24 Mayıs 2022

Birthday Present

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I couldn’t believe that Michelle’s pussy was still so tight even after being fucked by Dave. As I ate her out knowing that it was my own sons cum running down my throat only excited and turned me on more. Meanwhile I could hear Dave’s heavy breathing as he stroked his flaccid cock, I couldn’t wait for him to be erect again, I desperately wanted his hard cock filling my wet pussy, and shooting his cum deep inside me. I wanted to have his cum fill my pussy as I ate out Michelle’s sweet pussy.

Dave and Michelle have been dating for a few years now; at 22 this is considered a long term relationship. Michelle and Dave are old high school sweet hearts she too is 22, so how did I at 40 end up in the situation of eating cum out of my son’s girlfriend? Well short answer is that is a birthday present.

I have looked after Dave as a single mum for many years, Dave’s father Mark and I split up when Dave was 6, Mark was involved in Dave’s life until he turned 16, Mark just stopped making time to see Dave, Dave was understandably upset, however this made our relationship stronger. I was the main adult figure in his life, I made a point of being open with him and encouraged him to be open and truthful with me, at times it was hard, with talks about wet dreams and other male things, but we got through them okay. This dynamic of this openness changed after he turned 18. At this point Dave and Michelle became sexually active and Dave started to ask very awkward questions regarding ‘G’ spots and contraception even questions about girth and length of a penis.

At first I didn’t know how to react to his questions, but I fumbled through them and gave the best advice I could, after a while I became proud that I was able to share such a candid relationship with my then 18 year old son, I’m not sure many other mothers, let alone fathers share the same relationship with their kids.

I guess that it was inventible, seeing we, as adults, shared intimate and personal sexual details that the dynamic would change. It wasn’t long before I looked at Dave in less of a motherly manner. Dave became more involved in my sexual fantasies, after each orgasm I felt guilty having mentally defiled him, but the orgasms were so satisfying that it wasn’t long before I put these feeling aside.

When Michelle started to stay over longer and more frequently I knew what was happening, in fact I can say with some authority that I taught or at least advised him whatever moves he was trying. The urge to see how my ‘student’ was going got the better of me. I would wait silently in my room, until they thought I was asleep and begin to fool around, I would creep up to the door, and if it was ajar I would catch glimpses of them in various positions. If the door was shut I would listen to the moans through the door. Then I would retreat to my room and masturbate.

It wasn’t hard to see why Dave was infatuated with her, Michelle is a petite little thing standing no taller then 155 cm with shoulder length light brown hair, she has a tan complexion and dark brown sultry eyes. On her tiny frame her B cup breasts match perfectly, so high and bouncy. Not to dissimilar to myself at that age, I’m a little taller at 160 cm and I certainly don’t have the trim figure now, I’m not overweight but have a little extra curve. My breasts are a C cup, after giving birth to Dave they grew and stayed, I wasn’t unhappy about that. I have dark brown hair just above the shoulder, blue eyes and pale white complexion. Dave is the tallest at 168 cm and is fairly active so he has a nice frame broad shoulders flat abs and a nice tight looking bum. Dave has short brown hair and blue eyes, he and Michelle make a cute couple.

With Dave and Michelle in a series relationship for a few years, Michelle and I grew closer, and it didn’t came as much of a shock when she came to me seeking advice, I was however taken back by the nature of the questions. It seemed that Michelle and Dave had talked and they were interested in brining a third person to the bedroom, and Michelle had planed on it being a surprise gift for his upcoming 22nd birthday. Michelle was looking on advice on her feelings and emotions towards females as well as anxiety in having to share her boyfriend with another woman.

I opened up to Michelle and explained that I consider myself to be bi-sexual, in my youth I experimented with other women and have had a number of relationships with woman since my divorce to Dave’s father. I casino siteleri explained that at first I shared the same anxiety as she has. It felt good to be able to really open up with her, I considered her one of my own and now being able to talk with her like this felt like we had taken massive steps towards her becoming a part of the family. Michelle listened intently as I talked about my experiences and feelings.

Michelle asked about the mechanics of female on female, I talked to her about fellatio, much as I had done with Dave, I could see that Michelle was able to connect with what I was saying and work out what I meant using Dave’s moves and techniques as a reference point. When she asked personal questions of how it felt on me, I wasn’t sure how to react. After taking a second to compose myself I was truthful in my response that I loved licking pussy and loved being eaten myself. Michelle chuckled commenting that she had never expected me to talk like that about being with another woman. Michelle confessed that she felt a little better after talking but she was still really nervous about the situation while still rather excited about the whole thing too. I told her that anytime she wants to chat about anything I am more then happy to talk with her.

A couple of days later Michelle came around, Dave was out playing football, I am sure Michelle was aware of this. After sitting drinking coffee and having a general chit chat, Michelle continued her probing into bi-sexual matters. Michelle was nervous about how to interact with another vagina. I simple pointed out that what ever she likes done to her would be a good thing to do to another woman. I also told her to run with her instincts, if she felt too uncomfortable with the situation then to speak up. Michelle assured me that she was comfortable with the whole situation, and admitted that she was the one who brought up the idea in the first place. She just didn’t want to ruin Dave’s present. All I could respond was that she will be fine. Michelle’s mood picked up and I could tell that she was brimming with confidence and a self belief that she knew what a woman wanted, and would be able to deliver that to any woman that joined them in the bedroom.

