28 Mayıs 2022

Breast Friend Ch. 12

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“I think he’s awake!” emanated an excited whisper.

“Good morning, baby.” cooed another voice.

Of course, our hero Peter had no trouble identifying whose voices they were – they belonged to two of his ever-so-gorgeous and ever-so-busty concubines. His eyes were just beginning to flutter open and focus in the morning light, but he knew right away that Kelsey and Lizzy were the ones taking care of him at this moment.

Peter’s supposition was confirmed shortly thereafter – Lizzy the boobalicious redhead and Kelsey the scene-kid-turned-tit-slut were both there…although their presence couldn’t be accurately described by simply saying that they were “there.”

On one side, Peter’s face was being cradled lovingly by Lizzy’s huge, jiggly breasts. Kelsey stroked his cheek gently, which was not as easy as it sounds, given that said cheek was wedged between her phenomenal hooters. He tended to sleep on his back, so he could have two pairs of tits in his face at all times.

He could never fully believe that this was his life now, but every passing day (and night) clarified it further and further – in this apartment, with his Breast Friends, he was the King. Sometimes, he would even suck on their titties as he fell asleep, which never seemed to bother his girls; in fact, they seemed to sort of enjoy treating him like a hungry baby. Peter broke into a smile as he felt four erect nipples jut into his visage.

“Good morning.” he mumbled contentedly.

“It’s another beautiful day in Boobie Land.” Lizzy whispered, kissing him on the forehead.

“How did you sleep, angel?” Kelsey inquired in a soft tone.

“I slept great, thanks to these puppies.” Peter replied, giving each breast around his head a sweet kiss on the nipple.

“That’s what they’re here for!” Kelsey winked, mimicking Lizzy and planting a smooch on one of the few uncovered areas on Peter’s face.

“Is he up?!”

All three of the subjects on the bed turned to face the doorway upon hearing a new voice. Well, it wasn’t a new voice – it was Janine’s. She and Lexi were poised at the threshold, checking to see if their King had arisen from slumber. Like their “sisters” on the bed, they wore the designated uniform for Peter’s Breast Friends – hot pink high heels, matching booty shorts, a bare chest as majestic as the prow of a ship, and a cute little dog collar. Of course, he occasionally altered the outfits based on what he felt like seeing on that particular day, but these slutty little numbers established a hell of a baseline.

“Oh, he’s up, alright.” Lizzy giggled, sliding her silken hand along the ridge of Peter’s erect cock, which protruded obscenely from his loose boxers. Not that it mattered – the girls had all grown quite used to Peter’s near-constant state of erection. In fact, they were rapidly becoming experts on what to do with it…

“Okay! The girls and I will start breakfast right away!” Lexi announced, bouncing a little bit on her heels for Peter’s enjoyment. God, she had incredible HH cup tits. They all did.

With that, Lexi exited down the hall, but Janine sauntered into the room with a devilish smile on her face.

“Good morning, sir.” she said politely, as if she were addressing a boss at work.

“Good morning to you, Janine.” Peter grinned in response. “And good morning to your girls.”

Janine noticed that he was referring to her expanding breasts, and she laughed cutely.

“You know, Janine…” Kelsey shrugged. “There’s a little more room in this bed.”

“Oh? casino siteleri Where is that?”

“Right on top of Peter.” Lizzy responded matter-of-factly.

“Poor, poor Peter…” Janine cooed in mock sadness. “He only has two pairs of huge tits to play with right now while he waits for breakfast to be ready.”

“It’s a travesty…mmm…” Peter managed to get out from between Lizzy’s boobs, as she and Kelsey now pushed him back and forth gently, smothering him for a couple seconds at a time as he totally reveled in this pastime.

“Sounds like someone could use an aerial attack!” Janine cried out playfully.

Upon hearing Janine’s battle cry, Lizzy and Kelsey each pulled back, but only about an inch to make room for their plus-one. Peter grinned some more – the “aerial attacks”, as the girls called them, were always a lot of fun…and a LOT of titty.

Janine leapt on the bed with a not-surprising dexterity and positioned herself directly above Peter – who gazed up at her longingly. More specifically, he gazed at her boobs, which were suspended above him in all their squishy grandeur, ready to strike.

And strike they did.

