21 Mayıs 2022

Chores II

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I stood naked in the bedroom, Daddy walked in; he looked seriously perturbed with me. I knew that I was in trouble. He had caught me earlier in the day fucking my dog, and my boyfriend. I sat down on the bed as I watched him walk around my upstairs bedroom. “Did you ask me if you could behave the way you had this afternoon,” he asked? I didn’t answer; actually I shook my head no. His hands were behind his back, as he walked around and stood in front of me. “Well, at least you had enough sense to take off your clothes and wait for me,” he said to me through gritted teeth. I wasn’t sure when I had seen him this angry with me in a long time.

He motioned me to stand, and I certainly didn’t argue with him. I stood he grabbed my shoulder roughly and spun me around grabbing a hand full of hair and shoved my head down onto the bed. He held onto my hips, to keep me in a standing position from the hips down. I did not like this position; things that happened in this position were never good for me. I quickly understood what he had behind his back when he walked in. It was a switch off the Oak tree that shaded the house in the front yard. I heard it whistle as he drew it back and swung down hard hitting my naked ass that was bared for him. “Fuck,” I swore. “What did you say young lady,” he said. I knew I had really fucked up at that point, I knew better than to swear in front of my Daddy. He drew the switch back again, and I tried to brace myself, the switch caught my upper thigh. And as quick as that one landed another one, and another landed, until I was soon numb from the excruciating pain he had inflicted on my little ass.

He stopped, my ass was on fire and I was quite certain it was bleeding, it had to have been. I had never been hit so hard, and so many times since I could remember. I had always been Daddy’s little sweetheart, I was sure he was pissed because I was fucking Eric. I had told him we weren’t sexually active. I don’t think he even cared that I was fucking the dog, because he had made me fuck the horses, the pig, and the dogs, and him, but never another boy. He grabbed my hair again and jerked me up; he pulled my hair so hard, my neck jerked backwards. He spun me around again; this time in his hands I could see the clothes pins. Grabbing my tits he pinned first the left one then right one. He enjoyed pulling my nipples out as far as he could pull them and clipping them. “Don’t you take those off,” he said. I wasn’t about to move. He shoved me down on the bed and instructed me to put my hands in front of me. I did as I was told, he took a piece of rope and tied my hands securely at the wrist. I moved them just a little, when I felt his hand sting my jaw. “Don’t you dare take those off,” he said I knew to sit very still at this point, or he was going to hurt me badly tonight. He shoved me down casino oyna on the bed; spreading my legs so far I heard my hip pop at the strain. He then grabbed the lips of my pussy and pulled them roughly apart, I felt the clips again one on each lip, then another and another I was sure I had close to five clips on each pussy lip. My inner lips and my clit were exposed for him to do what he wanted.

He stood up; I tried to see where he was going and what he was doing, in the room lit dimly by the sunset. I heard a match strike, he had lit a match, now he was at my television and I thought he stood near my candles. I was right he was lighting candles. He lit close to ten candles I think most of what I had over there. He walked back toward me with a candle stick in his hand lit. Standing over me he leaned the candle down and began to drip the hot wax onto my slick little pussy. The burning was incredible I cried out, “Shut up,” he said. He continued to drip the wax up my flat little belly to my large pinched tits, he dripped all over them, and I was crying I could feel the tears sliding down my face. He moved back to my pussy and continued to drip hot wax on my clit, the pain was overwhelming. I could hardly stand it, when he stopped. From his pocked he pulled a bandana, and he moved up to my head and grabbed my hair making me sit up on the clothes pins stuck to my pussy lips. I continued to cry openly he gagged me, so I couldn’t scream out and Mama wouldn’t’ hear him fucking me or whatever else he was going to do to me tonight. He shoved me back down and walked out of my bedroom.

I heard his footsteps on the floor, I tried to settle down, at this point I couldn’t breathe well, and I was hurting all over. I heard Daddy walk back to the foot of my bed where my poor little pussy stayed exposed. “So, you like for Sport to fuck you, let’s let the kitty here like that pussy that’s all sore now with his rough tongue,” he said smirking. He held my cat Johnny up to my pussy and he began to lick at my clit with his rough, hard tongue. It normally wouldn’t have hurt, but my clit was burned and sore from the candle wax. The cat licked my cunt over and over until the tears were sliding down my face yet again. He put the cat down, and walked out of the room again. I waited for at least 15 minutes before he came back in the room to me. At 19 I hadn’t had a lot of sex, and really only with Daddy, and Eric, but I knew some people liked this kind of thing, but I was sure that this was something I would never repeat again.