I had a certain feeling of shame and guilt as I secretly wanted to be the other party involved, I had often fantasized about Michelle, the few details that Dave has shared with me that she likes to keep her pussy bald, and that according to Dave is unbelievable tight, I longed to taste it and burry my tongue as deep as I could. Not to mention the urge to have Dave sink his cock deep in my own pussy. These are thoughts that I know a mother isn’t supposed to have, but I couldn’t help it. The sheer taboo nature only further enhanced my feelings and desires.

I felt my heart race and my hands tingle as I asked Michelle if she had found someone to join them. Michelle admitted that she had been unable to find someone at this point, but was confident that she would find someone. I couldn’t think of anything else to say, I should have kept my mouth shut but I couldn’t, I simply looked at Michelle and offered my assistance to her. Michelle was dumbfounded and after a brief second or two asked what I meant. I clarified that I am here to chat with her and offer any guidance. Michelle chuckled and pointed out that she thought that I was offering to be the other woman. Deep down that was what I offered, I couldn’t admit that to her. I was able to see the funny side and laughed with Michelle. To satisfy my own curiosity I asked Michelle what her response would be if I had offered to be the other woman.

Michelle took a moment but responded positively, I felt beads of sweet building on my brow as Michelle told me that she would have loved it if I had offered, she continued to admit that Dave and her often role-play sexual fantasies and that I am often involved, Michelle also admitted that she sometimes leaves the door ajar, secretly hoping that I might hear them and/or walk in on them. I felt my pussy juices flow as Michelle admitted these dirty fantasies to me. Being caught up in the moment I looked at Michelle and whispered that if she asked I would say yes.

Dave’s birthday arrived, Michelle had made plans that they would hang out all day together, just the two of them. Then Michelle had a party planned with all his friends, Michelle had planned it so that Dave and the boys would end up at a strip club near home. Michelle instructed slot oyna the guys that as long as he didn’t fuck any of the girls then anything goes, she went as far as spelling out to them that a blowjob was fine, as long as his cock never enters a pussy, she gave instructions that Dave needed to be home at 10 for the rest of his present.

While Dave was getting his jollies on at the local strip club, Michelle and I were home alone for several hours. The excitement was building, until this point Michelle and I resisted the urge to ‘practice’ for the night. I held off masturbation for the week leading up to his birthday, while Dave and Michelle abstained from sex too. The pressure was building, seeing Michelle sitting across from me in nothing more but some sexy black lingerie did nothing to help; I too was in my sexiest sheer night gown exposing my erect nipples, the soft fabric brushing along them only further exciting me. I felt my pussy growing moist, I was unable to take my eyes off Michelle, and I commented to her how attractive she looked. Michelle blushed and returned the compliment.

Michelle and I stuck to our plan, we made our way to my bedroom sometime between 9 and 930 and ensured that we were both comfortable; we had a bottle of champagne and enjoyed a glass to help calm the nerves. At 10 we heard the door open and Dave called out to Michelle, Michelle responded and Dave made his way towards his room before realizing that it was empty came to my room in search of Michelle. Michelle and I at this point we sitting seductively on my bed waiting for him to arrive. As Dave walked in his eyes darted from Michelle to me and back to Michelle.

Michelle looked at Dave and told him that tonight he is going to live his fantasy, I suddenly felt Dave’s eyes over my entire body, and I could feel that he was undressing me as he looked at me. Michelle motioned for him to come in and join us on the bed. Dave slowly walked in and sat beside Michelle. I remarked that tonight is no holds bar, both Michelle and Dave smiled.

I could see that I was going to lead this party, I leaned in and kissed Michelle on the lips, Michelle reciprocated my kiss, as she gently parted her lips allowing my tongue to slip into her mouth. Michelle allowed my tongue to explore her mouth, after a few swirls I felt her tongue slip past and make its way into my mouth. Our inhibitions were lost as we kissed. When we finished kissing Dave moved to join us, Michelle asked Dave to sit and watch for a bit, she told him to savor the moment. Michelle then asked me to lick her pussy.

Michelle lay down on the bed, and slowly removed her black lace panties, exposing her soft slit complete smooth. I moved towards her and began kissing up her thighs, with each kiss Michelle let out a giggle, as I approached her slit I could smell the familiar sweet muskiness, I was taken back by the sight of her pussy, it was little more then a slit, it looked so tidy and clean. I felt my nightgown riding up as I bent over and could feel Dave’s eyes glued to my pussy which too was shaved bare; I felt juices start to build as the excitement built.

