21 Mayıs 2022

Black Magick Ch. 09

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Nick lay in bed awake, still haunted by his experience with the ghost of his dead grandmother. Only a few hours ago, the spirit had possessed his body and used it to have anal sex with his sister’s friend Amber. But they were both gone now. Amber returned to her family’s condo downtown, and Nick’s grandmother back to the underworld where she belonged. Still, Nick’s eyes refused to close, and the image of his grandmother’s unnaturally young apparition swam before him.

Oh, she had been so lovely and so lively, with long curly black hair to die for and a sweet playful expression he had only seen before in picture books. Nick wanted to feel her lips press against his, to feel the warmth of her body. But he knew it wasn’t possible. The woman who had possessed his body died ten years ago. She was his mother’s mother, and hadn’t looked the way Nick had seen her for well over forty years.

Nick was beginning to think that his sex life was cursed. First he had his crush on his little sister, which led him to stand outside her window masturbating as she pleasured another man and subsequently led Nick into the odd world of sex magick. And then there was his relationship with his mother, who Nick always thought was hot, but who recently decided to make use of him as her newest sex toy. And now, this complete obsession with his grandmother. Why didn’t someone just take him out back and shoot him?

Nick threw his pillow against the window, whence it ricocheted knocking over the trash can next to his desk. Wad after wad of used tissue fell onto the floor, but Nick was too lazy to pick up the mess.

He didn’t want to move. He didn’t want to think. He just wanted to sleep. But sleep was one thing he seemed destined to be without.

Nick began to stroke his cock, as though to comfort himself. How he hadn’t lost all sensitivity with all the fucking he had been doing recently he didn’t know, but his limp member quickly hardened and expelled a sizeable wad of cum into his right palm.

He decided he ought to go to the bathroom and wash his hand. Maybe a nice shower would help, too.

As he walked by the mirror, Nick thought he saw something weird. He turned to look at it and was instantly struck with a blast of hot air and the feel of a woman’s lips on his own.

Shit! Elisabeth had told him there might be after-affects, similar to the occasional tingling of an amputated limb coupled with a general feeling of ill-being. Summoning the dead was serious business, after all!

Nick crossed himself quickly with his cum-covered hand and then turned on the sink to wash it. As he scrubbed with soap, he felt something dark hovering over him and was afraid to look up, as though he would see something terrifying in the mirror if his gaze was to meet it. He concentrated very hard on his hands.

He was probably just half-asleep, Nick thought vaguely. He was always a bit nervous at night, though he was getting a bit old to believe in the boogieman.

Nick began removing his clothes. He really wanted that shower. He was drenched in cold sweat. He felt horrible, like he was recovering from a bad flu. He pulled off his night shirt and his white underwear. His member was limp, not half-hard like it usually was after he had just ejaculated. Nick must have been more scared than he thought.

But just as he began to ponder this, he felt a curious warmth around his cock and it began to swell, as though someone was sucking on it. Nick moaned. It totally felt like getting a blowjob. If he concentrated, Nick could almost feel the lips, the wetness of a mouth encircling the head of his cock. He could almost feel a tongue flick against his skin.

Shit! Maybe he needed to take a cold shower instead of a hot one.

Nick took his cock in his hand and shook it, as though he had just peed and was trying to shake off the last of his urine off into the toilet.

Ah! That made the strange sensation a little more bearable. Not that it had been bad or anything, just a little freaky. And Nick really did need to take a shower.

He reached into the shower and twisted on the warm water. He stepped into the bathtub, carefully using the wall for support, feeling just a bit shaky in his legs.

The jet of hot water felt like a beautiful woman embracing him, making him feel warm and protected. The tension seemed to drain out of him and down the drain pipe, and he felt good all over, like after a wonderful orgasm. And maybe he just had one, because suddenly his whole body was trembling and he had to sit down.

His breathing was ragged. What was happening? He fell backwards, his head knocking against the edge of the bathtub, not hard enough to cause him to lose consciousness, but just enough to make him feel a little light-headed.

Nick felt something on top of him, kissing at him and at the same time tearing at his flesh with teeth and claws. He writhed on the floor like a slut, his hips thrusting up into the air and meeting the never-ceasing flow of water. His butt knocked again the bathtub and made a squashing sound casino siteleri as the water that ran underneath him escaped from his skin into the bathtub.

