21 Mayıs 2022

Camping Trip

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Fellow camper:

I am reminded of a camping trip that I took a few years back in my wilder days. I had met this lovely very Semitic looking young lady at…well at my parents front door. It seems that they had met her at a synagogue function and though she might be just right for me. So, unbeknownst to me, they invited her over. Talk about your silver platters. She was lonely, I was lonely and we both were horny. I was slumming it at my folks while trying to decide what to do next. The fixtures at her place were Spartan, with a thin mattress on the floor the future site of many blow jobs, 69s, and other fun acts that my mom probably didn’t guess at. But , having the summer off, we decided to take a trip around the state (NY) and down to VA for a week or two, culminating in a stop at her folks place in Buffalo.

Long before we got to Buffalo, illegal bahis we lived the rugged, rough and tumble life of the neo-Hippie with a day-job. Roaming the parks and music festivals by day, sleeping in the van, tent, hotel or friend/family member’s place at night. One night we had just finished balling our brains out when we heard a scratching at the camper next to ours. We were in the pup tent in the Shenandoah mountains and the bear was in His natural element-raiding an indiscreetly-left-open cooler in the middle of the night. When she poked her head back in the tent she gave a new meaning to white as a ghost. Fortunately the bear was looking for handouts not pussy or fresh-kill, so he left without closer interrogation.

But the culmination was definitely Buffalo. I can see how little sis was a tad frustrated when I met her big illegal bahis siteleri sister. The name I have long ago forgotten but not the look. She was 5’6″ with green eyes, a perfect 36-24-36 body, eyes that melted every male in sight and a smile that lit up the room. And she wasn’t even flirting with me or anything, damn it. As we sucked each other to mutually delightful orgasms (or did I dream that) I rolled over to realize my dream had come true. Little sis was asleep at my left while on my right a vision of splendor was tempting me to trip the light fantastic with her. And me without an extra condom. As one breast melted into my mouth the other melted in my hands; tastier and more filling than an M&M ever could be. She urged me to slide my dick between her breasts and gently, so as not to wake little sister, slide it forward into her canlı bahis siteleri waiting mouth.

My balls felt like M&Ms, sucked and chewed on ever so gently so as not to break the shell. When I mounted her and started sliding my fuck-stick into her wet and waiting holes I was first shocked and then delighted to learn that my traveling companion had awakened and was now rimming me for all she was worth. I buried myself deeply into her sister and she buried her tongue deep in my asshole. When I came I nearly smacked her nose shut while I tried to split my heavenly-dreamgirl in two. And little sis just pushed harder and big sis just clamped harder as they milked every last micro-drop of cum out of me in one seemingly unending orgasm.

When I awoke, big sis had gone home to her husband and little sis was shutting me out again, or was I shutting her out again? Whichever, we were done and ready to get back to real life, real jobs, really-shitty sex lives or at least really new futures. Other times the story might be truer, but the dream was almost enough this time.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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