27 Mayıs 2022

Candy for the Married Man

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It was a cool, autumn night. They had met at the parking lot at work, the place where she used to work up until a month ago. They were sitting together in his big Chevy truck with the heater warming their bodies up. It was silent.

“I really had a good time,” Candy turned to Jerry. He was sitting there with his cute sweats on, looking back at her with penetrating eyes. Man, I’ve got to get you out of those clothes, she said to herself, and into my pants.

The more time Candy spent with this guy, the more she knew she wanted him. But there was just one problem– he was married. Jerry and his wife had been together for seven years now and even had a 3 year-old son. Candy had seen the pictures of Jerry’s family on his desk at work. They were a cute family. So how could she ever steal a piece of that?

Candy knew he was oblivious to her inner, conflicting emotions. She sat there, awkward and not knowing what to say. Part of her wanted to lean over, grab his handsome face, and cover him with sweet kisses. But the other part of her told her to sit back and stay calm. This is another person’s marriage you’re dealing with, Candy reflected. You can’t just bust up into someone’s life as though it were yours. He’s not your real-life dildo.

Coming back to her senses, Candy said, “So when do you return from your next trip? Why don’t we get together again after that?” She had to look straight ahead to fight the battling emotions.

“Well, let’s see…. I leave Sunday night, and I return on Thursday.”

Today was Thursday. Good, we still have time, Candy thought to herself. Time for what?

Some time ago, Jerry had spoken with Candy about problems in his marriage. Jerry found it easy to confide in her. She asked questions and he gave honest answers. He would mention how he and his wife don’t have sex anymore. They flirted with the idea of divorce, but he didn’t want to lose his son. This scenario was somewhat familiar to Candy. Married guy, isn’t getting any action at home, woman is a dormant homebody ever since giving birth. Yeah, I’ve read many articles about these types of couples in Redbook magazine.

So now that Candy and Jerry were alone again, she started contemplating whether this could be the night she revealed her feelings to him.

“So when was the last time you got some?” Candy sort of blurted out. She knew she could be blunt and upfront about things, and lately she has come to be more open about the topic of sex.

“About… a month ago,” Jerry responded, looking over at her in a matter-of-fact manner. He didn’t seem to flinch at the question, but perhaps he was used to talking to Candy about these things. After all, he couldn’t ramble on about his marital troubles with his hunting buddies. They probably would’ve just told him to find some bimbo to vent his frustrations on. But he wasn’t like those hunting buddies. So young. So restless. He had a lot to consider. It wasn’t just the sex he missed with his wife, it was the intimacy, the passion, the joys of being a couple. These were the days of his life.

Candy was absorbing all that was being said. Coming back to her senses, she replied, “That’s too bad to hear. I know that when I’m 70, I still want to be having sex actively, so I can imagine your frustrations at this age.”

“Yeah, that’s the way it is….”

Candy could sense a slight sadness in the way he said it. She felt sorry for him. She cared about this man, this devoted father, this down-to-earth guy. He was just about everything she wanted in a man.

Candy felt sorry for him, but she also knew that she could help in fixing his problem. I know what he needs! He needs some candy. “If you ever need help… sexually, I can help.” Brief pause. “I don’t believe you’ve ever tried this flavor of candy,” she said with a wink.

After taking this all in, Jerry started to blush, “Wow. Um… I’m terribly flattered. Um… Yeah, I really appreciate that.”

The genie was out of the bottle now. But now what? Was he going to just dismiss her and that be the end of it? Or is it possible that he was going to take her up on that offer sometime? Candy couldn’t tell if he was attracted to her as well. She knew they were both rather open and friendly with each other. In addition, they have talked about sex in general quite a bit, but could he also be attracted to her?

“Well, do you want to go grab a beer?” Jerry suggested. He wasn’t sure what he was getting himself into, if anything at all. But yeah, he’s checked out Candy ever since her first day at the office. She was cute, smart, funny, and rather mature for her age. Yeah, she was 10 years younger than he was, but he knew she casino siteleri had dated older. He could tell that she was quite experienced yet not some bimbo. In addition, looking at her play tennis in those short shorts really got his attention. She had very firm, athletic, but captivating legs. Legs that were capable of many adventures. Capable of making incredibly tight grips….

