27 Mayıs 2022

Black Magick Ch. 03

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“Mom, this isn’t what it looks like!” Nick exclaimed, rolling off his sister’s naked body. Elisabeth moaned but she didn’t wake up. “It was just, uh…I heard…uh…”

“Of course,” his mother, Susan, replied evenly. Nick noticed his mother’s hard nipples pressing against the fabric of her bathrobe. Was she wearing anything at all underneath? Thinking of this made Nick blush, and his cock hardened in his pajamas.

Shit! He didn’t want his mom to see that! He tried to think of the most unsexy thing he could think of. His sister’s hand sticking out of the black spot in her mattress came to mind. But watching her naked body sliding inch by inch out of the darkness had actually been kind of hot, like extracting an enormous vibrator, inch by inch, out of a woman’s pussy. No, that wouldn’t do! He thought of Mrs. Ferguson, his homeroom teacher, who was a total bitch, middle-aged, with tits that seemed to sag to her bellybutton. Oh, but damn, she’d be hot with a whip and tight black leather!

Nick sighed. His erection just wouldn’t go down. His mother was staring at his crotch! Shit, shit, shit!

“I…um…well…uh…I think I’ll get ready for church,” Nick said, standing up suddenly and bolting from the room. He had to push past Susan to get back to his bedroom, and he could have sworn he felt her hand on his butt for a second as he rushed by. No he must have imagined it. This was his mother after all, the high priestess of nit-pickiness propriety.

He rushed into his room and, locking the door carefully behind him, began removing his pajama bottoms. He hobbled over to his computer desk and grabbed a tissue.

He sat down in his chair and began stroking his cock to relieve some of the pressure. What exactly had happed last night? What had been a dream and what had been reality? Now that he was waking up, he didn’t seem so sure anymore. There had been the woman who climbed into his bed and sucked him off. He had been pretty sure at the time that it was his sister Elisabeth. But was it? The whole memory was hazy. It was a dream, wasn’t it?

There was also his night trip to the bathroom, where he had caught his sister chanting spells, and where he somehow ended up peeing all over her. That, impossible though it seemed, felt very real.

And there had been the scream in the middle of the night, and the struggle to pull his sister from the dark chasm that opened in the middle of her bed. That all happened in between waking and sleeping, so Nick couldn’t be sure of what actually transpired, and he had been more than a little surprised to find that he hadn’t woken up in his own bed.

His hand’s pace on his cock quickened.

Maybe Elisabeth had cast a spell on him that caused him to sleepwalk into her room at night! Maybe it was all some sort of setup to get back at him for stealing her panties a month ago!

He remembered his mother’s eyes on his crotch. His balls began to tense. Did his mother really think he was capable of humping his little sister? What sort of trouble was he going to get into?

His crotch burned. Nick lubed up his hands up with moisturizer so he could slide them up and down the length of his cock faster.

What had happened? Was it possible that Elisabeth’s life had really been in danger, that what had happened was real, and that he really managed to save his sister from being dragged feet-first into the abyss? Too fantastic! But then, Nick remembered the book he had seen Elisabeth with, the big black book titled ‘Black Magick’. If his sister was a witch, then anything was possible, the old rules meant nothing any longer, right? This was an oddly satisfying thought.

Nick gasped. His cock shook, spilling a load of sticky cum into the tissue. Nick crumpled the wad up and threw it in the trash, taking care to push it to the bottom with the old ruler he kept solely for that purpose.

He stood up from his chair and quickly dressed for church.

When he made his way to the kitchen, his mother was already dressed and serving breakfast, even though she had been wearing only a robe a couple of minutes ago.

Nick had often wondered whether his mother’s amazing household skill was somehow supernatural and examined his bacon and eggs for signs of magic, though he felt foolish doing this.

Elisabeth came to the table a moment after Nick sat down and began loading her plate with food. Maybe witchcraft took a lot of calories, Nick thought absently, because his sister didn’t seem to be gaining any weight. Her size four dress pants clung to her body showing off the firmness of her stomach, emphasizing just how tight and round her butt was. Nick nearly drooled into his scrambled eggs. His sister was almost good enough to eat. Of course, it helped that the lace top she was wearing was nearly see-through, and that a single lock of fiery red hair hung free of the elaborate knot she had tied at the back of her head and seemed to kiss her face seductively.