“Aerial titties!!” Janine declared, lowering herself at a 90-degree angle until her breasts were officially in Peter’s face. Meanwhile, Kelsey and Lizzy kept theirs in contact with him, but they opted to let Janine have her smothering moment. If Peter wanted to triple up, all he had to do was say the word.

On that subject, the most tits Peter had ever had in his face was eight. He and the girls had kept up their arrangement for about a month now, and on one fateful evening the previous week, he managed to arrange Nicole, Kelly, Gia and Marie so that all of their HH cups got some of his facial surface area covered. It was a thing of absolute beauty, and what was even more beautiful was the knowledge that he could do that at any time, day or night.

Now, where were we?

Oh, right.

Janine, who had been one of the prettiest, most popular girls at Peter’s old high school, was topless, on top of him, and shoving her enormous new rack (which, by the way, was exclusively his creation) into his eyes, mouth, nose and cheeks. Tit flesh overflowed around his joyous expression, and he simply basked for a while as Janine and the girls whispered to him from around the massive quantities of titty.

“There he is.” Lizzy giggled. “In his natural habitat.”

“Best way to start your day, isn’t it, Stud?” Kelsey added.

“Mm-hm!” Peter struggled to get out.

“Now, now, baby.” Janine pretended to chastise him, “Don’t talk with your mouth full.”

“Speaking of which…” Kelsey cooed, “We’ll take you down to breakfast as soon as you’re done with your morning pick-me-up.”

Not that anyone could see, but Peter smiled.

About twenty-five minutes later, Peter was still breathing heavily from Janine’s thorough smothering as the troupe of four exited the master bedroom and headed down the hall toward the kitchen. Janine led the way, with Lizzy and Kelsey flanking their tit-boss proudly, clutching his arms with a loyal warmth.

The hustle and bustle of the kitchen area seemed to hit them all at once, but Peter always loved it. He felt like he was getting to enter Heaven for the first time, over and over and over again. The other seventeen (seventeen!) girls were preparing breakfast for all of the apartment’s inhabitants.

“Look who’s here, girls!” Lexi announced rapturously, hurrying over to give Peter a kiss.

“Good slot oyna morning, sir!”

Peter always savored that greeting – it was like a chorus of buxom, slutty angels who awaited his arrival with glee. He tried not to be too distracted as he watched Lexi flounce toward him; she was definitely taking larger steps than necessary so he could really watch those milk monsters bounce around wildly. Lexi loved doing that for him.

“Ready for breakfast?” Paige asked, her curly brown locks swaying giddily.

“I sure am.”

“Then allow us to present your arrangement.” Ellie said proudly.

With that, all the girls stepped aside to reveal a lone dining chair in the middle of the kitchen. It was placed on a tarp, which seemed odd, but Peter was not deterred. His girls had not failed to satisfy him ever before, and he had a suspicion that they would not start today.

“Please take a seat.” Paige and Ellie requested in unison.

Peter did.

“We know you sometimes have trouble deciding what to eat…” Ellie remarked, shrugging.

“So we wanted to make it easy on you!” Paige giggled.

Kelsey, Lizzy, Janine and Lexi were all poised next to him like a quartet of faithful attendants, like servants who were only missing palm fronds with which to fan him. Kelsey and Janine stood, keeping their boobs at his eye level, while Lizzy and Lexi knelt on the floor at his feet, running their hands up and down his legs. Ellie and Paige stood nearby, and all the other girls, save for six of them, were happily awaiting orders. Each of them wore a knowing smile on their gorgeous, flawless face.

“Now, without further ado, we present…” Lexi began.

“Your breakfast.” all of his girls declared in unison (which must have been rehearsed).

Upon hearing this cue, a line of the six missing busty babes paraded into the kitchen – heading straight toward Peter’s chair and tarp. While the girls approaching were all ridiculously beautiful and their breasts were unlike any he had ever seen, it was the serving situation that was really knocking his socks off.

At the head of the line were Jennie, Amber and Molly, dressed in their mandatory uniforms. Each girl held a large bottle of sepia maple syrup, and they kept winking slyly at Peter until the big reveal that came after.

The triplets (Tori, Cat and Lauren) were strutting close behind, shoving their breasts out proudly, but Peter soon recognized that their pushing their humongous racks outward was not merely an aesthetic choice.

