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Carpet Cleaning

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Billy and Charlie liked the money. Good thing because cleaning carpets for a living sucked. The things they found under furniture or in furniture would make your stomach churn. It was an adventure going into people’s homes and most times not a good one. However, sometimes things worked out. The rich people’s houses were fun. Mostly just to look around and see how extravagant people lived.

This was one of the good times. Billy took the job off the list at the office because he recognized the street, it was in a really fancy neighborhood. The job looked tough though, all the carpets and all the furniture. Fuck, this could take all day, maybe more than a day and usually the rich housewives were in your armpit complaining the whole day. That was fun. He almost put the job back for some other sucker but he was so fucking tired of finding old food and clothes under couches and that is one thing these rich people did not do.

He slid the job in his pocket and signed out for it. He noticed a note in the book as he registered. He grabbed it and read it. The husband was out of town and the wife was going to be out the early part of the day. Sweet! The daughter was would be home and she would let them in and sign for completion. Hmm, that could be a good thing or a bad thing. She could be a hottie or she could be a troll and she could be sweet or a bitch. Most of the times though, the rich ones were bitch hotties. Oh well, it still beats the rotten ham sandwich he found yesterday.

He grabbed the keys to his truck and yelled for Charlie. It was only 7:45 in the morning on Tuesday but he wanted to get started early and try to finish this job before the wife got home. Bitch hotties were not nearly as picky as bitch mommies. Charlie came running out of the break room with two cups of coffee. He grabbed his coffee and went out to the truck. They drove to the fancy neighborhood and found the house easily. It was a fucking mansion! The yard was bigger than his house. They climbed out of the truck and walked to the door.

He pushed the doorbell and the chime was massive. He jumped back a little. They waited for a minute or so and nothing happened. He pushed the button again. He looked at his watch, 8:10. The job had a start time of 8:00 so they weren’t too early. Still no answer. He pushed the doorbell two more times. He was getting pissed now. He did not want to drive back to the office and try to get another job now, just the crappy ones would be left. Another push. He heard some movement and the sound of locks being opened seconds after the last blast of the chime. The door burst open.

“Holy fuck!! Can you wait a minute!” Came a shrill scream from behind the screen door.

Billy jumped back again. He looked and saw a young girl who looked like she had been run over. Her hair was a mess, tangled and unbrushed. Her eyes were barely open and she had bags under them. He thought her face looked pretty but he couldn’t really tell right now.

“Sorry, we were afraid no one was home.” Billy answered in a calm voice.

“And you thought leaning on the fucking doorbell was going to make people be home?” She screamed.

He had to admit she had a point. He shrugged his shoulders. She opened the screen door and they walked in. If he thought the outside was nice the inside was magnificent. It looked like a fucking museum. He would be afraid to touch anything. As he walked past the girl he noticed the left side of her face was really swollen. She was holding it with her hand.

“I am really sorry, miss, we shouldn’t have rung so many times.” Billy apologized.

“Never mind, I am just a little cranky. I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and they hurt like a mother fucker.” She said, not screaming this time.

He looked at her closer. She was indeed pretty and young. 18 at most, he thought, but you never know these days. She was wearing a pink tank top with little straps. One of the straps had fallen off her shoulder and he could see her white bra along the edges of the tank top. Her boobs looked nice, not massive or saggy but firm and pretty large for such a little girl. She was short, he noticed, he was only 5’8” and she was at least 6 inches shorter than him. She was wearing baggy sweatpants so he couldn’t tell much else. He followed her into the other room and he did notice her butt was pretty nice. The sweatpants were big and loose but they were a little tight around her ass. He smiled, bitch hottie.

She handed them a sheet of paper. It had handwritten instructions. There were 10 of them and he started reading. Son of a bitch! The bitch wife was going to be in his armpit even though she wasn’t even there. He must have made a face.

“I know, my Mom’s a real bitch about stuff like this. Believe me, you are better off with her gone. I don’t really give a fuck, I think the shit’s already clean.” She said and tried to laugh.

She moaned in pain and grabbed her cheek. He felt a little sorry for her, she looked so miserable. He put the note down and looked around. He figured they would start upstairs. The stairs would suck, better to get them over with first.

“I think we are going to start upstairs so you need to get what you need from up there. You will need to stay off the carpets for at least 4 hours after we finish.” He said to her.