The experience was sublime. Nick’s whole body was on fire, as though the very forces of the abyss were attacking him. He lost track of how many times he came and whether cum still flowed from his cock with each ejaculation. Everything seemed to fade into everything else, like in a dream. Nick was so wrapped up in his pleasure that he completely lost track of the world around him. He did not know whether his back hurt or if his head ached. He did not seem to realize that he could have bruises in the morning that he would have to explain. His whole being was tied to what was happening in the moment. Hours could have passed, or years, or perhaps it was just minutes. Nick twisted and convulsed, letting the water and cum run off of him. He felt all-knowing and all-powerful, like a crystallized version of himself, like dead relatives who appear in dreams.

Finally, the sensation released him, and before he could get up from the shower, he fell asleep.

“Shit! What the hell are you doing there?” Elisabeth asked, drawing back the shower curtain and slapping her brother to wake him up. Nick’s eyes opened slowly and for a while he didn’t know where he was or why, as though he had awoken from a coma and the world had changed around him. And then it hit him.

“Oh shit! It must be some side affect of that ritual thingy we did yesterday!” Nick said, clutching his head where it had contacted with the tile. “I must have been in some sort of a trance.”

“Yeah, well, we’d better get you dressed. Mom has company, and you know how she gets when there’s company.”

“Oh, that’s all I need!” Nick said, using his sister’s hand and the side of the bathtub to raise himself to his feet. “I feel like I’ve got a fucking hangover.”

“Ha, ha! If mom knew that you talked like, that she’d wash your mouth out with soap,” Elisabeth laughed. “Besides, you’re supposed to be too young to know what a hangover feels like.”

“Well, shoot me for being precocious,” Nick said, still clutching at his head as though he was afraid of it falling off.

“You know what, Nick? You really aren’t looking so good, and your hand felt a little hot. Here’s a towel. Dry yourself off and I’ll get the thermometer. If you’re running over 99, I bet Mom will let you skip her Martha Stewart breakfast.”

“Yeah, that would be good,” Nick said, wrapping the towel around him like a blanket. “I’ve really had a hard night.”

“‘Hard’ being the operative word,” Elisabeth said, motioning towards his cock with her eyes.

Nick blushed. His sister’s teasing had that affect on him, no matter how many kinky situations they’ve been in together.

Elisabeth leaned over and kissed her brother on the forehead while he rested on the toilet.

“You really are feverish,” she said, stuffing the thermometer in his mouth. “Why don’t you give let me help you into bed? I’ll tell Mom why you can’t come to breakfast.”

Leaning against his sister’s shoulder, Nick hobbled back to his bedroom and dropped into bed. The moment his head hit the mattress he fell asleep, and Elisabeth had to pull his feet onto the bed and cover him with a blanket before heading to the kitchen for breakfast.

Soon after, his mother woke him up with a cup of hot lemon tea and a bowl of chicken soup. She pulled the thermometer out of his mouth and looked at it, shaking her head.

“You’re running just over 102. I’ll get you a couple of aspirin, if that doesn’t bring it down I’m going to have to take you to the doctor.”

“Does that mean I’ve got to skip school again?” Nick asked, his throat hoarse.

“Yes. Both of your sisters left the house an hour ago, and I’m not letting you out of bed until your fever drops.”

Nick’s head felt funny. Had he misheard what his mother said?

“Both sisters?” he said. “As in, more than one?”

His mother put her hand on his head.

“Your fever must be worse than I thought! You’re losing track of reality. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten your little sisters Elisabeth and Victoria. They’d cry their eyes out if you said you didn’t remember them.”

“Right, Mom,” Nick said, even though he of course could only remember having one sister. “If you’d be kind enough to help me sit up, I’ll take the aspirin while I eat.”

His mother stuffed a couple of pillows behind his back and stuck the breakfast tray on his lap. She was bent over so that her cleavage was an inch from his nose, and before she rose, she whispered seductively in his ear. “You know, men who have a fever are really fun to fuck.”

Nick blushed bright red and his mother smiled. She walked out of the room, her butt swaying merrily, and ill as he was, Nick couldn’t help staring after her.

God! He must have the hottest mother in the world!

It was funny though, what she’d. Nick had only one sister, Elisabeth. He has never heard of any Victoria. What the hell was going on in slot oyna this house? Had he realy lost his memory from the fever?