Candy was sort of surprised by his offer, but she knew that she needed time to think this all over. It was happening too fast. She, too, didn’t know what she was getting herself into. She really wanted to take him up on his offer though. So bad…. “I’d really love to, but I think I’m too nervous to go have a beer with you.” Candy laughed nervously. “I also think that we should both think about this before rushing into anything.”

“Absolutely. I’ve never crossed that line before, and so I think we should both just take it slowly as well. I like you, Candy. You’re a sweet girl. I’m glad that you told me this. It makes me look at things in a whole other perspective,” Jerry said sincerely. He meant it too. Candy wasn’t like all the other 21 year-olds out there. She was experienced, but innocent. Direct but sweet. Young but not naive. It was hard to figure her out, but it was definitely a major turn-on. God, I love mysterious women.

The two said their goodbyes and agreed to get in touch as soon as he returned from his trip.


Meanwhile, on his trip to Detroit, Jerry started worrying about his upcoming presentation the next day. He was getting nervous and the gin and tonic he had ordered earlier was already wearing off. He shifted his mind to daydreaming about Candy. It was hard to explain his feelings towards her at that moment. He had never crossed that line before and yet here was an opportunity with a girl who was hot, young, and sexy, but at the same time wasn’t some complete stranger. Damn, she had nice legs. I bet she has a nice pussy as well. Oh, god, I’m getting hard. He glanced around to see if anyone was looking at him. Good, no one’s paying attention. I better get some shut-eye.

Jerry brought down a blanket from the overhead bin and sat back down and shut his eyes. He pulled the blanket up to his neck and started fantasizing about Candy’s legs, her soft hair, her cute sense of humor, and what it would be like to taste her, feel her. He started getting hard, lying there on that airplane seat with his eyes closed. He knew no one could tell, so he continued his fantasy.

Candy was undressing herself now. She was bending over to take off her shoes, and her cute ass was shoved right in Jerry’s face. She stood there, as though waiting for Jerry to take control of her tush. Jerry’s hands moved over her baby-soft skin as he glided his way around her firm ass towards her promised land. His hands moved down where he found a patch of trimmed pubic hair. He rubbed her clit with his fingers, moistening his fingers more and more with each rub. After a few minutes, Jerry took his fingers out of her pussy and into his mouth to suck on and taste. Bitter. Sweet. Erotic. Before Jerry could do anything else, the scene switched to Candy kneeling on her hands and knees, leaning over to give Jerry a blow job. Suddenly, Jerry’s dream sequence came to a halt as the pilot announced over the intercom, “Please prepare for landing.” Jerry’s eyes shot open, sweat glistening across his forehead. His hands resting on top of a stoned dick. “Oh, shit, what am I going to do with this?” Jerry thought, staring down at the tent in his pants. What did I get myself into?? Jerry looked around for the nearest lavatory. He saw the sign 2 rows ahead. He quickly darted up and rushed into the tiny restroom and locked the door. He quickly unbuttoned his pants, dropped his boxers, and started attacking his hard cock. The cock was waiting impatiently to be stroked, and Jerry knew how mad it got if he kept it waiting for too long. It didn’t take long for the cum to spill out of his cock. The cum squirted every which way, but Jerry didn’t care. All he cared about was getting off and it felt OH SOOO GOOD. With his other hand resting on the wall, Jerry leaned forward to complete his euphoric orgasm, moaning and very worn out. It took a few minutes before Jerry could calm down and pull his pants back up. He washed his hands, looked into the mirror, and then fixed his hair, and returned back to his seat just as the plane started its descent. “Whew, I feel MUCH better.”

*** In the meantime, Candy was also preoccupied with sexual fantasies about Jerry. One night, Candy had an erotic dream. She was talking to Jerry on the phone and they were whispering naughty ideas to each slot oyna other. The phone sex scene was short and skipped to a new one soon after.

