21 Mayıs 2022

Big Surprise for Denise

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Chapter 1

I arrived for my haircut after working out at the club. I noticed after showering, that I had forgotten to bring a change of clothes, and had to put on a spare t-shirt and sweat pants, sneakers, and nothing else. I felt a bit bare, but I didn’t have time to swing by home before my appointment. It was late in the day, and I figured there wouldn’t be too many people around to see me in my “Saturday morning, cutting the grass” outfit. When I looked around the salon, I could tell right away that I was correct in my assumption. Most of the staff had already left, and it looked like there was only one other customer besides me, and it was a guy. So I was underdressed. No one would care.

Denise invited me back and she washed my hair. Denise has been cutting my hair for a few years now. She’s divorced with a couple kids, but being good at her job, she knows the importance of talking casually with her clients and that means flirting with the guys. She’s good at it, and I had acquired a kind of thing for her recently. As I laid back in the chair, Denise sprayed my hair with water and then rubbed in shampoo. As she worked it in, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations from my scalp. You have to admit, there aren’t many things more relaxing than having someone else wash your hair. My mind began to drift and I thought about how this would be great if toped off with a massage. Having a woman move her hands all over my body, getting me more relaxed and more aroused at the same time. I hadn’t gotten laid in more than a week, and it was starting to wear on me. Too many thoughts about sex messing up everyday activities. It suddenly dawned on me that I was getting aroused. And then it dawned on me that I was not properly dressed to be getting aroused!!! With only sweatpants and no underwear, I imagine Denise was getting a pretty good show. But in reality, I found out only later just how good a view she had. I’ve always been fairly well endowed, running about 6″ when flaccid, and nearly double that when hard. Denise continued to jabber on about this and that while I nodded and uh huhed. Before I knew it, my hair was rinsed and I was on my way to Denise’s chair for my cut.

As I settled in and Denise arranged her instruments, my thoughts again moved to sex. I now had an opportunity to check out Denise. She is kind of stocky but very cute: short brown hair and brown eyes, probably 5’2″, I would guess 125lbs, and the best part: she definitely had Ds on top. I could tell from how her shirt and bra held them, that there was probably more there than appeared. Once released, there was probably a lot to have fun with. She was wearing jeans shorts and a tight v-necked t-shirt. She leaned over to look in a drawer and her shorts rode up her ass. It was definitely not the ass of an athlete, but that didn’t bother me. I’ve always found a curves to be sexy. Twiggy thin women have never been my turn-on. I also noticed that through the mirror I had a perfect view down her shirt. What a beautiful set of round ones she had. That gorgeous offering of tit flesh just begged to be touched and suckled. I wondered what her nipples looked like? Were they large with pronounced points? I always loved the look of those magazine models with puffy nipples and big peaks. I wondered what that would feel like in my mouth. Or maybe Denise’s were small and dainty? Almost no areolae and just a nub of a nipple. Can you tell I’m a definite tit man?

The thought of all these questions got me excited, and I could feel myself starting to get hard. Normally, I would simply adjust in my seat, and that would be that. But due to my lack of planning earlier in the day, I was wearing nothing but sweat pants. As my penis grew, It created a very noticeable lump. I was in a bad spot because there was simply no way to hide it. There was nothing yet covering me and if I didn’t have something soon, there was going to be quite a protrusion from my crotch. Denise looked up from the drawer and our eyes met. I could tell that she had caught me looking down her top. She smiled and stood up. She pulled from the drawer a smock, opened it, and snapped into the air to spread it across my chest. I breathed a sigh of relief as she walked around me to clasp the material behind my neck. That left the lump in my pants sufficiently covered to provide me some time for cooling off.

As my haircut began, Denise ran the scissors and her hands through my hair, cutting away all that was not needed. In doing so, she reached across me several times, and her breasts rubbed against my shoulders. They were soft and firm, but I wished I could feel them with a part of my body that had more of a sense of touch! After several of these brushes, I started to get the feeling that she was doing it on purpose. Was she trying to turn me on? At one point, while reaching across me, she dropped her scissors and reached quickly to catch them. In doing so, her right tit pushed into my cheek and I could feel a hardness that must have been a nipple. bahçelievler escort She apologized and went on as if nothing had happened. All this tit rubbing was not helping me cool off.