Oh well. Whatever it was, it could wait until Elisabeth got home. She was the witch after all and understood shit like this, or at least Nick hoped she did. His head really hurt and he didn’t want to think too hard about anything.

Nick took a sip of tea. His mother had thoughtfully added honey to it, and it felt so good in his slightly sore throat. He almost moaned as the warm fluid flowed into him, warming up his body.

He took a spoonful of soup and put it in his mouth. That felt wonderful too. This was the good part of being sick, every little thing seemed new and different. It was like being a child again.

His mother came back with the medicine and he swallowed the tablets with a mouthful of tea. She sat down on the bed next to him and began petting his head while he ate.

He found that very distracting, and once or twice he had to cough because the tea had gone down his windpipe. His mother rubbed his back and the feeling sent little shivers of pleasure down his spine.

“Mom, I don’t think I can eat any more,” Nick said, setting down his soup.

“Ok. I’ll put the rest of your soup in the refrigerator in case you want it later. Then if you don’t mind, I’d like to keep you company while you nap.” She touched his neck in a way that Nick found intensely erotic. He remember what she had said about men with fevers and felt a familiar longing beneath the bed covers.

“I’ll come back and lie next to you to help heat up the sheets a bit,” Susan said, all the seduction returning to her voice.

“Be back soon,” Nick said, crawling back under the covers.

He woke up to feel his mother’s naked body pressed against him. She was asleep, her head on the pillow next to him and her breast pushed up against his arm. His cock instantly swelled. Surely her beautiful pussy could be only inches away from him. Maybe it was already soaking wet and waiting for him to enter it. It seemed like a fantastic lie that he had ever been allowed to fuck such a beautiful woman, but at the same time he felt oddly possessive about her body, as though he had been her lover for years.

Nick rolled over onto his side and pressed himself against Susan, hungrily consuming the warmth of her body through the pores of his skin. Her breast pushed against his torso and she moaned. Oh, how that affected him!

He pressed his cock against her legs, just below the mound of her vagina. He wanted to spread her legs apart so that he could push himself into to her, so that he could consume her warmth more completely.

Her skin felt so good against his cock, as though he was rubbing against a silk blanket. Nick took one of her breasts in his hands and began to knead it, flicking his tongue against her nipples.

His mother moaned and rolled over onto her back. In a moment, he was on top of her under the sheets, his tongue traveling down her body as he writhed on top of her like a caterpillar.

He nuzzled her pussy, lovingly prodding her to open her legs for him. He licked as far down her mound as he could, slipping his tongue into the very top of her slit that was just visible above her legs.

Susan moaned and her thighs opened, and Nick drove his whole head into her, lapping at her juices and teasing her sensitive clit with his feverish tongue. She quickly orgasmed, twitching and moaning in her sleep, a jet of juice squirting into her son’s waiting mouth. Nick pushed his tongue into her vagina, enjoying the feel of her velvety interior on his hot tongue.

Susan came again. This time, she awoke to the sensation that was coursing through her body.

“Oh, you naughty little devil!” she cooed, pushing Nick’s head deeper into her. “You could have woken me up earlier!”

Nick was too busy lapping at her soaking pussy to answer. She was so wet that it was beginning to go up his nose and make it hard to breathe.

“You really are good at eating pussy,” his mother said with a little laugh. “A natural prodigy! That’s what you are. You’re almost as good as your father already. Give me a couple more years and I’ll have you eating me like a pro.”

Nick pulled himself away from his mother’s pussy, kissing her roughly on the lips and pushing her own juices into her mouth. She quickly swallowed. He took his cock in his hand and began rubbing it against his mother’s slit, causing her to moan a little.

“My cock is at your command. Would you like me to fuck you?” he asked, teasing her clit with the head of his cock.

“Oh, yes! Fuck me hard,” Susan whimpered. “Let me feel that hot cock of yours in me.”

“Yes, Mom,” Nick said, obediently pushing himself into her. At exactly at the same time, he kissed her on the lips as her tongue pushed into him in time with his thrusts.

Nick didn’t feel like he had much energy. That was the bad part about being ill. But he still did his best to knock his cock against his mother’s cervix with every thrust.

Susan whimpered canlı casino siteleri like a puppy and began massaging her own breasts, further stimulating herself as her son pounded away at her pussy.

