27 Ekim 2021

Brutally used by a dealer.

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Brutally used by a dealer.
When I was 17 I started seeing this lad who shifted hash as an additional income stream. Nothing major, just knocking out an ounce or two to his mates.

I thought that looked an easy way of making some extra cash and asked my mate to hook me up with his supplier. We jibbed round the the blokes house, had a few smokes and my mate had to go.

So me and the dealer, Mike, hung out, chatting, smoking, listening to music.

‘I see you looking at my cock?’ Mike suddenly said.

‘Wha. Nah.. I… Er..?’ I blurted in reply.

Now I’ll admit I had been looking at his cock, it was massive, hard to miss, bulging in a big inviting arc across the front of his too tight, black 501’s.

‘How much gear you after?’ he calmly asked.

‘um how about 2 ounces?’ I replied.

Mike laughed ‘I don’t fuck about with bits, minimum purchase is a bar, a nine ounce bar. £650 to you matey’

‘Oh I don’t have enough for that, sorry’ I explained.

‘Well we can work something out, eh?’ he sneered.

He stood up walked, across the room, stood in front of me, with his crotch a few inches from my face……. ‘I was thinking, something along the lines of….’

‘ THIS! ‘

and with one swift tug, pulled the top popper on his fly and all 6 fasteners unpopped and his thick, swollen manhood made a bid for freedom and sprung upwards slapping me under the chin.

He grabbed his shaft and began batting me across the cheeks with this enormous meat truncheon. Then he began stabbing at my lips with it, canlı bahis şirketleri I licked my lips and parted them ever so slightly,. Mike took this as his cue and shoved his cock head into my mouth.

I swished my tongue around the throbbing helmet, it tasted earthy and was firm and hot. After a few swirls round, a slick salty taste enveloped my tongue, precum was oozing gently from this delicious cock.

Suddenly the giant tool was rammed home, balls deep into the back of my throat. He grabbed the back of my head with both hands and pulled my head forward, forcing his cock even deeper, causing me to gag.

Unable to release the choking penis from my airway I gasped ‘aahcaaanntbre..’, coughed and a load of drool and snot blew out of my nostrils.

Mike pulled out slightly, I grabbed a huge lung full of air and he began to slowly but firmly fuck my face. Every so many thrust he would choke me with it, my eyes were watering and
stretchy strings of drool began dripping from my chin.

Quickly he began to lose control, but saved it, saying ‘fuck close one, not yet though’.

He put himself away and buttoned his top button, then grabbed my wrist, yanked me up off the sofa and let me out of the room and into the room next door which was completely empty except for the already drawn curtains and a filthy single mattress in the middle of the floor.

Make yourself comfy’ Mike laughed and shoved me backwards onto the matrress, jumping straight on top of me, straddling canlı kaçak iddaa me chest with his legs he knelt over me and leered, ‘I’m going to fuck you up!’ Then he slapped me ferociously across the face, nearly knocking me out, he grabbed the waist of my jogging trousers and brutally yanked them down.

He put his hand over my face, putting most of his weight through that arm and began thrusting his cock at my arse. He missed several times but then hit my hole dead centre, felt he was in the right spot and gave a huge shove.

His cock head popped inside me and jammed painfully with the rubbery friction of a dry penetration, he pulled out thrust it into my mouth then straight back to my arse where the drool lubed b**st, now began its delicious slide into my rapidly moistening hole.

‘Owwww!’ I screamed as he pushed past the first muscle, and ‘ohhhh! ‘ I moaned as he fully entered me and I felt the beautiful agony of his girth and heat stretching me. He lowered his bodyweight onto my thighs which parted slowly, allowing him to plunge deeper into me.

Then he began to thrust, hard and deep and fast, one rhythm “Jackhammer”. It was smashing into my G Spot and just felt amazing. I felt like I was melting onto his cock, my heart was racing and my hole was aching and pulsing with every thrust!

This just went on and on, I’d never experienced such a huge cock, brutal slamming or intense rhythm and all three together were blowing my mind. My stomach was churning, my canlı kaçak bahis balls aching and my cock growing rapidly.

‘What the fuuuuuuuuh……?’ I exclaimed as 5 rapidpire jets of cum exploded from my stiffened cock.

‘Ahh there it is’ laughed Mike ‘but now its my turn’ he grinned.
I was done, my horn evaporated, my cock limp and then he started to thrust…….

It felt weird, tingly, different, uncomfortable, awkward……

Mike was ploughing away and the sight of his sex face was disturbing and I wanted him to stop.

‘Nnnnnng faaack, oh, I’m close! Mike groaned and slowed his pace to a steadier, deep, angled slide. Then he pulled out, straddled my chest and wiggled it above my face.

Relieved at the release of the dark, bruising pressure in my arse, I laid my head back, opened my mouth and flopped out my tongue receptivley.

Mike didn’t need a second invitation and shoved it back into my mouth with aggression.

‘Suck it!’ he ordered so I began slurping, eagerly trying to tease out the tasty treat I knew was cumming.

He thrust his head back then stopped, looked into my eyes, smiled, pulled out of my mouth slid down my belly and slammed it back up my sloppy, damaged arse.

‘You’re getting my seed you dirty little cunt’ Mike growled.

And as he resumed fucking but instantly began to lose control, his pounding was so deep I thought he might burst something, he was banging my buffers so hard that I was starting to feel faint.

Then he groaned and I felt a hot, wet, silkiness expanding inside me. His cock pulsed, again and again as his balls spasmed repeatedly sending huge squirts of juicey life affirming man mayonaisse into my lovebox and setting me on the road to being a cum loving, sub slut who loves to be dominated.


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