The scene switched to Jerry, sitting in the middle of a couch in a room. Candy was over to visit and was walking towards him, without wearing any panties. She straddled him while facing him and gave him a long, deep kiss. Her bare pussy was casually rubbing against his pants. Their tongues swirled around forever, while their bodies were becoming sexually stimulated down there. Without removing their clothes, Candy started dry-fucking Jerry. She started riding him like a buck and she could feel him underneath their layers of clothing. The short skirt she was wearing allowed for her juices to trickle out of her hot pussy and onto the lump in his pants. They kept humping each other, with Candy’s juices drenching Jerry’s clothes more and more. They were both getting into it and incredibly horny. Candy was so excited that she immediately started to come. She got up and admired the wet stain on his clothes.

It was at this point that Candy woke up to find her fingers madly rubbing her clit over the wet, thin panties. She came instantly then and there. “Ohhh…UGH…Ahh…,” she moaned in bed in the middle of the night. Her panties were soaking wet, but she didn’t care. She lay there, dazed about her dream and wondering what was real and what was not. She didn’t care, but she enjoyed it. She fell asleep again instantly.

*** On Thursday, the phone rang.

“Hey! What are you up to?” A familiar voice asked Candy. It was Jerry.

Candy replied, “Hey, Jerry! Oh, nothing much. What are YOU up to?”

Sounding rather chirpy and lively, “Oh, I’m stuck at the airport. Can you believe it? They told me the wrong gate number earlier today, which made me miss my flight. And so I’ve been stuck here all day, drinking some beers, while waiting for the next flight back home.”

They chit-chatted for a bit and then Jerry said, “Hey, do you want to get together tonight after I get in town?”

Candy was getting very excited. He wanted to see her! Ok, don’t get ahead of yourself. Calm down. “Um, sure! Yeah. Do you need me to pick you up from the airport?”

“Well, I normally take a shuttle back to one of the local parking lots, where I leave my truck overnight, but yeah, that’d be great if you could give me a lift,” Jerry replied.

So they agreed to meet at the baggage claim later that night.

When 8pm rolled around, Candy showed up to the airport, nervous about meeting Jerry after confessing her feelings towards him just a few days ago. She was wearing a tight skirt with a simple top, both of which showed off her curves.

Candy impatiently waited near the escalators for a few minutes, impatiently waiting. Finally, she saw Jerry riding down the descending escalator in a black jacket and some khakis. She admired his face and his profile for a second before walking over to greet him. Man, he looks good, she said to himself. She could see him looking around anxiously for her. She smiled to herself as she walked slowly over to the bottom of the escalator, and called his name with a gentle, but soothing voice, “Jerry.”

He looked over at her and a smile lit up on his face. There was a slight sexual tension in the air. It was like two lovers who hadn’t seen each other for months. She fought back the urge to run over and jump on him like in the movies and walked over to him and gave him a sexy grin.

Jerry greeted Candy and looked her up and down. I like what I see, he thought to himself. Very hot.

They got his suitcase and then walked into the parking lot, heading towards Candy’s car. Candy asked, “So how many beers did you drink?” Perhaps if he was still intoxicated, he was feeling even friskier…hmmm….

With a foolish grin, “Oh, about 4 or 5, and a couple of glasses of wine. But they’re all starting to wear off,” Jerry replied. He was smiling a lot tonight and seemed to be looking at her more noticeably tonight. The sexual energy was definitely present.

Candy wasn’t sure what was going to happen. She had been thinking about this moment for quite some time. Could tonight be the night something happens?

Once in the car, Candy started the ignition.

“Thanks a lot for picking me up,” Jerry said.

“Oh, no problem at all!” Candy replied. She looked over at him to find him staring at her with a peculiar smile on his face. He started to lean over. Candy leaned over too, expecting he was going to hug her. Instead, he aimed right for her lips. And before she knew it, they were kissing each other, tongues flickering in and out.

Candy couldn’t believe canlı casino siteleri this was happening. His lips felt so smooth and so sweet. She could taste the faint alcohol on his lips but it was pleasant, alluring, erotic. She placed her hand behind his head and dug her tongue in deeper. She leaned off to the side of his head, reaching for his neck. Jerry started kissing Candy on the other side, inhaling the fragrance of her body, her hair, her Ralph Lauren perfume. “God, you smell so good,” Jerry said devouringly.

