21 Mayıs 2022

Bound to Pleasure

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This is supposedly a completely true story emailed to me by a woman I know from the Internet. I find it very hot and I only wish I could have posted everything that this woman has related to me on this very subject. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

* * * * *

It was a Saturday morning and it was just me and my brother, Donny, at home. I had woke up when I heard the car door slam outside my window and the watched our parents drive off for their half a day at the exhibition downtown. I lounged around in my t-shirt and panties for a little while, restless and… excited? I had lost my virginity in the typical high school fashion, determined not to enter college a virgin, thinking I was in love, etc. The experience was disappointing overall due to the fact that my boyfriend was a five-minute-man when it came to handjobs and you could knock off two minutes if we went all the way.

Still, I had enjoyed the feeling of being penetrated and filled, even for such a short time. I was on the pill, like most girls, but insisted that he wore a rubber and pulled out when he came too. He always made a huge mess during handjobs and I was afraid of getting cumstains in my panties almost as much as getting pregnant. My boyfriend was always trying to get me to give him a blowjob, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it because he leaked everywhere.

As soon as he got hard he’d start to flow, and the amount of cum he shot was more than I could bear to think of swallowing. Overall, he was content to get handjobs and occasionally penetrate me, though I can’t say I was satisfied. I forced myself out of bed before I got myself so aroused that I would be tempted to call him- it would take him longer to get there than he would last. I sighed as I walked down the hall towards the kitchen. It occurred to me that my brother was probably awake as well, and when I neared his door to listen, I heard the tell-tale sounds of his VCR being played. What I heard was moaning and him talking to himself ‘this ain’t it either, where the hell is that scene?’

I walked in to my brothers room without knocking or anything, catching him laying on the bed with the remote in his hand, and his other hand in his underwear. I laughed, ‘whatcha doin?’ He dropped the remote in his surprise and I saw the fast-forward action of two girls getting it on. He quickly recovered and stopped the tape, “Getthefuckout!” he yelled. He was embarrassed and turned even more red when I pointed to his hand still in his underwear, “whatcha hiding brother?” He jumped up and pushed me out of the door, “stay out!” he croaked as the door closed in my face. I laughed and went on to get me a drink in the kitchen. It was funny how embarrassed he always got whenever he would get caught by me, or he would catch me naked. For an older brother he acted so shy, even around me. I really enjoyed teasing him, it was all in good fun, and he knew it. We had always gotten along better than most brothers and sisters anyways.

As I came back by the room I peeked inside his room again, he was in his private stash of videos and didn’t notice me, so I slipped inside and ran over to crouch down behind his bed before he got out of the closet. He put in one of the three tapes and began watching it, fast-forwarding thru the talking, scene after scene until he came to a particular one and then he came back to the bed. I could see that outline of his dick clearly, and actually saw the tip sticking out of his waistband. What caught my attention the most was the fact that he wasn’t flowing with precum. I didn’t understand. He had a full erection, but wasn’t dripping at all. I didn’t know that was possible. All of my girlfriends had told me that all guys do it, so I was resigned to probably never suck a dick. But now… wait a minute, I reminded myself, this is your brother that you are thinking about. I decided I had better focus my attention on the action onscreen, his favorite scene. I was shocked at what they were doing..

There was an older looking Hispanic woman going down on the man taking the longest dick I had ever seen over half-way into her mouth. She sucked and pumped on it while the man fondled her tits and ass. Damn, I love to be fondled. As the scene progressed I noticed that my brother was slowly pumping his dick in time to the scene’s action. He still had his underwear on and I noticed he glanced at the door more than once. My cover was blown when the woman on screen straddled the man and slid the entire length up inside her. I gasped involuntarily and my brother nearly jumped off the bed in casino oyna surprise.

He was twice as red as before, “Regina! w-what are you doing! what the fuck..” He stammered before me as I stood up from behind the bed. His dick was really hard now and sticking out well above the waistband of his partially lowered underwear, and still no precum. I found myself wanting to touch it. There was an awkward moment of silence as I came around from the back of the bed and stood in front of the VCR glancing from the dick riding woman to my brother’s dick and back. Finally I laughed, to break the tension, “You get really wrapped up in these don’t you? I walked right by you 10 minutes ago.” My voice was cracking, and my throat felt dry. I found myself being shoved out into the hall again and the door shut solid behind me once more. Why was today different than the other times I had seen him?

I stood there for a moment and then walked back in, “whatcha doin?” He stared at me like I had lost my mind, “alright, that does it!” he dropped the remote and jumped off the bed. I ran and he was right behind me with his belt. I ran into my room and was tackled onto the bed before I could even turn around. I was laughing and he was talking mean, “all I wanted to do was jack off in peace, but nooo.. you had to keep coming in my room” All the while we’re struggling back and forth until he gets the upper hand and flips me onto my stomach. He puts my wrists together and I feel the belt close tight around them, “there. Now maybe I can finish before mom and dad get back home.” He climbed off the bed and headed for the door, leaving me with my hands bound behind my back. I wasn’t laughing anymore.

