21 Mayıs 2022

Carlos’ First Encounter

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The business conference had turned out to be far more boring than I had first anticipated. I had been eager to attend, as the previous year’s conference had been fun and informative. Yet, I was becoming bored with all of the seminars, and the attempts at networking were leaving me anxious to get away.

I was staying in the Hyatt Regency right on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, and I couldn’t have asked for better accommodations. The hotel was nice, the Riverwalk was truly beautiful – especially in the evenings. I had spent the last two evenings alone, my colleague abandoning me for some cute blond from Michigan. Well, I really couldn’t blame him. And now, I sat in my hotel room, sipping coffee and nibbling on a bagel, not looking forward to the seemingly endless round of seminars ahead of me. I had only one day and evening left in San Antonio, and it looked like a fascinating city.

Walking over to the curtains in my room, I pulled them aside slightly. My room did not have a window that looked outside, but rather my view was that of the hotel lobby and atrium below. However, I could see through the windows in the lobby that the day was dawning bright and beautiful. It was late October, and the weather had been mild and beautiful. Staring out the lobby windows, towards the Riverwalk, I made up my mind. I was going to see San Antonio – the business conference be damned!

I quickly jumped into the shower and allowed the water to run down my body. I was 5’5″ tall, but my body was slender, with soft, rounded hips, and gently swelling breasts. My reddish blond hair fell down my back to my waist, my eyes were deep blue. Stepping from the shower, I walked to the mirror and began to apply just a hint of makeup. At 27 everyone told me I still looked 21, indeed I was still asked for identification every time I went to a bar or club. Drying my hair so it fell in soft waves around my face and down my back, I turned to the room and began to dress. Grabbing a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans, I had to admire the way they hugged my ass, showing it off to perfection. Slipping a soft yellow sweater over my head, I pulled on a pair of sneakers, and grabbed my canvas bag.

Stepping from my room, and going down the elevator, I couldn’t help but stifle a giggle at the people in business suits hurrying off to the conference. As I stepped into the hotel lobby, I made my way towards the Riverwalk exit and outside. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, yet there was a touch of coolness to the air. Just perfect for walking. Strolling up the Riverwalk, I took notice of the shops just beginning to open, the bars and clubs still cleaning up from the night before. Finally climbing the steps that took me up to the city level, I found myself on a street with multiple shops.

Turning a corner, I am suddenly struck with an amazing sight. Right there, in the very middle of the town, was the Alamo! Never knowing it was in the middle of the city, I was amazed to find it just sitting there. Interested, I walked towards the building, yellow stone seeming to gleam in the late morning sunshine. It was bigger than I had imagined, and I realized there were other buildings surrounding it. Avoiding the main building at first, I stepped towards the outer buildings, admiring the grounds surrounding the Alamo. As I strolled through the courtyard, I heard a collection of people cooing with delight. Intrigued, I turned towards them, and saw a group of about 20 people standing in a circle. Making my way towards the inside, I instantly saw what had attracted their attention. A tour guide had lured a squirrel with something in his hand, and the squirrel was making its way towards him. Shy at first, then emboldened by the food offered to it, the squirrel made its way to the tour guide stopping to sit on its hind feet. A smile crossed my face as I watched in fascination as the squirrel quickly climbed up the leg of the tour guide, who was luring the animal to climb higher for its reward. Glancing up into his face, I saw the tour guide smiling slightly, but whether at the squirrel or the crowd was simply unknown. As the tour guide handed the squirrel his prize of a peanut, the crowd erupted into applause, and I noticed the tour guide look up and around.

He was tall, very tall. And lanky – almost too thin. But his black hair was thick and lustrous, his brown eyes smiling and twinkling. His smile was genuine, with full lips spreading to reveal beautiful white teeth. His skin was the color of cinnamon. Looking at his face, it was hard to figure out how old he was. But his mannerisms had a shyness that spoke of one being very young. He raised his hands to shush the crowd and then spoke, with a voice that was clear and velvety.

“Okay, everyone! Yes, that was a little trick our squirrels do here, but come along and I’ll show you the barracks.”

As the crowd moved in the direction of the outer buildings, I moved towards the main building. Opening the heavy doors, I stepped into the coolness of the building and was awed by its intensity. casino siteleri I truly didn’t know that much about the history of the Alamo, but knew that many men had died here. As I walked around the main building, I noticed the door open and the group that had been outside stepped in, the handsome young tour guide leading the way. Hoping to get a “freebie” I tried to blend in with the crowd, seeing what I could learn.

