25 Mayıs 2022

Cat Scratching Royalty

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Big Tits

It was getting very late and everyone at the Grand Ball was quickly getting drunk and obnoxious. At the bar, at one end of the huge hall where the ball was held, a very exciting incident occurred between two very beautiful female guests of the society.

Twenty year old Lady Jane Ryder managed to spill some champagne on the magnificent ballroom gown of non other than the notorious woman herself, the Baroness Isabel Matthews. The baroness was a very elegant and very beautiful woman, twice the age of Lady Jane.

Lady Jane, a natural beauty, fair complexion, wonderful blonde hair. She looked stunning in her coral blue, mid-length ballroom gown, which was very low cut, exposing much of her delicious young breasts. She wore long fancy laced white evening gloves, expensive glossy nylon stockings and very high spike-heeled, open toed and ankle strapped shoes.

Baroness Isabel, an elegant redhead, was equally stunning in her champagne stained, mid-length royal green ballroom gown. She wore matching elbow length evening gloves, shiny and sheer black stockings, and imported black high heeled dancing pumps.

It had been a long evening and both women were suffering from the effects of too much champagne.

Looking down at the rather large, wet stain on her expensive gown, he Baroness called Lady Jane an “ill-mannered young bitch”, while Lady Jane merely hiccoughed in her face and told her to “get lost”.

Then, out of nowhere, the Baroness hauled off and slapped Lady Jane right across the face, really hard!

Well Jane immediately puts her fists up and challenges the Baroness to a fight to the finish. She called on some of the other drunken revelers to stop the ball and to stop the dancing so they could come and enjoy the spectacle of a “no holds barred” fight between her and the Baroness. She asked for corner volunteers, and two eager young girls came forward, wanting to see the action from close up. Two chairs were placed facing each other about 20 feet apart, each with a pail of water and a towel. The area was cleared, and what was a dance floor only a few moments ago was now a squared circle for the two combatants.

The two women stripped for action. Both peeling off their long evening gloves very slowly trying to intimidate each other. Next their expensive evening gowns slipped down to the floor. Neither one of the women had on a bra and they both stood there naked, except for their very brief, very sheer silk panties, garter belts, stockings and shoes. An attractive brunette, stinking of expensive perfume steeped forward and offered to time the rounds and referee.

Both women were prancing boldly, showing off their superb bodies. They seemed to be sexually excited as well as being prepared to do battle. Isabel adjusted her black garter belt, trimmed with fine imported ribbon at her beautiful nylon clad thigh, while Jane kneaded and tweaked one of the stiff nipples topping off her supple young bosom.

They were both about the same height. Lady Jane was very well built and her body was trim and muscular. The Baroness on the other hand, though well built also, was less trim, slightly more padding, not doubt due to the good life.

To prevent their beautiful gowns from being bloodstained or sweaty during the fight, the two corner girls also stripped down to their under garments, suspenders , stockings and high heeled shoes. And of course to be En Vogue, the big brunette timekeeper followed suit and peeled off her gown as well and stood shamelessly in her red knickers and sheer black stockings and shoes. She announced that she would whistle at the start and end of each round, and that the fight would go on until one girl was either knocked out cold or is unable to continue for whatever reason.

A loud babble of excitement rang through the ballroom as the crowd started to gather around the squared circle. The air was thick with the smell of expensive perfumes and perspiration after the evening’s dancing and drinking. Girls and women alike, at the back of the room did what they could to get a view. A few of them went so far as to climb up on their partners shoulders to get above the crowd, shamelessly pulling up their skirts and revealing exquisite glimpses of soft thigh above their nylon covered legs and scantily clad crotches.

The brunette announced that the first few rounds would be bare fisted fighting, but then the bout would progress into a no holds barred wrestling match. With her lips held casino siteleri together she whistled and fight began.

Neither of the women seemed to know too much about boxing, but they sparred up to each other, keeping their left fists up for defense and attempting jabs with their rights. They both deliberately kept their rings on in the hopes of inflicting the utmost damage possible on their opponent. Their fighting blood was boiling and adrenaline coursed angrily through their veins.

Lady Jane managed to get in close and landed a quick blow to the Baroness’ bread basket, a few inches below her panty line. It landed with a loud smack. There was a loud outburst of yelling and cheering from the crowd, especially from one cute blonde in the front row. The excitement of the crowd grew with each jab and punch thrown. Incensed by the sudden pain, Isabel tried desperately to get a few punches of her own in on Jane’s pretty face. Lady Jane kept her guard up well, but one punch got through though. One of Isabel’s rings caught Jane on the nose and drew the first trickle of blood.

Those in the crowd who were in Isabel’s corner shouted out congratulations and further words of encouragement.

The timekeeper whistled to end the first round.

The two women were both sweating profusely now as they retired to their corners. They were well sponged and toweled off by their bare-breasted corner girls. A beautiful plump woman, who stated she was a nurse, took a small bottle of antiseptic cream out of her purse along with a pack of cotton swabs and gently treated the slight cut between Jane’s nose and upper lip. She wiped a tiny trickle of blood had run down into the corner of Lady Jane’s mouth. She then went to the corner of Isabel and proceeded to peel of her panties to examine the reddening bruise on the lower part of her slightly flabby but very sexy belly.