Moments later I was back down the hall but found I couldn’t get into his room because I couldn’t turn the knob with my hands behind my back. So instead I stood there tapping my head against the door and calling him. The door flew open and he drug me to the bed where he attempted to pull me across his knees, “so, I’m gonna have to spank that ass in order to get the message to you, huh?” I resisted and ended up falling short of laying across his lap, he reached over me anyways and smacked my behind through my panties while I yelled. I started to slide away but he pulled my panties up into my crotch and kept spanking me with the other hand- not really hard just a light stinging. I yelled at him, “get your dick out of my face!”

The sensations of having my butt stung, and my panties moving in my slit as I squirmed around was getting me aroused. His reply to my yelling, was “no, you’ve seen my dick before, you’ve been looking at it all morning.” To further push his point he pulled it out of his underwear and smacked my cheek with it a couple of times, while I continued to squirm. His dick was soon too hard to ‘swing’ at me and he let go of it to push my panties halfway down my legs, I felt a sharp slap against my bare butt, and then another. I don’t recall what he was saying to me as he continued to slap my butt, I was staring at his dick the entire time. It was only half covered and hard as a rock, not three inches away from my face. That wonderful, clean dick.

I don’t know what made me do it but I lunged into his crotch catching the tip of his dick in between my teeth and then taking more of it inside until the head was resting on my tongue and my teeth were firmly in place around the top part of his shaft. He immediately quit spanking me and sat very still, “whoa, now. Be careful.” he said gently. I released his dick briefly and said, “if you hurt me I’ll hurt you” and then I re-inserted his head into my mouth. He began to rub my hurt bottom gently, apologizing and massaging the cheeks of my butt. I love to be fondled. This was not working out the way that I had intended. I was tasting my brother’s dick and he was getting me hot fondling my butt and rubbing my back. I eased my teeth back and let my lips fully fold around his meat, allowing myself to really taste him. I breathed in his scent and began to feel my saliva flow at the taste of him. I found myself swallowing more of him as his hips rose up gently pushing against my tongue after I swallowed my spit. He was feeling my tit from the side and groaning as I continued to let him stroke my mouth. It was then that I realized that I was in control.

I drew my mouth up fully to the tip and heard him groan loudly. I looked up at him and half moaned myself, “you’re not going to let me go until I finish this are you.” It came out just like that, more of a statement (or a suggestion?) than a question. slot oyna He shook his head and I lowered my head back into his lap to swallow his dick again. The sound of the porno still going in the background, kind of urged me on, but not as much as the fact that I knew even though I was tied up I had him to where he would do whatever I wanted right now.

My big tough brother was a toy right then, and I wanted to prove it. I sat up and told him to take his underwear off, and then told him to take mine off and raise my shirt as high as it would go. He did it just like I had told him to. I resumed in a better position this time and was soon sucking him slowly as he guided me in the ‘how to’ of it. I told him to rub my pussy and tits, and he hardly needed to be told a second time. I was getting off less than two minutes later, with his finger buried deep inside my pussy and his dick deep inside my mouth. It no longer mattered that he was my brother, a dick was a dick. And I was so excited that I could use this one practically anytime I wanted from there on out. I was in heaven.

He warned me that he was gonna cum and I panicked, I didn’t know what to do. He told me to put my mouth on the head and relax, he jacked off into my mouth and I was surprised at how hot his cum was, but I never gagged. When my tongue was covered real good I swallowed it, and he told me to suck him through the last bit. I went down and felt him shoot a little more on my tongue twice before he tapped my back and rubbed it gently.

Without a word I stood up and turned my back to him, “now, take it off, Donny” He undid the belt and let my arms free. We looked at each other and he only said, “we’d better get dressed, they’ll be home any minute.” Shock of it all is that as he was putting on his underwear he said, “oh shit! they’re already here!” I looked out the window and the car was already empty. I grabbed my panties and slipped them on then bolted to my room to get dressed. Fortunately our parents had stopped by the grocery store as well on the way home and were putting up groceries the whole time. We didn’t get to talk about what had happened the rest of that day, but things progressed rather quickly from there.

The next day we were never alone, so it wasn’t until the next afternoon when we got home from school before we could have talked- but we didn’t talk. I found myself in my room with my hands belted behind my back again, wearing only a my t-shirt. My brother ran his hands all over me, kissing and licking me everywhere I told him to, even licking my butthole. I knew we didn’t have much time and I was ready to taste his cum for real this time so I got him undressed and dropped down onto a pillow in front of him. He stood his dick straight out for me and watched as I took the tip into my mouth and then begin to bob up and down on more and more of his dick. I sucked and sucked feeling my juices coat the insides of my thighs.

