been a friend of Marie and Bill for several years. Bill and I have been fucking Marie together for many years now. It was Marie that introduced me to your wife.” George asked him, “How long has you been fucking my wife?” Jason said, “It was the whole afternoon last week. You should be proud, she told me that your cock is as large as mine, unusual for a white man. My five friends will be sure to enlarge Gloria’s pussy today.” George smiled and said, “I look forward to that, from reading Gloria’s stories, she is looking forward to a gang bang and I want her to be happy.” Jason then said, “Bill is going to join us and it’s up to you to watch or join, your choice.”

We were all entering the dining room. Bill put his arm around my waist as he pulled the chair out for me, his hand was feeling my ass as I began to sit. Bill leaned into my ear and said, “I don’t care about dinner, I want to throw you on to the table and fuck you deep and hard.” I said, “You know the plan, you will have to wait for your chance to fill my holes.” I brushed the front of his pants as he turned to sit down. He was hard and I didn’t think he would get soft until he emptied the cum from his balls deep into me.

There was light chattering during dinner and then I suggested that we retire to the living room for drinks. Marie got the wine as George and the other men got their beers. I sat on the couch with George, Bill and Marie. Jason and his friends found chairs opposite us. I made sure my legs were spread for their eyes.

Jason began to rub the bulge in his pants as he obviously stared at my pussy. Jason then looked at George and said, “Stand Gloria up for us to see.” George pulled me to my feet and paraded me to the middle of the living room. Jason then said, “ Undress her.”

George was behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist, his cock pressing against my ass, and with a smiling gleam in his eyes, reached up and united the halter strap and my dress fell to my feet. I was now totally naked in front of every one and I could see several hidden erections. I went to Jason, pulled him to his feet and gave him a loving kiss. I then looked back at George and asked, “Would you like to see me getting fucked by Jason and his friends. Would you like to see your white wife fucked all night by big black cocks?” George smiled and said, “Oh, yes, I’ve wanted to see you fucked by other men for a long time. Kinda like a story I recently read by ‘Ignored Housewife’ on the computer.”

George went and sat in a chair near Marie and Bill. His eyes were glassy and I saw that he was displaying an erect cock under his zipper. He had his eyes locked on me as I knelt in front of Jason, unzipped his pants and freed his erect cock. George was now rubbing his erect cock through his pants as his eyes were fixed on every move I made.

I engulfed Jason’s cock as I saw five black men undressing. I looked up at Jason and saw his joyful expression. Soon there were hands fondling my breasts and twisting my hard nipples as someone untangled my dress at my feet. George now had his pants off and pumping his hard cock as he watched me suck Jason’s cock with five other men feeling up my body as one was fingering my pussy, and another was pressing two fingers into my ass.

Jason then said, “George, lead your wife to your marital bed and lay her on her back with her legs spread wide.” George took my hand and guided me to our master bed room and laid me on the bed. As he spread my legs, he smiled and said, “Fuck us hard, get your pussy full of cum. Remember everything for your next story.” I asked, “Is this what you want?” George then said, “Oh, yes.” As soon as my legs were spread wide as an invitation, Jason had his head between my legs and was burying his tongue deep in my vaginal canal and strumming my clit with his fingers.

I looked at the side and saw, George, Bill and five flack men naked and pumping their very hard cocks as they watched Jason lubricating my pussy. Just past them, I saw Marie wearing only panties as she had the leg band pulled aside and masturbating wildly. Her other hand holding a video camera with a flashing red light.

Soon, there were hands everywhere on my body. My breasts and nipples were pawed roughly as a cock was poking my cheek. I opened my mouth and sucked hard to swallow as much cock as I could. My eyes closed as the orgasm that started in the living room was building to a crescendo of explosive pleasure. Jason swabbed the membranes of my pussy as his lips salivated my labia and his fingers continued to stimulate my clit. My legs began to shake as I felt fingers penetrating my anal opening. Jason then rose upward and with my legs up to his shoulders, his penis plunged deep into my vagina triggering the orgasm of my life.