As the tour guide spoke to the crowd, I noticed the ease he had with people. He was comfortable with his job, he liked people and it showed. He had a loose manner, smiled easily, and even giggled once when some one made a joke. His giggle was infectious.

As he spoke of the history of the Alamo, I found myself watching him more than the points of interest he showed the crowd. He mentioned that there were survivors of the Alamo, and I was brought back to attention.

“But, I thought everyone perished in the Alamo,” I found myself blurting out before I could catch my words.

His quick brown eyes caught mine, and he smiled.

“That is what a lot of people think, but the truth is, there were some survivors. Not many, but some.”

“Well, I was told all had died. Every last one.”

Instead of irritation, I noticed a twinkle in his eye.

“Well, if you have the time, there are a good many books written on the Alamo that I can recommend to you, if you would like.”

Blushing furiously, I glanced from one member of the tour to the next, and then back to the tour guide. He was smiling broadly, and I couldn’t help but smile back.

“No, I believe you – Carlos, is it? It’s your job to know after all.”

Clapping his hands together, he asked for questions. No one had any, so the tour guide – Carlos his badge said – guided them to the gift store. In turn, each person handed him a tip and a word of thanks before leaving. Soon it was just he and I in the big open room.

“Do you have a question, miss? Something I can help you with?”

“Yes, I do, Carlos, if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, please ask away.”

“Okay, Carlos. This is my last day and evening in San Antonio, and so far I’ve not truly seen this beautiful city of yours. What do you suggest a girl do?”

“Well,” he replied, “there are lots of romantic spots that you and your husband or boyfriend could enjoy. I’d be happy to recommend a few to you.”

Laughing, I stopped him. “I’m here by myself, Carlos. Just me. Anything for a single girl to do here?”

I noticed his eyes raking over my body and I felt a tingle shoot down my spine.

“Well, we have a lot of clubs, but I’m sure some one like you would get hit on by your fair share of jerks. Where are you from? And where are you staying?”

“I’m from California, here on a business conference that got boring. I’m staying at the Hyatt, over on the Riverwalk.”

“Well, there is a lot to do there. There are also some clubs in the city, too.”

“Yes, I’ve seen those, but you know how awkward it can be for a woman to walk into places like those by herself. It would be so much easier if there was some one to go with. Your girlfriend is lucky, Carlos, to have you.”

Seeing his cheeks darken, I watch as his eyes lower to the floor. “Well, actually, I don’t have a girlfriend or anything.”

“What? A good-looking guy like you and no girlfriend? I find that hard to believe! What’s wrong with the women here in Texas?”

Glancing up at me, he smiled, and I felt my blood run hot.

“I’m sure I don’t know, Miss -?”

“Oh, I’m sorry! Shelly. My name is Shelly. And you can skip the ‘miss’ part. And I have an idea! What do you do after work, Carlos?”

“Me? Oh sometimes I go out, get something to eat, maybe have a drink, go to a club. Why?”

“Well, I’ve never done this before, but would you mind showing me a little bit of San Antonio? That is, if you don’t have anything else to do?”

I saw him blush again, and wondered at a man who could blush so easily.

“We aren’t supposed to take the guests out, Miss. Against policy.”

“Oh, yes, I understand. Well, I wouldn’t want you to jeopardize your job. So, I guess I’ll just be sitting in my room, room 754, at the Hyatt this evening, all alone, around 7pm – unless some one might come to visit me.”

Smiling up at him, I look to see if he took the hint.

“Did you say 754, Miss?”

“I certainly did. And it’s Shelly, please! By the way, can I ask how old you are?”

“I’m 22, Mi- uh, Shelly.”

My mouth dropped slightly at the 5 year age difference. Still, if he was willing to show me around, I didn’t mind.

“Thank you, Carlos,” I said loud enough for anyone to hear, then dropped my voice to a whisper. “Hopefully, I will see you later.”

