21 Mayıs 2022

Candi Craving Ch. 01

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Candi started her day as always with her daily five mile run. It only took her about thirty minutes since she’s been on that routine from when she was on the high school cross country team.

Candi had the perfect body for running. She kept her brunette hair shoulder length and pulled back into a ponytail most of the time. Her body showed the work she put into her craft. The only thing holding her back was her 5’3″ height otherwise she was trim fit and had very little fat on her body. Her tits were perfectly sized full A-cups. Her slim body did widen towards her hips and her ass was tight, firm and delicious. Every inch of her body was fit and weighed in at 100lbs.

Today is Candi’s 21st birthday and she wasn’t sure how to spend it. Being a creature of habit she got up to run early in the morning just as she did in school. She didn’t have a job and was still living at home with her brothers and parents.

Her close friends, the ones that really watched out for her, were off finishing college. Candi was from a working class family so her parents couldn’t afford to send her to college. Without a scholarship and the fear of starting out in life in debt swayed her from continuing her education.

After her run Candi made sure to eat some eggs a glass of orange juice and plenty of water. Her family members were finally waking as she left before any of them had got up.

Her mother Paige was already dressed and ready for work. She was a couple inches taller than her daughter, slim but not trim like her daughter. She kept in shape by going to the gym every couple days. Paige’s breast were nice perky B-cups but used to be an A like Candi before she had kids. Her hips were more pronounced compared to her daughter and people thought she looked too young to be a mother of three. Paige is a young looking 40 year old. She had her oldest son when she was 16 years old. She worked as a waitress at the dinner in town since being a young mother never had the chance to get an education. She shared the same brunette hair as Candi but wore it down which highlighted her face beautifully.

Her father Dan was sitting down in his robe eating some cereal and reading the news on his phone. He was also 40 and looked like it. He used to be a football player in high school but getting his girlfriend pregnant and having a child so young prevented him from following his dreams of going pro. He wouldn’t have made it anyways but he thought otherwise of his abilities when young. Now he had a beer belly and all the excersice he didn’t do now showed on his weathered frame. He worked for a securit outfit which had him traveling a lot of the time so he wasn’t around as much as his wife would have liked. He was also a perverted horny bastard who regularly cheated.

“Good morning daddy!” Candi greeted her father as she sat down across from him.

“Good morning, how was your run?” Dan asked but really wasn’t interested. He did like seeing his daughter in her tight spandex shorts and sports bra. It reminded him of Paige when she was younger.

“Good,” Candi answered. She didn’t really have a strong relationship with her father. It seemed awkward at times and Candi assumed it was because he was a man’s man afterall he got along well with the her brothers.

“Good morning guys,” Paige said as she came in to refill her cup of coffee before leaving for work.

“I have a job down south. It’s going to take me a couple days to complete it so I’ll be out of town until Monday.” Dan informed his wife.

“Oh, ok,” Paige replied. Then thought about commujity Halloween party which was the next coupe days. “What about the party?”

“Sorry babe,” Dan brushed off. “The work’s been scheduled.”

Dan never seemed to share his schedule. He only told his family at most a few days before hand of any travel plans involving work. It irritated Paige but when it came down to money they always made the adjustment.

Candi finished eating and left her parents to get ready for the day. She wasn’t sure what the day would bring but she just felt like good things were on the horizon.

The hot water fell onto Candi’s body, stepping casino siteleri under the shower head, when the bathroom door burst open.

“Sorry,” Adam shouts. Pulling out his penis and ran to the toilet.

Adam is her older brother. He’s 24 years old and much like his father he too never accomplished anything outside of being the starting center for the high school football team. Unlike his father he didn’t have kids and didn’t hold onto the dream of going pro. He was 5’11” and had a farmers body. Meaning under all the fat he carried on his frame he also had muscle too. He worked at the local watering whole as a cook and sometimes enforcer as needed. The one thing he shared was his perverted mind.

“Adam!” Candi screamed, she hated it when her brothers did that. She could never understand why they couldn’t wait for her to be done. She hated seeing their silhouette using the bathroom through the steamed up glass of the shower door.

“Thanks sis!” Adam called out as he was leaving. What Candi hadn’t noticed was he grabbed her clothes and towel as he left. He was a trickster and always liked playing games with people.

Candi finished up and went to where she had thought she left her towel, it was missing. Maybe she forgot to grab one on the way in. She would just have to put on her dirty clothes when she noticed those were missing as well. She knew her brother must have taken her things.

