21 Mayıs 2022

Claire Ch. 1

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Chapter 1: Claire’s Enlightenment

A mother submits to forbidden passions…

It was with a mixture of pride, happiness and sadness that I returned to our house from the airport. I was returning from Heathrow, having driven my beloved husband to catch his plane to Australia where he was going to spend more than four months working for his new company. The job offer had come out of the blue, but was simply too good to refuse, although it would entail him having to spend at least four months a year abroad for his first few years. We’d discussed it at length, and decided that the doubling of his salary, and the fact that he’d be department head would make the separation worth the sacrifice.

I worked from home as a graphic designer and could increase my output whilst he was away, and would still have the kids for company. Tom was a rapidly growing 18 year old, and Laura had just turned 20 and was becoming more of a kid sister than a daughter, so I was certainly not going to be lonely. On the other hand, the longest we’d spent apart since our teenage wedding 22 years ago was the odd week, and we both had very high sex drives, something we’d managed to maintain over two decades by being adventurous and imaginative in our lovemaking.

Now though, I was facing 4 months of enforced celibacy. 4 bloody months! There was no way I was going to take a lover; I loved Tony far too much for that. The only times I’d had sex with anyone other than Tony was when we’d had a couple of swinging experiences some years ago. It was fun and exciting, but on both occasions the other couple had begun to argue and suffer from jealousy of each other, and on the last occasion the guy had declared undying love for me in front of Tony and his own wife, and begged me to run away with him. Tony had just laughed, but we’d left immediately, and after that decided to give it up as a bad job. Besides, there was no substitute for the intimate knowledge Tony and I had of each other’s likes and desires.

The kids were out, Laura out at a party, and Tom round a friend’s house when I got home. How was I going to spend a Friday night on my own? All I felt like doing was crashing out, so I went up to our bedroom, kicked off my shoes and flopped onto the bed, feeling very sorry for myself. As I stared up at the ceiling I felt something strange under the pillow; reaching underneath I pulled out an 8inch dildo! I just stared at it and started to giggle. A post-it note was attached:

“Darling Claire, please use me as often as you like, and whilst I plunge into the depths of your body let me remind you of Tony’s love plunging deep into your soul”.

I examined the dildo – it was certainly a different prospect than my Silver Finger, a small but effective 5″ slim line. Although it was a thick and rigid 8 inches, it had a soft flesh-like texture, ribbed with a concertina type ring 2″ from the bulbous head. I turned the control ring at the base and it began to vibrate with a fast buzz. Turning the ring another click I was amazed to see the head begin to thrust up and down, whilst it rotated slightly off-centre. I giggled again, but could feel myself starting to get moist. I lay there holding the dildo (which I’d already mentally christened Tony), and almost subconsciously reached down and slid my knickers down my legs, kicking them off whilst tugging my dress up to expose my midriff. Legs spreading, the dildo beginning a slow and lingering journey down my body, set to the first position, buzzing but not thrusting yet, stimulating my nipples through the dress and bra. Shoulder straps pulled down, bra unclipped, and my heavy D-cups free to receive the vibrating head of my new Tony. The rubber cock progressed over my stomach as with my left hand I pulled my left breast up to my reaching mouth to suck on the nipple, nibbling on it, using my teeth to hold it whilst my tongue lapped across it, just as my darling husband loved to do. The dildo was now buzzing over my clit, and around my cunt lips. My nipple fell from my mouth and I kneaded both breasts with my free hand as the dildo began to penetrate my cunt, just an inch or two at first. I managed to turn the control ring onto the second position, and the head began to move inside me. I was moaning now, and began to slide the cock deeper into myself, in and out, Oh God! This felt so good…plunging, vibrating, thrusting and rotating, I could feel it stretching the walls of my cunt, and now I was gone, all control abandoned as I thrust it in and out, in and out, deeper and deeper, my free hand now rubbing frantically over my clit, the orgasm building. All the way in now, the feeling unbelievable, I’m coming, coming, Oh God, now…Now!…NOW!!!

