25 Mayıs 2022

Bindu and Theresa Ch. 01

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Back in high school, there had been a girl named Bindu a couple of years behind us who had a major crush on my buddy, Rob. She was cute as hell but maybe I felt that way because I had a definite weakness for Indian women. Rob never made a move back then, for reasons he never did satisfactorily explain to me. After high school, I’d gone to college nearby so I still saw and heard from Rob pretty regularly. He’d stayed in the vicinity of our hometown but had gone directly into the workforce. One day, shortly before the end of my fall semester, he reached out to let me know that he’d run into Bindu and she looked amazing. Not only that, when he suggested they get together some time, she was totally into it but, since she too was about to embark on finals, she asked if he was okay waiting until after the semester had ended. It turned out that she was attending the local community college which is why she was around. I was pretty psyched for him and happy to hear that he appeared to be interested this time around because, after hearing her name again, I think I might have pursued her during the winter break if he hadn’t been interested. Fortunately, things worked out for me, anyway.

I’d actually gone on a couple of dates with one of Bindu’s friends back in high school. While things hadn’t gone poorly, we both realized that we weren’t so compatible and went our separate ways amicably. Rob and Bindu were still chatting regularly on the phone while she was studying and taking exams, although he was trying very hard not to be a distraction. This all took place back in the late 80s, when we still talked on a landline and there was no texting or IM-ing or Snapchat or digital cameras. During one of these chats, Bindu told Rob that she had shared with Theresa, her friend who I’d gone on the dates with, that she’d been communicating with Rob and Theresa had asked about me. Enough years had passed by this point that I was open to at least hanging out with Theresa again without any real expectations. Rob and Bindu decided that, once the semester was over and I was back home, we’d all go out for drinks together and get caught up. Theresa was attending the same community college as Bindu.

Things were going so well the night that we all ended up getting together that, once we shut down the bar, Bindu suggested we go over to her house and hang out since she had a basement rec room that would have us separated by two floors from her sleeping parents. We all still lived at home so this was the best option to keep the party going, though none of us had actually drank that much at the bar. The house was dark when we arrived so Bindu slipped us in and down to the basement where she turned on a small lamp that provided just enough light for us to get around without bumping into anything but kept the rec room generally pretty dim. There was a couch and a love seat facing a TV but far enough apart that we could pair off and not feel like were in each other’s business. Theresa and I took the love seat and started making out, quickly forgetting that the other two were even in the room with us.

Theresa’s boobs were about average size and it wasn’t long before I was caressing them, first through her shirt then up under it. She didn’t offer any resistance so I unfastened her bra and was soon brushing my palm over her hard nipples while fondling her bare tits. The best indication I got that we were on the same page was when she dropped a hand down to massage my stiff cock through my jeans. Since she was showing an interest in going to third base, I soon brought the hand fondling her tits down to the front of her jeans and started to open them. She parted her legs as I slipped my hand inside and, after caressing her pussy through her panties, I slipped my hand inside them. My fingers passed through a trim bush and found her pussy flooded with juices, which suggested to me that she was completely fired up. Given that, I wanted to make sure she came before she even started to extract my cock, much less I slipped my cock into her. I slipped a finger into her hot, wet pussy and found it to be nicely snug, which I knew would feel incredible to slip my cock into. I was pretty certain that it was a given at this point that we’d be fucking.

I was alternately sliding my finger in and out and lightly caressing her clit which had her writhing and occasionally pulling her mouth from mine to let a soft moan slip out. Every so often I’d hear a similar moan from the direction of the couch or a whispered exchange but I didn’t otherwise have any idea what exactly Rob and Bindu were up to. Most of the time, I wasn’t even conscious of their presence since I was so focused on Theresa. Her hips got to rocking pretty steadily and, as she apparently got closer to cumming, she pulled her mouth from mine and pressed her face into my neck. Her body was tensing up and I could definitely tell that her pussy was becoming wetter and more engorged so I knew she was getting close. When she finally went over the edge, she gasped softly and the tension left her body as bahçelievler escort she started shaking. I kept up what I was doing as she was cumming but, once she went still and let out a soft sigh, I slipped my hand out of her panties and licked her nectar from my fingers.