While all this was going on, I couldn’t help but allow my hands to wander to my crotch. It was just itching for some manual manipulation. With only sweats on, it was easy to provide some needed stroking. Before long, my cock was extending down my pant leg. Since all this was covered by the smock, I figured I was safe in enjoying myself.

Denise stepped in front of me to clip the front and I noticed that her nipples were getting hard. I guess she was brushing them against me on purpose. From the look of them, her nipples were large. You know, the big nubby type, probably 3/4 of an inch in diameter. The bumps sticking out from her chest were quite pronounced. My hard-on was becoming a reality now. I couldn’t help but keep pulling on my dick as I enjoyed this wonderful show.

Then it occurred to me: I’m sitting here in a public establishment jerking off. Was I out of my mind? And it was not as if I could hide the evidence when I eventually stood up. My hard-on was going to be apparent to anyone who even glanced my way. There would be simply no way to hide it.

“Denise! Tommy and I are taking off. See you tomorrow!” Kim, the last of Denise’s co-workers was leaving. I had thought the guy with her was a client, but Denise explained that Tommy was her boyfriend. We both heard the back door slam and the salon was suddenly quiet. Denise excused herself to go lock up the front door since there were no more customers due for the day. When she returned, the mood became even more suggestive.

As she walked back to the chair, I watched her in the mirror. Her tits swayed with every step and her nipples were more than pronounced; They looked like they were straining to get out of that bra. I slowly stroked my stiff one as she approached.

Denise suddenly slowed as her eyes locked on my lap. It occurred to me that she must be able to see what I was doing. Oh shit, I thought. Denise resumed her approach and came up behind me. She leaned down and whispered in my ear.

“Is there any chance that you=re playing with yourself under there?”

I blushed but didn’t answer.

“When I was washing your hair I could have sworn I saw a good sized lump in your pants and it really turned me on. As I’ve been cutting your hair, I’ve brushed against you a couple times and its making me horny beyond belief. So if you’re touching yourself, it’s fine with me.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She WAS turned on and she HAD been intentionally rubbing her tits on me. “When you were washing my hair it was so relaxing that I started to get a little excited. Then I noticed that your nipples were hard and I couldn’t help but start touching myself.” With that I started stroking myself under the smock and the motion was obvious to us both.

“Please let me see you?”

“What do you want to see?”

“I want to see you playing with yourself.”

I played coy. “What’s that?”

Denise leaned down and whispered in my ear. “I want to see you pulling on your hard cock.” She didn’t wait for my response, just quickly unsnapped the smock and pulled it off me. There I was in my sweat pants, with my hand rubbing against my growing erection that extended down the left leg. There was a wet spot where the clear outline of a pulsing head was showing. Denise gasped at the length. My dick had pushed half way to my knees.

I figured I would see how far I could push this and continued to rub myself. Since she was still standing behind me, I looked into the mirror and found her eyes locked on my crotch. I purposely pulsed more blood into my growing cock, and it continued to push down along my pant leg. As I did this, Denise’s right hand came up and pinched the hard nipple on her left breast. I’ve never been much of an exhibitionist, but this was more than I could pass up. This big breasted babe was really making me hot, and if she wanted to see me jerk off, I was going to oblige her.

“Mmmmmm.” That was all that came from Denise. I guess she was enjoying the show and her own manipulations of her nipples. As she pinched with her right hand, her left pulled up her t-shirt and revealed her bra straining to keep back her tit flesh, hard nipples and all. Denise stopped long enough to unsnap the front of her bra, and out bounced two round breasts, topped with nipples that resembled roughly half sized golf balls. They were bright red and engorged. “Please take it out and let me see it?”

It the middle of this hair salon, I stood up and dropped my sweat pants to the floor, with one pull, my legs were free of it, and my cock quivered at 3/4 mast. The head was pulsing with blood, and without touching it, I wagged it in Denise’s direction. It was hanging there at probably ten inches, and I could tell that Denise had never seen a balgat escort boner that big. My right hand gripped my cock at the base and slowly slid upward, then began a steady pumping motion. Within seconds, I reached full mast and my eleven plus inches throbbed with sensation.