I lay still for several minutes. Wow! What a feeling – I couldn’t remember when I’d last brought myself to an orgasm like that. I still felt incredibly horny, and had a strong desire to get really dirty. If the real Tony had been here, I’d have had an outlet for my lust, but I had to suppress it for now, and decided to get a shower before Tom got home. I switched the bedside lamp on as it was illegal bahis getting dark now and stripped off, pulling on my silk kimono. As I went into the bathroom I suddenly realised that the dildo was still on my bed, in full view of anyone walking past, and Tom could be back soon. I went back in and was about to put it back under the pillow when I realised it was still covered with my drying juices. I don’t know what made me put it in my mouth, but before I knew what I was doing, I was sucking and licking my own cunt juice from it’s rippled surface. Once I’d given it some good head for a few minutes I put it in a drawer and went to leave the room. Then I noticed something on the bedroom door. A glistening gob of something was on the door at waist height. I scooped it up with my finger, and examined it in the dim light coming from the bedroom. It looked like… no, it couldn’t be… I sniffed at it, and it was absolutely, definitely spunk! I couldn’t believe it; how the hell could someone’s cum be on my bedroom door? It was fresh, still warm. I don’t often swear, even to myself, but the only thought in my head was “What the fuck is going on?”. I felt a chill of fear flow through me; was there an intruder in the house? Or could it be Tony come back for some reason? No, I’d watched his plane take off. So it was either an intruder, or… Tom!

“Tom! Are you home?” I yelled, panic beginning to build

“Yes, I’m in the kitchen, just making a cup of tea. D’you want one, Mum?”

“Er, no thanks honey, I’m just going for a shower”

Oh my God, oh my God, what the hell have I done? The facts were undeniable; my own son had masturbated at my door, watching me fuck myself with a dildo, and now I was stood with a gob of his cum on my finger. I dived into the bathroom and locked the door, turning the shower on and diving in before it was even hot. I just stood there letting the water stream over my head and body, washing Tom’s spunk from my finger, whilst conflicting emotions clashed violently in my head. My guts were being twisted up, I could feel my face flushing, and my fingers were trembling. I felt angry, guilty, ashamed and acutely embarrassed all at the same time. How the hell could I look my boy in the eye again? And how dare he have invaded my privacy like that? But on the other hand, what had I been thinking of, leaving the door open and getting so carried away with my own selfish, lustful needs that I never considered the possibility that he may have come home early.

I ran the soap over my body without thinking, but had to concentrate to wash my hair. I’m very proud of my hair, long straight light brown hair, which reaches most of the way down my back. Tony loves me to wrap my tresses around his cock and wank him off whilst sucking on the head of his cock. It could make a mess if I failed to catch all of his come in my mouth, but it was worth it to see the pleasure it gave him. I knew I was merely postponing the inevitable confrontation with Tom, but had calmed down enough to realise that I could probably get away with it so long as he never found out that I knew he’d been watching. I would have to put a decent act on, but felt pretty confident that I could get away with it.

And I was slowly beginning to feel a slight thrill of pleasure that a 18 year old lad would find the sight of his 39 year old mother fucking herself a turn-on. I knew I looked good, having kept myself fit, but never thought that a teenager would find me sexually attractive, and whilst Tom was a confident lad who’d had his share of girlfriends, I still thought of him as my little boy, toddling around in nappies. I was quite disturbed by the fact that the experience had incestuous overtones, but I could justify not fretting too much over it as I hadn’t realised he was there, and he’s only a young man who’s just starting to develop in his sexual awareness. No doubt the memory will fuel a few wanking sessions for Tom in the future, and I must confess that the thought made me feel just a wee bit horny again.

‘What are you thinking, you hussy?!?’

I berated myself, and with a chuckle stepped out of the shower and began drying myself. A thought made me look in the laundry basket, and there was one of Tom’s t-shirts on top of the pile. Picking it up I shook it out and there it was; a massive stain of still wet cum. I was amazed – it looked like a pint had been spilled on it!

“Fancy a cuppa now, mum?” Tom called from downstairs

“You can mix me a vodka and orange if you like”

“Can I have one too?” Hmm, cheeky little sod, although ‘little’ was hardly the way to describe my son; 5’10” and filling out nicely. He played rugby for his school and was hoping to make the county team this season.