Nick picked up a glob of eggs with his fork and examined them closely. They looked casino siteleri normal enough. He opened his mouth wide, dropped in a mouthful and began to chew. They tasted normal, too. He was just being stupid, after all. His mom seemed far too restrained to do anything supernatural. Besides, she didn’t own any creepy books or chant in the bathroom naked at four o’clock in morning. It wasn’t just his cock that kept stubbornly inflating, nowadays his imagination seemed to be expanding, too.

Nick picked up a fork full of bacon and chewed it thoughtfully. It was normal too. He was really overthinking things.

“Mom, can we go to church a little early today?” Elisabeth said with a style that spoke of her recently abandoned table manners. “I want to confess before mass.”

“Of course,” Susan said, sitting down at the table and decorating her plate with a lady-like portion of eggs, toast and cottage cheese. “It’s better to get things off your chest so that you’re free to take communion.”

“Witchcraft is a mortal sin, you know,” Nick spat between mouthfuls.

Elisabeth kicked him under the table.

“What I confess is none of your business,” she replied haughtily. “It’s not your job to name my sins for me.”

“It is my business if I’ll have to wake up in the middle of the night to drag your butt out of hell again!”

“Stop bickering!” Susan exclaimed, as though she hadn’t heard a word of their argument. “We’re about to leave for church. I won’t hear any more of this nonsense. If you don’t behave I’ll just have to call your father so he can decide how to punish you.”

“Dad wouldn’t care if the hospital called and told him I was dead!” Elisabeth said, suddenly getting angry. She rose from the table. “I’ll be in my room, composing myself. Call me when you’re done with breakfast.” She marched off to her room, looking sulky.

Nick was sad to see her go, but he enjoyed the way her butt moved when she walked. He swallowed his food quickly.

“Mom, may I please be excused also? I think I might have upset Elisabeth, and I can’t stand the idea of her crying.”

“You’re such a good brother. But if I catch you in your sister’s bed again, I’m going to have to bend you over my knee and spank you!”

“You won’t wait for Dad to get home and do it?” Nick asked, with a little too much cheek.

“Definitely not,” his mother said, a menacing glint in her eye. “I’d do it myself to make sure it gets done right. Your father has always been a little too soft for corporal punishment.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Nick said and took off after his little sister.

Nick knocked on the door of his sister’s bedroom, but she didn’t answer, so he opened the door. Elisabeth was lying on her bed, her hand tucked into her pants, obviously masturbating.

“Shit!” Nick exclaimed. “You should have said something.”

“Oh, it’s just you, Nick,” Elisabeth said, not bothering to remove her hand from her pants even though her brother was openly drooling. “I said I’d be in my room composing myself. What else did you expect me to be doing? Rearranging my sock drawer? Refreshing my make-up? Honestly!”

Her finger dipped into her pussy. Nick watched transfixed. He couldn’t see much through the material, but it was obvious that Elisabeth was enjoying herself tremendously.

“Do you mind if I massage your breasts for you while you do that?” Nick asked nervously. He knew he was taking a bit of a risk. But his hands were itching to touch his sister’s beautiful skin.

“I suppose you could,” Elisabeth said coyly. “But if Mom caught you, she’d probably bend you over her knee and spank you. That would be fun to watch! I wonder if she’d let me help…”

Nick blushed. “You don’t have any shame, do you?”

“I don’t believe in shame anymore,” Elisabeth said, fingering herself to orgasm. Her body convulsed and twitched, but she didn’t moan. She didn’t want her mother to hear her.

Nick gasped. “Oh, wow,” he muttered. His sister giggled.

“Maybe I’ll let you eat my pussy for me sometime if you’re good,” she said, taking her hand out of her pants and beginning to suck on her fingers.

“Shit, Elisabeth! You’re going to give me an erection.” Nick protested.

“You mean you don’t have one already? What, have you been jacking off too much?” Elisabeth sneered, wedging her tongue into the webbing between her little finger and the one next to it to get more pussy juice.

Nick watched open-mouthed, his cock rock-hard in his pants.

“Do you want some?” Elisabeth asked, extending her hand to her brother.

Before he could think, Nick leaned over to lick it, but Elisabeth retracted her hand.

“Maybe later,” she said, sitting up and wiping her hand on her bed sheet. “I’d better go to the bathroom and wash up, or I won’t have time to confess.”