Denise pulled off her shirt and unhooked bra, leaving her with only her jeans shorts on. She continued to kneed and pull on her breasts as I masturbated for her. I had never engaged in such a session before. The freedom from societal controls was liberating. I was free to explore every sensation and sight of Demise’s magnificently large tits. Her big nipples were bright red and she continued to pull on them as her eyes half closed in a kind of daze. I looked down to find the head of my dick completely wet. I had been worked up for over a half hour by this time, and my pre-cum amounted to a steady flow.

Denise’s left hand dropped down and began to tug on the snap of her jeans shorts. When the snap came loose, she wiggled out of them and her small pair of silk panties. They slid down her leg and she kicked them free.

I gazed down on her pussy to find only a small strip of hair shaped like a heart. In its own way, it was also an arrow pointing to her puffy lips, wet with juices. Her middle finger began making circular motions around her clit, and she again moaned in pleasure. Her eyes were locked on my pumping motion. I glanced down to see what had her attention. A large drop of pre-cum had just dripped from my cock onto the floor and another was building. I stopped pumping for a moment, reached out with a finger, gathered some of the pre-cum, lifted it to my mouth, and licked my finger clean. I love the taste of it, and I thought she would get a rise out of seeing me do that. I was not disappointed as Denise rolled her eyes back in her head and nearly screamed as she rocked her way into her first orgasm. Her hips shook as she rode out what looked like a rather powerful cum. Her chest above her breasts was flush, and her fingers moved furiously over her clit. After nearly a minute, Denise opened her eyes and lowered both arms to her sides.

Denise walked slowly towards me, her eyes locked on mine. “I’ve been fantasizing about you for a long time. I was hoping your late appointments would give us an opportunity like this.” Denise closed the distance between us, and we embraced. We kissed and our tongues explored each other. My right hand reached up and lifted her left breast, sensing its weight and mass. I pinched her large nipple, and I broke our kiss to suck on it. The rubbery feel was awesome, and Denise moaned. “I’ve dreamed of your hands on my tits. Your teeth biting my nipples.” I took my cue and lightly nibbled on them. My gift was another moan.

“What else have you dreamed of,” I asked?

“I dreamed that you had a extra large cock. I dreamed of it in my mouth…between my tits…and in my pussy.”

I took that opportunity to turn us around, and I sat down on the chair. I leaned back, and allowed my cock to hang in front. Denise smiled, and straddled my legs. With both hands, she reached out and gripped my cock. At more than 11″, her hands didn’t cover it, and she could barely get her hands around it. I’ve always loved the power it has over women as they grab hold of it and have to grapple with its size. Denise was mesmerized. “Your cock is so big.” She began pumping up and down and soon took the head into her mouth. Her tongue rolled around the top of my head, and then around the bottom. I pulsed my dick, and soon Denise was licking more pre-cum from the end. She pulled off and moved her tongue down the underside, and around my balls. Slowly and lovingly, she tried to take each ball into her mouth. At the same time, her left hand continued to stroke me.

Her large tits rubbed the inside of my thighs as she continued. I reached down and pulled on both nipples, pulling them out and toward me, pinching them as I did. I couldn’t get over how big her nipples were and how hard and strong they were. I pulsed my cock again to give Denise another shot of pre-cum.

She couldn’t seem to get enough. As she moved her mouth around my hard-on, she kept saying “cock…cock….cock…” over and over again. I thought I would give her a surprise, so I decided to let her in on something I had learned to do. One of the advantages of having an extra long dick is that I can do things that most guys can’t. I leaned forward, and as Denise licked my balls, I took the head of my cock into my own mouth. Denise let out a squeal of delight as she looked up. “Oh my GOD!! I’ve never seen a guy able to do that before!!” She leaned forward and our tongues swirled together around my cock head. It felt great. Denise continued pumping me with her hand as we did this and periodically we were rewarded with more pre-cum. As I said before, I love the taste of my own and we shared it along with our lust.

“Your turn,” I announced.