He moaned for me to hurry and I went down fully on him sucking hard up and down until I felt his dick begin to twitch. I kept sucking this time and was surprised by the first shot hit the back of my throat. I backed up just long enough to swallow and went back down sucking him like there was no tomorrow. He tasted delicious and I swallowed spurt after spurt. I never dreamed I would like the taste of cum so much, not to mention whose cum I would be craving. There was the sound of a car door shutting outside and I let his spent dick fall from my mouth, hopping up to let him release me. I ran down the hall with my clothes in my hands to dive into my room just as I heard the garage door open. My thighs were burning and I couldn’t wait to stick my fingers up inside my wetness. I never did masturbate much before, but I needed to be filled right then desperately. I pushed two fingers inside my pussy and then as an added measure snaked my other hand underneath me to insert a finger up my ass.

That was perfect, I was cumming hard in no time at all, laying on the floor between my bed and my wall. I was cumming so good that I hadn’t heard mother knock and come in. As I slowly glided back to reality from my orgasm I opened my eyes and nearly shrieked to see my mother sitting on the edge of my bed. We had a ‘heart to heart’ talk. Where she told me that she knew that I had been with a boy, she could smell him on my breath as I had sat down beside her. She said that I didn’t have to move out when I graduated but that I would have to be responsible and not be fooling around, etc. etc. Then she asked me if I had enjoyed going down canlı casino siteleri on the guy. I blushed, shocked that my mother had said such a thing. She just laughed and told me that I took after her, and that she kept from getting pregnant all the way through college that way. (was that a hint?)

For the next two days me and my brother had no contact at home, both of us went out with our friends, and I wound up in the backseat of my boyfriends car getting pounded for five minutes before he pulled out. I did something new this time and went down on him with the rubber on. Tasting myself on the rubber made it easier than just sucking a rubber coated dick, and I milked him dry into the rubber- which made him very happy. I was happy too, but I was still horny when I got home that night. I masturbated my pussy and ass like before and slipped off to a deep slumber.

I remember dreaming about seeing my brother and his girlfriend doing it, like the time I had went over to her house earlier than she was expecting me, only this time, he moaned my name when he was about to come- strange thing is that she moaned my name too. What the hell was that all about? I awoke aroused again and looked to the clock to see it was four a.m. I went back to sleep, already slipping back into another erotic dream. What was happening to me?

The next day school was boring beyond belief. I found my brother at lunch and begged him to take me home, I said I didn’t feel well at all, since he was in front of his friends. I guess I put on a good enough show for them, and the nurse, because half an hour later the two of us were home and on my bed. I was wearing the belt on my wrists as before, it was part of the fun, and we were completely nude this time kissing each others parts. As much as I wanted to taste him again I needed something more, much more this time.

I told him that I couldn’t suck anymore, that my jaw was sore (which it was), and I climbed into his lap while saying it. He looked me in the eye and asked if I was sure about it- my slit had already rubbed around his dick until the head was inside my folds aimed for deeper. I nodded and began to sit down on him, it felt so good to get split wide penetrated. He groaned something about not having a rubber and I managed to pant he could cum in my mouth, I had began rocking up and down on him already. I was in control.

Even now I don’t know if it was the thrill of doing something so taboo, the power I felt, or the total freedom to just enjoy sex without any commitment or expectations. I believe it was the last one, we sexed each other just for the absolute pleasure. I rode him until I began to give out, then he lowered me onto my back and propped my ass up on a pillow, then it suddenly occurred to me- “Donny, fill my butt.” I wanted it, I wanted to try to take him deep inside, to feel something go deeper than my finger would go- and the cum! I wanted to feel him cumming inside me, oh yes, that was all it took to make me beg. Now he was in control. He lubed himself and then slowly and very gently introduced his length into my behind. All I could do was moan and whimper, I can’t describe the sensation. I cried out as he began pumping me in a steady rhythm, rubbing my pussy with his thumbs at the same time.

I had never been so loud, it hurt but felt wonderful at the same time at first, and soon all I felt was pleasure. He kept such a gentle stroke going that I hardly realized he had gotten to a point where he was sliding his full length in and out of me. I cried, and begged him to cum in me. I felt so wrong but so absolutely turned on that I couldn’t stop cumming. When he finally began cumming he pumped me keeping his length seeking the deepest part of my insides spreading his hot juice all over in me. When he stopped cumming he stayed inside me and lay across me, exhausted.

I couldn’t believe that I had gotten so far out of control, but I didn’t blame my brother, or even myself. It didn’t matter that it was “incest” we weren’t hurting anyone and we certainly weren’t in love. We were having the best experiences of our lives together and it was so carefree- no wonder it was illegal. I don’t see why so many people get their heads all twisted up over a little fooling around with their brothers or sisters, cousins, etc. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever discovered, and I learned so much about my body and a man’s over the next couple of years, that my husband and I have a spectacular lovelife and marriage.

But no one except my brother has ever gotten to tie me up since then, that is something reserved for the few times I get with Donny. I have even gotten a 3-way with him and our cousin, and many other adventures. No one knows about my secret life- except for you guys, and you won’t tell if you find me will you?

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