“Dammit, I will have to stay down here, I am not getting fucking trapped upstairs. Let me go get my Vicadin, my mouth really hurts.” She said and took off up the stairs.

He did notice her ass moved quite nice as she climbed. He shook his head and turned to go to the truck. He and Charlie started to unload the equipment.

“Did you see that bitch, she was fine.” Charlie said.

Billy smiled at him, Charlie was such a horndog. He spent every cent he earned trying to get laid. He was a fixture at the clubs and most of the women ignored him so he was not successful very often. Every now and then a girl would have a really bad day and give Charlie a tumble, but it had to be a really bad day.

“I could fuck her sideways to Sunday.” Charlie said and rubbed his crotch.

“Keep it in your pants, tiger. She is a customer and she is only a baby.” Billy said.

“Fuckin old enough for me, she looks to be at least 18 and that keeps me out of jail.” He answered.

Billy laughed and knew Charlie would be hard the entire day if she was around. He would have to make sure he didn’t do anything stupid. They carried the equipment into the house and dropped it all at the foot of the stairs. She was standing in the kitchen, filling a glass of water.

“Ok, we are getting started. You done upstairs?” he asked.

She swallowed two pills and then looked at him.

“Yeah, I got these magic puppies. Do you have anything for me to sign? Let me do it now. These fuckers usually knock me out and I took two. My mouth really hurts.” She said.

“You are not supposed to sign it till we are done.” Billy said.

“Fuck that, I told you I thought they were already clean. As far as I’m concerned you could swish a vacuum around and get out of here. Give me the paper. That way when you guys get done you don’t have to bother me.” She insisted.

“But maam.” Billy uttered.

“Give me the fucking paper!” She said through clenched teeth.

He could tell she had a temper and he didn’t really want to see it. Bitch hotties can be dangerous when you antagonize them. He pulled his clipboard out of his pack and handed it to her. He handed her a pen and she signed the completion form and handed it back to him. He slid it in his pack and she walked into the other room. He thought about just taking off, they were technically done. The customer had signed off on the work. He decided that was pushing his luck, bitch mommy would figure it out. He started up the stairs.

The upstairs did not take as long as he thought. There was not much furniture and the stairs were wide. They were done in two hours, well ahead of what he thought. Charlie carried the equipment into the living room and Billy followed. He noticed she was lying on the couch and the TV was on. He went back into the kitchen to get the rest of the equipment. When he came back in he saw Charlie kneeling next to the couch. “Oh fuck” went through his mind immediately.

He ran around and saw Charlie pushing her hair out of her face. She didn’t move. She was breathing really slow. Her left arm had fallen off the couch and was hanging limply, the remote on the floor beneath. Charlie looked up at him.

“I think she’s out.” He said.

“Ya think so, she’s dead to the world. Two Vicadin will kick your ass and she is a little thing.” Billy said.

“She is so pretty.” Charlie said and Billy noticed he was running his fingers across her right arm.

“Charlie, leave her alone. We have work to do.” Billy said.

“Billy, we are way ahead of schedule and she is so pretty. Can’t I play with her a little?” Charlie said with a little whine.

“No, Charlie, you can‘t play with the customer. She’s not a puppy.” Billy said and laughed.

“C’mon Charlie, let’s do the dining room first.” Billy added and walked out.

Charlie frowned as Billy went back to the equipment. He looked down at her and he could see her boobs were squeezed together. They looked beautiful. He reached out and touched the soft skin of her cleavage and ran his finger into the crevice. His cock lurched in his pants. He ran his fingers up and down her cleavage a little more and stood up.

Billy was worried Charlie would not be able to concentrate with her there but he couldn’t do anything about it. However, Charlie came into the room and worked like a man possessed. They ripped through the dining room in record time. They walked into the living room and she was still out. She hadn’t even moved. They were going to have to move her to do the rugs and couch.

“Charlie, we are going to have to get her out of here.” Billy said.

“I’ll do it.” Charlie said and leapt to the couch.

Billy watched Charlie slide his hands under her and lift. Her head drooped and her arms hung limp to the side. She was really out of it. Her boobs were screaming at him now. They were pushing her tank top big time in that position. He notice Charlie had also taken notice of casino oyna this and was staring at her chest. He carried her towards the kitchen.