My body was spasming as my vagina was contracting around Jason’s cock. The nerve endings in my vaginal canal, along with my ‘G spot’, sent signals to my brain to release my female juices in full force. I began to squirt hard soaking Jason’s balls and the bed as he continued to pump his cock against my cervix. “Yeah, Yeah,” I kept hearing the others cheering, “She’s a squirter.” Jason kept thrusting his cock into me as my vaginal muscles kept rhythmically constricting his invading phallus, attempting to milk the ejaculate from his balls.

Jason then said, “Tell your husband that you want me to cum in your pussy.” “George,” I began to yell, “I WANT HIS BLACK BABY CUM TO FILL ME. I WANT HIM TO CUM IN MY PUSSY.” George was now fisting his cock furiously as he then screamed, “YES, FUCK HER HARD, FUCK YOUR BLACK BABY CUM DEEP IN HER PUSSY.” Jason then roared and thrust deep and held me tight as I felt his cock swell and begin to pulsate repeatedly as his sperm was spewing into my womb. My legs were spasming, my back arching as I began to spew my own ejaculate spraying Jason’s balls and the bed. My head was spinning as I was screaming to be fucked deep. My brain seemed to explode as I had a hard shattering orgasm.

Jason then slowly pulled his cock out and told Bill to fuck his cock into me and dam up the cum he deposited. Bill jumped onto the wet bed and thrust his cock into me as Marie yelled, “FUCK HER GOOD, GIVE HER YOUR COCK.” Marie was close with her video camera focused on Bills cock pumping in and out of my pussy, displacing the cum Jason already left in my womb. Another orgasm overtook my body as my entire body shook as I was screaming, “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, HARDER, HARDER.”

I felt Bills cock spasm as he was loading my womb with more cum. I too let loose with my juices as my body rocked with another orgasm. Bill laid still canlı casino siteleri as his cock was softening and then began to pull out. My body was still shaking as I opened my eyes and I saw a black man laying next to me with his erect cock pointing to the ceiling. He had the largest cock I had ever seen, it was about twice the size of my husband and Jason’s cocks. The big black cock was glistening from the pre-cum oozing from its tip. I then heard Jason say, “You have been lubricated, now jump on that cock and ride him hard.” I got up and straddled his body, grabbed that huge cock and guided it to my opening. As I felt the bulbous head spreading my labia, I lunged down with the weight of my body. His cock stretched my vaginal walls more than I had imagined and the noise made as it displaced all the cum already in my pussy was deafening, one long loud fart sound. It aroused another explosive orgasm as I felt the monster push hard against my cervix. I’ve never been so full and after a few seconds, the friction against my vaginal membrane became pleasurable and exciting.

With my legs, I raised and lowered my body on that magnificent cock to fuck deep into me. I heard Marie, “My God, she got all that cock into her. It must be stretching her pussy beyond belief.” I continued pounding down on his cock as my tits were bouncing up and down yelling, “YES, YES, FUCK ME.” Jason then grabbed my tits and pinched the nipples as he then told me, “Lay down on his chest.” I laid on his chest as I felt Jason’s hand on my ass, then two fingers were thrust into my rectum as a liquid was poured on his fingers and my anal opening. He then fucked his fingers fast in and out of my ass as I continued jumping up and down on the cock buried in my pussy.

Jason then said, “George, get over here and get your cock into your wife’s ass. Fuck her hard and fill her with cum.” George didn’t take any time to insert his cock and begin pumping me hard. A first for me, with two cocks in me, another orgasm was peaking as I was screaming, “YES, YES, YES, FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK ME.” My juices were flowing constantly now as I noticed Jason’s cock nearing my mouth. I sucked him In and swirled my tongue around the head as it was on its journey toward my throat.

I saw Marie with her camera filming the two cocks pounding my ass and pussy. Behind her were Bill, Jason and four black men lightly pumping their cocks watching my total wanton debauchery. I was screaming unintelligibly with a constant orgasm, sweating, shaking and squirting everywhere. I was in bliss and knew I was going to continue for several hours. This was just the beginning and my adrenaline was flowing for twenty four hours of endurance. Instinctively, George and I knew I was no longer an ‘Ignored Housewife’. I had become a slut, and I was going to stay a slut constantly entertaining my new friends.