Before he could respond, I headed towards the doors and walked once more into the bright sunshine. Spending the rest of the afternoon browsing through shops, I made my way back to the hotel. Still having time, I took another shower, and slot oyna took extra care with my make up and hair. Slipping on a white lace thong and matching bra, I searched through the clothes I had brought with me. Selecting a short, tight denim skirt, I pulled it over my hips and zipped up the back. The skirt was a stretchy material, and hugged my hips and ass in a fetching manner. I picked out a soft, thin sweater and slipped it over my head. The neckline was very low cut, revealing a good amount of cleavage, and the material clung to my breasts and waist. I pulled out a pair of white high-heeled pumps and slipped them on my feet. Spritzing perfume behind each ear and between my breasts, I glanced in the mirror. Nope, I did not look at all like my 27 years. I looked like I was really no older than 20. I smiled. Looking at the clock, I noticed it was almost 7, and I quickly placed a gold chain around my neck, and bracelets on each wrist. The phone in my room rang, and I answered it.

“Miss Stevens?”


“This is the desk clerk. A Mr. Carlos Ramirez is here to see you.”

Struck through by his politeness, I almost didn’t respond.

“Ah, Miss Stevens?”

“Yes, yes, I’m still here. Tell Mr. Ramirez I will be right down.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

I stood dumbfounded, the phone in my hand, trying to remember the last time I had been out with a true gentleman. My mind drew a blank. Smiling broadly, I snatched up my purse and key, and entered the hallway. Taking the elevator down, I found my heart thudding in my chest, my body almost shivering with anticipation. As the doors opened, I quickly glanced around the lobby. Suddenly he turned and smiled at me. His tall, handsome form walked confidently towards me, and I couldn’t help but noticed how striking he looked in the blue suit he wore. His shirt was white and freshly pressed, his tie tasteful, his shoes expensive leather. As he drew closer, I noticed the cufflinks he wore were simple yet very tasteful. He was clean-shaven, his dark hair combed back.

“Hello Shelly. It’s good to see you again! You look terrific!”

“Why thank you, Mr. Ramirez! And might I say, you are looking quite handsome yourself!”

As we both laughed, he held out his arm to me, and I linked my arm through his. Walking from the hotel lobby, we entered the Riverwalk. It was alive with people, lights sparkling in the trees, music spewing out of various clubs and bars. The boats along the river glided smoothly along, and the full moon above provided just the right ambiance for a romantic stroll along San Antonio’s most famous site.

Stopping inside of a Mexican restaurant, I felt awed by the fact that Carlos was known by almost everyone. Over dinner and drinks, we chatted comfortably, and I began to feel at ease with this handsome man. His quick wit made me smile, and his manners made me feel like a lady.

Leaving the restaurant, Carlos guided me to a small club that somehow I must have missed on my earlier strolls along the Riverwalk. A small table in the back was free, and we sat down and ordered tequila shots. The music had a throbbing beat, and it didn’t take long before I found myself being lead onto the dance floor and held tightly against Carlos’ body. He moved with grace and purpose, allowing us both to feel the music as it coursed through our bodies. Closing my eyes, I allowed Carlos to lead me, to take my body along with his on the flowing rhythm of music. I felt his leg between my thighs, and instinctively I began to slide my body along it, back arched, feeling his arm behind me, supporting me. I felt his hand slide the length of my back, and shivered as he lingered just above the swell of my ass. As the music continued, I sank lower onto his thigh, my pussy rubbing against the thin lace of my panty, and I knew my wetness had to be felt through the lightweight material of his slacks. I felt him press his hand on the small of my back, pressing me firmly down on his leg, as he encouraged me to continue. I could feel my clit swell, and the slightly rough lacey fabric only served to tease me. The music, and the dance, seemed to last for hours. When the music stopped, I slowly opened my eyes as Carlos raised me to him. He pressed me tight against his body in a hug, and it was undeniable as to his reaction to my body – the bulge in his groin was hard and throbbing. His dark eyes spoke of passion, of longing, of lust – and I was sure he saw the same in mine.

Suddenly diverting his eyes, he coughed nervously, and pointed towards the table. I followed him back to the table, making sure to sit very close to him. His arm on the back of my chair, I leaned into him, allowing my hand to rest on his thigh. I could feel his breathing increase, and as I looked up into his face, I found it difficult to read. I slowly began to stroke his thigh under the table, my hand just barely grazing his groin. His fingers nervously rubbed my shoulder before I felt his hand cover mine.

“I – I don’t think that is a good idea, Shelly.”

“Oh? canlı casino siteleri And why not? Doesn’t it feel good, Carlos?” I smiled up at him.

His smile was quick, if a little nervous.

“Yes, a little too good, if you know what I mean?”