Billy started setting up in the living room. He got all the equipment in place and Charlie was still gone. Dammit, he thought and went into the kitchen. He stopped short as he got in the room. Charlie had her on the kitchen table. Her legs were hanging off the edge of the table and her arms were spread. Her tank top was also down past her boobs and Charlie was working on the clasp of her bra. Billy tried to get the words out.

“Charlie, what…..” was about all he got our before he saw two gorgeous young breasts pop out of her bra as it snapped open.

Charlie’s eyes lit up as he looked down. The nipples were small and pink and the boobs were not overly big but they looked huge on her little body. They sat straight up on her chest with hardly any sag at all. Billy panicked as he saw Charlie grab her right breast and squeeze.

“Charlie, stop it. You’re gonna get us fired.” Billy said.

“Billy, she is dead to the world and will be for a while. I’m not hurting nothing. Look how nice these are.” He said and squeezed the left one.

Billy did admit to himself that they a very nice set of breasts but he could see them landing in the unemployment line or even in jail. He shook his head as his cock stirred to life.

“Charlie, c’mon, let’s finish our work.” Billy said.

“Ok, Billy, if we finish fast can I play with her some more?” Charlie begged.

Billy looked at her and she did look like she was going to be out for a while. She took two Vicadin and she couldn’t weigh more than 100 pounds. Yep, she was probably done for the day.

“Fine, if we finish fast, you can spend a little time with her.” Billy said.

Charlie let go of her breasts and walked past Billy into the living room. Billy looked at her and thought it was an interesting sight, her just lying on the kitchen table with her boobs out. He adjusted his crotch and joined Charlie.

Charlie worked like a demon and they got the living room finished in less than an hour. They were almost done now, they only had the two back rooms but there was no furniture in them that they had to do so they would take no time at all. Charlie looked at him and he nodded. Charlie moved into the kitchen quickly.

Billy finished with the equipment and wondered if he had made a mistake. They were probably screwed but the sight of her on that table would be in his mind for a very long time. What was that really worth? He stood up and grabbed the stuff he needed for the back rooms.

He walked into the kitchen just as Charlie slipped his fingers in the waistband of her panties. Her sweatpants were bunched at her ankles, revealing a pair of nice tanned legs. Her thighs were smooth but looked powerful, she must be an athlete. Charlie had removed her tank top completely and Billy noticed her stomach was really tight. Yep, an athlete. He was trying to process everything as Charlie pulled her panties down.

Billy saw her pussy as Charlie pulled the panties across her thighs. It was perfectly smooth. It was also the same color as her surrounding skin so Billy knew this little cunt did some nude sunbathing. He looked out the kitchen door at the pool in the back yard and could picture her lying naked on the lounge. Charlie slid the panties down past her knees and let them drop to collect with her sweatpants.

Charlie stepped back and smiled.

“Billy, isn’t that the most wonderful thing you have ever seen?” Charlie said.

Billy just shook his head, his cock was raging as he looked at the young girl spread out before him. He knew they were in trouble because he was going to have to fuck her now. He just walked into the back rooms with the equipment.

“Billy, do you need any help back there?” Charlie said.

“Nope.” Billy answered Charlie’s question.

He knew the real question was “Can I fuck her now?” and he had resigned himself to what was going to happen. In for a penny, in for a pound and he laughed. Well, he would get a good piece of ass out of the deal. He hoped it would be worth it. He started work as he heard Charlie groan.

The back rooms didn’t take long. He walked back into the kitchen and Charlie was sitting in a chair. The girl was totally naked now, her sweatpants and panties in a pile with her tank top on the floor. Her legs were spread and he could see a little moisture in her young pussy as it opened up before him.

“Charlie, did you cum in her?” Billy asked.

“Yeah, sorry. It felt so good I couldn’t pull out. You need to get into that Billy, that is one sweet cunt.” Charlie said.

Billy dropped the equipment and moved to the table. He touched her legs and they were soft and smooth. She was so beautiful and so young. He ran his hands up her strong thighs and onto her stomach. He moved up to her breasts and took one in each hand. Her boobs were perfect, they more than filled his hands and they were very firm and smooth. He rubbed them a while and pinched her nipples.