Soon a whistle was heard and the two women, eager to get at each other again, came out of their corners swinging and punching furiously. This time they struck each other’s face and breasts with more accuracy. Jane managed to land a hard right to Isabel’s nose. Several of female fight enthusiasts shrieked out in sadistic glee.

With a sudden savage lurch forward, isabel hissed, “Why you little fuckin’bitch!” She bared her teeth and with an animalistic snarl she brutally counter attacked. She punched furiously at Jane’s young and well rounded breasts. Jane’s lovely face quickly turned from a satisfied sneer from the damage she’d done to Isabel’s nose, into a sudden look of pain and alarm. She tried desperately to guard against Isabel’s attack, covering her face expertly, but the blows kept coming. Isabel pummeled Lady Jane’s breasts, quickly changing them from a creamy white to a bright red. Isabel’s friends and supporters screamed out their approval once more. A buxom redhead sitting on top of her husbands shoulders shouted out at the top of her lungs, “That’s it! Kill the fuckin bitch!”

A wild animal excitement and frenzy now gripped the crowd. However, the brunette timekeeper whistled to end the round. The two women broke apart and teetered unsteadily back to their respective corners. Jane with her bruised breasts and cut face, and Isabel with her swollen and bleeding nose.

The nurse jumped at the opportunity to fuss over the women, using her medical expertise to tend to their wounds, She urged them both to fight a clean fight and to fight to the finish. Both women seemed grateful for her administrations. The plump woman was very motherly, her heavy breasts and plump yet sexy body moved gracefully from one corner to the other and she wafted of intoxicating perfume as she waked by.

Soon the whistle was heard and round three had begun. the women tore at each other again, even more aggressively than in the first two rounds. Jane viciously punched at Isabel’s breasts in an aggressive effort to to give her “tit for tat” She was determined to inflict severe punishment on those saggy tits. Isabel however skillfully guarded herself, jabbing back at Jane’s face. However a few hard blows did land and connect on her big round and dangling breasts. Not to be outdone, she countered with a savage right to jane’s chin which knocked the young girl stumbling backwards and finally down to the floor. Isabel’s supporters cheered out loud with delight, but Jane was back on her in no time and began a wild and crazed counter-attack of her own. Being the younger of the two, she seemed slot oyna to have much more wind and resiliency than Isabel, who was now beginning to show signs or getting tired and weaker even though she kept hammering away at Jane’s face and body. Just then, the timekeeper whistled and ended the round. The two women, both breathing heavily, dropped their fist and sauntered to their corners slowly.

The gorgeous timekeeper now announced that there would be a brief break in the action abd since the scoring in the boxing rounds had been so close the style of fighting would now be wrestling, and that this would ultimately decide the winner of the match.

Both women needed a chance to recover and rest from the mutual tanning they’d received at each others hands. The corner girls gave each of them a good sponging off, and the nurse busied herself treating their bruises and wounds. Her jewelry sparkled and her necklace twinkled and glimmered against the well exposed, powdered, ample endowment of her maternal breasts as she spoke words of encouragement to both of them. She called out for two double brandies, for each of the girls.

The ladies room was crowded as many of the women and young ladies went to relieve themselves and freshen up. Excited conversations buzzed through the room, while they talked about the fight, refreshed their lipstick and powdered their noses. A few couples hurried to the bar for a drink. Off in a corner the timekeeper chatted with her husband, having thrown her own expensive fur coat over her semi-naked body. She let out a seductively enchanting laugh at some remark her husband made. Her husbands hand strayed down to her beautiful nylon clad knee and then traveled right up to her sexy red panties. he had obviously bee quite aroused by the two women fighting, as had everyone else in the room. She patted his hand, “Later my love, wait till we get home!”

The two corner girls were both off sitting with their boyfriends. They too had their coats draped over themselves As they sipped their drinks, they too reluctantly refused their lovers advances.

Jane and Isabel rested their bruised and aching bodies. Of course they didn’t have the proper wrestling boots, but a friend of Isabel produced a pair of red, high heeled strap-on shoes, similar to Jane’s. So now both girls were on equal terms, with neither one having an advantage,

and so as not to ruin their beautiful and expensive stockings, they both removed their garter belts and nylons.

When the brunette whistled again both girls came out and circled each other, shyly and uncertain at first. The frenzied and sexually excited mob had once again gathered closely around them. Many voices shouted out for them to go at it. The two women seized each other in a hug, trying to desperately to push the other one off balance. their breasts rubbed and pressed together, their perfume and brandied breath blended, adding fuel to the fire of the fight.

The voice of a young woman from the back of the crowd shouted out, “Come on you fuckin’ lesbos!” This produced many female chuckles and chitchat. With a tremendous forward heave, the full bodied weight of Isabel suddenly brought down her younger and lighter adversary. With a triumphant snicker, she clawed at Jane’s face and tugged at her blonde hair.