He walked in again, and bent down at the foot of the bed between my legs. He took something wet and stuck it on my pussy he unclipped the clips, and began to wipe the candle wax off my pussy, it actually felt good. Perhaps my terrible punishment was over, he rubbed and wiped and was very gentle. Then I felt something cold slot oyna and hard being put into my pussy, then he pulled it out, I wasn’t sure it what It had been. He shoved my legs up around my head so my little pussy was stretched upward. He then took a large bottle, I realized then it was Champagne, he took the bottle and snapped the lid just a little it was a cheap bottle he had brought home for Momma one night when she wanted to feel special she had said. Well so much for special her little girl was about to be fucked with it by her husband. He stuck the bottle up the neck to where the bottle began to get thicker I could feel the cold liquid leaking into my pussy, he continued to move the bottle slowly in and out of my pussy, he would pull it almost out and then back in. He fucked me with the bottle for maybe five minutes or less, and he pulled it out, He moaned, and I knew my pussy hole was open wide like he likes it. I felt his tongue going into my pussy he was lapping the Champagne out of my cunt, he pushed my legs down. I felt the rest of the cold liquid run out of me.

He had his hands in his pants taking out his huge hard cock. He stroked it a few times and then slid it into my cunt. It went in easily after fucking the bottle. He began to set a nice slow rhythm, even though the pain my pussy was getting wetter and wetter and I knew I was going to cum for him. He loved it when I came, especially if I squirted all over him. He fucked me for several more minutes, and the pulled out. He flipped me over on my stomach, grabbing my hair and turning my head so I wasn’t suffocating in the bed. I moaned, he smacked my already sore and hurting as, and then pulled my cheeks apart. He stuck his finger in my waiting little asshole. I hurt but at this point no noise was going to come out of my mouth. He then stuck in to fingers and moved them in and out roughly stretching my asshole as he pulled out every time. He then stuck in a third finger, my little asshole was beginning to hurt, and I moaned, he slammed his hand into me again and again. He did stop when he realized I was in pain and couldn’t cum for him. I felt the head of his hard cock brush against my open asshole. He told me how beautiful it was and how wide open, and that one day he was going to take a picture or two of my wide open asshole. I felt his cock enter me, he did it all in one thrust. No taking it easy on me tonight, nope. He fucked my ass hole, his cock going in deeper and deeper, I could feel myself getting close to an orgasm. He reached under me and began to stroke my clit as he fucked me. I felt him grow ridged inside me and wondered what was wrong, but at this angle I couldn’t see anything.

It was then that I heard Momma’s voice, “What the hell are you doing,” she said angrily. I heard him stammer and felt his cock growing soft inside my asshole. “Look at her, canlı casino siteleri ass my god she’s bleeding, you have beat her haven’t’ you,” she said. “Well she was fucking the dog in the woods, and that boy of hers, and I am punishing her,” he said. She stood very quietly, I couldn’t see what was happening, but I could hear what sounded like kissing. I was able to move my head ever so slightly and I could see what was happening. He was kissing her, he had her by the neck and was kissing her hard with his cock beginning to grow in my tight little ass again. I could see him reaching into her thin night gown she wore and pinching her nipples as he kissed her. He moved from her mouth to her neck and she was panting, he began to move his hips again as he fucked me and he kissed her. She moved away from him and ran her hand over my sore ass. She moves to the other side of the bed, I could hear rustling, and realized she was taking off her clothes. Because he became more excited, my Mother had huge tits that my Father adored. I had seen her naked more than once, she had long legs with a nice little neatly trimmed black mound of hair just above her plump little pussy. I could hear his hand on her pussy, she was wet, and I could hear the noises I was as familiar with as he fucked me. She moved down and on the bed, moaning as he fingered her while he fucked my little tight asshole. She moved around till I felt her head sliding under my belly, I felt her hot mouth on my pussy, she was sucking my clit, slowly and softly, I could feel her wet tongue probing my hot little box. She sucked and licked me her tongue flicking my pussy hole each time she moved down. Her hand was on my tit squeezing the clip that was on it. Daddy continued to cram his huge cock inside my ass. I was nearly over the edge. I began to squirt, and I knew I was filling my Momma’s face full of my hot cum. I heard her gasp as I covered her face and tits with my cum.

She moved out from my pussy, and moved around behind my Dad. I could see her she made him bend just a little, and she bent down and began to lick his asshole as he continued to pound me harder and harder he was going to cum soon, he was so excited that by what was going on. I heard him breathe in as she was standing again, I believed that she had her fingers in his ass stroking his asshole as he fucked mine. His cock got harder and I didn’t even believe that was possible. He quickly pulled his cock out of my ass and turned around and shoved it into my Mothers waiting mouth, she sucked and held on to his balls tightly as he held her by the hair and roughly fucked her waiting throat. He fucked her with all he had, shoving his cock down to the balls into her throat. He came, I heard him moan loudly and she gagged as she swallowed his hot load, he continued to pump her face until all the cum had gone down her throat. She pulled away sitting back smiling. He looked at me, and then at her, “well I guess, I’ll have a real nice fuck from now on won’t I,” He questioned?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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