He took his hands off her and opened his pants. He pulled out his cock and laid it over her crotch. He pulled her to the edge of the table and lifted her legs. His cock was laying across her open pussy. He slid it up and down, feeling her moisture. She was incredibly warm and he pulled back a little and lined her up. He pushed a little and the head of his cock slipped into her. She was really tight, even after Charlie had reamed her out. He pushed a little harder and he started sliding into her young hole. It was like putting his cock into a warm velvet glove two sizes too small. She was tight but he slid in easily, he assumed lubricated by Charlie’s seed.

He buried himself in her and felt his crotch touch hers. He looked down and tried to burn this image in his brain, his cock buried deep in the youngest, prettiest girl he had ever been with. He wanted to stay perfectly still but his instincts took over and he started pulling out. He got almost out and drove back into her. He saw her breasts jiggle as he speared her. He loved that. He moved his hands to behind her knees and started to really pound her. He knew he wouldn’t last long in this beauty.

Two minutes and he was filling her little body with more seed. He felt the last shudder and pulled out. He saw her little pussy snap close, trapping his cum. He sat down and put his head in his hands.

“Charlie, what are we gonna do?” Billy said.

“About what?” Charlie asked.

“Charlie, we just raped the customer. You didn’t think we were gonna just be able to walk away from this did you?” Billy asked.

“Well, yeah, I did.” Charlie said.

Billy looked at him and wondered how stupid he could really be.

“You see Billy. She is not gonna remember anything after signing that paper. She was also a little wet already so I am assuming she was a little ramped up before we even got here. She was awfully tight at first but she is nice now. Also, if we clean her up a little there is no way our cum will be noticeable. Also, the Vicadin is gonna help her with any soreness as I am planning on riding her a couple more times.” Charlie said.

Billy looked at him and smiled. Charlie wasn’t as stupid as he looked. The guy knew his way around a pussy. He felt his own cock stir a little. He suddenly felt very hungry and looked at his watch. It was 11:30. They were done with the cleaning. They still had to do a little gathering up of supplies but they were basically done and this job was supposed to take all day. He rubbed his cock and thought he could use a couple more times inside her himself.

“Charlie, you hungry. You wanna go get some lunch?” Billy asked.

“Yeah, I am hungry but I don’t want to get too far away from this. Let’s order a pizza.” Charlie said, rubbing her breasts.

Billy initially objected but then thought, why not, they did get a lunch hour and they could spend it here. He stood up, tucked his cock back in his pants and went to look for a phone book. He walked up to the refrigerator and noticed a pizza brochure attached with magnets to the front of the refrigerator. He looked at the number and dialed.

The doorbell rang about 20 minutes later and Billy went to answer. Charlie was balls deep in her again and taking his time. Billy opened the door and a young guy with pimples was standing there holding a large pizza box.

“That’ll be $18.50 sir.” The young guy said.

Billy reached into his pocket and pulled out a twenty. He handed it to the kid and then took the box. As he did he stepped back a little, opening the door a little more.

“Holy shit, what are you guys doing?” The little guy said.

Billy turned and saw he could see Charlie ripping into the young girl. Shit! What was he going to do now? He tried to think quick.

“Listen, I can explain.” Billy started.

The kid crossed his arms and looked at Billy. Billy tried to think of something but his mind went blank. It was obvious what they were doing and he couldn’t come up with any reasonable explanation.

“Ok, mister, I don’t know what’s going on here but I am thinking I want in. That little bitch has been making my life hell for two years. I would enjoy getting my rocks off in her.” The young guy said.

Billy looked at him and tried to figure out what to do. The kid was just looking at him and Billy moved aside. The kid stepped in and Billy closed the door. Billy saw him take his cell phone out of his pocket and dial.

“Boss, yeah, my car just broke down. I called AAA but they said it could be a couple hours.” The kid said in the phone.

“Sure, I am sure I will be alright by then. I will call you and let you know.” He said and closed his phone.

Billy followed the kid into the kitchen just as Charlie pushed into her deep and held on. Billy saw him scrunch his face up and knew she was getting more of Charlie’s juice. The kid was rubbing her breasts.

“What did you guys do to her?” He said.

“Nothing, she took two Vicadin and she is out.” Billy said.

“Not surprised, she does like her drugs.” He said.

“What do you mean?” Billy said.