Candi realized there was nothing for her to conceal her body with decided the best option would be a mad dash. She’s done it a few times so it was no big deal.

Candi darted out and running into her brother Martin. Causing him to stumble backwards against the wall as Candi continued to run past him giggling her way to her room while trying to cover her body. Martin couldn’t take his eyes of her tight petite naked body running away from him.

Martin was the youngest sibling at 18. Unlike his dad and brother he didn’t play sports but rather hung out with the stoner kids and liked to party. He was overweight like his brother but not so muscular. He carried it on his 5’10” frame as best he could. He let his hair grow out into a scruff and always played video games or guitar with his friends if he wasn’t at school.

Once inside her bedroom Candi laughed quietly. She couldn’t believe that actually happened. She never let her brothers see her naked. Hell she’s never seen them naked unless you count bath time as a child or the rare times they barge in when she’s showering to piss but she did not wanted to see any of her brothers like that.

Now that she thought about it Martin never had a girlfriend that anyone knew of. For that matter Candi’s never brought a boy home either. She wondered if he was a virgin? Candi has only had one sexual experience with two boys from the track team. She was an introvert especially around boys but she did want to lose her virginity.

Candi was feeling an excitement that surprised her. Laying on her bed still naked thinking about what had happened. Why was she feeling this rush and was this normal?

“Candi,” her father’s voice called to her as he knocked and opened the door at the same time.

“Daddy!” She blurted out, jumping under her sheets to cover up with.

“Sorry baby girl, sleeping?” He asked seeing her settling in her bed.

“No I was just relaxing,” she replied. Fully covered and slightly ashamed for the thoughts she was having.

Her father wanted to say goodbye before leaving for his business trip. He didn’t make mention of her birthday or Halloween but Candi assumed it was an honest mistake. He gave her a hug and was gone.

The day was going like any other. After she was certain the house was empty she came out of her room. Candi also enjoyed the freedom when everyone was away. Her tight petite body naked in her own little world was her favorite.

Candi walking to the kitchen when something caught her attention. The window blinds hadn’t been closed all the way and even though she was fairly certain nobody could see in she saw a young couple in the trailer home next door. The overweight young man, whom she swore went to school slot oyna with her younger brother, was sitting on his couch getting a blow job from a naked woman. The woman had her back to her and her head was bobbing in the mans lap. It was amazing, Candi felt dirty for watching and yet turned on.

Candi instinctively started caressing her perky little tits. Her finger tips grazed along the mounds of her brests, leaving her nipples alone, and along her torso. She watched as the young man put his hand behind the head of the woman and pulled her down onto his cock.

Candi didn’t need anymore assistance, she could feel her pussy was wet and ready, her fingers find her slit and start massaging her tight little hole. It was when she saw the young man holding a camera as if recording everything is when Candi’s body shook with the most intense orgasm she’s ever felt.

Candi fell against the wall and slid down on to the floor. Both hands covering her sex, her body aroused as evident in her peaked perky nipples. Shocked at what she witnessed and what she did, her body was still recovering for a few minutes when curiosity took hold.

Peeking through the blinds again Candi sees the woman now riding the guys cock. The man was definitely recording it as he was holding a camera in one hand. This lewd act of spying on this couple was really having an effect on Candi.

Candi’s fingers slowly play with her wet lips. Her heart races as her mind flies spying on her neighbor. Watching their passionate encounter was thrilling. Candi feels so hot, turned on beyond anything she’s ever known.

Candi could see the woman pulling her lover close into her body and really start to fuck him hard. It was so hot for Candi, she couldn’t stop watching, touching herself, and imagining she was fucking a cock right now. Her soaking wet pussy leaking down her inner thigh as her second climax started to build.

The womans thrusts slowed and his legs stiffened. Candi imagined cum filling her as her she slipped a finger into her hot tight tunnel. The woman got off her man, noticed the open curtains, and rushed to the window.

“Oh my God!” Candi’s climax hit like a tsunami the instant she saw it was his sister that was fucking him. Her orgasm was raging as the show came to an end with her neighbor closing the curtains. Waves of pleasure still coursing through her body as she falls to her knees, hands still working her pussy, shaking as the most wonderful feeling was bursting through her body.

The rest of the day was done for. Candi couldn’t shake what she saw and how it controlled her. Butterflies constantly fluttering in her belly, images of her neighbors lewd act replaying in her head. It was torture as for the first time in her life she had desires she alone couldn’t conquer.