Tori had a small stack of pancakes perched upon her giant tits. They were so big and perky, with so much surface area, that the pancakes remained reliably stable. She stopped as soon as she reached Peter.

Cat had a similarly-sized stack of waffles on her titties.

Lauren boasted a hearty portion of French toast.

Peter’s jaw dropped as he realized what was in store. This was going to be a feast to remember. His girls laughed when they noticed his surprise. Jennie took her position next to Tori, Amber with Cat, and Molly with Lauren. Each girl who brought food had one serving assistant who would keep the breakfast nice and syrupy.

“I guess you understand what we’re doing, huh?” Janine grinned sexily.

Peter could only nod; he didn’t seem to be able to speak.

“Are you hungry, baby?” Amber asked.

She punctuated her question by beginning to douse Cat’s rack with sweet, sugary syrup. The dimples on those golden-brown waffles filled up perfectly, but Amber didn’t stop there. canlı casino siteleri She kept going until the syrup cascaded onto the tarp below Peter’s chair. Cat began to wiggle her breasts back and forth, allowing some syrup to fling around. It wasn’t for a few seconds that Peter noticed that Molly, Lauren, Jennie and Tori were all doing the same thing. There were three delectable waterfalls of syrup and tit flesh in front of him, and he was hungrier than he had ever been in his life.

Long story short…he dug in.

Peter started with the waffles on Cat’s rack; he licked his lips as he plunged inward. He began to chomp excitedly, not caring even in the slightest if he made a mess of the floor, his shirt…or Cat.

“Somebody’s hungry, girls!” Amber announced proudly, to the giggles of her sister-wives, as she drizzled more and more syrup.

Peter had almost finished an entire waffle, but he decided to get sidetracked for a while with the delightfully difficult task of lapping up all of the sugary topping from between those phenomenally fantastic funbags. This proved to be borderline impossible, but gave it a valiant try before reaching out with his left hand, grabbing Tori’s right ass cheek and pulling her inward.

Cat stepped back a bit to allow her triplet access to Peter’s face. He opened wide and filled his mouth with pancake, as well as with the syrup Jennie was generously layering.

“How about some more syrup?” Jennie cooed, squeezing the bottle harder.

As is usually the case with pancakes, the additional syrup caused them to soften and fracture, which meant that Peter needed to snarf down the individual chunks before they slid off Tori’s titties. Tori and Jennie encouraged him as if it were a game.

“Don’t forget this part over here!” Tori giggled, pointing. Peter caught the pancake pieces immediately upon them being pointed out to him.

“There’s more in the cleavage!” Jennie smiled, guiding Peter’s face in between Tori’s ridiculous and downright cartoonish rack.

“Oh no, your French toast is getting cold, sir!”

Lauren’s voice snapped him to the attention of the third, unravaged pair of breakfast boobies placed before him.

“Mmm-hmm.” Peter could only say, as his mouth was full of waffles, pancakes and Tori’s nipples.

“Lucky for you…” Molly purred, “We deliver.”

The maple syrup flowed freely and goopily onto Peter’s face as Lauren’s tits closed in on him. French toast and powdered sugar were in his face in no time, backed by incredible, squishy tits that any guy would have given his left arm to touch in person, much less play with and suck on. And here they were, all his. And he owned nineteen additional pairs that were just as large, all on petite, small-bodied women who looked absolutely absurd with such large endowments…which Peter simply found absurdly hot.

Peter kept going from one girl to another, occasionally two or even three at a time, all the while savoring and relishing the opportunities that he had given himself. This was the ultimate way for him to be served breakfast, and he knew that he would be doing it a lot more. He had never been so hungry…and yet so insatiable at the same time.

Our hero was so busy enjoying Tit Heaven that he had to adjust to hearing properly when Lizzy addressed him.

“You’re going to need a nice, long shower after this, huh?” Lizzy inquired.

Peter nodded, which got some syrup in his hairline, but he just didn’t care anymore.

“Who would you like to bring with you, baby? Go ahead and pick them out.” Kelsey purred.

Peter pried his sticky face away from the breakfast buffet for long enough to select his bath attendants for the morning.

How many could that shower fit again…?

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