“I have friends that know her and she throws a mean party. Supposedly lots of booze and drugs slot oyna which I don’t get how she gets away with that. I haven’t heard of anyone fucking her though, she is a huge tease but too good for most everyone.” He said and was running his finger across her lips and face.

“What do you mean how she gets away with it? She looks like she has the run of the place.” Billy said.

“She is so young that I am surprised even her rich parents allow it.” The kid said.

“How young?” Billy asked slowly and hesitantly.

“Not sure exactly, she is a freshman so maybe 14? She is two years behind me and I just turned 16.” The kid said.

Charlie froze balls deep. He looked at Billy and you would have sworn his puppy just died. Billy sat down and took a deep breath.

“Billy, what are we going to do?” Charlie said, still buried in the girl.

“Charlie, well, first thing you should get your dick out of her.” Billy said.

“Ok, but I am almost done and this is some fine pussy.” Charlie said and started pounding her again.

Billy looked at her now and wondered how a 14 year old could look like that. Her legs were strong and smooth and her boobs were incredibly nice now that he knew how old they were. He watched them bounce as Charlie hammered away. He had no idea what they were going to do now.

Charlie groaned and pulled out of her, leaving a string of cum connecting her young pussy to his softening tool.

“My turn.” The kid said and moved between her legs.

“You have no idea how much I have wanted to do this. This girl has done nothing but bust my balls every chance she got. She wears her little skimpy shit and then just abuses me when I deliver anything. Her mom is even worse.” He said and slapped his cock across her crotch.

He lined it up and pushed it into her. He groaned deep and slow.

“Holy fuck, this is nice. I knew she would be a sweet fuck, I just didn’t know I would ever get a chance.” He said as he moved in and out of her.

Billy felt himself getting hard again and he set the pizza down on the table next to her head. Charlie ripped into the box and pulled out a piece. He carried it back to his chair and a large dollop of sauce dropped onto her right breast.

“Shit.” Charlie said.

Billy knew she was really out because that had to burn. The fucking pizza was hot. He did think it looked a little interesting with the sauce on her. He lifted his own piece out and sat down. The kid was getting into it now, he was nailing her good and her little body was moving with him. Billy watched her young breasts jiggle as he took a sweet bite of pizza.

“Fuck yes, take it you little whore.” The kid said and slammed her hard.

Billy laughed through his mouthful of pizza. This kid was obviously taking a lot of frustration out on her. He saw the kid pause and scream out. He knew she was taking some more cum. They would have to do a lot of cleanup.

“God damn, that was nice.” The kid said and pulled out, sliding his cock back in his pants.

“I am a little hungry, you guys mind if I have a piece. Pizza, that is.” He said and laughed.

Charlie laughed and pointed at the box. The kid walked around and took out a piece. He walked back around and pulled a chair up between her legs.

“I don’t like pepperoni though, you guys can have it.” He said and tossed two pieces of pepperoni onto her stomach.

Billy watched him pick two more pieces off and toss them onto her breasts. Billy reached over and picked up a piece off her stomach and ate it.

“Thanks.” He said.

“No problem, so you guys are here to do the carpets and decided to do the customer instead?” He said and took a big bite.

“Yeah, I guess so but we did finish cleaning the carpets.” Billy said.

“You guys are lucky her Mom is not here. As nasty as this little one is her Mother is twice as bad. What a bitch!” He said and smiled.

Billy had figured as much and wasn’t surprised at the revelation.

“So, how long do we get to stay here and fuck her?” the kid asked.

Billy looked at the notes and noticed it said the mom would be home around 3:00.

“The Mom is supposed to be home around 3:00 so we need to have everything cleaned up way before that.” Billy said.

“Fuck, that is great, it’s only 12:15. I need to do her again.” He said and stuffed the last piece of his slice into his mouth.

He jumped up and moved to her head. He pulled his cock out and grabbed her head. He slid her to the edge of the table and pushed his cock into her mouth. He wasn’t completely hard so he pushed it all the way in.

“Wow, she has a warm mouth. I heard around school she did give good head even though no one could get in her pants.” He said and wiggled his cock around in her mouth.

Billy took another slice of pizza as the kid started to move in and out of her mouth.

“Kid, don’t cum in her mouth. That will be too hard to clean up.” Billy said.

“No problem, just using a little face fuck to get hard again.” He said and jabbed his hard cock into her throat.