I ran my tongue the length of Michelle’s pussy causing her to moan and writhe about further exacting me. I could taste her on the tip of my tongue, as I went for the second pass, I pushed my tongue between the soft folds of skin, and Michelle liked this as she moaned more. I moved to a better position and parted her lips gently as I buried my tongue deep inside her lap as much as I could, with my thumb I gently stimulated her clit through the tiny slit, Michelle was unable to control her moans, I could tell she was near an orgasm, the excitement of the build up and the fact this was her first lesbian experience ensured this was going to be quick. I wanted to prolong her enjoyment, but I too was caught in the moment and pushed my tongue deep inside as I rubbed her clit. Michelle placed her hands across the back of my head and pushed her crotch up forcing me to fuck her hard, I placed my mouth across the entire length of her slit and sucked as I held my tongue stiff, Michelle screamed and released her grip on me, I counted to lick and suck as I slowly backed out leaving Michelle collapsed on the bed.

As I looked over at Dave, his cock was rock hard and he was gently stroking it, it had been some time since I had seen his cock, and I had never seen it erect, except when he had little accidents but that was different. Watching him stroke his canlı casino siteleri thick cock was exciting. Michelle looked up and told him that he could fuck her now; I could see Dave was a little disappointed, I must admit I was a little disappointed, but the night was young and there was time for that.

Dave positioned himself his cock slid effortlessly into Michelle’s pussy; I was shocked knowing how tight she is and seeing how thick Dave is that it slid deep inside. Michelle let out a few moans as Dave rocked back and forth. My pussy was tingling and in desperate need of relief as I watched these two fuck. I moved over Michelle, my pussy was bare under my nightgown, I moved slowly over her lowering myself onto her face, Michelle needed no prompting her tongue lashed out against my pussy lips and the tip of my clit, Michelle enthusiastically licked away at my pussy while being fucked by Dave, who’s hands were now exploring my breasts through the sheer material, my nipples reacted to his every touch.

Dave brushed the tips of his fingers across my nipples, with each touch I felt them grow harder, Michelle meanwhile was licking my pussy, I felt her finger gently push inside me, as I had instructed her she curled it towards my g spot, she gently rubbed until she hit it, I let out a gasp as Michelle gently prodded my g spot, her tongue gently flicking against my clit while my son rubbed and played with my erect nipples, it was all to much stimulation for me, I felt my body tense up neither of them let up as fingers and tongue caressed my most private parts. My head tilted back and I let out a large moan as I was engulfed in a wave of euphoria. My orgasm sent Dave over the top he grunted and moaned as he released his cum deep inside Michelle. Michelle unfortunately didn’t orgasm in this chain.

As Dave slowly removed his cock I watched as cum pooled around the legs of Michelle, I lifted myself off of Michelle and planted a kiss on her, tasting my own juices, not for the first time, I swirled my tongue around her moth, Michelle kissed me with passion too, our tongues dancing around swapping saliva and juices back and forth. After Michelle and I shared a kiss I instructed Dave to watch and get nice and hard while I sucked his cum direct from Michelle’s pussy, I told Dave that once he was ready that I needed him to fuck me hard.

Beofre getting a response I moved to Michelle’s pussy and without hesitation slipped my tongue deep into her pussy, the sweet sent was now joined by the strong musky saltiness of Dave’s cum, the taste of his cum on the tip of my tongue was amazing, I couldn’t believe that Michelle’s pussy was still so tight even after being fucked by Dave. As I ate her out knowing that it was my own sons cum running down my throat only excited and turned me on more. Meanwhile I could hear Dave’s heavy breathing as he stroked his flaccid cock, I couldn’t wait for him to be erect again, I desperately wanted his hard cock filling my wet pussy, and shooting his cum deep inside me. I wanted to have his cum fill my pussy as I ate out Michelle’s sweet pussy.

I felt like a kitten as I lapped the cum my Michelle’s pussy letting it spool in my mouth then slide down my throat, my pussy was tingling with the anticipation of felling his cock thrust deep inside me. I dared not look up wanting to be surprised as he forces his cock in me. I wasn’t disappointed, Michelle’s pussy was near clean, she moaned and wriggled about as I sucked and licked away, I felt the tip of his cock push against my pussy. I intensified my licking as his cock inched slowly inside my wet pussy. It was not long before Dave was deep inside me, rocking back and forth.

I heard the sloppy noise as Dave’s cock slid in and out of my pussy, I timed my licking of Michelle to the time of Dave fucking me, Michelle’s deep breathing intensified forcing Dave to pick up speed while I continued to lap at her pussy, it was like some perpetual motion machine, all three of us fucking in time of the others. I heard Dave grunting and could tell he was near; I tightened my grip around his shaft as he fucked me, and I wanted him to fill me with his seed.

Dave didn’t disappoint, his balls erupted and I felt jet after jet of cum spray inside my pussy, I was unable to hold back I let out an intense moan as my body tingled Michelle joined us as she screamed and I felt he pussy tighten around my tongue. Dave continued to rock gently inside my pussy for a second then gently removed his cock and collapsed on the bed, I too fell on the bed, unable to move. The last words I said to Dave was wishing him a happy birthday as I fell asleep with his cum on my lips and pooling from my pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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