I continued to smile, as I reached for another shot, and drank it down. I glanced at him from the corner of my eye, and wondered at this man sitting next to me. Most men would have been all over me by now, yet he sat there almost stoically. I could feel the sexual tension in the air, I knew I had seen the look of desire in his eyes when we finished the dance. But still…..

“Carlos, I think it’s time I went back to my hotel. Will you walk me back?”

“Certainly, Shelly, but – aren’t you having a good time?”

“Oh, yes, I am,” I turned to him, running a finger along the smooth skin of his face, “But I hope to have a better time.”

Without giving him a chance to answer, I rose up from my seat and looked at him. Placing some money on the table, he put his hand at the small of my back and led me outside. As we walked back to my hotel, I could feel the tension building and the nervousness as well. The walk back was quiet, neither of us really speaking.

As we entered the hotel lobby, Carlos walked me to the bank of elevators, and as the doors opened, I pulled him inside with me. His eyes looked nervous at first then took on a gleam I knew so very well.

“Just thought you wouldn’t mind walking me to my room, Carlos.”

“Of course not, Shelly.” His reply seemed nervous and shy.

I felt his hand on my back, as he rubbed gently, making small circles and causing my skin to tingle. Sighing deeply, I pressed my back against him, and encouraged him to continue. His movements increased, his fingers pressed more firmly against me.

As the doors opened onto the 7th floor, I quickly walked to my room and opened the door.

“Would you like to come in and have a drink with me, Carlos? Please? I can’t go to sleep now, and your company would be most welcome.”

“Well, yeah, okay. I’d like that.”

As we entered the room, I turned on just a couple of lights. I sat on the bed as Carlos rummaged through the refrigerator, and pulled out a couple of small bottles that he poured into glasses. Patting the bed next to me, he sat down and handed me my drink. Sipping it slowly, I watched his reaction as his eyes slowly raked over my body. Leaning back on my elbows, I allowed him a better view, arching my back to allow my breasts to jut forward. Setting my drink down, I sat up and leaned into him, my arm slipping around his waist, my head tilting back. As my eyes closed, I felt his lips on mine, eager, hungry, searching. Returning his kiss, I slipped my tongue between his lips and felt him gently sucking it into the wet warmth of his mouth. His hands held my face, stroking it, moving his fingers through my hair.

Reaching up, I pulled on his jacket, pulling it off his broad shoulders and felt him struggle slightly to get it off. His hands free once more, I felt him caress my arms, moving up to my neck, holding my head for the onslaught of his kisses. Reaching up again, I slowly undid his tie, slipping it from the collar of his shirt, then began to undo the buttons on his shirt. Breaking our kiss, I ran my lips down his face, chin, to his neck, and then to his chest, kissing the skin as I exposed each inch with every button I undid. His hands caressed my arms and back, his breathing heavy. Finally his shirt was open, exposing a chest of smooth skin. Letting my tongue trail along his chest, I teased first one nipple and then the other, hearing him gasp and feeling his fingers in my hair. Pushing his shirt over his shoulders, I allowed my fingers to stroke the flesh as it was uncovered. I noticed him working the cufflinks free, and then wrestling the shirt free from his body.

Kneeling up on the bed, now eye to eye with him, I wrapped my arms about his neck, and pressed my body to him as my lips closed over his. I felt his hands running up the sides of my body, pausing when he reached the sides of my breasts, almost hesitating.

“Oh, yes, Carlos. Touch my breasts, please. They are aching to be touched.”

Pressing my lips tighter to his, I felt his fingers trace the outline of my breasts, teasing the nipples into rock hard points. I felt him give himself to me, and suddenly his hands were reaching for the bottom of the sweater I wore, frantically pulling it over my head. Laughing at his eagerness, I broke from our kiss briefly as the material separated us. I felt his hands fumbling at the back of the bra I wore, and I giggled. Pulling away from him, looking deep into his dark eyes, I reached behind me and undid the clasp on the bra, slowly letting it fall from my shoulders and then my breasts. His eyes watched every movement, and when my breasts were exposed to him, I felt his hands on them once more kneading, pressing the flesh with his fingers. He dipped his head, and I felt his lips, soft and full, against my nipples sucking, licking. Running my fingers through his hair, I pressed my body into him. His tongue flicked over my nipples, and then I felt his teeth, lightly grabbing the nipple of one breast firmly.

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