Candy pulled away. She needed to catch her breath and make sure this wasn’t some dream. Their eyes held each other for a long time. “I can’t believe this is happening. It feels so surreal.”

“Haven’t you thought about it though?” Jerry asked, gazing at her, playing with her hair.

“Oh yes, I’ve thought about it a lot, but it was all fantasy. I didn’t know YOU had thought about it as well,” Candy said.

“Well, I think that we should just take it one step at a time. I care about you and don’t want to hurt you. We also have to be very careful,” Jerry said, more seriously.

“I agree,” she looked over at him and leaned over and they started kissing again.

Candy reached down to find the bulge in his pants. Ah. There it was finally. She had the token to his manliness at the tips of her fingers and it felt very good. She massaged his stiffening cock and kissed him harder. “Oh…” she moaned.

Jerry reached over to get under her shirt. He caressed her smooth skin and moved his hands up to her bra, massaging her perky breasts.

Meanwhile, Candy yearned to feel the actual texture of his rigid equipment. Her fingers fought against his belt buckle, and with the help of his own hands, they unbuckled his belt and pants. His cock sprouted up like a person on speed waking up at the sound of the alarm clock. Her fingers delicately fondled the crevice at the tip of his cock. She could feel it reaching its full size, and she heard him moan from every move her fingers were making on it.

She gave him another kiss and then asked innocently while glancing down at his cock, “May I?” Not only did she want to feel him with her hands, but she wanted to feel his precious cock in her salivating mouth.

He replied, “Oh, yes.” He watched as she leaned over and gripped the tip of his cock with her lips at first, slowly edging the rest of his cock deeper into her mouth, until there was none exposed. She swirled her tongue all around the shaft, while slowly bobbing her head up and down it. “Mmm… This feels good,” Candy murmured from below.

“Ohhhh…. You’re telling me,” Jerry said in a weak voice. He hadn’t had a blowjob in quite some time. Candy was amazing. Just looking at her sucking his cock made him feel like he was about to cum. Damn, this girl knows how to give head!

“Unbutton your pants,” Jerry ordered Candy.

She removed her face from between his legs and unbuttoned her tight blue jeans. She lowered her silk panties a little to leave room for Jerry’s hand. She went back to sucking his cock.

Meanwhile, Jerry reached over and moved his fingers over her warm, wet pussy. He stuck two fingers in, instantly gripped by the walls of her tight vagina.

Taking a brief moment from sucking, Candy said, “I shaved.”

“Damn, you really know how to turn a guy on,” Jerry said as he started inserting his fingers deeper into her juicy pussy.

Meanwhile, Candy placed her left hand at the bottom of the shaft and gripped tightly as her mouth moved up and down his cock at a faster speed. The cock was growing very thick in her mouth, and she knew he was about to cum any minute. She started sucking faster, harder, slower, softer, changing up the speeds and the intensity so that he could get the full range of her mouth’s talents.

“What if I cum?” Jerry asked.

Candy looked up from down below and smiled mischievously, “I’ll have to eat it.” She turned back to finish her project.

She kept sucking while flicking her tongue along his veiny cock. Her saliva was dripping down the sides of his cock.

It wasn’t long that she felt the veins in his penis start to swell as he yelped, “I’m cumming! OH!! Ugh!”

Her mouth stayed closely encompassing his cock, catching every piece of sperm he sprayed out. She sucked continuously, hoping to squeeze every drop out of him, as if trying to squeeze the last bit of toothpaste from the tube. Her cream-filled mouth slowly stopped thrusting just a bit but enough to continue the intensity. When she was done, she licked his cock one last time, lifted her head up, and moved up to Jerry’s face where she looked him right in the eye and sealed her blowjob with a final kiss.

Jerry sat back in his seat, looked over at her with a huge, pleased smile and reflected, “Mmm, what or who have I gotten myself into? But I definitely like this flavor of candy.”

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