24 Mayıs 2022

Club Gomorrah. The Sissy Saga. Chapter 2 The Remodel.

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My body still ached from the Mindfucking, uncountable hours of being broken down into a husk so my captors could remodel me into whatever they wanted. My mind was still swimming with the images and sounds from the VR headset, my ass was sore, my balls drained of their cum, my throat sore from the endless stream of my cum mixed with the artificial. I had been drained of everything that made me… me, and even though I was too weak, too exhausted, too… Mindfucked to function, despite how I had begged and pleaded though my swallowing, fought and struggled against my restraints and tried to disable the machine fucking and sucking me empty. Just as Ellie had said I would, now that it was over I… I wanted to go back into the machine and do it all over again.

I was again surrounded in darkness, this time however I was able to move, my hands and feet were free, the floor was cold on my still naked flesh. The darkness was suddenly replaced by a blinding light, the defining silence exploded with the sound of moaning, screaming, and cumming cries of women and men in the headset images of both real men and women swell as sissies fucking and being fucked, making love to cocks of all shape size and colour. I grabbed at the headset in a feeble attempt to rip it off, but it was fastened tightly with heavy metal locks.

“You are nothing, you are worthless, you are a piece of meat, you live to serve, you serve to live, you get horny from cock, you salivate at the sight of cock, you are hungry for cock all the time, you want to be fucked in your sissy pussy and make real men cum.”

The voice repeated over and over, echoing over itself in waves as the images flashed in my mind, my cock began to stir and despite my balls being empty they wanted to explode again. The pain came quickly as my hard on was crushed by something, I reached down and where my manhood once was now sat tightly cling to me, a cold metal cage. My hands were free but I had been imprisoned far more cruelly, I fumbled blindly with the prison containing my struggling cock, trying pathetically to free myself so I could cum again. Suddenly my attention was brought to my asshole, tracing the metal I found myself plugged, every hole and means of release had been sealed. I was helpless and falling quickly into a state of arousal I had never known… my previous torture was the inability to not cum, now the I was faced with the inability to cum. My body convulsed as I was overcome with the bliss of being so horny I would have done anything to achieve release. This is how my second day of being Mindfucked.

I had lost track of time between the numerous sessions casino şirketleri of torture, I hadn’t seen or heard El since the first day. My only contact was with people moving me, strapping me into the fucking machine and blasting me with cold water once I had been taken out. I hadn’t had any real food but I was never hungry or thirsty, I was left to soil myself before I was hosed clean and moved to the next cycle of torture. Sometimes my captors would remove the cover of the tube and treat my hungry throat to their cum, I was in a blur of begging to cum and then begging not to. Under constant assault from the machine, my captors and the VR headset. I quickly lost my senses and soon began desperately trying to make whoever was doing this to me happy, If I made the Mindfuck machine happy it would fuck me harder, if I made the headset happy it would let me cum, and if I made the cocks happy by throat fucking myself onto them they would give me more yummy cum.

When I opened my eyes I was surprised by what I could see, no longer was I blinded, now I could see the room I was trapped in, a large white box with a large mirror on the far wall, I could see my own body again, bruised from my restraints, the chastity cage was still firmly fastened to me, though now it was plastic and coloured bright red, in my ass I could see a heart shaped ruby but plug and my mouth was covered with a tight leaner strapped gag, a dildo gag that tickled the back of my throat when I ran my hand over it, I gagged. As I stood, around the room I saw the mechanical lover, its tubes and wires strewn about the floor, all being recorded and streamed live. Even as I explored my cell, comments were popping on the computer calling me all kinds of names and describing how they would break me.

The door opened and in strutted El, her almost completely naked body displayed proudly to me and everyone watching as she walked to the computer.

“Oh good, you’re awake, I was getting bored waiting for you to finish napping.” she repeated like the first day I woke up here.

She deactivated the stream and glanced over her shoulder to me. Her breasts began bouncing along with her ass as each step she came closer, her black stockings and suspenders were like silk as she pressed hard against my body.

“Mmmf, mmm mm mmm mmmmmmf!” I mumbled as I tried to work out what was happening now.

