21 Mayıs 2022

Buddies Reunite Ch. 04

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Marne looked over at Bobby and smiled broadly.

“Just about an hour ago, little brother,” she responded. “So, how was your shower? Work up a good lather?”

“Yeah, plenty of lather,” he said. “There’s scary movies on tonight; want to watch with us.”

“Old or new,” she said. “I don’t like the new gory ones.”

“It’s an old one,” Bobby said. “Your favorite, ‘Bride of Frankenstein.'”

“Ooooo,” she squealed. “Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester. I’m in.”

“And guess what’s up in the fridge?” he said, teasing.

“Uh uh,” she shouted. “Not submarines from the firemen?”

“Three of them,” he said of the giant hoagies the local fire department sold once a month to raise money. “Mom picked them up for us because they were going to the cabin to clean it up for hunting season.”

“Oh, man, after a month of dorm food, that’s gonna taste soooo good,” she said.

“That’s not all,” he said.

“What,” she responded.

“You’ll find out — in due time,” he said, laughing.

Turning on her heels, Marne pointed at me.

“What’s he talking about, Slacker,” she said. “What else is up there?”

“Uhhhhhhh,” I said teasingly, a little more comfortable wrapped up in my sheet.

“Come on, you goof, tell me,” she demanded, a crazy smile spread across her face.

It was a look I had never before seen — gleeful silliness. Her eyes sparkled with mischief and her wide smile brought out a hidden kind of beauty.

“Ok. Ok,” I said. “Bubba made potato salad, from red potatoes with the skins left on.”

“Oh, wow,” she said. casino siteleri “If only we had Sundrop, it would be perfect.”

“Ding! Ding! Ding,” Bobby chimed in. “Go over and open the bar fridge.”

Marne, up on her toes, ran across the room taking tiny little steps to the bar her mason father had built in the corner.

She pulled open the old Frigidaire, and on the top shelf sat a six-pack of Sundrop, a great beverage that preceded Mountain Dew. It was much fizzier and much, much better.

“Oh, my God,” she said. “And there’s ice in necks. This is going to be so good. When’s the movie start?”

“What, did you lose your memory?” Bobby said. “It’s at 11:30, right after the news.”

“That gives me just enough time to jump in the shower,” she said. “I was going to wait ’til morning, but my hair smells like smoke from Bubba’s cigarettes. I wish she would quit.”

“Well, she won’t,” Bobby said. “You going up or down?”

“Down,” she said. “I love the shower down here. It feels like little pins on my skin. The one upstairs is too soft.”

“I guess I’ll get it out of the way, too,” I said, finally managing to pull on my cutoffs. “I’ll use the upstairs bathroom.”

“OK, it’s a plan,” Bobby said, still wrapped in a towel. “When you’re done in the bathroom, grab me a pair of cutoffs and underwear. You can bring down the food, too.”

“I need clothes,” Marne said, pushing me out of the way as she ran up the steps. “And I gotta go first. I have to pee.”

I followed her up slowly. I had more than a half-hour. Maybe a good soak would feel good. slot oyna I love their old, claw foot tub. It was so roomy, perfect for a chubby guy.”

Lying in the tub, steam rising from the water, I barely moved.

The dorm at school offered showers only, and no privacy. I never really felt comfortable with that situation, eight guys showering at once. I was always careful to keep my straight ahead, fearful someone would catch me peeking. Even worse, I hated the thought of being seen. It was bad enough being the floor chub, but the absence of size in another department was even more disturbing.

Soaking away, though, I had no such worries. And thinking about the tickling had somewhat of an affect on me. I was as hard as could be, and the head was sticking out of the water. Then I thought about Bobby. His, for certain, would have stuck out like the Rock of Gibralter. I also gave a thought to Marne, skipping over to the refrigerator in those little steps, and also wondering what all she had seen, that night and in the past.

Mindlessly, I began to stroke myself, but was jarred back to reality. It was nearly time for Fright Night, and I didn’t want them to come looking for me. Drying off quickly and with no clean underwear, I pulled on my cut-offs and went into Bobby’s room in search of clothing for him and, digging through my drawer, a T-shirt for me. His mom long ago had declared the bottom draw on the right as mine. Sleeping over so often, I always was leaving clothing behind, which she laundered. My mom did the same for Bobby. Actually, I wound some briefs in there, canlı casino siteleri but too lazy to pull down my cutoffs, I just donned shirt and headed for the kitchen.

The food all gathered I found the cellar door open, which was good because my arms were full of submarines and potato salad.

I stepped into the doorway and heard a whisper.

“Ahhhh, lower, and softer,” someone sighed.

It was Marne.

I softly descended two steps and sat down, shocked to my very core.

There she was, face down on the bed, that granny nightgown pulled over her head and clutched in front of her. Her elbows were tight to her sides. Marne’s legs were tightly together and bent at the knees.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, which, for the first time, were gazing upon a girl in bikini panties, nothing spectacular, just white cotton briefs covered with tiny daisies. Even more so, I was absolutely stunned by the sight of Bobby sitting cross-legged beside her, tickling her back. In his position, the towel was bunched around his waist and that cock, that uncommonly large cock, was fully erect and tight against his stomach.

Absolutely rattled, I dropped the submarines, the sound of which caused them both to pivot around to my direction.

Oh. Sorry. You’re busy,” I stammered. “I’ll wait upstairs.”

“Hold on, Slacker,” Marne quipped. “It’s just tickling. I watched you. If you want to watch, it’s OK with me.”

“Yeah, I don’t care,” Bobby added.

Glancing between his legs, Marne, just rolled back over and said, “Get going. I have another five minutes coming. And by the way, cover up that monstrosity.”

Looking over her shoulder, Marne yelled up the steps.

“Well, are you coming down to watch the movie, or are you going to roll subs down the steps all night?” she said.

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