“Why do you want to confess your sins?” Nick asked. “You really don’t strike me as much of a believer anymore.”

“Well, you’re right about that,” Elisabeth said, stretching and standing up. “I don’t think slot oyna I’ve believed in God for years. Catholic school can really do that to you. Oh, and to answer your question, I want to confess my sins so that the damn cocky priest of ours will get a total hard-on in the confessional.”

“That’s mean!” Nick laughed. “You really shouldn’t play tricks like that on men of God.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll suck him off afterwards, so he doesn’t have to conduct mass with a bulge in his robes.”

“You wouldn’t!” Nick gasped. “Not a priest! You wouldn’t have the guts!”

“You want to bet?” Elisabeth said, straightening her hair.

“Sure!” Nick said, groping the bulge in his pants. “Whatever you like.”

“Ok. If I don’t have the guts to suck of a priest, I’ll…”

“I want you to fuck me,” Nick interrupted to his own surprise, stroking his cock through his pants.

“All right, I’ll fuck you,” Elisabeth said absent-mindedly. “But if I do suck him off, then you have to sneak into Mom’s bedroom and steal her sex toys for me. Oh, and you must be naked!”

“I didn’t know Mom was the kind of woman who kept sex toys,” said Nick apprehensively.

“Oh, grow up,” Elisabeth said, leaving the room.

Nick decided he could never understand women.

The church was nearly empty when Elisabeth and Nick arrived. Their mother had dropped them off and left, explaining that she had to get some cash from the ATM before mass.

Elisabeth dipped her finger into the holy water and brought it to her lips, as though it was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted. Her lips parted and her soft tongue flicked hungrily against the skin of her index finger. Nick watched eagerly, a bulge forming in his pants. He decided he’d anoint himself more properly, just before mass started, and took off after his sister down the side passage that led to the confessionals. He sat down on the bench and began to take account of the sins he had committed during the week.

Lustful thoughts towards his sister Elisabeth. That was the biggest one, to be sure. How many times had he jacked off fantasizing about his sister in the last two days? At least three times. Once yesterday morning, when he stood outside her window, watching her give a killer blow job to a total stranger. Another time, yesterday afternoon, while he watched his sister masturbating in his cum-caked underwear. And also last night, when he came back from the bathroom.

But when he thought about it, didn’t his sister’s beautiful face and body haunt his fantasies forever? She had been so soft and delicate, so needing of his protection. It made his cock twitch to think about it.

An elderly woman sat down next to Nick and he was faced with the need to control the bulge in his pants.

What other sins had he committed? He wasn’t sure about honoring his parents. His father was a total workaholic and wasn’t really part of his life, so the idea of honoring him seemed a little beside the point. Then there was his mother. Nick loved her for being around and taking care of him and his sister, but something about the way he had been thinking about her recently seemed a little disrespectful. He’d mentally accused her of witchcraft, and worse, he briefly thought her capable of grabbing his ass out of lust.

Shit. He couldn’t think about that either.

What about that math test on Friday? He had gotten stuck on a particularly difficult problem and had contemplated cheating off the girl next to him. In the end he’d solved the problem by himself, but he had thought of cheating. Wasn’t that something he ought to confess?

Nick looked up at the confession booth. Elisabeth had gone in ten minutes before, looking as though she was about to be crowned queen. What the devil had she been doing in there all this time? There was no way in hell she could be blowing the priest, was there? If nothing else, it was a physical impossibility, she was on one side of the confessional and he was on the other, and the window had grate… There was no way!

And Nick still didn’t think his sister was the sort of girl who would blow a priest. Elisabeth had always been a perfect little angel. And if she didn’t blow the priest, she promised to sleep with Nick!

His cock twitched. He thought of his cock sliding inch by inch into his sister’s pussy, of feeling its moist depths clutch him, milking his cock. Would she let him cum in her? Would he have to use a condom?

Nick moaned. The old lady sitting next to him looked up from her Bible to glance at him. Nick blushed bright red, covering his crotch with his hands self-consciously. How embarrassing!

The preacher left the confessional, fumbling suspiciously with his crotch, but Elisabeth did not come out. The preacher spoke briefly with another priest, a visitor from another church, who became suddenly animated and entered the confession booth in place of the preacher. Elisabeth still didn’t come out.

This looked really bad.