“Oh yeah, and don’t suffocate her.” Billy added.

The kid laughed and pulled out of her mouth. He ran his cock all over her face and then just left it sitting across her face.

“God damn, that looks nice. I wish I could take a picture of that.” He said.

“No, no, none of that. We are going to have enough trouble without having evidence floating around.” Billy said.

“Yeah, just kidding.” He said and walked back between her legs.

He jammed his cock back into her pussy and started pumping. Her breasts started dancing again. Billy swallowed more pizza as the kid continued to hammer her. He noticed her face as her head was turned towards him. She was very pretty and she didn’t look like a bitch. Most bitches looked the part but she didn’t. Her lips were small but a little puffy and her nose was little and very cute. He had noticed earlier that she had pretty eyes but they were closed now. He also loved her hair, it was brown and shoulder length. It had a shine to it and he figured she paid a fortune for someone to make it look that way.

His concentration was broken as he heard the kid groan and fire another load up into her. He hoped she was on the pill or she would have a little souvenir from this and that would be a little difficult to clean up. He figured she was, most bitch hotties were but she was so young. The kid pulled out and slumped down into the chair.

“Man, I could fuck that all day and night.” The kid said.

Billy got up and moved between her legs. He lifted her legs and looked down. Her young pussy was getting a little sloppy. Her lips were open and he could see cum seeping out. There was a little puddle forming on the table. He lifted her legs a little higher and his eyes caught her little asshole. It was tight and small. He felt pretty confident no cock had ever been in there. That was a true sign of submissiveness and no true bitch hottie would ever let a guy fuck her in the ass. That intrigued him. He had never had anal sex before but it had always fascinated him. What better ass to start with than this one, he thought. They were already screwed so they might as well finish strong.

He looked around and saw the butter dish on the counter.

“Charlie, can you grab the butter.” Billy said.

“What are you going to do, Billy?” Charlie asked.

“I am going to fuck her in the ass.” Billy answered.

“Holy shit!” Charlie said and handed him the butter.

Billy took some butter on his finger and spread it around her ass. He moved his finger in slightly, opening her up a little to get some butter in. He scooped another wad and worked it more into her ass. He lubed up his cock and placed the head against her tight asshole. He looked at the butter and chuckled when he thought of Daddy getting butter that was used to lube up his daughter’s ass. He pushed a little.

Her ass fought him, he could not get in at all. He continued to push harder and her tight skin held him out. He wiggled around a little and pushed some more. He felt a little give and he saw her asshole open up to take the head of his cock. It looked almost strange as the skin stretched to accept something way bigger than it was used to. He pushed a little harder and he slipped in a bit more. He moved back and forth slightly, trying to work the butter around. He pushed on her legs for leverage and then pushed the rest of his cock into her butt.

He slid the rest of the way in much easier once he got her open. His cock felt like it was in a vice. It almost hurt it was so tight. He started to wonder if he would be able to get it out. He pulled back a little and he felt her ass hold onto him. This would be interesting. He pulled a little harder and was able to pull half his cock out. He pulled completely out and her ass snapped shut hard. He scooped up more butter and pushed it in her ass. He then rubbed more on his cock and lined It up again. This time he was able to get in a little easier, her ass was adjusting to his cock. She was still vice-tight but he could move now. He slid out and in and got into a rhythm.

He closed his eyes and held onto her legs. He was in heaven, he had wanted to fuck a chick in the ass for a long time and what a way to start. This obviously virgin 14 year old ass was giving him the ride of his life. He was jamming his entire cock up this young girl’s butt and her little breasts just jiggled their acceptance. He looked down and thought the sight of him moving in and out of her young body in a hole that wasn’t designed to be fucked was incredible. He felt a tingle in his balls and he prepared to fill her bowels. He pushed in deep and emptied his balls into her. He pulled out and her ass slammed shut again, albeit a little slower than last time.

“Billy, how was it?” Charlie said, like a little kid.

“That was the most incredible thing I have ever done.” Billy answered.

“Move over, I want a shot at that.” Charlie said and jumped between her legs.

He grabbed the butter and swabbed his dick and jammed in right up her ass. Billy figured he had loosened her up a little as Charlie didn’t have any trouble sliding into her. Charlie rammed her ass for at least 5 minutes and then dumped canlı casino siteleri another load up her butt. Charlie wasn’t out of her ass but a few seconds and the kid was balls deep in her. He was hammering her pretty fast.