“That’s it…kill the bitch….let her have it!” shouted a woman from behind the front row. Isabel scratched at Jane’s face, and in retaliation Jane bit at Isabel’s shoulders. A stream of four letter words came issued out of Isabel’s mouth , sounding so un-conducive to her upper class dialect. Jane’s young body suddenly burst forth and she quickly overpowered and pinned Isabel. She had her pinned in such a way that she was able to hold her down with her knees and smack her across the face repeatedly. Jane smiled sadistically, pressing her knees harder and harder against Isabel’s body. She tried desperately to break free, moaning and groaning she writhed but Isabel was unable to get out of the hold. Both women possessed strengths that surprised the other as sweat poured off their wrestling bodies. It took tremendous strength and determination on Isabel’s part, but she finally managed to break free of Jane’s grasp. Rolling clear and kicking out with her left leg, Isabel managed to knock Jane off balance for a moment. Just in time for the whistle to end the round.

Both girls were looking a bit dazed and wilted around the edges as they reeled towards their corner canlı casino siteleri chairs. It was amazing to watch how the corner girls and the nurse were able to revive the girls both physically and mentally. The air in the room was sexually charged and the audience was completely entranced with the fight and performance of the two women at center stage. There were wild cries for them to wrestle totally naked.

“Yeah, take those wet panties off! Don’t be shy girls! Show us what you got!” came a loud demand from a beautiful woman with Scottish accent.

Smiling wickedly Jane slipped out of her damp panties, hanging them on the back of her chair. Isabel, not to be out done, followed suit. Standing there naked both women thrilled audience by showing off their splendid bodies. The timekeeper whistled and the round started.

Both girls hugged and held onto each others necks bending each other, trying to force her opponent to her knees. Eventually, Jane managed to get Isabel into a kneeling position and then quickly put a headlock on her. Reaching down she grabbed hold of Isabel’s breasts, pushing hard against them , punching her tits. Jane’s genitals now pressed hard against Isabel’s thigh and buttocks. Although Jane’s tired young body ached her eyes glimmered with a sudden spark of energy.

“Now I’ve got you …. you fuckin bitch!” she snarled, pressing her body closer and harder against Isabel. Her face touched Isabel’s shoulder length mane of red hair, the smell of her hairspray and perfume excited and enticed her even more. Isabel grabbed hold of Jane’s beautifully manicured fingers and tried to bend them back to break the hold. With tremendous effort she was successful and then managed to spring forward, but Jane caught her around the knees and brought her right back down again, this time getting onto her back and pressing Isabel firmly down to the floor.

Jane’s pretty young face was now a mask of sexual excitement and superiority. She realized that she had worn Isabel down and could feel the victory was hers soon. Just then though the pretty brunette whistled and ended the round.

Jane reluctantly relinquished her hold on Isabel, slowly allowing up to her feet. The timekeeper announced that another short break was in order to allow the women to freshen up, for this, the final and deciding round. his would be a round to the finish, in the form of a knockout or exhaustion. The corner girls worked hard on the naked fighters bodies and the nurse poured two more double brandies into them. The crowd dispersed again and all the buzz was about who would win the fight.

After being well tended to and refreshed, as well as brandied to the gills, the two women faced each other, ready for the final round.

Jane was eager to finish Isabel off, while Isabel was determined to give it one last hard effort to win the fight. This time there was no circling, no more games. Isabel flew out at Jane from her corner at the sound of the whistle, and in seconds flat had in in a vice like bear hug, breast to breast. they struggled trying to throw each other down. Isabel used her weight and strength, throwing Jane off balance and down to the floor with a hard thud. They rolled over and over on top of each other on the floor. Jane grabbed hold of Isabel’s hair, yanking her face down and cracking her head on the hardwood floor. Isabel now had the makings of black eye appearing. More importantly though, the blow had knocked her out cold. Isabel lay beneath Jane, face down, battered and beaten, like a broken China doll. The timekeeper reached over and held up Lady Jane’s lovely arm declaring her the winner of the fight in the traditional victory pose.

The were wild shrieks of delight from the crowd and just as many boos and cat calls from each of the girls supporters. Jane knelt astride Isabel’s crumpled body, she rubbed herself against her unconscious opponent and seemed to be having an orgasm! The nurse gradually revived Isabel with smelling salts, and then tended to both their cuts and bruises. Before long everyone had gotten dressed again and the busy hall emptied.

As the guest filed out of the ballroom the air was still abuzz with the animal bitches that fought tonight. They all strolled out to their cars, talking and giggling about how aroused they all were. There’d be many beds creaking tonight. Carnal pleasures would be achieved.

For moths afterwards, the fight between Lady Jane and Baroness Isabel was an exciting and juicy topic amongst the jet set of the club. The two women would say nothing about the fight, but deep in her heart Isabel knew that there’d be a rematch. And when that happened, she would definitely be the winner and new champion!!

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