Nick tried to return to chaste thoughts, but it was no canlı casino siteleri use. No matter what he began imagining it would quickly turn perverted, and nothing could hold his attention for long, not with the prospect of what Elisabeth was doing in the confession booth.

His palms began to sweat. Was it possible that she could do it? She was a witch after all! Maybe she could go through the metal grate or something. He had promised to steal their mother’s sex toys without a speck of clothing on if she went through with it! Nick had never been in his mom’s room for more than a few minutes before, and he had no idea where she might keep something like that. Under the bed? In the closet? It could take forever to find her secret stash, and all that time he’d be vulnerable! If his mother happened to walk in on him… He didn’t want to even think about that.

Elisabeth left the confessional with a look of triumph and cum dripping from the corners of her mouth, like a cum-sucking vampire. She made no effort to hide the cum from view. The elderly woman rose from her seat and approached Elisabeth. Nick thought she was caught for sure, but the woman just pointed to the cum and informed his sister that she had something on her face.

“Thank you,” Elisabeth said, using her finger to wipe the cum up and push it into her month, sucking her finger just a little too greedily.

“You can go next,” Nick informed the old woman. “I was just waiting for my little sister.”

“You’re a good brother to think of her,” the woman said in passing. “You take good care of her, don’t you?”

“I try,” Nick replied, putting his arm around Elisabeth. His sister was kind enough to wait until the old lady was out of sight before batting his hand away.

“I expect you to fulfill you end of the deal,” Elisabeth said, quickening her pace to be a couple of steps ahead of her brother and looking back. “We’ll discuss the details later.”

“How’d you do it?” Nick asked, exasperated. “Isn’t there a partition between you and the priest? Was it magic?”

“Haven’t you ever heard of a glory hole, doofus?” Elisabeth replied, skipping merrily, her breasts bouncing in her blouse seductively. “Check it out next time you go to confession. It’s a total blast.”

When mass started, Elisabeth went off to sit with her best friend Amber and her family. Amber was black and born in South Africa. Her parents had moved with her to the United States when she was a small child, and she thought it was funny when people called her an “African American”. If there was a runner-up for smartest girl in school, Amber would definitely take the prize. Her test scores were just as high as Elisabeth’s and she was good in math and science while Elisabeth excelled most in English and PE. The two of them had such a reputation for being close and for being unapproachable to every other student that there were rumors that they were lesbian lovers. Unfortunately, Nick knew this not to be true. He used to listen outside the door of his sister’s bedroom when Amber was over, but never heard anything unusual, just talk about books. Really, really boring.

After service, Elisabeth absolutely insisted that Amber stay the night. Amber laughed and replied that she had expected this and had brought her backpack and duffle bag in her parents’ car, just in case.

Elisabeth smiled and walked with Amber to the car to get her bag, while Susan stayed behind and caught up with Amber’s parents. Nick rushed forward to try to grab the bags from his sister and Amber. They snickered at this display of chivalry. Elisabeth wouldn’t hand over her bag, but Amber blushed and handed Nick hers, and the two girls walked behind Nick, staring at the way his butt moved while he walked.

Nick felt their gaze on his back and his cock burned with desire. He wanted to touch himself terribly, so much so that he could hardly walk straight. He heard the girls behind him giggle playfully and blushed bright red. The walk to the car was the longest trip of his life and the bulge in his pants just wouldn’t go down.

The ride home was difficult for Nick. His sister called shotgun and left him to sit alone in the back seat with Amber. He held his hands over his crotch to hide his erection from her view. He blushed profusely, but if Amber noticed, she was nice enough not to comment.

When they got home, Elisabeth and Amber announced that they were going swimming and ran off to Elisabeth’s bedroom to change. Nick walked into his bedroom feeling rather abused. His sister and her hot friend were going to be lounging around the pool wearing hardly any clothing, and he couldn’t think of an excuse to join them. Even worse, he just couldn’t get his cock to settle down. When he closed his eyes, pictures of Elisabeth’s lips encircling the preacher’s cock swam before his eyes, and his penis throbbed.

He pulled his cock out of his pants and began to stroke it frantically, the images boring into him driving him onward. He saw his sister’s bright innocent eyes looking up, seemingly at him, her soft pink lips spread by a plump cock as she sucked merrily, her cheeks swelling as the man’s cum began spilling into her. Nick’s cock began to pulse, the sweet rhapsody of orgasm beginning to swell in his loins.

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