“You little bitch, how does it feel? How do you like a cock up your ass, cunt?” the kid was getting into it.

Billy thought if he was happy fucking her pussy he could imagine how ecstatic he must be to fuck her up the butt. The ultimate domination, Billy thought again. The kid was ripping her now, her tits were bouncing around and her head was bobbing on the table. Billy saw her little bare feet up in the air and he thought that was a very cute sight. He noticed her toenails were bright pink. He wondered when she was painting those if she knew she would soon be taking three cocks up the ass? He figured probably not. The kid groaned and drained his balls into her young ass. Billy watched her hole stay open for a few seconds when the kid pulled out, leaking a little cum before it slowly closed.

The kid plopped down in the chair and Billy could see his face glistening with sweat. He looked up at the clock and saw it was 1:30. He wanted to get out of here, he didn’t want to cut anything too close.

“Ok, guys, fun’s over. We have to start getting her cleaned up. Charlie, go get some towels out of the truck and start wiping her down. Kid, you clean up the pizza.” Billy ordered and they both jumped.

He stood up and looked at her. Her legs were wide open and cum was leaking out of both of her holes now. The table was a mess. Luckily her face was alright, he was just going to have to figure out how to clean up her crotch. He thought for a minute.

Charlie came back in with towels and saw Billy in between the girl’s legs with the vacuum hose. He smiled. Billy was so smart, he thought.

Billy turned on the vacuum and ran the small tube attachment up her pussy. He heard the liquid being sucked out of her. He was careful not to get her skin in the tube so not to bruise her. He sucked as much cum out of her sloppy pussy and then shoved the tube up her ass. He drained her butt and slipped the tube out.

“Charlie, wet those towels and clean her up the best you can.” Billy said as he started to wrap up the vacuum hose.

“Yes, boss, right away.” Charlie said and wiped the sauce off her breasts and stomach.

He carefully cleaned her pussy with the towel. Billy was amazed at how tender Charlie was being. He saw him clean her ass and she now looked clean as a whistle. He watched her closely and didn’t see any more cum seeping out of her. He touched her soft pussy. It still felt firm and wonderful. Ah, the beauty of youth. Go through a gang-bang and come out smelling like a rose. He rubbed her inner thighs and tried to memorize the feeling of the soft young flesh. He slid in closer and grabbed her breasts. He squeezed her small nipples between his fingers.

“Billy, we should get her clothes back on.” Charlie said in a small voice.

“Right, Charlie.” He stepped back and realized he had gone into a little trance.

Charlie put her bra around her arm and slid it under her body. He pushed the other arm through and wrapped the bra over those wonderful breasts. He pulled it together and closed the clasp. He pushed them around so the bra looked comfortable. He moved to her legs and ran her feet into her panties. Billy watched as Charlie ran the panties up her strong thighs. Billy noticed the panties had little pink flowers on them which now made perfect sense for such a young girl. Charlie pulled them up under her ass and over her pussy. She was still gorgeous, even slightly covered.

“Billy, I need some help with her shirt.” Charlie said.

Billy lifted up her upper body, her skin so soft and warm. Charlie ran the shirt over her head and then pulled it down, running her limp arms through the straps. Billy lowered her gently. Charlie was pulling the sweatpants up her legs and Billy took one last look at those pretty thighs. Charlie pulled them up and she was good as new. Billy looked at her face again to make sure she was clean.

Charlie lifted her up and carried her back into the living room. He laid her back on the couch in the exact position she was in before. Charlie looked like he was playing with a Barbie doll as he manipulated her arms and legs. Billy was amazed at how close Charlie was able to get her from where they found her. It looked like she had just fallen asleep watching TV, not taking three cocks in both her holes.

“Ok, let’s get out of here.” Billy said and turned to get the equipment.

He saw the kid walking out of the kitchen.

“Where’s the pizza box?” Billy asked.

“I put it in the garbage.” The kid said.

“No, take it out. We have to bring it with us.” Billy said and the kid turned to go back.

He looked over and noticed the table was clean but then he glanced at the floor and saw a small pool of cum under the table. He grabbed one of the wet towels and wiped it down. He looked around again and made sure everything was in order. He followed the kid and Charlie out of the house. He dumped the equipment and made one last trip inside to make sure it was ok. He pulled the customer copy of the work order and left it on the table. He locked the door behind him and said a little prayer in his head.