“Shush now honey.” she said running her finger over the gag. “I need to get you over to the Doc, and I only have a few minutes to spend alone with you.” She hugged me tightly for a moment, then started kissing my neck sending shivers of pleasure through my casino firmaları body and muffled moans through the gag. Her hands fell to my caged cock and then one spanked my ass cheek hard I yelped as she spanked me again and again before she began playing with my but plug. Pulling it ever so slightly out before letting go so it sunk back into me. I was so aroused by the lightest touch, the small amount of stimulation, this beautiful sissy had me like putty in her hands.

She sighed. “Times up, best get started then.” She grabbed me by my hair and began leading me through the door and through a black corridor. I kept as close to her as I could, the floor was soft and the walls were painted black brick, lights dotted the roof every few metres and the corridor had many different doors, each different sizes and styles. As she lead me through the corridor I saw other girls staring at my naked form.

Where is this place? I thought as El lead me into a room that’s floor roof and walls were all mirrored.

“Master look, Isn’t she pretty. She’s going to be perfect!”

El dragged me over to a tall man dressed in a grey well fitted suit and waistcoat, the red tie and silver bird lapel all spoke of his wealth style and authority, his hair a short dark brown, clean shaven. He took El by the throat and pulled her to him, and me along with her. He kissed her forcefully, the sound of their lips and tongues mixing sent a shiver through me, I had never rally thought about it, kissing a guy and I don’t think that was what made me shiver perhaps I… was I… jealous of how she treated him? this person who kidnaped and tortured me for days. Maybe it was how she suddenly became so submissive to him or how the look of pleasure on her face was so complete, but I was entranced, and so very exited.

“She will be whatever you make her Elysium.” His gaze fell to me, kneeling down and pulling me head up by my chin. “If she is a poor slave however, the punishment will be severe for both of you. A woman dressed in surgical clothing came through the mirrored door and began setting up a strange machine in the centre of the room.

“She’s all yours Doc.” El sighed as she dragged me to the machine and with the help of two other slaves that had been waiting in the back of the room began strapping me in. The smaller of the two, a Japanese girl dressed in a short flower design kimono with long brown hair tied back with a red ribbon and cherry blossom hairpin whispered into my ear.

“You better not forget slut, I get to play with you first when they’re finished remodelling you.” She giggled as she locked the final restraint on güvenilir casino my neck and then skipped out of my view.

“I am Doctor Smith.” The woman said softly, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life, I see you took well to the week of induction medication and mental remodelling, good. I do so hate uncooperative test subjects, from the data I see you cum easily, we may have to change that if you are going to be a good slave but for now I’ll focus on the main problems.”


As soon as the word left my mouth I felt the surge of pain run through me. Followed quickly by my scream of agony.

“You will not speak. This is not a consultation this is a remodelling, you will speak only if I address you with a question is this understood?”

After a few seconds the pain again shot trough me followed by my scream.

“I sasked you a question did I not?”

“Yes! I understand, please don’t.”

A third surge of pain.

“You will answer my questions with a direct response no more or less information than I require, and to save us time you will address me as mistress understood.” Before I could answer she shocked me again to illustrate her point. She was in charge and she was in no mood for me to waste her time.

As I whimpers a “Yes Mistress.” she began circling me like a wolf ready to pounce on its first meal in days. She was enjoying the agony she was inflicting and she was letting me know.

“Do you know how many of you sluts I have remodelled?”

“No Mistress.”

“Ninety three, over the years I have been here I have remodelled ninety three of you sluts. That of course isn’t counting the times I had to perform a secondary remodel of some of those more… resistant subjects.”

Ninety three people had been sissified by this woman, the girls I met before, even El. They had all been in this thing and watched her grin as she took a twisted pleasure in torturing us.

“I understand you enjoy the idea of someone making you their property slut. That you fantasise this moment while you fuck your hand and cum all over yourself.” She wrapped her arms around me in the machine as she began to tease my caged cock. “The most important question is, how big a slut do you really want to be, and how much are you willing to expose your true self to me so I can help you achieve that version of you. How much flesh I cut how I cut it is up to the Master, how much of your mind I cut.” She smiled as she clamped my head into the machine. “Well that’s all down to you… “ She slowly backed away biting her lip and pulling out a tablet from her pocket. The machine started to power up and I felt the restraints tighten small and small needles sink into my neck leg arms and the temples of my head. “Now then. Where shall I start with you… slut?”

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