Nick was so tired that he had to rest a couple of times against his mother. But his cock never softened in her. It felt so comfortable, feeling her warmth so close to him for so long, that it was almost as erotic as the coupling.

Every five minutes or so, Nick would feel his cock come to life again, and he would have no choice but to continue to fuck, pounding himself in and out of his mother with whatever strength he still possessed, and then he would lay fallow against her, panting as though he just ran a five-minute mile.

They continued like this for hours. Once or twice, Nick must have dozed off into feverish dreams, only to awaken again to find his hard cock still buried in his mother’s pussy. It was like an eternal paradise, a wet dream that never seemed to end. Being inside his mother was beginning to feel natural, as though it was where he had belonged all along and it was only a terrible fate that kept the two of them apart most of the time.

He loved the way her muscles squeezed him, how her warmth enveloped him, how he felt safe and happy and insanely pleasured, thrusting and pushing in and out of her.

Finally, he came once again, squirting his hot seed deep inside his mother’s pussy. And then, completely wasted by the long exercise, he fell sound asleep.

He slowly opened his eyes to the image of the black-haired girl who had haunted his dreams. She was much, much more real than he had ever seen her, dressed in the uniform of his and Elisabeth’s high school, with knee-high socks, lacy white garters and polished shoes that looked like they belonged on a porcelain doll. The girl’s long black curls were so long that they fell onto the bed. She was sitting on top of him so that only the bed sheet and her panties separated his cock from her pussy.

Nick noticed the bracelet she wore around her wrist. It was his grandmother’s, the one that her spirit carried off after the ritual yesterday! Nick instantly recognized the girl.

“Grandma!” Nick exclaimed, sitting up and in the process knocking the girl off his cock. She fell backwards against the mattress and looked rather put out.

“Why did you have to do that? I was just being friendly!” she complained.

“You’re supposed to be in heaven!” Nick stammered. It was freaky talking to a dead person, no matter how cute she was.

“Heaven was too boring, so I decided to come back,” Nick’s grandomother said, straightening her skirt so that it hung right.

“You’re not allowed to do something like that!” Nick protested. “The dead are supposed to say dead. It’s a natural part of life!”

“Don’t you tell me what I’m allowed and not allowed, you cocky boy!” the girl said, standing up on his bed and looking down at Nick menacingly. “All my life, people told me how to live! Grow up, get good grades, get married, have kids… If someone had enough foresight to teach me not to be ashamed of my body, and how to conduct a proper self-examination, I wouldn’t have died of cancer before I was fifty!”

Nick found himself covered in cold sweat. He was beginning to get more than a little freaked out.

“Anyway, the laws of nature don’t always apply in this world, in case you didn’t notice. There’s enough magick in the air that things which were impossible before possible now.” The girl looked Nick in the eye, as though almost accusing him of something, and then simply smiled. “So forget about calling me Grandma, because from today on, I’m your little sister Vicky.” She bounced up and down on his bed like a little girl. “Oh, you wouldn’t believe how good it feels to be alive and young again, after all this time!”

“I bet it does,” Nick said. He wasn’t really up to much conversation.

“You’re sick!” Victoria said, jumping up and down on his bed so that her curls bobbed up and down.

At first, Nick thought that he must have said something perverted, but then he realized that she was referring to his flu and nodded.

“I woke up with a bad fever,” he agreed.

“Summoning me last night must have been hard on your body. Do you want me to make you all better?”

“Are you offering to heat me up some more soup? I’m not sure my stomach can handle it right now.”

“No, silly! I’m going to heal you!” Victoria said, crawling towards him on all fours.

“Heal me? What are you, a doctor?” Nick asked, his voice catching in his throat. He was staring at Victoria’s surprisingly large breasts through her white-collared shirt.

“You haven’t heard enough old ghost stories,” Victoria said, crawling on top of him. “The dead always come back with special powers, especially in this family.” She moved closer to him, her breasts pressing against his torso as she whispered in his ear. “Some of our ancestors were burned at the stake in the 1600s.”

Nick shook with horror and awakening sexual desire.

“You couldn’t possibly know that, little sister!” he said, pulling Victoria to him and holding her tight as if to comfort her against some unknown terror. “Our family history is lost. No one even knows why we have the name Stuart.”

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