“Ok, kid, you breathe a word of this to anyone and you are dead meat. You got that?” Billy said.

“Yes, sir. Not a problem. Thank you guys for letting me join in. You have no idea how much I have wanted to do that.” He responded with a big smile.

Billy smiled back and watched him get in his car and drive away. He thought he did have a pretty good idea.

Billy and Charlie were sitting around the break table in the office garage, it was 4:45 on Friday and Billy was starting to feel a little better. His stomach had been in knots since Tuesday. He just knew the police would come by any time and cart him and Charlie off to jail for rape. He had been thinking what he would do if he went to jail for a long time. But nothing had happened for three days. He had relaxed a bit, maybe they would be alright.

A lot of the guys were milling around, waiting to go home. The garage was cleaned up and empty. The boss was wrapping things up in the office. Billy heard the front door squeak open and saw two young girls walk in. All eyes were immediately drawn to them. The first one was short and brunette, her hair shoulder length and beautiful. She was wearing an incredible red cotton dress. It buttoned up the front and the top two buttons were undone and showed a slight amount of cleavage. His eyes moved down her body and saw the bottom button undone also. The dress was well above her knees and with the button undone a lovely amount of smooth tan thigh showed as she walked. She had on a pair of white keds so she moved silently across the concrete floor.

The second one was even shorter and a blonde, her hair short and bobbing just below her ears. Her face was incredibly cute and she looked even younger than the first but her body defied her young face and height. She was wearing a little black dress. It had a slight v-neck, but her cleavage had no trouble pushing out of the top. Billy saw no sign of a bra peaking out of her dress. The dress was very short and she also had on white keds. Her legs were gorgeous as the short dress showed an incredible amount of thigh.

The silence was deafening as they walked across the garage. No one made a sound. Billy felt his heart jump and his breath stop as they got closer and he recognized the brunette. It was the young girl from the fancy house. They were done, the gig was up. He felt the breath leave his body as she walked by the table, headed for the office, followed by her blonde friend.

Billy heard a few sighs as the girls walked in front of the crew, their tight asses framed perfectly by the material.

The boss walked out of the office and closed the door behind him. He turned around just in time to face the two girls. Billy saw his jaw drop.

“Can I help you ladies?” He stammered.

The brunette handed him a piece of paper. He opened it and looked at her with a question on his face.

“I don’t understand. Didn’t we clean your house just this week? Was there a problem?” He asked, glancing at Billy.

“Yeah, there was a problem. Those two were a pain in my ass.” She said and pointed at Billy and Charlie.

The boss looked like he was getting angry. Billy prepared himself for the explosion.

“But…., my mother seemed to like the job they did and wants them to come back on Monday. She told me to deliver this order on my way out with the specific instructions send those two bozos again. They looked like fuckups to me but Mom liked their work. Go figure.” She said and looked back at the boss.

“But did they not clean something?” The boss asked, taken aback a little at the attitude of the young girl.

“She said they cleaned everything fine but it seems there are some new spots in the two upstairs bedrooms. We had a little accident and she wants these two assholes to come and clean it up.” She said and looked at Billy with a sneer.

“Ok, Maam. I will have them over first thing Monday morning. Will that be ok?” The boss said.

“Yeah, my Mom will be out again but I don’t have school so I have to stay home again to meet them. Sucks for me but first thing in the morning will be fine.” She said to him.

“Will do.” The boss said.

She turned without acknowledging him and started to walk back. She was looking at Billy as she approached the table. She stopped next to him and looked down. He looked at her pretty face but her sour expression drew some of her beauty away.

“We are having a little birthday party for Sheila here on Sunday night so you may have to lean on the fucking doorbell again to wake us up. You shouldn’t have a problem with that, should you?” She said with a small head motion to her blonde friend.

“No maam.” Billy said.

“Good.” She said and started to walk by him.

He looked up at her as she passed and caught a small smile and a wink. His heart skipped and he tried to stay calm as she passed and then watched along with the rest of the guys as they walked out. Their dresses swayed slightly around two perfect young asses. The door closed and he looked at Charlie. Charlie looked like he was going to pass out.

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