I pushed Denise back batıkent escort and I stood up. She leaned over the front of the chair, her hands on the seat and her cute, curvy ass facing me. I kneeled down, spread her cheeks and plunged my tongue into her pussy. She was wet and warm, and the taste was fantastic. As I consumed her juices, Denise continued to moan with excitement. My tongue slid down and made slow circles around her hood, lightly touching her clit on each pass. I continued this for several minutes, and with each pass, Denise became louder. I knew she was getting close, but I wanted to enjoy this and push her closer to the edge.

Then, with a scream, Denise shook into a full-blown orgasm. Pussy juice poured onto my upper lip and I continued making circles around her clit. As she rode the down side of her peak, I didn’t let up. Denise tried pulling away, but I held tight to her thighs and continued to work her. She stopped struggling and soon began to shake again.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh……here we go agaaaaiiinnn……” A now third powerful cum rattled through her body and her pussy became even more wet than before.

I decided to give Denise a break and withdrew to allow her to come down a little more peacefully. As she remained in the same position, trying to catch her breath, I stood looking at her ass and hanging tits beyond. God, she was hot. My cock was rock hard and I looked down to see her gaping love hole. I leaned forward and eased the head of my cock into the seeping wetness of her pussy. The juice was everywhere and squished as I moved. Denise was so hot and so wet at this point I didn’t think it would take me long to fire off.

When Denise felt me touch her, her head snapped around, and her eyes widened. I could tell she was worried about how it would feel. Since she had never taken 11″ before, I knew this was going to be an experience for her. I slowly eased forward and my head pushed through that heavenly gate. Denise moaned and I stopped to allow her a chance to get used to the width.

“Okay, come on. I want more of it.”

With that, I pushed another couple inches into her and I could feel the wetness pour out around me. “Does my cock feel good, Denise? Does it fill you up?”

“Oh, I want more of it. Put it in me!”

I pushed another couple inches in, and Denise let out another moan. I could tell she was having a good time. Another 2 inches. Another moan. “Oh god, give me more!” I was only half way there. 2 more inches. I paused to let her adjust, and then I pushed again. At nine inches, I could feel some real resistance. Her vagina was full, and I was really going to stretch her with the last 2 inches. I pushed forward and my hips reached her perfect ass.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Now fuck me with that monster cock!”

Denise was really moving so I pulled back and drove it home again and again. There was pussy juice and pre-cum pouring out over my balls and she was so tight that I knew I wouldn’t last for long.

After about five minutes of steady pounding, I could feel my balls starting to tighten. This was going to be one hell of a load. I slowed down. “I’m really close, Denise. What do you say you wrap those gorgeous tits around my cock and bring me off that way?”

“I would love that.”

I eased backwards until by cock popped out of Denise. Her pussy hung open and my dick quivered in the cooler air. I backed away and let Denise sit on the chair. She sunk fingers from both hands into her pussy and then smeared the juices all over her tits. She then pushed her tits together and looked up at me. “Come put that big thing in here!”

I moved forward and put the head of my cock to her mouth. Denise’s tongue appeared and she licked. Then took she took the first few inches into her mouth. After a minute or two of this, I leaned down, and eased my now rock-hard cock between her tit flesh. It was so soft and so slippery. I began a slow pumping motion

“I love the feel of your tits on my cock.”

“Me too. Your big cock fits well with the size of my chest.” Denise pulled on her nipples as she squeezed her breasts together forming the perfect combination of softness and resistence.

“I’m not going to last long. I’m really close now.”

“Good, I want to see you cum for me.”

I continued rocking forward, pushing my dick through her flesh. I could feel the tightening beginning around my balls and that crest of ecstasy building. I reached the top as my head popped out the top of Denise’s tits. The first thick rope of semen blasted out onto her neck and chin as she screamed in delight. I stood up and manually pumped my cock through the rest of my orgasm. The second hit Denise on the right cheek, the third on her chin, the fourth, straight down her nose to her chin, and the final fifth blast into her waiting mouth.

As I caught my breath, I looked down at my cum-covered hair dresser. Cum was dripping off her face and onto those beautiful tits. Denise just smiled. I used my dick to pick up a glob on her neck, and I fed it to her. Denise groaned in pleasure. I then leaned down and licked a stream off her cheek. I held it in my mouth and kissed Denise deeply, sharing my cum with her. I then rubbed my cock over her face, feeding her the remainder of my load.

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