“Oh my God, that felt so good,” she whispered, “I want to feel your cock inside me now.”

“All in good time,” I replied, “There’s something else I’d like to do first.”

We exchanged a quick and passionate kiss before I moved down to the floor on my knees and started to slide her jeans and panties down together. She raised her ass to allow me to do this then spread her legs once they were both off. There was enough light that I could see her dark blonde bush against her lighter skin but I didn’t spend my time gazing at it, instead lowering my head and running my tongue along her slit. She gasped again but seemed to be trying to remain quiet despite it being no secret what we were doing and what Bindu and Rob were doing over on the nearby couch. I slurped up the copious juices flowing from her pussy while she writhed and ran her fingers through my hair. I had not really anticipated having an opportunity to eat her pussy that night so I was relishing it by taking it nice and slow. When I did finally slip a finger into her hot, wet pussy, she already seemed like she was pretty close to cumming again. When I started to lick and suck her clit, I could tell that she was trying hard to suppress a noise of some kind that was trying hard to come out.

She was gripping my head tightly and writhing more as I was sliding my finger in and out of her while licking and sucking her clit so I wasn’t expecting it to take long before she came again. I was eager to slip my cock into her hot, wet pussy but I wanted to make sure she’d been thoroughly satisfied first, not only in case I came more quickly than I wanted to, but also so that she’d have plenty of reason to want to grant me access to her pussy again. I definitely wanted another opportunity where we had a bit more privacy and she’d have the freedom to express herself more openly. I also just really loved eating pussy and, though I did all right when I was off at school, I didn’t really have any established friends with benefits for the time I’d be home on break. If things continued to go well, I felt like that was about to change.

When she began to tense up, I was sure that she was right on the verge of cumming but I didn’t change anything that I was doing since it seemed to be working just fine. I could hear her breathing rate picking up then she went completely silent for a moment before going totally limp and starting to shake. She let out a noise that I’m sure she hadn’t meant to but that she might not have been able to suppress; it sounded like an expression of pure pleasure. The fact that a sound like that slipped out despite the circumstances was a good sign to me that what I’d been doing had been incredibly effective. It also didn’t hurt me, as far as I was concerned, to have the others hear what I was capable of. Theresa’s orgasm was pretty long and obviously highly pleasurable but, once she’d let out a sigh indicating that she’d finished cumming, I raised my head and slipped my finger out of her. After sucking her nectar off of my finger, I leaned in close to her.

“Would you like to ride my cock now?” I asked in a whisper.

“Oh my God, yes,” she replied, also in a whisper but a very enthusiastic one.

“Let’s get me out of these jeans then,” I whispered back then stood in front of her. She sat up and went to work getting my jeans open then sliding them down. As soon as she had them and my briefs down far enough that my rigid cock sprung out, she paused, taking it in her hand and gently stroking it. I gave her a minute then sat down beside her and pushed my jeans and underwear the rest of the way down and off, kicking my shoes off, too. As she moved to her knees to straddle me, I slid sideways so that I was centered on the love seat. I held her waist as she guided my cock toward her pussy and lowered herself onto it. We both moaned softly as her snug, slippery pussy engulfed my throbbing tool. Once it was fully embedded, she sat there on my lap for a moment before beginning to slowly move up and down. I slipped my hands up under her shirt to fondle her tits some more and, once she had a good rhythm going, she brought her lips to mine and we made out as she rode my cock.

Her pussy felt even more incredible than I’d expected. She was not only nicely snug but her pussy was so hot and wet that I wondered how I didn’t immediately shoot off into her. I don’t know if fondling her tits under her shirt and exploring her mouth with my tongue were helping but I was sure enjoying the opportunity to do all three. I also hoped that brushing my palms over her hard nipples was having some effect on her because it would be ideal to have her cum again before I did and I didn’t expect to last too long. Fortunately, it turned out that she seemed balgat escort to have no issues with cumming so it didn’t take an extraordinary effort to get her there. As she continued to ride me, she was picking up her pace and ultimately it became too difficult to continue making out. When she pulled her mouth away from mine and was just breathing heavily as she was riding me, I saw an opportunity and raised her shirt up over her head. She then let her bra slip down her arms behind her, leaving her completely naked. Unfortunately, the light was too dim to fully admire her young, trim body but I continued to explore it with my hands, not just fondling her tits but also caressing her sweet ass.