“Just a small one then, but don’t think you can make a habit of it”


I put the kimono on and went back into the bedroom to dry my hair. I was sat on the corner of the bed looking in the mirror on the dresser and was nearly done with the hairdryer when Tom walked in with the drinks. I was a bit taken aback as I’d presumed he would wait illegal bahis siteleri for me to come downstairs, and once again I found myself blushing furiously and was grateful for the dim light. Tom put the drinks down on the dresser and came and sat beside me, saying nothing at first. I switched off the dryer and looked at him. He looked amazingly natural, sat there in shorts and a (fresh) T-shirt, and I began to wonder if I’d imagined the cum on the door. But then I remembered the T-shirt and knew it had happened. This was a tricky situation but I mustn’t let him know I knew what had happened, so I made an effort to be myself.

“Mum, can I brush your hair for you?”

And I was all a-flutter again. What the hell was he playing at? He hadn’t asked to do that for years, but it was a family joke that Tom had been fascinated by my hair when he was younger. Laura had teased him about it for ages, and he’d eventually stopped wanting to brush my hair. I used to like him doing it, as it became a bonding kind of activity for Tom and I, but now I wasn’t at all sure that it would be a good idea.

“Laura lets me brush her hair sometimes” Now that was a surprise.

“Oh, so you prefer your sister to your mother these days? I can see I’m just too old for you now!”

Immediately I knew I’d said the wrong thing; that would only encourage him, but I hadn’t meant to flirt, I was just trying to buy some time to think of a way to refuse without hurting his feelings.

“Not at all, mum, but I thought you might think it a bit weird if I asked now I’m older”

“Oh, go on then”

What was I saying? I wondered if Tom suspected I knew that he’d been watching me earlier, and thought I’d better not reinforce that suspicion by refusing what was bound to be a harmless request. I reached for my drink and handing Tom the hairbrush I sat back on the bed corner. He stood up on the bed and then sat down behind me, legs either side of me. This was quite intimate, but I could handle it. So why had I just taken a large swig of the drink Tom had brought me? Bloody hell, it was strong!

“Are you trying to get me drunk!” Wrong thing again!

“Don’t be daft mum, you could drink a 20 stone Yorkshireman under the table”

“What are you trying to imply young man?” I asked in mock anger

“Oh be quiet, drink your drink and let me concentrate”

He began to brush my hair, and I have to admit it felt good. He ran the brush from my temple across the top of my head and down my back, smoothing out the slight tangles, brushing with one hand and stroking behind the brush with the other hand. This was almost a head massage, and it felt gorgeous. I murmured my appreciation, but immediately I did the alarm bells began going off as Tom shuffled forward until his crotch was against my buttocks and his chest was against my back.

“How are you going to brush my hair when you’re so close?”

He didn’t answer; he just ran his free hand across the nape of my neck and swept my hair over my left shoulder so it all fell down across my left breast. Reaching around my opposite shoulder with his right arm he continued to brush my hair from my shoulder downwards. The brush ran across my upper breast and over my nipple, almost making me gasp. This was stupid – what was he doing? And now his other hand followed down, smoothing my hair, gently pulling on it with the pressure, something that always turned me on.

And down came the free hand as the brush moved up for the next sweep. Tom’s hand was on my breast and I knew he’d be able to feel my nipple hardening, but he showed no sign of it as he continued down until he ran out of hair. The brush was back at my breast again, the free hand coming back up and it started again. I could feel his breath on my right ear and on the exposed side of my neck, and looking up at the mirror I was shocked to see the look of pure lust on his face. And on mine! Oh God, what was happening?

Tony had only been gone a matter of hours and I was being caressed by my own son. This time the free hand lingered on my left breast and there was a definite pressure being applied to my nipple before he slid it on down. But this time it didn’t stop at the end of my hair. He carried on down until his hand rested on the top of my thigh, but the brush was coming down again, and it was pulling my hair to a more central position, between my breasts.

With his left hand resting on the top of my thigh he dropped the brush on the floor and used his right hand to stroke my hair down the centre of my chest again, but this time his fingers got beneath the opening in the kimono and taking my hair with it pushed it across to the left, exposing my left breast completely. I was still holding the drink, half full now, and could think of nothing to do other than drain it and drop the glass onto the carpet. I reached up to remove Tom’s hand from my breast, not feeling strong enough to speak, but all I ended up doing was holding it there, hard against my breast, as he pinched and pulled at my nipple.