George was in such a high, he didn’t last long before he thrust deep into my bowels and spewed his ejaculate from his quivering cock. I then felt the monster cock in my pussy begin to swell. My pussy muscles clamped down as I felt the strange black mans cock pulse after pulse of cum into my womb. It was so intense, it was like someone turned on a fire hose flooding me with extreme pressure. My eyes rolled back in my head with the pleasure causing my back to arch and my legs collapsed beside him causing the full weight of my pelvis to seal to his pelvis. I then fell limp on his chest, gasping for air as his cock kept pumping his black seed deep into me.

After the throbbing cock inside me calmed, I rolled off and the monster cock pulled from my pussy followed by a river of cum and vaginal juices. I was prone with my legs spread as another huge black cock suddenly thrust into me. Again I felt my vaginal walls stretched and my cervix was pummeled over and over. My mouth was once again filled with cock as I sucked it deep into my throat. I didn’t know who belonged to the cock, but he held my head and fucked my throat. The cock I was sucking then began to throb as squirt after squirt of cum was emptied in my throat and directly to my stomach. The cock pumping my pussy swelled to what seemed to be twice the size and began to eject more cum into my womb.

The cock slipped from my pussy and my legs were pulled up where my knees were beside my head and my ass was open and high off the bed. I saw the ass of a big black man as he straddled my ass and placing his big cock in my rectal opening. More lubricant was added as he began to push his cock down into my ass. He was large and the stretching was causing pain, but with the unusual position, the pain soon turned to extreme pleasure as he fucked hard into my bowels. I watched his cock pumping in and out of my ass with a lustful look and then noticed that my legs were being held by my husband. George was smiling at me and said, “You are so beautiful when you are being fucked.” I smiled back and said, “Oh, they’re stretching me open, I love the feeling. I’ve never been fucked like this.” George then said, “Jason and I are going to be sure you are pleasured from no on. You aren’t going to be an ‘Ignored Housewife’ any longer.”

Over the course of the next five hours, all eight men fucked me in all my holes and made sure to flood my insides with cum. Ass, pussy and mouth were constantly being filled with cock and cum. Once I noticed George was holding the video camera as Marie was sucking his cock and Bill was fucking her. I, on the other hand was being fucked by the largest cocks I had ever seen and my pussy and ass were getting stretched and filled with black baby cum. Jason had kept his promise that he and his friends were going to ruin my holes.

When we were finally sated, George, Bill and Jason picked me up and placed me in a warm tub. The feeling of the warm water soothed my body and then I was being washed slowly and carefully by the three men. They were sure to pay attention to my pussy and ass as I continued to ooze cum. I saw Marie through the bathroom door going from one monster black cock to the other sucking them back to life. I knew Marie was wondering if she would be able to take those cocks in her pussy, but she did a good job with her mouth until they just couldn’t produce anymore cum.

It was a good long soak as the three men treated me like a queen. When they helped me out of the tum, I was guided on my shaky, rubbery legs back to the bedroom. I was surprised that someone had made the bed with fresh linen leaving no trace of an all out evening gang bang with my excessive squirting. George and I thanked the five friends of Jason as they were leaving. We all knew there was going to be a repeat as I giggled that I couldn’t keep my legs together yet from all the ‘riding’.

George, Jason, Marie and Bill had drinks with me in the living room as we recapped the evening and watched the DVD Marie made of Jason and me. George was pleased and admitted that he was excited that I had cheated. He was happy to see me with other men and he was able to join without guilt or jealousy. He let me and the others know I was no longer the ‘Ignored Housewife’. He asked me if I was going to use another pseudonym for my writing, like ‘Cum Slut Housewife’ as there were going to be more parties to supply writing material. I said, “Maybe, and maybe, with Marie’s camera and editing, we will produce DVD s for the internet.” With that, we all were in agreement and my pussy was wet with mental images of the future.

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