She seemed to be having difficulty once again suppressing the passionate noises that wanted to escape so, if they were paying attention, Rob and Bindu must have been hearing them. Of course, if they were as focused on each other as we were, they may have missed them entirely as I’m sure I was missing any noises that either of them let slip. It wasn’t like there was any secret regarding what we were each up to, anyway, so the only real reason to try to keep the volume down was so that the noises didn’t carry all the way upstairs through the quiet house. Plus, it would be rude to distract each other with our own passionate exclamations. That all being said, when Theresa dropped down on my lap and stayed there, the noise that slipped out when she started cumming was unmistakably passionate though probably not loud enough to carry upstairs. I could feel her trembling as she was cumming and was very psyched that she’d had another orgasm; now it felt safer to let go and focus more on my own pleasure. Fortunately, she had a plan for that.

When she finished cumming, she remained seated on my cock as she recovered but then climbed off and knelt before me on the floor. She gripped the base of my cock and wrapped her lips around it, lowering her mouth and engulfing nearly my full length. Now I wanted to moan loudly to express the pleasure that I was feeling but I managed to keep it to myself though I did whisper to Theresa to let her know how incredible she was doing. She was definitely skilled when it came to sucking cock and managed to draw out the pleasure longer than I had expected to last. Since it was so dark, I could only sort of see her, even so close, but that just meant that I was able to focus entirely on the pleasurable feeling of her mouth sliding up and down my tool. While I’m sure that heightened the pleasure somewhat along with the fact that I’d never had my cock in her mouth before, the real pleasure was mostly due to her skill. I would have been happy to enjoy it for much longer but, even with her ability to draw out the pleasure, it wasn’t much longer before my cock began to swell even more as my orgasm was imminent.

I’m pretty sure she could tell when I was getting close to cumming because she seemed to switch from drawing it out to making me cum. It took an extraordinary effort not to moan loudly as the pleasure continued to build to unprecedented levels. When I finally exploded into her mouth, I think some kind of noise did escape but I was riding the wave of pleasure and couldn’t even hear myself. She swallowed my load as I spurted repeatedly into her mouth but continued to suck me off as she did. It was only once I was completely spent that she let my cock fall from her mouth and climbed back up onto the love seat where we tried to lay down together as I told her how incredible that blowjob had been. We had a bit of a whispered conversation as we recovered and could hear the other two doing the same, though we couldn’t make out what was being said. The idea of the two of them over there naked as we lay where we were naked inspired me to try to take things a step further.

“Hey Bindu,” I whispered loud enough for them to hear but not so loud that it would have carried upstairs.

“Hey what?” she asked in reply.

“Hey can I eat your pussy now?” I asked, causing Theresa to gasp.

“Uh, I guess if it’s okay with everyone else,” she replied, “it’d certainly be okay with me.”

“Is it okay with you?” I asked Theresa.

“Of course,” she replied, “as long as I’m getting Rob’s cock.”

“I don’t believe he will mind,” I said, “but be careful because it is a monster.”

I’d known Rob for a long time so I knew he was hung better than I was but I also knew that sometimes he felt that just being bigger was enough. I would have been willing to bet that he hadn’t gone down on Bindu and I was going to take advantage of another opportunity to eat a pussy I never had before. Rob and I crossed the room while the ladies remained where they were and, while I could tell where Bindu was and generally see her, I wished I could take in the details of her hot little body. Since my initial inquiry had been about eating her pussy, that was where I started. She was laying on the couch so I nudged her legs apart and she let one foot drop to the floor while the other moved up batıkent escort to rest on the back of the couch. I kissed along her smooth inner thighs until I reached her pussy then ran my tongue along her slit, tasting the juices that were flowing. She gasped but otherwise remained pretty quiet as I started to lick her pussy, noting that there was a subtle difference between her flavor and Theresa’s. My cock was already beginning to stiffen again as I lapped at her pussy, excited about having a second one to eat. I was thinking less about a return invitation with Bindu but I still wanted to provide the greatest level of pleasure that I could. When I slipped a finger into her while licking and sucking her clit, a sort of guttural noise slipped out of her and I felt confident that I was succeeding.