This was incredible; he was doing canlı bahis siteleri it just the way Tony did, and I loved it. I felt robbed of the power of speech, or even the ability to take a decision, so I just let him do it. The thought kept running through my head that unless I did something soon this was going to end up in full incest – I was going to let my son fuck me! But even the panic that this thought set off couldn’t give me the determination to stop Tom, and now his left hand was undoing the kimono, pulling it open before moving back down to smooth the skin at the top of my thigh, then burrowing down and encouraging my legs to part. He was kissing and tonguing my neck and ear, and without any conscious decision on my part my legs fell apart. The persistent fingers began to work their way into my crotch, and then I felt a finger run across my cunt lips before entering me and working around inside me.

“You’re wet for me mum, you want me to fuck you don’t you?”

All I could do was moan as Tom slid out from behind me and laid me down on the bed, my legs over the edge and my feet on the floor. His head disappeared between my legs, and the next thing I felt was his tongue running over my cunt lips and lapping at my clit. He sucked on it as he slid three fingers all the way into my cunt, wiggling them inside me – Fucking hell! This was just like Tony did me – how could sexual technique be passed down genetically? His other hand was under my buttocks, lifting me as he licked at my clit, heating me up, making me moan and whimper, and then he completed the conquest as the hand underneath me was pulled free and two fingers slid into my arsehole. Both hands working now, fucking me with his fingers in my cunt and my arse as his tongue and lips sucked, lapped and kissed my clit.

“I’m going to come, I’m going to come… Oh Tom, I’M COMING!”

I almost screamed as it hit me, crushing his head between my thighs as the feeling washed over me. I could feel something else building inside me too – guilt and shame. What the fuck had I done? I’d just been brought to an orgasm by my own son! How the hell had this happened? But I had no time to take control of the situation, as Tom was sliding up my body, squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples, and then kissing me. I could taste my cunt juice on his lips and tongue. We lashed tongues as we kissed frantically. I thought with a curious detachment that I couldn’t stop now, just because I’d got off. It just wouldn’t be fair on Tom and whatever damage had been done could hardly be made worse if it carried on a bit. But I was determined not to let him fuck me; I’d suck his cock and let him come in my mouth, which should be enough to satisfy him for now, and then later on, when we’d both calmed down, we could discuss the situation and I was sure he’d agree with me that it couldn’t go on.

I pushed Tom onto his back and kissed my way down his naked body, realising that he’d somehow discarded his shorts and t-shirt. I reached down with my hand to grasp his cock, and then came another shock; it was bloody huge! Tony’s got a lovely thick 6 incher which I’ve never felt was anything other than gorgeous, but Tom was sporting at least 2 inches more and it felt thicker than anything I’d ever seen, at least in the flesh. The top of his cock was soaked in pre-cum, and I dipped my head to lick it off, before sliding my mouth completely over the head. As I sucked on Tom’s cock I swirled my tongue around it and he began to gently pump in and out of my mouth.

“Use your hair mum, wrap your lovely hair around my cock and pump it”

This was totally surreal. He had done everything I loved Tony to do, and now he was asking for one of the special things that Tony liked me to do to him. I felt a bit strange about it, but then it had been a strange evening – I mean, it’s not every day you give your son a blowjob! Dutifully, I wrapped a long length of my hair around his shaft and started to slowly wank him off whilst still sucking away. I was so horny now, all I wanted was a good fucking, but was still adamant that I would resist and could always do the business to myself with the dildo later.

“On your back” Tom demanded

I lay back as he straddled my chest and put his cock between my ample breasts. I knew what he wanted as I pushed my breasts together to squeeze his cock, and as he pumped in and out I was able to reach down and take the tip of his cock in my mouth on his upstrokes. He began to pant and grunt as his strokes got faster, then he reached behind my head, grabbed a fistful of hair and pulling my head toward him thrust his cock deep into my throat. I pumped his shaft with one hand and squeezed his heavy balls with my other, as he began to fuck my mouth faster and faster.

With a load groan his cock twitched and he was filling my mouth with his hot cream. I gulped and swallowed, but the load was so much that some spilled over my lips. Tom continued to slide his cock in and out of my mouth as it began to soften, then with a moan he collapsed onto the bed beside me and pulled me toward him. I wondered how much of Tony’s sexual desires had been passed down to him, and decided to find out as I kissed him full on the mouth, parting his lips with my tongue before forcing the small amount of spunk I’d not swallowed into his open mouth.

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