Candi had gotten dressed, skin tight yoga pants and a tight fitted white tank top undershirt, knowing her family would be coming home soon. As the home filled Candi was more aware than ever before to her brother’s. It almost seemed like they kept checking her out. Not obsessively but there were a few times she swore both her brothers were sneaking looks.

Her mother, tired from working all day, ordered a pizza and asked Candi to handle the rest as she wanted to take a little nap before it arrived.

Candi was watching TV on the sofa with both her brothers on either side of her. She found herself thinking about the neighbors, the sex, passion and now her thoughts of her brother’s. Goosebumps formed all over her body and her womanhood moistened wondering what it would be like if she had a similar experience with her brothers.

“Don’t you go to school with the boy next door?” Candi asked looking to her brother Martin.

“Yeah, why?” He replied, not taking his eyes from the show.

“His sister was a year behind me and a fucking hottie,” Adam chimed in. “Fuck, I’d hit that now if she let me.”

“Her brother is a fucking perv,” Martin added, “he was busted taking pictures of girls with his phone all stalker like.”

“No shit?” Adam questioned.

“Yeah, he had to go to counciling and was suspended too.” Martin canlı casino siteleri answered.

Hearing this and remembering earlier today had Candi getting even more turned on. She wasn’t even watching the show anymore. She was gazing at the screen but her mind was recounting everything.

“What a fucking loser,” Adam added.

“You guys pee in front of me and take my clothes when I’m showering too.” Candi said, not exactly sure why she brought it up.

“You ran into me running from the bathroom naked!” Martin was defensive in his remarks.

“I had to pee and you were taking too long,” Adam replied.

“So you took my clothes?” Candi counters.

“He did that to me last week,” Martin informed Candi.

“Fucking hell, I was just messing around and you know it!” Adam didn’t like were the conversation was going. He got up and left to his room.

“Why do you ask?” Martin asked, seeing a look in his sisters eyes, not sure what she was getting at. “You like him?”

“WHAT, no…I saw him today and thought you guys were in the same class.” Candi never found him attractive but after seeing him today also never thought of incest either.

“Good, he’s a dick,” Martin said matter of factly.

“Do you think his sister is hot?” Candi had so many questions but didn’t know who or what to ask.

“Man I would fuck that any day.” Martin answered, adjusting in his seat as if he was uncomfortable.

“Am I hot?” Candi instantly regretted asking that. She didn’t know why she did.

“What?” Martin was taken aback by the question.

“Nothing,” Candi turned beat red. Wanting the conversation to end she just shut up and turned her attention back to the show.

“You are an attractive girl, but,” Martin’s words drifted off as he tried to figure out what he was trying to say.

“But?” Candi curiously asked.

“You look young,” Martin answered.

It was true. Candi did look young and people were always surprised or didn’t believe her when she told them how old she was.

“Let me know when the pizza’s here.” Martin said, getting up and walking to his room.

Candi felt unwanted. She never thought about these kind of things before but now she wished somebody would give her the attention a woman needs.

Knock, knock, knock, the pizza guy was at the door. It broke her from her thoughts, thankfully, and Candi answered the door.

When she opened it she saw an older man. He looked like he was in his 50’s, grey hair, skinny arms, a small muffin top but what she really noticed was his eyes taking in her petite body.

“Hi,” Candi happily greeted the old pizza man.

“Yes, hello, I have two large pizza’s for you.” He replies, snapping his eyes from her young sexy body.

She enjoyed this old man’s ogling. She liked seeing his eyes roaming her body. That’s what she’s needed all day was a man to please her.

“Give me a second,” she said. Turning her back to the old man.

She bent over picking up the money her mother had left out on the table. She made sure to push her ass out so he could enjoy the view before turning back around. His jaw hung, mouth agape, after seeing her amazingly tight ass.

“Here ya go,” Candi said. Handing over the money.

Candi took the pizza’s from him, thanked him and closed the door behind her. She was feeling a little better after seeing his reaction to her body but still really horny.

After everyone ate and the kitchen cleaned Candi went to her room. She was so fucking horny and wanted someone to please her.

She thought back to when she was a senior in high school. She and two of the boys on track had fooled around after practice one day. She also remembered all three being virgins so it was all to quick and awkward. She never had the courage to do anything sexual since. Not for any other reason than she hated letting those two guys spread rumors about her. Of course they were true that they both saw her naked but neither one lasted long enough to actually fuck her either. They both came too quick and were embarrassed to continue. It was a surprise when she went to school the next week to hear they fucked her thoroughly from her teammates.

Candi was also very disappointed that nobody wished her a happy birthday. She got a few calls from her friends from college but nothing from her family.

*to be continued*

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