She grabbed my head and was rocking her hips toward my face while her breathing rate was picking up pretty quickly. It occurred to me that, if Rob had successfully made her cum, she might need less time or stimulation to have another orgasm as a result of my efforts. It also could have been that she was just that worked up in general or just never needed a whole lot of stimulation to cum. Either way, since I assumed that it was more likely that this would be a one-time thing, I was hoping to enjoy eating her pussy for a good long time but she appeared to be building up to an orgasm pretty quickly. I didn’t try to draw it out or hold it off but hoped that, if she came good and hard, she might be more open to fucking or at least blowing me. As she was getting closer and beginning to tense up, she seemed to be having more trouble remaining quiet, which was just fine by me though I didn’t want her to inadvertently be so loud that she awakened her parents.

When she did start cumming, she started to moan then managed to cut herself off abruptly though her body was shaking hard enough to let me know that her orgasm was pretty intense. It was a long one, too, so it gave me more time to enjoy eating her pussy until she finally went still and let out a ragged sigh. I momentarily debated eating her to another orgasm but my throbbing cock had other needs so I crawled up onto the couch with her and made sure my cock was resting on her thigh. Despite being smaller than Theresa, her tits were much bigger so I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to at least fondle them. I reached over and alternately fondled each one, feeling her hard nipples against my palm.

“Oh my God, that was an amazing orgasm,” she finally whispered, “you are so good at eating pussy.”

“Did Rob not do that for you?” I asked, pretty sure of the answer.

“No, so I’m glad you asked,” she replied.

“I’ll tell you what,” I offered, “if you ever need it again and he’s not taking care of you, just let me know and I’d be happy do it any time you need it.”

“I just may take you up on that,” she said, still catching her breath.

“Would you mind if I slip my cock into you now?” I asked.

“I’d be insulted if you didn’t,” she replied, so I repositioned myself over her and guided my cock into her hot, wet pussy. She was similarly snug like Theresa and sliding my cock into her felt just as good. We both moaned softly then I brought my lips to hers and we started to make out while I slowly slid the full length of my cock in and out of her. It was a little weird that I’d started out the night with Theresa and had fucked her but now I was naked with Bindu, enjoying her snug, slippery pussy. She was cute and had a hot body, though, in addition to being Indian so it isn’t like I could have resisted. Plus, Rob hadn’t really indicated any desire for exclusivity and he was across the room presumably fucking Theresa so I wasn’t feeling any guilt about how much I was enjoying fucking Bindu. She was raising her hips to accept each of my thrusts, though I was consciously maintaining a slow and steady pace so that I could enjoy fucking her as much as I’d enjoyed eating her while still assuming this would be just a one-time thing.

Because I’d just cum not that long prior, I wasn’t feeling in any danger of cumming too quickly, despite how her pussy was feeling hotter and wetter the longer I was fucking her. I wasn’t a huge fan of the missionary position but I didn’t want to try to orchestrate a reposition in the dark for a couple of reasons. First, if she was getting close to cumming herself, I didn’t want to throw that off. Second, there was always the remote possibility that she might change her mind about fucking me and, if I gave her an opportunity, she might ask me to stop. So I stuck with the missionary position and it wasn’t as though I was not enjoying fucking her like this and she didn’t seem to have any complaints or requests for a change, either. She ended up pulling her mouth away from mine as her breathing rate was increasing substantially again. I hadn’t been sure whether missionary would be conducive for cumming again but she appeared to be right on the verge and, as a result, her pussy was feeling even more incredible. A noise slipped out just as her body started shaking but it was brief and not too loud. I was happy that she was cumming again and less concerned about not getting an opportunity to cum myself. I did have something else that I wanted to try and, with her cumming, I was more confident about changing things up.

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